Jenna Goes Home with the Goddess

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She’s still tightly holding onto J’s hand as she waves to upcoming taxi. J wasn’t surprised how quickly they got one who wouldn’t stop for this goddess? The goddess pushes J in the back seat and joins her there. J fastens her seat belt while the goddess gives the driver directions. Only then does it hit J that she’s going home with a woman who she just fucked in a toilet of a bar. A woman who didn’t even ask if J would like to come how with her, a woman whose name J doesn’t even know.

“What’s your name?” J tries.

“Shhhhh” the goddess puts her long well-polished finger on J’s mouth “my pet”. She then gives J a lustful look as her finger gently runs down from J’s lips to her throat. J can feel the sharp nail on her skin. The goddess gently continues to run her finger down J’s body not breaking the eye contact. As she reaches her things J involuntary spreads her legs. The mistress smiles, her hand moves inwards, and caresses J’s inner thighs. J lets out a moan, the taxi driver looks in the mirror to see what those two sexy women are doing at the back of his cab.

“Eyes on the road” demands the mistress as she starts to rub J’s clit through her soaking panties. She knows how to please a girl, but she casino siteleri also knows how to tease a girl. Her fingers stroke J’s clit so gently, barely touching it, yet bringing delight, leaving J gasping for more, unable to beg. J has never felt this turned on in her life, the gentle touches from the goddess bring goose bumps to her whole body. She doesn’t care that they only just met, that she doesn’t know this woman’s name, that the woman never asked her if she wants any of this, that she fucked in a public toilet, or that the taxi driver can hear her soft moans, she knows she would do anything and everything for this woman; she’d jump through fire for just one more electrifying touch from the goddess. Just as she doesn’t think she can take it anymore, as she grasps onto the car seat, her mouth drops open, her head falls back, and as she is about to experience the most magical orgasm in the world, the mistress stops.

J opens her eyes to look right into the goddesses laughing ones.

“Why did you stop?” she gasps.

“Because I decide when and how you come” states the mistress as she removes her hand from J’s longing pussy, and sucks on her fingers will keeping eye contact. Those two fingers who were just slot oyna fondling J’s clit. J opens her mouth, but she can’t get a word out.

“I’m waiting” the mistress removes her fingers from her mouth. Under the goddess’s charm J thanks her mistress.

“We’re here” the driver speaks as he pulls the car to the side of the road and stops. “That’ll be £11.40” The goddess lets out a short laugh.

“You don’t really think I have any money, do you?”

“You went to a pub with no cash?” the driver doesn’t understand.

“I get by” she replies, “and I’m sure we can come to some sort of agreement over the payment” she reaches forward and strokes his crotch as she gently bites on his neck “don’t you think?” she whispers in his ear. She sits back on her seat and with her index finger she invites the driver over come here her finger speaks.

The driver doesn’t need any convincing, J doesn’t believe anyone would when it comes to the goddess. The driver quickly jumps to the back of the taxi and the mistress licks her lips as she undoes his seat belt. His cock is hard before she even takes his boxers off. He was probably hard the second he saw her thinks J. The goddess gently licks the tips of his penis and then canlı casino siteleri within second she swallows the whole thing without breaking eye contact with the driver. The driver moans in delight and shock of how quickly she managed to take him all in. She continues running her mouth up and down the man’s penis as she grabs J by her hair at the back of her head and pulls her close.

She then frees the man’s cock from her tight throat and active tongue and pushes him inside J’s mouth. While still holding on her little slave girl’s hair she pushes her head and forces J to swallow the cock hole. J chocks as she’s not used to deep throating, but the mistress doesn’t give up. She continues to throat fuck J with the man’s cock while her fingers find J’s pussy, with one quick movement she shifts J’s panties to the side and forcefully thrusts two fingers deep inside J. After a few seconds of having her pussy filled with the goddess’ fingers, and mouth filled with the driver’s penis, J loses it and cums. The goddess the begins to move J’s head even faster up and down the penis, and as J thinks she’s about to chock her man lets out a load in J’s mouth.

“Swallow” the goddess commands as she removes the penis from J’s mouth. J’s swallows, opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out “good pet” the goddess seems pleased. She grabs J’s hand and without giving the driver another look, she steps out of the car pulling J behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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