Jonesing for the Golden Girls

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Roger didn’t think his day could get any worst. After the airline loosing his luggage and the rental place giving him the wrong car, he though his day could only go up. He was wrong.

He stalked out of the hotel lobby fuming. The suddenly driving rain did nothing to cool his mood. Seeing the extra small Volkswagen Golf only angered him more. All he could think of now was to go to his roommates aunts house and see if she could help him. Gene said his aunt Blanche Deveroux was especially helpful and friendly, but he didn’t know half the story.

As he pulled up to the ranch style house, he thought of just how rotten his day had been. He was soaking wet, didn’t have a place to stay and had not seen any of the girls Florida was famous for. He got out of the car and stepped on to the porch, which was thankfully a covered alcove to ring the doorbell. An attractive older woman with a short hairstyle greeted him.

Hello, I am Roger Bouvier, my roommate Gene said I should stop by and see his aunt Blanche.

Well hello said Blanche. She was surprised to see that Gene’s roommate was black. Well pleasantly surprised. This was a fine specimen. About 5 feet, 10 inches, looking to be about 280 lbs. In addition, from the way his soaking wet pants clung, he was large all over.

Roger was somewhat impressed by the woman standing before him. She was the kind of woman who retained her vitality and sensuality into her golden years. She was wearing a silk flower print dress that showed an expansive amount of cleavage and stopped well enough above the knee to show her still firm legs to good advantage. She had involuntarily thrown her hand over her heaving bosom, and the sight of it was enough to start his member to swelling. He came into the house and expanded her situation to him. She insisted that he stay the night there and she would help him find a room in the morning. While they were talking, two other women came into the room from the back.

Roger, let me introduce you to my roommates, Rose Nylon and Dorothy Sprornack. Roger was a little embarrassed. He was standing up to avoid soaking the furniture and with soaking wet jeans and no underwear, his burgeoning hard on was becoming quite prominent. The roommate Rose was probably the bustiest of the group. Her face, which was framed by sandy blond hair, framed an innocent face with a small perky mouth. The silky blue top and trim white slacks she wearing showed her shapely body to tremendous advantage. Roger could see her nipples through the material of her top and a white panty line was clearly visible thru the slacks. Dorothy was a taller thin woman with gray hair who had the graceful, lilting step of a dancer. She had the kind of stern, but pleasant face that reminded Roger of his schoolteachers, who always gave him the most severe erections in school, which she informed him afterwards that she was.

Blanche Beylikdüzü escort suggested that he get out of his wet clothes and take a hot shower. He was particularly grateful for the suggestion, as it would give him a chance to do something about his now obvious hard on.

As he walked into the bathroom, he was surprised to hear someone walk in behind him. He turned around to find Blanche standing in the large bathroom with him with a clothesbasket.

Well honey, lets get you out of these wet clothes and into a hot shower.

It’s just that, uh…. stammered Roger.

Oh don’t be silly, you don’t have anything that I haven’t seen before, I have children your age.

And with that, she stepped in close to pull the wet sweater over his head. As she tried to pull the sweater off, he could feel her soft breast through her shirt and his hard sprang up anew. Next, she got on her knees and started to unbuckle his pants despite his protest. As she pulled his pants down, his ten-inch cock sprang free and struck her in the cheek. If the sight of her had aroused him earlier had aroused him, this was driving him crazy. Before she could pull away, he could see a large viscous string on precum leak from his member onto her face.

Well, I guess you do have something I haven’t seen before. I figured you must have had a gun in your pocket, but I guess you are just happy to see me. I am quite flattered though. I didn’t know I was so desirable to such a young virile man as you. With that, she grabbed his glistening phallus for support and sprang to her feet. I will just get these clothes in the wash. You can just put on a towel when you come out, cause I don’t have anything for you to put on.

As Roger scrubbed his blue, aching balls in the shower, he wished he had time to jerk himself off without seeming obvious. After drying, he wrapped a towel around himself, went out into the living room, and sat on the couch to watch TV.

After a while, the other ladies came into the living room in bedclothes, obviously ready to shut in soon. Dorothy sat by him on the couch, and Rose sat on the chair kitty corner to the couch. Due to her shorter length nightgown and the way she was sitting, he could tell that Rose was not wearing panties. This started him to stiffening again. Although he tried not to, he could not help but stare at her hairy snatch. In the open air under the towel, he could feel his member trying to escape and tried to sit so it was still hid. His efforts were not very successful as it is hard to hide a ten-inch cock. He could see Rose and Dorothy continually glance at his somewhat hidden tent and the spot of wetness that radiated from its tip.

When Blanche stepped into the room, he was genuinely surprised by what she was wearing. All she had on were the slightly opaque pantyhose that she must have had on under the silk dress and a halter top so short, he could see the bottom of her recently freed breast Beylikdüzü escort sway heavily. When the other ladies said nothing, he assumed this was normal bedtime gear. There was no hiding his excitement now; he was harder than he had ever been. He could feel his erection trying to push from the spit in his towel. Fortunately, Blanche handed him a blanket. She said she assumed that he must be cold.

