Japanese Tourists

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They walked toward the restrooms. The woman was slim and short with long black hair. She wore sunglasses, but I could tell that they were oriental. As they passed by me, they stopped to look at the posted map and they spoke in Japanese.

Even though she was not young, just the sight of this lady made my cock do a pants dance. When I hung up, they were still studying the map. I asked if I could offer directions, and the husband smiled and said, “Sank you berry much.” “We O.K.” “Sank you.” And he bowed just a bit as he finished his last “Sank you.”

This little exchange gave me a closer look at his wife, and she was careful not to make eye contact with me. I towered over her husband, and her thin face and tiny body gave me great satisfaction.

I paraded into the restroom and wrestled to get my fat peter out through the zipper. Just then the Japanese husband came in and took a nearby urinal. I played with myself a little to get my dick to its maximum size without becoming stiff. It was now long and thick and rubbery and pliable and bouncy.

I decided to take a chance with this stranger.

I stepped back from the plumbing and shook my dick. He glanced over and I did nothing to hide myself. There was no one else in the room, and I decided to extend the display. Without tucking myself away, I walked over to the sinks and turned on the water. I hoisted my cock over into the sink and let it lay there while I soaped up my hands.

Just then the tourist came to wash his hands, too. He looked over and exclaimed something in Japanese, then he tried to avoid looking my way. My cock is not the worlds biggest, but it is lots of fun to play with. And when it’s at its angry best, it does top twelve inches. At the moment it was a good ten inches and it spilled over into the sink in full view.

I soaped up my hands and then soaped up my dick. I gave it a good washing in front of this stranger. He stole glances my way, and then he gave in and just stared as I cradled my cock and washed it thoroughly. I pulled back the long foreskin and soaped it all over, giving myself a good cleaning. For all I knew, this guy thought this might be a normal custom in America!

I splashed water on myself to wash off the slippery soap, and by now my dick was just about hard. This guy watching me had an effect, but I was thinking about his wife. I muttered a few words about his cute little wife as I sloshed off the last bit of soap, then I walked – dick out – to the towels. As I dried off, he broke his stare and finished his own hand washing.

In the lobby I stood at the map. He emerged in a few seconds and stood across the room waiting for his wife. I pretended to ignore him and traced my finger along the map until his wife appeared. They spoke in low tones and exited the building. I watched them walk down the sidewalk as their conversation grew more animated. At one point he stopped and faced her and held his hands apart as if he were showing her the size of my prick.

As I walked out to my truck, I intentionally strolled right by their car so they could get a good look at me again. I climbed up to the cab and drove off ahead of them. I checked in the rear view mirror and saw their vehicle leave.

For the next few miles, I was zinging. My cock was oozing cum and it was begging for fun. Every time I checked my rear view mirror, the Japanese car was there. If I took it up to the speed limit, they were there. If I slowed down, they stayed there. I was beginning to wonder.

The day was getting long, and I decided to test these folks to see if they had something interesting in mind. Forty miles later, I took an exit with a number of motels and noticed that they were still following me. I pulled into a motel and parked. Where were my tourists? Damn, I thought maybe it was just my imagination and they weren’t really following me.

I went ahead and registered for the night and took my kit and key down to room 117. Just as I turned the key, I looked up and saw the Japanese couple in the parking lot. I tried not to notice them as I took my time opening the door. I took another trip to my truck to get things so they could see where I was.

Now all I could do was let nature take its course.

I waited. And I waited. Nothing. Shit! My damn imagination. I was ready to give up and try some other way to get pussy for the night.

But just then there was a gentle tap at my door. It was so feint that I barely heard the noise. I cracked open the door, and there was casino siteleri my little Japanese friend.

I smiled and opened the door wide. He smiled and bowed. I smiled and bowed. And then he tried to talk, “You, me see.” “You, me see.” And as he spoke he pointed down to my trousers. “You, me see,” he repeated a few more times.

“Berry size.” “Berry beeg.” “O.K” “O.K.”

I knew where he was going, but I wanted to play innocent with him for a while longer.

“So beeg.” “O.K.” “Wife see, O.K.?” “Wife see, O.K.?” “You show wife?”

He was amazingly unselfconscious and insistent. He wasn’t embarrassed a bit, and maybe that’s because of how I had behaved at the rest stop. Maybe he thought all this disk display stuff was common in America. I wish!

Finally, I held up my hand and said to him, “Yes, O.K.” “Show wife.” “O.K.”

He smiled and bowed again. As I bowed I could feel my cock snaking down my leg. He held up his hand as if to tell me to wait, then he dashed back to his door and brought his wife with him to my room.

She was quite shy and unlike her enthusiastic husband. She walked with little steps and continued to look down. He brought her to the door and said to me, “Prease, come in.” “O.K.?” I bowed deeply and swept my hand toward my open room to invite them. He bounded inside and took his little wife by the hand as she very carefully stepped through the doorway.

I motioned for them to be seated. The immediately rearranged the furniture so that there were two chairs facing each other. He sat his wife in one chair, and he sat on the side of the bed. The other chair, I surmised, was for me. We sat and smiled and bowed and made little chuckling sounds.

