Jane’s First Time

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Conner and I were good friends spent almost every day this past winter together. Its like we were attached at the hips or something…I only wish… He was my best friend and we did everything together, even shopping. It was great. I was just so comfortable around him. So comfortable that he would even sometimes come to the dressing room with me and watch me try on outfits, seeing me in my bra and underwear is nothing new to him. And I have to say that I didn’t mind him looking either. I caught him more than once looking my body up and down, though I never said anything to him I liked be notice for once it was nice.

Today we were going shopping, again. It is my favorite past time and Conner seems to have fun too. But today I was on a mission, today I was looking for a new bikini and there was no better person to ask advice than Conner. For the past couple of weeks I had been watching what I was eating and getting a little more exercise and I have to say that I was looking good. I’m not a stick person, but I am defiantly not fat either. I have curves in all the right places and just enough ass to make boys take a look.

Conner arrived at my house late as usual. But there was nothing new there.

“Hello? You about ready to go?” Conner shouts as he just walks in my front door like he lives there or something.

“Yea, give me just a second to put some shorts on and then I will be down!” I hollered from the top of my stairs.

“Don’t you know how to knock any more?” I ask him as I bounce happily down the stairs to great him in my usual hug.

“I practically have lived here for the past year, you think I sill need to knock?”

“No, I was just giving you a hard time. You know you are more than welcome to come into my house any time”

“You know you’re giving me a hard time in more than one way,” he said with a wink of his eye.

Conner is like that. We always joke around and make sexual jokes its just our relationship, we just have never acted on any of those jokes. Though we have some close a few times but we both were very drunk, and neither of us has ever mentioned those close calls again.

“Here, try this one” Conner says as he tosses this little hot pink bikini over the top of the fitting room door.

“Are you nuts?” I ask sticking my head out of the door. “I thongs that cover more than this.”

“Oh, just try it on. What could it hurt?”

“Fine…” I said with a sigh.

“Well….? What do you think?” I asked stepping out from behind the door

“I..I.. I don’t know what to say, other than you HAVE to get that one!”

“Really?” I asked turning around as if to check my self again in the mirror. But really I just wanted Conner to get a good look at my ass. And by the look on his face that I saw in the mirror he was enjoying the view much more than I even though he would.

“Umm, yea. I think that is the one” Conner stammers.

“You really think so? I ask.

“Hell, yes. And if you don’t buy it I will and I will make you wear it.”

“Oh-okay, I will get it. Just let me get dressed and we can get out of here. I feel like I have tried on every bathing suite in this place. Want to go back to my place and relax and watch a movie?”

“Sure sounds perfect.”

“Hey! What movie do you want to watch this time?”

“I don’t care, I’m just going to run up stairs and put my stuff in my room really fast.”


“Gosh what took you so long? I made popcorn and put in a movie already.”

“Sorry I’m here now though, isn’t that good enough for you?”

“Yea I guess, now come sit down, your house is freezing. Come keep me warm.” Conner said patting the couch next to him.

“Oh you big wimp.” I say jokingly as I sit on the couch next to him practically on his lap.

“Is this better?” I ask.

“Yes much.” Conner says as he slides his arm around my shoulders.


“Yea” I tried to answer but Conner’s lips cut my answer off short. His lips were so soft, but firm with a sense of power. I could tell he was restraining himself. I could feel it, I just knew.

“Conner!” I yelp in shock as soon as I can pull away and come to my senses.

“What casino siteleri are you doing?”

“Jane, I can’t take it anymore. I have wanted to do that for so long that it hurt. I just had to see what it was like. You aren’t mad at me are you?

“No, not mad. I was just caught off guard. Actually, I have to confess something too…for a while now I have been wondering the same thing. But I’m glad that you had the courage to act first. And to be honest I… think I liked it… Do you mind if I try something? I just want to test one thing.”

With that I leaned in and place my hand on his upper thigh. I could feel the heat radiating from his manhood which I could already see straining against the fabric of his jeans. Slowly keeping my eyes locked on between his eyes and lips. Keeping my face just inches from his, so close we could feel the heat of each other’s breath.

“How does this make you feel?” I ask

“Why don’t you feel for your self?” Conner says as he slowly moves my hand from his thigh to his now rock hard cock.

“Oh!” I say startled.

“Jane, you do this to me everything we are together. And shopping with you… I go home hard as a rock every time. You are just so beautiful. Today when I saw you in that little bikini I wanted to take you right then and there in that dressing room.”

“You really feel that way?”

“Isn’t this proof enough?” He says looking down at his cock straining against his pants.

“But Conner, you know that I…I…have never…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, I was too embarrassed I had to break away.

