Joined by the Trainee Pt. 02

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Adriana Chechik

Welcome reader, to the concluding half of my little story. To summarise Part 1, Donnie wanted to surprise his wife Angela and revitalise their sex lives. He tied himself up in bondage with handcuffs, a blindfold, dildo gag and ‘the gates of hell’ cock ring/cage. But when Angela came home, she was accompanied by her 18 year old trainee, Carmen. After some deliberation, Carmen ended up staying for better or worse, and has been ‘playing’ with the helpless, bound Donnie, while Angela showers in preparation…


“Oh, good girl. You just saved me the bother.” Only then did the eager mouth slowly withdraw from my member. It had, of course, occurred to me as Carmen had worked my love rod, that this would ordinarily more than qualify as cheating on my wife. But tonight we had ventured outside the realm of ordinary, and somehow it just didn’t feel like a betrayal to let a teenage girl suck my cock. Apparently my wife felt the same way – and just as well or things might have ended rather abruptly!

“Boss-lady! That’s a sexy nightie, I must say.”

I groaned aloud, and Angela giggled at my frustration. I knew what she was wearing, and she knew that I knew. And she surely understood that it was going to drive me nuts; lying there blindfolded, but painfully aware that my wife wore that nightie. Especially when she hadn’t put it on for me in so long. It was a tiny but luxurious black slip that hugged her slim frame, and accentuated all the right places. It had thin straps over the shoulders, and a plunging, embroidered neckline. The garment cut in tight underneath the chest, but it otherwise only loosely covered the wearer’s breasts, forcing them to hang forward in their natural shape.

If that wasn’t enough to put a man straight into the mood, the nightie was rather see-through, and in particular Angela’s well developed nipples always poke through the sheer material. Right now Carmen would be able to size up my wife’s slightly side-set boobs, and even appreciate the exact shade of pink of her areolas. She would have also noticed what kind of underwear was poorly hidden behind the gauze, and it’s exact colour and fabric. Most of the time, Angela paired the nightie with her favourite black lace thong, which looked gorgeous – especially from behind. But if she had chosen none at all? Then Carmen would be looking straight at the triangular shadow of my wife’s dark curly bush.

Angela was still giggling menacingly when I heard her picking up items from the table. And suddenly I caught whiff of her most expensive perfume. I had bought it for her on our first anniversary, and she only wore it on special occasions. Thus, I associated the scent with a good, often sexy night. It was very fitting that she would wear it now. She must have used more of it than usual though, because the fragrance hung heavily in the air, and it made my tease that little bit more intense.

I considered just how much of our intimate lives we were sharing with Carmen tonight. I had not expected Angela to bring her eighteen year old trainee home with her after work, just as my wife did not expect to find me naked and ready for her in self applied bondage. To include the girl in our intimate activities had been a spontaneous decision indeed, and I doubted any of us had considered what consequences there may be.

“Well, let’s begin. What do you think of this, Carmen? I tested it out before, and it doesn’t hurt at all.”

“Ummm, I think you are meant to whip his dick with it.” It was shocking to hear her make such a crude statement in such a sweet tone. But I was more surprised that she intuitively understood the sinister utility of that tiny, harmless looking flogger. Clearly, I had grossly misjudged this girl who I’d let into our romantic evening.

“I think so too. Ok, I’ll try punishing his manhood with this. I want you to do the candle”. I heard the spark of the cigarette lighter I had left on the table for this purpose. The long, skinny soy candle must now be lit. It had been a brand new item, but I didn’t like the tapered end and so I had cut the top off it. I then dug out a good amount of the soft red wax from around the wick, and lit it for a while myself to ensure that it was ready to foster a reliable flame. There was no holder or other containment for the molten wax; the person who wielded it would be forced to pour it somewhere routinely, if she didn’t want it to flow onto her own hands.

“Thank you! So… will this like, hurt much?”

“Hmmm, it’s not that bad really.” Angela spoke as if she hadn’t screamed and begged when I had dripped hot wax on her naked tits all those years ago. This was her hypocrisy – the gulf between her own pain thresholds, and her expectations of mine. “Actually, because of the blindfold, I think all his senses will be in overdrive. He will feel it a bit more because of that, I think. Never knowing which spot will be hit next.”

