Jolene’s Adventures: An Old friend

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After completing her training as a masseuse Jolene went looking for her dream job as a masseur on a cruise liner. Caribbean Cruises came to her rescue with an offer as a full time masseuse on their regular cruise from Miami to Aruba and Vera Cruz.

Jolene and Sly finally got out of bed and began their day aboard the Queen of the Sea. Jolene went off to her workstation and a day full of massaging passengers looking for some relaxation. Sly went off on a stroll along the main deck in the direction of the stern where the pool was located. It was a glorious day filled with sunshine and a slight cooling breeze kept everyone cool. Sly had never seen so many different kinds of people in one place before. Sea cruises always end up a hodge-podge of people from all over the world. A lot of really nice looking girls were everywhere. It was going to be difficult to walk around with all this delectable pussy everywhere. Sly’s cock was already pressing the inside of his swim trunks making them tight. A quick dip in the pool should cool that off or at least hide it from view.

The pool was a full wave pool so every few seconds a new wave swept through the throng of people standing in the shallows. One advantage of the wave pool was it caused the people to jump up and down as the wave swept by. More than one set of titties bounced out of a bathing suit here and there. Sly figured out real quick why all the men seemed to be congregated around the edges. He found a spot and settled in for the show.

Suddenly a girl caught his attention. She looked very familiar to him. Moving in closer for a better look he collided with an older woman in a skimpy suit that barely covered her ass. The woman lost her balance and grabbed for him to keep from falling. Her hands pulled his suit down almost freeing his cock. She excused herself as Sly caught her and she purposely grabbed onto his cock with a giggle. Sly pulled up his suit and side stepped her. Moving away he was looking for the girl he had seen. He spotted her and moved closer. Wow what a small world he thought. It was Clara from the office next to his. He and Jolene had been out with her at office parties. Sly knew Clara would recognize him so he moved closer.

“Hey Clara,” Sly said. “Fancy meeting you here.”

Clara whipped her head around at her name and exclaimed, “Sly! Wow! Where did you come from?”

“My girlfriend Jolene got a job on this ship so I decided I needed a vacation.”

“Well what a nice surprise. I will be with people I know after all. Lets get out of the water before I drown and get a drink.”

Sly and Clara worked their way out of the pool to one of the many poolside bars and sat down. Clara had always fancied Sly and wondered what he would be like in bed but since he was going with Jolene she never thought too much about it but here he was alone. The juices were beginning to flow in her pussy just thinking about it. She decided to mess with him a little and see where it might go.

Little did Clara know Sly was thinking too. He had watched her walk down the hall at work many times and wondered what it would be like to slap his cock on her clit and fuck her from behind. He had made comments to Jolene about a threesome with Clara in jest and surprisingly Jolene said it might be interesting. Jolene was not known for being one to share but there was something about Clara that Jolene liked. Maybe now was a good time to set it up.

While Clara sipped her drink she was carefully opening her legs a little wider so Sly could get a good view of the outline of her pussy lips. She knew he was looking because she caught him stealing glances. When he wasn’t looking she had pulled the cups of her top as far apart as she could to show more of her 40C breasts. Sly did notice.

After finishing their drinks they headed down the deck in the direction of the cabins. Sly was feeling this would be a good time to see where Clara’s head was, so he leaned over and said, “I really like your swim suit or lack thereof.”

Clara pretended to be shocked and said, “There isn’t much of it is there?”

Sly responded, Antalya Escort “Might as well take it off then.”

Clara giggled. “Someone might be offended.”

“Not me,” said Sly. “Let’s go to my cabin.”

They took a right and went down the stairs to the berthing area.

“Here we are,” said Sly.

“Are you sure you want to do this,” said Clara. “What about Jolene?”

“I’m thinking about calling Jolene and telling her to meet us in the room,” he laughed.

“Are you serious?” she said.

“Of course. Jolene likes you and I think she would love it.”

So into the cabin they went. No sooner than the door was shut, Clara grabbed Sly and laid a lip lock on him. At first he was a little stunned but then he took control of the kiss.

Breaking off she said, “I have been wanting to see what your hiding in those shorts.” “Pull them down for me.”

It was the way she said it. Sly stepped back and promptly slid his trucks down to the floor exposing his now raging hard on. Clara smiled and said, “Very nice. Now stroke it for me. I love it when a guy strokes his cock while he watches me.”