“Jane, darling, you know that I would never force you to do anything that you aren’t ready for.” He says brushing my hair out of my face.

“I know, and the truth is… I want to, too.”


“Yea…I feel the same about you too.”

With no other words I stood up and took Conner’s hand and said “Follow me.”

And with a gentle tug he rose from the couch and followed.

“Jane, are you sure you want to do this?” Conner asked as I crawled on to my bed and pulled him on along with me.


I never got to hear what he was trying to say next because I covered his mouth with mine. My audacity here must have been a shock to Conner because it took him a few moments to respond to my kiss. But when he realized what was going on he returned my heated kiss with just as much if not more fervently than mine was to begin with. Slowly with every kiss I could feel his mouth open more and more till his tongue reached out and sought mine. When our tongues finally meet there was electricity that could not be explained in words, except that the sensation of our tongues exploring each others mouths only made us more hungry for each other.

When our mouths parted finally Conner was starting a train of kisses down my neck. With his hands finding the hem of my shirt he slowly raised it up and off over my head after which he began to run his hot hands down my sides and across my belly. The sensation brought goose bumps to my flesh. This uncontrollable reaction only seemed to feed his hunger even more for now his lips were working their way around my bellybutton and up my ribs. When he got back up to my breasts, which were, still covered my red lace bra. Now I have to say that I don’t have a lot when it comes to the boob department, I’m about a 36c. But while lying on my back in nothing but my jean shorts and bra they looked pretty damn good if I do have to say so my self. Here Conner looked up at me his eyes begging me to say something…anything…just to let him know I was okay with what was going on.

“Don’t stop, please.” I whisper so quietly that I myself can barley hear it, as I run my fingers through his short thick brown hair. This must have been all the encouragement that he needed, because before I knew it his hands were behind my back sitting me up so he could have better access to the clasps.

This was perfect for me. Because as I was sitting up it gave me a clear shot at his neck, collar bone and ears. Like I said Conner and I talk about everything so I know that theses are his weak points and I use this to my advantage. I kiss that perfect spot where slot oyna his collar bone and neck meet and I can practically feel him melt.

“mmmmmm…Jane don’t stop please. It feels amazing…”came from someplace deep within his throat. This was a side of Conner that I had never seen before…it was almost feral.

Conner’s fingers skillfully unclasped my bra and soon it was on the floor with my shirt. Conner leans back breaking my kisses from his neck.

“Jane, darling.. I want you to just lie back and let me take care of everything.” He said looking directly into my eyes.

And lie back I did. After the most tender kiss and caress of my cheek with his warm, powerful hand, Conner slowly ran both hands down my throat, over my bare shoulders and across my me breasts for the first time. The sensation was amazing. The heat from his hands on my cool flesh made my pink little nipples rise to stiff peaks. He gave my breasts a gentle squeeze feeling the weight of them in his hands, he was learning my body and I was learning what my body liked. Slowly and skillfully his hands ran down my tummy to the top of my shorts. Almost before I knew what was happening they to were off and I was lying on my bed in nothing but my little black thong. The next thing I knew Conner’s skillful finger were looped around what little clothing I still had covering me , but soon that too was gone.

Conner slid off the bed and began to undress himself. He slowly slid his shirt off over his head knowing I was thoroughly enjoying the show. Conner had a great body. He was on the baseball and soccer teams so naturally he had beautifully toned muscles. Every girl loved Conner and they all wanted to be with him. But I was the lucky one, Conner felt this way for me. Conner’s jeans and boxers were next and with on e fell swoop they were on the floor along with all the rest of our clothing. He just stood there letting me take him all in. It was a beautiful sight. His beautiful tan and toned body was perfect. I could now fully see what before I could only feel through his jeans before. And it was beautiful, just like the rest of him. His cock was extremely hard now and I standing at full attention.

“Oh, Conner…” I stammered.

“Jane, don’t worry. Everything will be fine. See I even have a condom.”

Even though I took my birth control everyday Conner still knew that I would never want to have sex without a condom, neither of us were ready to take that risk. Conner slid the condom and came back to the bed.

“Scoot over a little, will you?” He asked a little playfully trying to easy my mood and make me less nervous, I could tell that he was reading every single one of my thoughts across my face like I was an open book or something. Lying down on the bed next to me Conner slid one arm under my head and used the other to lazily draw patterns up and down between my breasts and across my stomach.

“Conner? Kiss me please?” I asked quietly.

