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I left the reservation an hour after the girl and I talked. Before I left I got a shower, packed some crackers and a Coke in a small brown paper sack. I skipped Starbucks and took another Coke to have on the trip. I did not have to worry about coming back until early in the evening. The idea of skipping lunch and supper in the mess hall was a pleasing thought. How often did I get a chance to get away to do something like this? Never.

Janine asked on the phone was if I busy and would I like to come by and say hello. She did actually admit she needed a little help in her back yard. She’d fix us her famous tossed salad with green olives and peperoncini. I love peperoncini so I said great. Then I asked what she was doing in Virginia. Janine said “I’ll tell you about it when we see each other.” That was okay with me. Judging by Janine’s profile, she was a normal woman in her 40’s.

As far as I knew, thinking as I headed east up Ash, Janine was also married. I remembered that I read in an email she wrote that she was having her twenty-second anniversary. Now I was riding out to see her one county over. She was living in Massachusetts. Must have moved. The woman stated she was Puerto Rican on her profile. In the picture her hair is burnt cinnamon, her skin a beautiful light caramel. Janine’s eyes were haunting and dark, like mocha.

A map on the Internet said Rose was 18.3 miles from Goldbug. Rose is in Green County. It is an appealing county to me because there is almost nothing there. Not much commerce and not very many people. A place to rest. A place to sit out at night and listen to owls and frogs and crickets and cicadas. An occasional car passes by. I could have a personal Shangri-la. There is a lot of farmland, and not a lot of subdivisions. it just sounds like easy living.

I turned off 50 East and headed north on 141. About 12 miles I would be at the state park and another three or four miles to the Green County line. I checked the clock on the radio and I figured that I would reach Rose before 11:30. I did not need to worry about fuel. I was rested.

I was kind of anxious, too. I did not turn on the radio. I was felt I knew where I was going, because I go driving out here sometimes. I went joyriding in Greene County when regular unleaded was almost four bucks a gallon. I simply needed a quick vacation.

I went over the county line and stayed on Highway 141. Watching for Manassas Church Road I thought about the movie I saw the night before, Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid. James Coburn played Garrett. In the flick he is a rather hateful, amoral character, Garrett never eats, but drinks liquor throughout his search for Will Bonney. In one scene Garrett is at a cat house with five different working girls. 1973 was the year of that western. Janine, I remembered, likes a lot of contemporary movies. But she said she liked Gone With The Wind. Maybe she liked Casablanca.

I found Manassas Church Road, turned right. I immediately turned left on a road called John Forrest Road. I saw a small, dirty white sign saying Rose. I started looking for the red mailbox on the right that said 208. The sun was still shining but gray clouds were moving in. I saw the mailbox about half a mile from the turn off. I slowed down and turned into the grassy dirt driveway.

The house was dark red brick, with a green tin roof. Standing in front of the steps was Janine, wearing a light salmon linen dress. She had on black Converse tennis shoes. Janine’s arms were folded in front of her. She smiled ever so slightly. Janine knew nothing really about me, and I knew nothing about her. People just don’t get to know each other on the Internet. I had never chatted with Janine.

I parked and got out, went over and reached out my hand. Janine walked toward me, barely noticing my clothes or my hair. She looked directly at me, the way people or women do who have a good deal of class. “Hey Daryl”, and she hugged my neck.

“Hey Janine. Uh, how are you?.” I was nervous.

“Fine. Will you come in?”


In four years I had not been invited into a female’s home. I tried not to notice everything in Janine’s house. The house was sparsely decorated with little tables, wooden chairs, and antique floor lamps. It suddenly occurred to me that the furniture was not hers. There was a green trunk on the far wall of the living room. We were standing in when I walked into the house. The floor was hardwood with thin space rugs. I liked the place.

It was my idea of country living. The furniture, the things in the house were what I would feel very comfortable with. But none or almost none of these things belonged to Janine. I just knew it.

Janine could see I had questions about her house, and about a dozen other questions besides. All entirely none of my business. But that is how you get to know a person.

“Do you want some coffee?” Janine asked in a very friendly tone.

I sat down on at the oak coffee table. “None, thanks”, when she asked if I wanted Beylikdüzü escort sugar or cream. Janine was the first woman I have met that drank her coffee black, like I do.