Sly began to slowly stroke his cock all the way down so the skin was taunt and the head was bulging out and then the other way so the skin almost covered the head. A drop of pre-cum was forced onto the tip. Clara leaned over and licked the tip of Sly’s cock and slurped up the drop of cum. Licking her lips and slowly stepping back she removed her top freeing those 40C’s. Using both hands and keeping her eyes locked on Sly’s cock she began massaging the already rock hard nips. Sly kept his eyes on those nipples as he continued to stroke his cock. He loved this. He and Jolene did mutual masturbation sometimes just to see who could hold out the longest. Clara turned around keeping her head turned so she could continue to watch his stroking and bent over. As she was bending over she pulled her bikini bottom down to her ankles making sure as she stepped out of it to spread her legs so he could get a good view of her now soaked pussy. A small rivulet of juice was making its way down the inside of her thigh.

Sly’s eyes were now fixed on her pussy lips and that little rivulet of juice. He licked his lips and took a step forward. Clara held up her hand for him to stop and backed up onto the bed. Placing her feet on the edge of the bed and spreading her knees as wide as she could caused her pussy to gape open showing her inner lips and the volume of juice that had built up. Placing her fingers together and just touching the skin at the top of her clit she began to rub making small circles around her clit being careful not to touch it. Using her other had she reached under her thigh and slid two fingers into her dripping hole. He fingers made a squishing sound as they went in and out. Her eyes were locked on Sly’s now bulging cock head.

Clara said, “I thought you were going to call Jolene?”

Sly said, “Should I?”

Of course, was her reply. “Why not”

Sly walked over to the phone and dialed Jolene’s massage room and she answered.

“Can you come back to the room right now. I have Clara Martin from work in the cabin and she is Jilling off for me. My cock is like a rock.”

“Really? Said Jolene. “I can be there in a few minutes. Wait for me”

“She is on the way,” Sly said to Clara. “She said wait for her”

Clara leaned back against the headboard and continued frigging her pussy.

“Keep stroking,” she said. “You’d better put some lube on that cock of yours.”

Sly went to the drawer and got the KY and applied a squirt to his cock and went back to slowly stroking and stepped closer to the bed. Suddenly a key was heard in the door lock and it opened. In stepped Jolene.

Jolene quickly surveyed the scene. Clara was working her glistening fingers in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit while Sly was working his cock. She could tell he was holding back. Jolene began to throw her clothes off.

“I don’t know what I want to do first, Jolene said.

“Suck his balls,” demanded Clara.

Jolene Antalya Escort Bayan got on her knees and began licking and sucking on Sly’s balls like Clara said.

“MMM. Turn your ass toward me and finger yourself so I can see it,” said Clara.

Jolene promptly leaned forward on one arm and put her ass up in the air and reached under herself inserting two fingers in her already sopping pussy. Wow she’s bossy thought Jolene. I like that.

Sly was moaning from Jolene sucking on his balls. He pulled away slightly and fed her the head of his cock which she greedily took a big suck and was rewarded with a squirt of pre-cum. His pre-cum was always yummy.

Clara gave a gasp and shuddered with her fourth orgasm. She had been having small ones up to this point. Watching Jolene finger herself and sucking on Sly’s cock pushed her over the edge. Getting off the bed she made her way to Jolene’s side and knelt down.

“My turn,” she said, and took Sly’s cock in her hand. “You get on the bed and finger for Sly now.”

Jolene thought Clara was a pushy bitch but she liked her style. She promptly got on the bed and stretched her legs back as far as they would go placing her ankles next to her ears. In this position her pussy was wide open and her inner lips were parted so a small hole could be seen into her wet canal. Sly loved it when Jolene opened her pussy wide like that. He could see a pool of juice just waiting to be sampled by his tongue. Letting her legs go and allowing them to bend again she placed her feet on the bed and began to rub her clit like she did when she wanted to build to a slow orgasm. She had a feeling this little show was going to take a while.

Clara in the mean time was deep throating and jerking off Sly. First she would take him deep and stick her tongue out to lick his balls then pull her mouth all the way off and give him a few jerks then do it over again. Clara was moaning and fingering herself as well.

Finally having had enough of this Sly took Clara by the hair and pulled his cock out of her mouth. He led her over to the bed where Jolene was working her clit and motioned for Clara to get behind him. Sly then planted his face in Jolene’s pussy sucking her clit into his mouth making sucking kissing sounds. The vibrations sent Jolene over the edge. Her legs locked around Sly’s head as she shuddered in orgasm. Clara had gone behind Sly and was laying on her back with her hands on his ass face fucking herself with that fat cock. When he would tense up like he was about to cum she would take his cock in her hand and suck on his balls.

Sly was about to make a decision. He wanted to cum on both these women but he had to be careful not to blow his wad before he sampled Clara’s pussy. He also knew he’d better finish up with Jolene if he knew what was good for him. Pulling his face out of Jolene’s pussy he stepped over Clara and pulled her to her feet. He then turned her around facing Jolene and bent her over so her face was almost in Jolene’s pussy. Stepping behind Clara he slapped her pussy lips a few times with his cock making her spread her legs wider and then slammed himself into her. Clara was tighter than Jolene there was no doubt. When he pushed into her she fell forward and her mouth was inches from Jolene’s pussy.