After basically luring them to my room, I decided that it was only fair that I take charge and not make this guy beg me to show his wife my cock. I looked at him and simply held up my hands about twelve inches apart and smiled and nodded. He smiled a big smile and repeated the hand language.

I then did the same for his wife. She had continued to look down, but when I addressed her, she quickly glanced upward and nodded almost imperceptibly.

I rose and made hand signs about taking a shower. He seemed to understand and nodded, “Yes, yes.” “Wash.” I excused myself and went to the bathroom for a quick refreshing shower. I was only gone for five minutes, and I returned with just a towel wrapped around my middle but underneath I had slipped on a thonged cock pouch for the upcoming display.

I took my seat again directly across from his wife. I pointed to myself and said, “Tom.” Then I pointed to her, and her husband answered, “Miko.” He pointed to himself and said, “Hiroshi.” I nodded.

With the introductions done, I rose and unwrapped the towel. My six foot two frame and muscular 190 pound body rippled. Hiroshi smiled with approval, but his wife continued to just make darting glances at me.

My cock was nested barely inside the nylon pouch, and as I surveyed the situation my dick was swelling and squirming visibly. Hiroshi spoke in Japanese to his wife, and she took quick looks at my crotch.

With my pecker and balls absolutely bulging in my briefs, I sat on the edge of my chair and reached across to Miko’s legs. She had been sitting in a skirt with her legs tightly pressed together. I gently rested a hand on each of her knees and slowly spread her legs apart just a bit. Not too much. I didn’t want to lose her, but I wanted to see her pussy tonight.

She let me part her legs ever so slightly. I moaned the universal sigh of pleasure and I gazed up between her legs. I could only see a few inches but it was enough to start the stiffening process. I leaned back in my chair and allowed the nylon bulge to protrude. With one hand I adjusted my twisted up cock ‘n balls that were now pressed do tightly against the pouch that all my anatomy was on display.

Once again I looked at Hiroshi and made the hand signal about my cock size. He smiled once again and repeated the hand motion and bowed. The bowing was such a polite touch in the midst of my cock show. It was truly quite surreal.

I pointed to his crotch and made the cock size hand signal. He smiled again and moved his hands closer together by more than half. I finally made him understand that I wanted him to show us both his naked dick. Hiroshi was fast to comply, and in a jiffy he sat back on the bed buck naked with his little pencil dick waving in the air. Stiff as can be.

I slot oyna noticed that Miko still averted her eyes even from her husband’s nakedness. Her shyness only made me more eager to see her pussy. So I leaned over and parted her legs just a bit more. Now I could see her panties.

That did it. My slippery straining cock popped out into the fresh air. Miko’s eyes fastened on it as I hefted it sideways. I stood and peeled off the briefs while Miko stared between my legs. My puffy cock was just getting revved up and pulsing as I sat back and looked up her skirt.

Cum was flowing gently from my slit as I looked at her and gently stroked my dick. Hiroshi spoke to her in Japanese. She said nothing but she parted her legs a little farther. Now I could make out the puff of her jet black pubic hair and what appeared to be the crease of her pussy. I looked at Hiroshi and nodded my assent.

I didn’t need his help any longer, not did we need language. I rose with a full erection and took just two steps until my giant cock head was inches from Miko’s face. She whispered a few words in Japanese and then laid her fingers gently on the two sides of my shaft.

I reached down and lifted her entire body up until she was standing on the chair. She was so short that even standing on the chair my upright cock slipped under her skirt and nuzzled against her panties. I didn’t even look at Hiroshi as I drew her to me and kissed her deeply. As we kissed I brought my hands to her buttocks and pressed her so that my cockhead split her lips right through her panties.

If Hiroshi was concerned about this twist of events, I sure didn’t care.

I wrapped my arms around Miko and carried her around the room with my cock nested in her crease. The movement was having an effect on her, as she started to moan and whisper more foreign sounds.

I set her down and took my seat again. Standing in front of me, she began to undress. I stopped her and motioned for Hiroshi to do the honors. He understood, and in a flash he got behind his wife and unbuttoned her blouse for me. In less than a minute she stood before me with her tiny bare breasts and itsy bitsy nipples. My cock waved in front of her and fell to the side. I lifted it up and gave a few strokes to restore it to it full and upright position.

Now Hiroshi unfastened he skirt and let it drop. She stepped out of it and stood there in her little panties. I don’t know if that’s a more sexy view than total nakedness. The anticipation and imagination were at a peak as I stared at her. From head to toe she was every inch worth my every inch.

Hiroshi surprised us both by suddenly lifting Miko’s panties upward to tighten the effect of the thin nylon against her pussy. She laughed and turned to scold him. He laughed, too, and I just enjoyed their playfulness and the nice view they gave me.

Just as suddenly, down came her panties, and there was a perfect black top. A little puff of black hair atop and bare lips beneath. Cum continued to pulse and trickle down my now very hard shaft. I bathed my dick in my own cum and smiled in grand approval. Miko seemed pleased that I was pleased. I nodded and she bowed.