“Did you move down to Virginia?” I asked Janine, enjoying the coffee smell.

“No and yes, Daryl. My daughter lives in Jason, and I am helping her move down to Echo City. She’s moving in with a guy she has been dating”

“Yes, I know where Echo City is. About six miles from Kerner Beach.” tried to sip my hot coffee. Janine was drinking her coffee without any trouble. I casually looked around the house and said “Where is your family?”

Janine took another sip of her coffee. She was direct. “You know I have lived in Massachusetts for a couple of years. My husband, he went up to Ohio to see his brother two and a half months ago.”

“My daughter is working and lives with another girl. She is still in Massachusetts, in the same area near the bay. I have been here almost a month. I am hanging around right now.”

My coffee was cooling a little. I took a good sip and looked across the small house into the kitchen. I loved her house. The kitchen windows at the back of the house looked out into a dense thicket of trees. “I have a favor to ask” Janine said, putting her coffee down.

“Anything that I can do,” I replied. As I answered Janine I looked over at her, quickly taking a glance at her legs. Since the woman was at home, she wore no hosiery. Hell with pantyhose. If a woman has nice legs, forget the hosiery. Some accessories add a nice touch, I suppose. Janine’s legs were very sleek and pretty. She did not have to worry about going out in public. …

“As it was turning to dusk last night I noticed it”. I did not know what Janine was pointing toward. We were standing at the kitchen window. I looked out toward a big stump about three feet high and saw something in the grass. It resembled a pile of sand. Janine said “The door at the side right there is unlocked.”

I now assumed the lady was keeping a mystery. Maybe she did not know what the hell it was. I walked out and Janine was very close behind me, a hand on my free arm as I pushed opened the door.

I walked outside and saw what it was. A raptor was lying on the ground, face down. It was interesting the dead hawk had not been carried off in the night by another animal.

“He’s beautiful”, I said. “It must have a four foot wingspan.” I looked over at Janine. “I want to bury him,” Janine said. “Will you dig a small grave and bury him for me?”

I had a shovel now, and some work gloves. Janine showed me me where to dig a hole to bury the bird. She wanted the hole to be three feet deep. I would dig it deep enough to keep raiders away. That was important. The little grave was a better idea than throwing the dead hawk over into the woods.

She showed me a place near the trees that was dirt. Janine watched me dig the hole. I made it wide enough at the bottom so that the dead hawk lay neatly, its wings spread a little. I took a short breather, and drank some of the cold iced water Janine gave me.

“Looks like a very nice grave” she said. “Are you okay?” I told her I was just fine. My gray tee-shirt was splotchy with sweat. I started filling the hole. Janine was there watching, and I think she was checking me out. I thought she noticed my buttocks as I bent over each time to take the shovel and pour the dirt in. I filled the hole up with dirt and packed it down.

Janine said “Here, I’ll take that.” I handed Janine the shovel. “You did a good job”, she said sweetly. Then turned gracefully and walked to the little shed beside the house. Janine had a sultry walk. Her hips did their their sway and rhythm, and I stood easy enjoying the woman’s body going toward the tool shed. She opened the door, bending over to place the shovel by the door. The sun came out. …..

I followed Janine Baxter back into her house and we went through the kitchen into the living room. “Why don’t you sit on the couch, Daryl? You can rest.”

Janine sashayed back into the kitchen to get fresh coffee. Two caffeine fiends. We belong together, I thought. I also thought about how coffee or espresso make me feel all over. Like soft blue flame.

Janine was again very friendly. She came back into the living room with two cups fired over a century ago. She said “Do you want to sit in the sun room?”

“The sun room?” I echoed.

Through a kitchen door we walked with our coffee, and I found us in a small sitting room. There was an old green sofa, with carved wooden legs. There was a second small coffee table, made of heavy wood and painted black. “This is nice. I mean it, Janine”.

The sofa was in front of a large picture window. The window looked out into the woods behind the house. A little tired, I decided to sit on the sofa. Abruptly Janine had walked off. I looked around and there was another door in the back of the little sitting room.

There was a birdbath outside the window with two birds splashing Beylikdüzü escort around, and I began to nod off while I watched. A little hard work tired me out because it was so seldom I did any hard work.

I awoke and felt two hands on my shoulders. Janine was behind the sofa. Janine rubbed my shoulders.