And so Conner kissed me. Our tongues met almost immediately. The passion in this kiss was even more intensified than in the first. Conner’s hands were expertly moving all over my body, exploring. Slowly his free hand moved down to my slit, which my now was all wet and slippery. He slowly ran a finger up and down my lips. His touch was so gentle it was really unlike Conner to be someone of such a gentle nature; usually he is the big tough guy. But I liked this Conner.

One of Conner’s fingers slowly slipped into my folds, teasing me. The sensations were amazing. Conner’s finger lightly brushed over my clit making my twitch.

“Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you?” He asked

“No, lover. It feels amazing….Please…Conner…I…I want you to be my first. I want to make love with you right now. Please?”

“You’re sure you want to do this Jane?

“Yes, yes I am positive.”

Conner slowly sat up on the bed.

“Come here, I want you to have control over how fast or slow this goes. I don’t want to hurt you. Just straddle my cock and lower yourself as fast as you feel like.”

As I crawled on top of Conner I finally became nervous. I knew I could turn back at any point but I didn’t want to do that to him. It just would canlı casino siteleri not be fair. So, I close my eyes and began to lower my self down. I could feel Conner’s hands all over my back and shoulders trying to make me less nervous and to soothe me. I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my slit now, straining to get in. With a quick peek I stole a glance at Conner’s face. I couldn’t quite read his expression. He looked like he was in pain, but I know that he was using every ounce of his being not to hurt me, not to move.

Slowly I lowered my self even farther onto his large cock. As soon as his head was in Conner let out a sigh. I know he could feel my walls stretching around him. He could feel my tightness and I could feel how he was going to fill me up. I waited for a minute with just his head inside me, letting my body adjust to this new feeling. Slowly I began to lower my self even more. Now I could feel his cock pressing against my hymen and I know he could feel it too. I opened my eyes to see if I could read Conner’s face. But his eyes were clenched shut and his fists were balled around the sheets. His cock felt huge with in me. I could feel my walls stretching around him. It was the most amazing feeling ever.

“Conner?… are you ready?”…no reply…

“Conner, lover. I need your help.” With that said Conner’s eyes opened with a questioning look.

“Conner, I’m going to roll over onto my back and I want you to re-enter me and I want you to thrust. I don’t think I can do it on my own, and I am afraid it will hurt too much if I go slow. Please? Just do it for me in one quick thrust?’

“Are you sure this is what you want Jane?”

“Yes, please?”

I slowly slid off Conner and laid down next to him. He kneeled between my legs and positioned the tip of his cock at my opening again.

“Just one request?”

“Anything” he says.

“Go slow at first but then don’t tell me when you are going to.”


“Yes, I don’t want to know. Just do it.”

“Okay here we go then.”

With that said Conner slowly started to enter me again. This time I kept my eyes open. I wanted to see the look on his face. But to my surprise his eyes were open too. I guess he wanted to see my reactions too. Conner slowly started to thrust into me just to the point where his head touched my hymen. Conner’s thrusts started to become faster and harder. I could tell he was losing the battle of holding back. He was trying so hard not to hurt me. Finally it happened with one quick thrust he tore through my hymen. I let out a sharp gasp and a slight whimper. Conner held still and pulled me up into his arms and held me.

“Are you alright? I didn’t hurt you too bad? I am so sorry, Jane please talk to me. Say something…anything.”

He wanted to say more but I silenced him with a finger to his lips.

“Conner I am fine. Yes it hurt but that is over now and we both can enjoy the pleasure. You don’t have to worry about hurting me anymore.”

“Oh I will always worry about that, I would feel awful if I ever hurt you again.”

With that Conner kissed my lips ever so tenderly, and I knew that I was in love. We laid back down and Conner began to thrust again, this time I could see he had no control over the beast within. He began to thrust faster and faster. He was getting close to his climax. He wouldn’t last much longer.

“Oh my god Jane, you feel amazing. I can feel your walls gripping my cock and stretching to let me in. ohhhh! Jane I am so close!”

“Cum for me Conner please!” I begged him. I wanted him to enjoy this as much as possible, he had done so much for me today anyways.

“Ohhhhh! I’m cuming Jane! I’m…”

But his last words were cut off by his impending orgasm. I could feel his cock grow inside me and I could feel it throb with each just of hot semen he shot.

“Jane that was amazing. Did you… ya know…orgasm too?

“No, not this time lover but next time.”

“oh-okay. I’m sorry.” Was all Conner said as he tossed the condom in the trash next to my bed and pulled me close to him.


“Yes Conner?”

“I…I love you.”

“I love you too lover.”

And with that we fell asleep in each others arms. But what Conner didn’t know was, I had a plan there wasn’t going to be much sleeping going on tonight. In Fact in a few hours Conner was going to be awoken to a nice surprise…

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