This was ridiculous. Roger could clearly see Blanche’s camel toe, and the spreading wetness. And when she turned around to open up the blanket, the sight of her ass incased in the tight hose, aching member sprang free. Fortunately, Blanche covered him with the blanket before everyone saw his dick.

Then she unexpectedly slipped under the covers with him in between him and Dorothy on the couch. He could hardly believe his luck. If nothing else happened, having this beautiful older woman sit this close to him on the couch was good enough. He could feel her leg next to his as she drew her legs up onto the couch. In an effort to get comfortable, she inadvertently caused his towel to come off, rendering him naked under the blanket. Then shockingly, he felt her hand searching under the cover towards his crotch. As she carried on a conversation with her roommates, she grabbed his rock hard prick firmly by the base and stroked its turgid length. After rotating her hand around his cock-head, she reached for his balls. She sat juggling his large nuts for about an hour while she talked to her friends. Roger was in heaven and oblivious to the conversation, he only hoped his jumbled replies made any sense. When Rose and Dorothy turned in, Blanche waited only a minute before throwing off the covers and exposing his highly sensitized dick. She leaned over and pulled Roger back onto her and into a rough kiss.

This is about as far as Roger had ever gotten with a woman, but his unbridled lust had burned through all of his inhibitions. He could feel his swollen member rub against her belly as he returned her rough kiss. No words were necessary as his hands roamed to her now soaking pussy. He grabbed the material of her pantyhose and roughly ripped it between his hands. He grabbed his cock and aimed it at her steaming snatch. Guided only by her movements, he soon pushed his swollen head into her pussy. It was like the hottest thing he had ever felt. Soon he found a rhythm and they were wordlessly grinding into ecstasy, accompanied only by hushed moans. He could tell by her intense shudders that she had came once, maybe twice.

Before long, his breathing quickened signaling his oncuming orgasm. Her hushed words broke the silence. Honey, I don’t want you to cum just yet, I want you to put that big thing in my ass (pronounce ayuss in her southern twang). With that, she turned over on couch and turned her rump up to the air. He ripped the fabric of her hose a little more to allow him access to her brown ring. She them licked her hand and reached Escort Beylikdüzü through her legs to moisten his prick and then her ass.

This penetration was not like the vaginal one. This one was so tight that it was almost painful, but a series of slow shallow strokes loosened it up until it was like the best thing that either one had felt. She was working her clit with one hand while steadying herself with the other. They both knew that he wasn’t going to last long like this though. After about three minutes, the pressure became unbearable. He didn’t know how she would take it, so he didn’t even ask. He just pulled out to cum all over her back like they did on his favorite pornos. Only his first shot clear of her back and landed on the couch side table. The next shot landed on the back of her head and the succeeding four landed all over her back. He was surprised about the amount himself.

Blanche turned around after finishing herself off and scolded him, but with a playful look on her face. With that, she retrieved the towel cleaned him, and the table off and headed off to bed. Roger pulled the cover up and fell almost instantly asleep, exhausted, but satiated.

Roger awoke the next morning to the sound of a loud clatter and two muffled gasp. He sat up on the couch to see Rose and Dorothy walking in from the kitchen, Rose fumbling with the tray she was carrying, and Dorothy with a laundry basket she had dropped. He wondered what the commotion was for when he noticed that he was naked and that his cover had slipped to the floor.

His ten-inch cock pointed straight towards the ceiling. Oh sorry ladies, I must have tossed the cover through the night he said, not bothering to pick it up now. He was emboldened by last night’s pervious episodes and was anxious to see how far it would go.

Oh, it’s all right, said Rose. I have just never seen one that big except on the farm animals back in St. Oloff.

Just shut up Rose, said Dorothy. Cant you see this poor young man just needs some attention. And with that, the two ladies sat at his sides and were lavishing his cock with praise. They were touching it, kissing it, and jerking it with reckless abandon. He felt that the least he could do was return the favor, so he reached into Dorothy’s pants suit and Rose’s nightgown respectively and tried to imitate some of the moves he had seen Blanche do last nigh, and that he had seen on pornos.

Obviously, his novice moves were working, cause soon both ladies were moaning like crazy and humping his hands, not caring if they woke the sleeping Blanche. Roger leaned his head back and went on autopilot. As soon as he felt he was about to cum and felt, his nuts draw up onto his shaft he heard:

What in the hell is going on here? Oblivious to what was going on, his cock started to shoot wildly. As he looked up, he saw the most outrageous sight. A five foot two old woman who was he assumed Dorothy’s mom Sophia (he had determined that she was still at the nursing home Shady Pines they had talked about so much last night) was standing in front of him with a sweat grass purse, and she was completely covered in his jism. He couldn’t help but laugh at this ridiculous sight.

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