Jane and the Mysterious Biker

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Close Up

It started like any other day. Jane showered, dressed, had two cups of coffee and headed off to work. She was feeling pretty good about her life. She was in a kick ass groove with her writing, work was going extremely well and that wonderful, internet stud, Sethp was throwing some pretty nice comments her way.

Despite all of the good things in her life, Jane was flat out bored and sexually frustrated. She know that Seth wasn’t going to drive out this weekend and probably never would. He lived too far away. She got some satisfaction with her job but in the end, it was unfulfilling and bored her to tears.

Jane got to her office early and started her daily routine. She had the best office in the whole company she thought. It was spacious with a huge window panoramic view of wonderful down town and the lovely street she worked on. It was a wonderful spring day and the sun was shining. She had her window open and was enjoying the sounds and smells of spring along with a wonderful light spring breeze. The start to a wonderful day indeed.


The sound of an old Harley being revved up filled her office and drowned out everything else.


There it was again. Jane spun around on her chair to face the window and was surprised to see that there was very muscular and heavily tattooed biker wearing leather from head to toe on a Harley stopped at the sidewalk, just outside of her window. He was staring right at her. Was he trying to get her attention?

Jane’s mind raced to pull anyone back from her memories that matched his description but could come up with no one. Jane sat there frozen in her chair as the biker continued to rev his bike and stare at her. He was grinning at her and what was that he was doing? Was he masturbating with his free hand?

He was! Jane sat there mesmerized as the biker revved his bike staring Antalya Escort at her and stroking a very large, thick cock with his other hand. Right there on the street in broad day light he continued. Jane didn’t know whether to be turned on or repulsed. She felt a little bit of both.

She heard the man groan and then watched as thick strands of his cum shot out onto the sidewalk. He must have shot at least 5 strands onto the sidewalk in front of her window. Then the man stuffed his deflating cock back into his leather pants, gave Jane a salute, and with a thunderous roar, drove off down the street.

Jane pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. She knew she should have called the police and reported it to the office manager or at least screamed for help but…she didn’t. Jane quietly got up from her seat and walked out into the lobby and then out onto the street. Nobody seemed to notice what had taken place just minutes before. Jane walked over to where his bike had been parked and looked down onto the sidewalk. She could see his seed drying up under the bright morning sun. She could smell his Harley.

Back in the office, Jane was having a hard time concentrating on work. She had multiple projects to complete but all she could think about was the mysterious biker at her window this morning. She wondered if she knew him somehow and she wondered if she was in any danger. She was excited and crazy. Every emotion she had ever felt was coursing through her body. Jane was glad when 5pm finally arrived and she could go home and gather herself.

All the way home every time she heard a motorcycle she would snap her head in that direction but she never saw her biker again that day.

After a sleepless night filled with naughty dreams of muscular tattooed bikers pleasing her with their tongues, Jane finally awoke and made her way through her morning rituals and finally to work. Antalya Escort Bayan

Drinking her coffee and reading the previous nights posts on the living room thread, Jane was startled by the sound of a revving motorcycle again. She spun her chair around and there was her leather clad stalker grinning at her again.

He was stroking his cock out in the open again and nodding his head towards her. His green eyes seemed to pierce her soul as he stared at her. Jane didn’t know why she did what she did next but she slid her hand down between her legs and started masturbating in unison with the biker. His smile widened and he picked up the pace…so did Jane. She was so wet. This nasty, obscene biker turned Jane on so much and she didn’t know why.

Jane inserted one finger into her slit as her other hand cupped one of her large breasts. Jane and the biker both picked up the pace of their masturbation and Jane gasped as she started to cum. Her whole body shook as she gushed around her finger and onto her chair. Jane looked up from her orgasm just in time to see the biker shot another load onto the sidewalk in her honor.

The man saluted her again after stuffing his magnificent cock back into his pants and took off down the road just as he had done the day before.

Jane couldn’t take work after that and headed home early for the weekend. Once home, she poured herself a stiff drink and plopped down on the couch. Was she really that hard up that masturbating with a complete stranger in broad daylight in front of an open window in an office building full of people seemed like a good idea?

After another restless night of sleeping and erotic dreams, Saturday morning finally arrived. Jane tied a robe around her luscious body and went down to make coffee. As she was pouring her first cup she heard it again. Here? At her house? He knows where I live?

Jane started Escort Antalya to shake as she walked to the front window. She peered out from behind the curtains and there he was. His motorcycle was still running and he was standing in front of it at the foot of his driveway with the same sexy grin, hands on his hips, seemingly staring right at her.

Jane opened the front door to scream at him to get out of her life and leave her alone. At least that’s what her original intentions were. As soon as she swung the door open and took her first step outside she stopped. The biker got on his bike and motioned her to come to him with his arm. Then he shrugged his shoulders.

There was a choice she had to make right then and there. Get on the bike with him or call the police. It was simple really. Do the right thing, the normal thing, or do the wrong, dangerous thing. She tried to think what Cgirl or Meg would do. What would AR do?

None of them mattered it was her decision. He could have been a serial killer and she could be close to death but, in her heart, Jane had already made her choice.

Leaving the door open, dressed only in a robe slippers, Jane approached the biker. He held out his hand and helped her onto the back of the bike. Jane wrapped her arms around his muscular body and held on to him tightly. The mysterious biker just smiled back at Jane and gunned the powerful bike as he took of down her street.

Jane had never ridden a motorcycle before and sitting on the back of one with her arms around a young, muscular, sexy, dangerous man was by far the most exhilarating thing that she had ever done in her life. There was no turning back now. Jane was catapulting herself into the future. An uncertain future but one full of excitement and danger.

The biker took a hold of one of Jane’s hands and guided it down between his thighs as he made his way to the coastal highway. Jane was surprised to feel his cock already free from the confines of his tight leather pants. She grabbed his massive cock firmly and started to stroke him. Yes, despite the dangers, this was a life less ordinary and she knew she had made the right decision.

The End

Sethp 2008

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