Clara was not fond of eating pussy but the aroma and the heat was overpowering. A tingle went through her loins and she stuck her tongue out. At first she touched Jolene’s clit with just the tip of her tongue and gave it a few tentative licks. Jolene feeling the tender licks instinctively moved so her pussy was closer allowing her better contact. Jolene didn’t like the idea of a woman licking her pussy but she was caught up in the moment and after all it was a tongue. Clara got over her initial shock that she was licking another woman’s clit and started to get into it. Every time Sly would pump her pussy it shoved her face deeper into Jolene. Clara looked over Jolene’s pubic bone and saw the ecstasy on Jolene’s face and then she really got into it licking and sucking on her rock hard clit Escort Antalya and she even slipped a few fingers in her wet hole. Jolene responded by grabbing Clara by the hair any pulling her face in more. Clara decided on her own to slip a finger in Jolene’s ass because she liked that herself. It could have been a mistake but Jolene’s response told her it was just what she should do. Jolene’s body arced up and her legs tensed up and Clara could feel the orgasm flowing out of Jolene’s pussy. Jolene ‘s torso was getting flushed and an animal like moan was escaping her mouth. Wow thought Clara I need to feel that. Pretty soon she would.

While Clara was getting used to licking Jolene, Sly was trying keep from blowing a load in Clara. It was very difficult because she was a strange pussy that was exceedingly exciting and she was very tight. Also he was experiencing something he had not felt before now in that every time he stroked in, her pussy gripped his cock and sort of milked it on the way out. It was delightful. Clara was tensing up and starting to moan which he hoped meant she was about to cum because he wanted to save his load for Jolene. He reached around and began to diddle her clit and make sucking kisses on her neck. This was all it took to set her off.

Clara grabbed Jolene’s legs and pressed her chin in Jolene’s pussy and started a steady flicking of her clit. In the mean time Sly was diddling her clit and slapping his cock into her as hard as he could. Clara’s clit began to vibrate, her skin began to flush and she broke out in a sweat. She pulled her head back and looked up panting in short breaths. Jolene sat up and seeing the look on her face grabbed her head with both hands and held it. A string of words tumbled out of Clara’s mouth.

“Ahhhh! Fuuck! Fuck ahhhh! Oh my gawdddd,” she said as she began to shudder falling over into Jolene’s lap and then she went limp. Jolene was frightened.

” Sly she’s not moving. Her body is just quivering.”

Sly lifted Clara’s head and saw her eyes were rolled back in her head and suddenly they focused on him.

“I’m ok,” said Clara and she slithered to the floor in a quivering heap.

Jolene was freaked out.

“She’s ok,” said Sly. “Jolene rollover on your knees and show me that ass.”

Jolene did as instructed and Sly slammed his now bursting cock in Jolene’s pussy. She was so wet her pussy made a squish as he entered. Now he could let go and dump his load in Jolene. Sly began to piston in and out as fast and as deep as he could go. He was slamming as hard as he could against Jolene’s clit on the down stroke. Jolene was about to orgasm again for the sixth time. She began to moan and thrash, pushing back on Sly’s cock. Sly reached around and began to work her clit furiously. Jolene was starting to black out form the intensity of Sly’s fucking her. He had never been this forceful with her and she was loving it. All of a sudden Clara was back on the bed and sliding under Jolene. She was on her back and had slid down between Jolene’s arms and had her face right where Sly’s cock was banging in and out of her pussy. Clara was licking Sly’s balls as his cock went in and out of her and her fingers replaced Sly’s. She was diddling Jolene’s clit and milking Sly’s balls. A knew sensation became apparent to Jolene. Now that Sly didn’t have to finger her, he was slipping his fingers in her asshole. The feeling was incredible. A pang went through her gut originating in her now vibrating clit and spread up her spine to her brain like a burning fire. She began to melt inside.

Sly began to grunt and shoot his load deep within Jolene’s love tunnel. Jolene swore it was hitting the opening to her cervix. Her pussy was in spasm and hugging his cock locking him inside her. He was deep inside and his cock was jerking and jerking, shooting load after load. She had never felt Sly cum like that before. He collapsed over her and she intern fell on Clara. Clara was face to face with the biggest cock and the wettest pussy she had ever seen. Sly’s cock slipped out of Jolene and was hanging above her mouth with a big drop of cum on the tip. What else could she do but reach up and suck the head of his cock into her mouth and sample that drop of manhood. She took in the familiar aroma of Jolene’s pussy mixed with his juices. This is going to be a really delightful and relaxing cruise she thought.

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