“You are going to be sore later,” she said. “Not if you keep that up”. She was referring to my sleeping position, I gathered.

I said. “Um…” Janine’s hands felt real good. Then I asked Janine how she knew she could invite me into her bed and breakfast.

“Oh, I thought you were a nice person. I thought so because of your emails. Your stories sounded like they were written by a literary person with a kind persona”.

I was about to say something, then Janine said “Daryl”, in a gentle tone. “Daryl, your shirt is dirty.”

“What do you want me to do about it?” I laughed.

Janine walked around the couch and pushed the coffee table back a little across the old carpet. Janine rocked me forward and pulled the tee shirt off. With no expression on her face Janine said for me to unzip my jeans and pull them down.

My mind was in a state of no state at all. I had no thoughts. I did not know what was going to happen next. No, this person was a retired professional. She was a nice lady I met on AOL who was up for reading some hot stuff. But I knew I should do what the nice lady said for me to do.

I stood up and unzipped my jeans. Janine pulled them down. Again she said “You are going to be sore later from digging.”

Janine pulled my boxers down next. My jeans and my boxer shorts were down around my ankles. I was getting an erection. Janine pushed me softly down on the couch and sat next to me.

Janine produced a clear plastic bottle. She set it on the coffee table. She put an arm around me, casually. Janine ran one hand up and down my back with a vigorous pressure. Janine had her right hand on my cock. My cock was bulging, stiff as it could be. Janine poured some of the liquid all over my hard cock. It was warm baby oil and it did feel fantastic.

In only a couple of minutes Janine brought me to a climax. My bones and muscles were so relaxed. Janine sat on the coffee table and smiled a splendid smile at me.

“Now, don’t you feel better?”

I was feeling fine. “Yes, Janine. I did not imagine…”

“It was not a problem” said Janine. Not at all.” ………….

Over time people left various items in the house Janine was in, such as men’s denim pants, socks, work shirts and tee shirts. I sat on the sofa naked, in a kind of subdued tranquility. I drank my coffee. I felt satisfied. I was satisfied from Janine’s offering, and accepted it without analyzing. She was like some chick in 1969 who liked Iron Butterfly. I swallowed a mouthful of coffee. My hostess appeared with an aged but clean tee shirt, a pair of jeans, and some underwear and socks.

I looked at the small stack. I asked sarcastically “What am I supposed to do with those?” I was teasing her, after what had just happened. I did not know really how to act.

“You can put them on after you take a shower. Don’t you want to take a shower?”

I took the clothes and stood up, holding the jeans over my privates. Janine took me through the kitchen and a small hall. She pointed into the bathroom. I looked at her and said “I won’t be too long.”

Her eyes seemed to smolder, but there was a nonchalance in her tone. “I want to get in there after you, if you don’t mind.”

After using some plain Ivory soap and a wash cloth, I was finished in the shower. I wrung out the rag and pulled the handle down. When I pulled the shower curtain back, there was a knock. Janine came into the bathroom, wearing a big towel. The sweet woman asked “you okay?” and pulled a towel off the rack. She gave it it to me and said “You don’t mind if I get in, do you?”

I shook my head. “No, I can dry off here at the sink. If that’s all right.”

I got out at the far end of the bathtub. I looked over and saw one of Janine’s legs go over the side and into the tub. I was still a gentleman to this woman. I had an opportunity to get my eyes full, but I didn’t.

I went to the sink and not finding an extra toothbrush, I washed my mouth out with mouthwash. Wrapping myself in the towel, I took the clean clothes and went to look for a bedroom.

There was one bedroom, Janine’s. Her stuff was on the night stand and the closet was standing open. I sat on the small brown upholstered chair and started dressing. I was brushing my hair in front of Janine’s mirror when she walked in.

“Are you hungry?” she asked. Her voice was pleasant, happy. She had her towel on, still wrapped around her and I was looking at her now, not shy about it. I wanted to touch her. All over her body I wanted to put my hands.

Janine said “Daryl, there are some paper plates and styrofoam cups in the pantry. If you want to set two places?”. “Yes, of course”, I answered, thinking to myself Escort Beylikdüzü “I think I would do anything for you, honey.”

While Janine got dressed, I set the little red and white metal table. I found ice in the little freezer and in her refrigerator there was tea. I turned back to the table and saw Janine walk in.