“Overdrive, you say? Then… what about his casino oyna sense of smell?”

“Oh, definitely. I bet our perfumes are driving him mad as we speak.” The woman knew me. Yes, her perfume was adding to my frustrations. But I hadn’t smelled anything from Carmen’s direction thus far. But my oh my, was that about to change.

“Well, I think I have just the right perfume for him.” There came a rustle of movement as our visitor got up from being seated next to me. Some kind of firm fabric brushed my forehead, and then my upper lip as well.

“I hope you don’t mind, Officer Donnie.” There was no sincerity in Carmen’s apology; her manner had quickly turned vivacious. “But I’m afraid I’ve been wearing the same panties ALL day.”

The musky scent of the girl’s undercarriage hit me a moment later, just before she planted her ass firmly over my face! Immediately I could feel her warmth and her skin and her soft cotton panties – she was wearing a skirt. A miniskirt more accurately, and from the roughness of the material on my face I imagined it is was one of those tiny denim ones that would only need to ride an inch to expose a girl’s ass as she walked in public. It was a garment designed to drive men crazy where they stood – and it was particularly cruel that such young girls wore them – probably oblivious of the effect they were having on the older men they encountered.

Anyway, that’s when I confirmed that Carmen was only a small thing. I knew it because the butt resting over my blindfold was not even covering my whole face, and though I could tell she was allowing most of her weight on me – she felt really light. I wasn’t getting crushed – just more and more turned on.

The 5″ protrusion from my mouth must have been a hindrance to her, pushing up hard against the front of her panties. I felt a pull against my teeth, as she gripped the dong like a saddlehorn, and wiggled about so that my nose found its way snug into her ass crack. And I became acutely aware of the soft smoothness of the flesh beneath that cotton. I understood the position she was in; sitting back slightly with her crotch thrust forward against the dildo. The front of her skirt would be wide open with the spread of her thighs. She must have looked so naughty and vulnerable, and I found myself envious of my wife’s view of this erotic new development.

As if reading my mind, Angela spoke gently. “Donnie, darling, does that feel as good as it looks?” I imagined it looked pretty fucking sexy. But I felt… frankly, just amazing – I had not been this excited in years. How did I get so lucky all of a sudden?

“Mmmmhmmm,” it was the first time I had been able to respond appropriately, and both girls laughed at my effort.

Carmen finished settling down on my face, and when she was done, I could barely breathe; her panties covered my nose so thoroughly, and the heat radiating from behind that cotton barrier made my cock twitch in his cage. At the same time, the bare skin of her buttocks was in contact with my cheeks. She had let her ass crack eat a lot of her panties to better accommodate my nose, so her butt, small as it was, was largely uncovered. Now there was a soft, warm flesh on flesh contact that I knew I had to savour.

The material all around my nose was almost suffocating, but I was able to survive by taking in long, slow breaths. My God – Carmen did have the perfect perfume for me. She had made sure that the tip of my nose was literally knocking at her backdoor, and the sweet aroma of her asshole filled my every laboured breath. Additionally, it was evident that her panties had, as she had warned me, soaked up the musky juices from her vagina. A teenage girl didn’t need to be horny to make a little mess in her underwear over the course of many hours. Her pussy. Her asshole. Combined, it was a powerful dose of a young woman’s pure, untapped sexuality, and here I was forced to breathe her in. How absolutely delightful.

She continued to wiggle ever so slightly – whether it was for her comfort or just to tease me I couldn’t tell. In any case, I was stunned still and silent by the joy of having this eighteen year old try her best to smother me with her ass.

“Kawwww!” I grunted, as the first splash of molten wax caught me by surprise on my belly, and provoked a chuckle from my wife. A notable amount of the stuff had melted; Carmen must have waited for the pool around the wick to reach the point of overflowing, before pouring the whole lot over my stomach. The girl was a natural – a genuine sadist coming out of her shell for the first time, and eager to practise her new craft on the foolish man pinned down naked beneath her. The pain hit hard and fast, but was gone after a mere moment as the wax cooled and hardened somewhat. My skin felt like it was being smothered under the solidified soy. It gave me an erotic rush, and I found myself longing to have more of it on me.

“Oh, this is gonna be fun,” Carmen said in a serious, low voice.