I decided that since we could not communicate with great clarity about the overall intensions of this visit, I would take matters in my hands and keep the matter as safe as possible. After all, I want foreign tourists to enjoy their vacations in America!

With Miko standing there and both her and her husband looking on, I decided to treat them to a jerk off show. I motioned for Hiroshi to sit in the chair and for him to fuck Miko as she sat on his cock. I sat across from them and watched as he wiggled his little pecker up into her little slit.

She stared at me the entire time as her husband fucked her. I stroked myself up and down and sideways. She watched me tease myself to near-explosion the back off and slowly build up again and again. She finally stopped her fucking and knelt in front of me to lick my cock and suck on it. I think she wanted to help.

I nodded, and she bowed.

The she turned around and mounted me just like she had her husband. The only difference was the size of our cocks. She slowly pressed downward, but my cock only pressed into her slit without entry. She had one super tight pussy.

We moved to the bed for easier positioning. I lay back and she was over me with her cunt stroking up and down my dick. I felt something unexpected handling my balls. I looked up and it was Hiroshi. canlı casino siteleri I didn’t care. Husbands often like to handle the equipment they’ve engaged for their wives. It’s part of my job to let the husbands play, too.

Miko was soon ready to try again. She squatted down over my erection, and I watched as she tried to lower herself. She wasn’t putting much pressure on herself, and once again she failed. My cock slid along her pussy but did not penetrate. I figured she could take it and would like it, so I flipped her over on her back, spread her legs good, and put some back into the effort of fucking her.

Her eyes looked a little panicked. But I smiled, and she bowed just a little. That seemed to give her courage and confidence. Then I started to screw.

We were plenty moist, that was for sure. I propped her legs on my shoulders and looked down to locate her entry. Once I got a good fix on that, I motioned for Hiroshi to position my dick at his wife’s opening. Hiroshi’s a good man. He not only rested my dick head in her pussy, he gave me a few strokes for good luck. I gave him a nod and a bow.

I leaned into my work with a little more force that she had used. Slowly I felt her give in as my dick pushed its way toward the special pleasure zone. Her eyes widened considerably and her breathing came in a hurried cadence. I timed my pulsing pressure with her breathing, and little by little we made progress to the same depth that she was used to from her husband’s cock.

Now would come the best part. The best part of fucking another man’s wife is always the penetrating her pussy beyond where her husband normally reaches. She’s tighter there, and if she hasn’t had children, she’s much tighter. I love to watch a wife’s face as we move into that new territory. That’s when she knows she’s being fucked. Not being made love to. Not being gently cared for. But being taken downtown for a fuck.

I didn’t know how much she could really take nor how deep I should go, so I rested at that point for a bit but slowly fucking her in and out and over and over for a long time. She was as lubricated and loose as could be when I decided to dive deeper.

She started to scream just a little so I stopped. But she grabbed me and pulled me to her as if to say, “More!” So I pressed harder until I felt her give another inch or two. I still had a good five inches to go, but I knew I wouldn’t bury my entire schlong.

The extra inches felt awfully good to me, and Miko seemed to respond with pleasure, too. I’m not sure I could interpret her reactions, but it appeared that once I pressed deeper into her, she began to have one prolonged orgasm. It was non-stop as I kept up the strokes and pressure, gaining a little extra depth each time.

Sometimes I would withdraw my cock entirely, and good old Hiroshi was there to keep stroking my shaft as it enjoyed a little fresh air. Then, with his good aim, back I’d go for another penetration record.

I would say we had a good nine inches into her when I decided that enough was enough. I rested at that point with my cock inside her and wiped the sweat from her brow as she moaned and kept up a steady stream of Japanese words. We stood up, and I lifted her and rested her down on my cockshaft to her now accustomed depth. She wrapped her legs around me and we walked around the room laughing and celebrating her accomplishment.

I sat her down on her chair, her legs splayed apart and her pussy gaping. I slid backward to my chair and looked at her. I smiled and nodded. She smiled and bowed. And with that, I began my final show for the night. She knew I was going to stroke myself for her amusement, and Hiroshi hurried over to watch. After all that fucking and tight pussy treatment, it didn’t take long to reach take-off speed.

I came with a shudder. The first spurt launched out and landed at her feet. The next few grew stronger as I continued to pump. The second hit her knee. The third her chest. Two more went over her head, and the remaining ones trailed back down her body. She smeared my cum over herself and into her open pussy.

We relaxed there for several minutes before anyone moved. It was a very satisfying feeling for all of us. Even little Hiroshi had gotten off a few times during the night, and I had a suspicion that Miko would get fucked again in the privacy of their own room. They gathered their clothes and I escorted them to my door.

As they backed out into the night air, they gave me a little bow. But instead of returning their courtesy, I put my arm around Miko and kissed her with a long good-night kiss. The next day we had breakfast together, exchanged addresses, and made plans to stay at the same motel again the next night.

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