Janine was in her early 40’s, according to her profile. She looked nice, in white polyester shorts and a coral short-sleeved blouse. The shorts made a sexy contrast to her legs. Janine looked at the table and said “Your mama raised a nice man. Why don’t you sit down, Daryl, and I’ll bring it.”

Earlier that day Janine made a nice chef salad and put it in Tupperware. There was iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, spicy jack cheese, bell peppers, peperoncini, a diced ham. Croutons were on top that Janine made herself. She had a plate of Ritz crackers on the side. We both had ranch dressing.

“I never get the chance to do this. I haven’t had a date in a long time. Not that we are on a date.”

“I think it’s a happening.” is all she said.

I drank my water and sat quietly after I finished my salad. Janine was still eating. She drained her sweet iced tea. “That was good. Thank you.” I said.

“It was easy,” Janine said. Then she asked if I’d like to go for a walk. “It’s nice outside, why don’t we take a stroll?”

Behind the house a trail about three feet wide meandered through the woods. At the end we walked up on a green frog that hopped away into the forest. “It is gorgeous here” I said to Janine.

I turned to her and gently turned her shoulders toward me. Janine looked at me. When I put my arms around her I did not know what might happen. But she put her arms around me and we hugged briefly, and warmly. We walked arm in arm back to the house, walking around the roots and kicking clods of dirt.

When we got back to the house, we stopped in the clearing. “You don’t want one of your cigars?” Janine asked, remembering I smoked cigars from reading my profile.

“No, I’ll probably have one on the way back to Goldbug.” I said. “You don’t smoke, so I’d rather not.”

Janine grinned and said “I might smoke a cigar, with you. Later”

We went back inside the house. I walked up to the front of the house to the living room, reached in the pocket of my jacket shirt on the hook. In my shirt pockets I had the cigar, a ten dollar bill, and I had one condom. I looked at the condom. I rarely washed this jacket shirt. I looked at the date on the package and put the rubber in my jeans.


I heard a piano, a badly tuned piano. The instrument was in a bare room, and the song I heard being played was “Chopsticks”. I found the small music room through a door that opened from the living room. It was dark in there, save for one window which was partly closed off by a green shade.

“Hey” was all I said. I did not want to scare her. Janine turned her head and stopped her murderous playing. She grinned and said “That’s all I know.”

I walked slowly over to the bench, bent over and pulled Janine’s hair back behind her shoulders. I kissed her neck once, twice. Then I sat beside Janine, facing away from the piano. She turned her head again toward me, and I was looking at her mouth.

I closed my eyes like Mel Gibson or Al Pacino. Not like a guy in real life. I can close them if I try. I felt my lips touch Janine’s face, beside her nose. I almost laughed. Wasn’t this supposed to happen first? Instead of her making me happy two hours ago? Iron Butterfly. Summer of Love. Can’t you enjoy life, Daryl? I was going to, right now.

The piano was in the corner of the room. I motioned for Janine to get up, and I pushed the bench against the wall. I wanted Janine to sit against the wall on the bench with her legs on either side. I sat back down facing her and pulled her legs over mine. Then I kissed her on the mouth, not hard, but with feeling. Like a fortissimo.

Janine’s arms went around me, pulling me hard against her. Then she eased her arms so that they were around me more loosely, and we started making out. I stopped kissing Janine and pulled her blouse over her head, forgetting about the buttons. I tossed the garment on the piano keys.

I pulled the straps of Janine’s brassiere down and put my hands on both of her breasts. Her breasts were soft and I massaged them with slow, circular motions. Janine looked at my face, then closed her eyes, and looked at me again. She stood up. She kicked off her flats, then pulled her shorts and her panties off.

“Get up, Daryl.” Janine was in command again. But it really did not feel like that. We were taking turns. It felt like mutual improvisation, switching leads. “Take your clothes off, Daryl. I’ll help.”

I was soon naked and Janine was naked except for her brassiere hanging around her waist. Janine took my hand and pointed at an old gold love seat in the corner. “Somewhere soft, baby. We might get hurt playing a duet.”

We sat down next to each other on the old gold love seat. We touched each other all over. We kissed passionately, our tongues moving and probing each other. Janine had her hands on my hips until she moved one hand in toward my crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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