“And slot oyna even more fun with more wine, hey?”

“Ooooh, yes puh-leeze!”

The glasses were refilled, and a clumsy arc of wax spattered across my chest. Evidently Carmen hadn’t mastered handling both items just yet.

Angela noticed, and said “Just don’t forget which red goes where!”

“I know, right? Probably wouldn’t want to drink this stuff…”

“Or pour my nice merlot onto the rug!” They were just playing around, and then a trickle of burning liquid low on my abdomen confirmed that Carmen had things well in hand.

“Oh dear, I missed. I was actually aiming for your dick.” I trembled slightly at the taunt – but I adored the way the word ‘dick’ popped out of her naughty little mouth.

I felt Angela taking position between my legs. She sat on my shins and forced them apart by wiggling her butt. That’s when I got my answer to whether or not my wife was wearing panties. It was a negative. Of the three people in the house, my wife had the biggest ass, and there was no mistaking her nudity. Her bare cheeks felt cool on my legs, and I smiled as much as I could with my mouth stuffed with rubber cock – commando, huh? Since when were you such a slut, Angie?!

Then, she put both her legs over my thighs, and pushed them out, making it clear she wanted me spread eagled. I co-operated – this whole setup had been my idea, after all. She seemed to reach a position she was content with, and I marvelled at how lewdly she must have been exposing herself to her trainee. The younger girl would have been looking straight at my cock, and, a mere foot or so beyond that, at Angela’s open leg show – there was no chance that the short nightie would have covered her crotch when she sat like this!

“I love the strategic drink placement, boss-lady.” They laughed together, and it pleased me that they were both having so much fun. Especially when it came to things that would normally be quite embarrassing. Say, for example, a woman having nothing for her modesty other than a precariously placed wine glass? Somehow it made me feel even more frustrated, knowing that even if I could see, still my wife’s sex would be hiding behind that fragile vessel.

Carmen should be staring, because the view would have been just perfect. Angela’s soft, blemish free thighs would appear golden in the warm firelight. Her pubic hair would be obvious enough, tight brown curls that formed a luxurious carpet above and around her somewhat imposing clitoral hood, then thinned out as they crept down either side of her labia. Her precious pink lips protruded from her body just enough to nibble on, but when she became engorged with arousal, the effect was amplified to the point of being mildly obscene.

I was jealous of the view enjoyed by both ladies, but despite the fact Carmen was a new and exciting creature to explore, I found myself lusting harder for my wife right now. That pussy I treasured so dearly, but which hadn’t opened up for me in so long, was practically out and on show for Carmen’s viewing pleasure. And envious as I was, I realised I wanted this stranger to see everything my wife had to offer.

Angela was hardly an exhibionist. I knew that behaving like one now must have been as nerve-wracking for her as it was exciting. She had got right into the spirit of the night, and I was proud of her. Were I in charge, I would have had my wife spread eagled while I gave our guest a show-and-smell of her vulva. As it was, I hoped that our young voyeur would be paying close attention when Angela inevitably took a gulp of her wine.

At that moment the next dribble of hot wax came on my chest, near my nipple. The moment of gentle scalding made me inhale hard from Carmen’s asshole, and a knowing giggle suggested she could feel my reaction on her intimate flesh. One sharp breath aside, I knew that the candle torture was easily manageable for me. The soy wax had a low melting point and was intended for this very kind of play, so it wasn’t going to burn me. Now that I had been hit a few times, I had a feel for the rate at which it melted. I knew that the longer she had me wait between each drip or dribble, the larger the dose would be when it came. But that was the extent of what I could predict. As Angela had suggested, it was hard on my nerves not knowing which patch of skin would be inflamed next. Certainly I hoped she wouldn’t drip it over the exposed head of my cock!

Angela however, aimed her punishment device straight onto those sensitive glans. My scream was muffled and desperate as the rubber fronds found their vulnerable mark. She had swung harder than when she had tested the little flogger earlier.

“Oh, good,” Angela murmured her approval. “I’m so glad you can feel that. I was worried this thing would be a waste of my energy.”

Immediately following her words, she struck me again, this time hitting the underside of my shaft and my balls. The thing about the gates canlı casino siteleri of hell toy was, because my scrotum was passed through the first ring, and my dick pointed straight up, it was pulling my testicles a bit higher than where they might have otherwise rested before the warm fire. Pulled away from the relatively safe crevice between my thighs, they made an easy target – and I knew that Angela had included them deliberately. The pain was manageable but electric, as so many nerves went into panic at once.

Then she whipped the head of my penis again. This time, I managed to keep my reaction to a gasp, though I felt my whole body tensing up from the abuse. “Shit Donnie, you’re making my flogger all wet.” Angela complained with her cute voice – the one that always made me want to fuck her. “I’ll make you a deal, darling. I’ll stop whipping you, when your penis… stops…”

Her fourth assault licked that same spot again – the bullseye of of my weak point, and this time it left a real sting. “…Dripping with precum,” she finished.

Carmen must have enjoyed my wife’s banter, because she laughed hard and loudly, and when she did her body jiggled. Her intimate parts were brushed about my nose, and there followed a lazy dribble of the candle wax. But I was more concerned about my wife’s punishment administrations. The tool I had given her was perfectly suited for this job; the short, thin, cylindrical rubber fronds simply wouldn’t hurt on most parts of the body, but they certainly packed a nasty sting when used on my genitals.

I knew she would be right about the pre-cum. I loved that my intimate equipment was finally getting some attention from my wife, and with Carmen sitting her butt right on my face, there would be no alleviation for my arousal. If Angela were to stick to her proposition, then we could be in for a long night indeed.

The swift sound of the flogger cut through the air again, and this time it seemed one testicle had received the entire blow. I protested loudly into my gag.

“Oh, that was a gooood one!” Angela exclaimed happily, and Carmen responded with more giggles – and more wax drips. My torso must have looked like quite the art canvas by now.

“I’ll see if I can hit the other one next.” I tensed up. The blow did not come straight away. My wife was keeping the tension high.

“Oh my God, boss-lady.” Carmen was distracted from her job with the candle. “Your pussy, ummm…”

There came the sound of a woman’s chuckle reverberating in her glass as she drank. “Oooops! I guess I got thirsty.” Angela was been coy. She knew that I lost control when she played coy with me. She had two hands after all, and I wondered at what had caused her to change her mind about keeping what little modesty she had left. She kept laughing sheepishly, and Carmen joined in – obviously not too offended by the sudden female nudity. I thought about my wife’s hot, exposed slit just a couple of feet from my own pulsating member, and another groan of desire forced its way up my throat.

And right then, the whip struck – exactly where she had threatened – and my groan became a muffled cry of surprise. The pain was pretty bad. Not so dramatic as been kicked in the balls so hard that you fall to the ground and weep. It was more like taking a small, accidental knock to that special spot, enough to make you grimace and feel sore for a while afterwards. Except that Angela’s flogging was no accident, and it was to happen again, and again, over and over.

Without warning there came the seventh strike. It collected both my balls at once, and the pain referred to my stomach and made me feel a bit sick.

And then immediately afterwards, a long dribble of hot wax seared across my abdominals, and the muscles rippled in response.

“Mmmmmm, so nice.” My torturer remained a keen admirer of my body, but was her apparent infatuation likely to earn me some pity? Doubtful. From what I knew about young girls, I expected she would likely just get more and more excited, and want to make things as hard and painful as possible for me. She would want me to remember her, naturally.

This is it, I thought. This is what it means to suffer under the care of two cruel and sexy tormentresses at once.

“Well sweetie, I think this is perfect punishment for the way he exposed himself to you. I can’t believe my husband could be such a pervert. We should keep at this for a while, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I mean what if I’m scarred for life from this. He needs to really learn his lesson. Maybe after another hour or two?” Carmen sounded so cute as she passed her judgement to me, whilst Angela had assumed the role of the authoritative dominatrix. And she played the part well, it had to be said.

“Sweetie, in a few hours I plan to be done, sleeping with a smile after multiple orgasms. Donnovan will hopefully have had none; he can just lie beside me with very blue, very achy balls.”

“Oh my God, that’s so mean! Is it really ok to treat your husband like that? Making him go to bed frustrated and full of spunk?”

“One day, when you’re married for a few years, you’ll learn that you can send them to bed that way almost every night.”

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