Jacks Surprise

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Jack was up the stairs as fast as he could run already tearing off his shirt. Chloe was right behind him, grabbing at his trousers.

“Wait. You don’t know which room.”

Jack stopped on the landing. She was right. He’d only been in the hall and kitchen before. And the one previous time they’d fucked it’d been in his car. He’d never seen her room.

“Left or right?” He asked glancing around the small landing.

Chloe was in his face, pushing her mouth against his as Jack squeezed her tits. Spittle linked their lips when she pulled away again.

Her hands were unclasping his belt as though she might take him right there while Jack tried to get her hand under her top.

“Left.” She gave him a shove in the right direction.

Jack pushed the door open, backing in until he fell on the bed, still with Chloe’s hands at his waist. In only moments she had his trousers round his knees. His fight was over and he lay back while she tugged at his pants to join them, releasing his cock to spring free.

He quickly glanced at the room, bright in the summer sun, absorbing only that it was predominantly pink before she had his attention again.

Chloe’s hands encircled his thick shaft as she admired it with hungry eyes. This was the first time she’d seen it in the light. Big and straight.

“You sure your mum won’t catch us?”

“She’s working.

And what if she does? I’m twenty three. I guess by now she’s worked out I’m not a virgin anymore. And you fancy her anyway.” She laughed.

“What? She’s… good for her age.” He managed, trying to figure out how to be polite while not sounding too interested.

Jack didn’t dare admit he’d had thoughts amounting to a little more than that on occasions. But then his mind was suddenly fixed back on Chloe as lips closed around his cock and a tongue teased at the tiny slit on its head. He felt it stiffen even more than it already had and he let out a small sigh of pleasure.

Chloe’s mouth slid down the length of his shaft and he felt the roughness on the roof of her mouth as a tongue pushed up from below. She hesitated for a moment with it pressing almost at the back of her throat. Then she began. Up and down with a gentle firm pressure from her lips, sliding purposefully slowly over the drawn back roll of his foreskin. Her tongue swirled around his throbbing head each time she reached the tip.

Jack gazed on, amazed to watch his own cock appearing and disappearing into Chloe’s mouth beneath blonde hair that hung, tickling his groin. She broke away only briefly, pulling her top over her head to discard it. In one fluid movement her bra came away to be thrown to the side. Then she was back again but this time he could see the points of her streamlined tits pointing out towards his legs. Sharp nipples with areoles that faded into the surrounding skin poked at his bare knees on each down stroke, brushing higher with just enough pressure that his body hair sensed them each time she lifted herself higher.

Truly pointed tits, so rare in reality. He felt blessed to have them at his disposal. Even more blessed to know his cock would again be sunk deep inside Chloe very soon. But for now he savoured the vision and sensation of her blowing him.

All this had been a dream not long ago. Chloe had been the pretty one in the works office that he occasionally gave a lift to. He’d never imagined something might happen between them until running her home from late shift a few evenings ago. He’d joked about a detour to the woods and she’d replied ‘do it if you dare’. Well he had dared. Even then he’d only expected a fumble, she’d almost devoured him.

He was brought back to the moment as teeth tugged on his balls before her tongue ran slowly back up towards his swollen tip again. Her eyes stared up at him, measuring his responses. He could see the smile playing at the sides of her mouth.

Then Chloe was on him again, working him for a few minutes, letting his excitement rise. he was in heaven, this time unrestricted by the car footwell and seats.

Then without warning she stopped and she sat up with a grin the size of a Cheshire Cat.

“I have a surprise for you.”

He raised an eyebrow but didn’t get an explanation. Instead she pulled his lower garments off over his feet. Jack kicked them away eagerly and lost his shirt, happy to be fully naked.

“Lay on the bed properly.” She commanded as she peeled away her own remaining clothes.

“In the center.”

Jack Beylikdüzü escort didn’t question it. He positioned himself as instructed while looking longingly at the mound separating the tops of her thighs. Baby smooth without a trace of pubic hair. Just the pinkness of her swollen vulva, already dampening.

She climbed over him, kneeling between his thighs and took his cock in her hand, stroking it slowly, keeping him rock hard.

“What’s the surprise?” He asked reaching out to those gorgeous breasts. She let him cup them and press his palms onto her nipples, taking a moment to enjoy the sensation.

“Put your arms back.”

“What?” Jack was confused.

Chloe lent forward pushing his hands together up above his head. All he saw was those two gorgeous mounds swing in front of his eyes. Before he realised what was happening she bound his wrists to the bedstead with a length of soft pink rope he hadn’t noticed there.

“Chloe. Didn’t know you were this kinky.”

He smiled with satisfaction if a little disappointed her tits would have to wait a while longer before he could caress and give them further attention.

Chloe wasn’t done. She stepped off the bed and finding more of the ropes she attached an ankle to each corner of the foot board.

Jack watched, letting her do exactly as she pleased until he lay bound with his cock pointing straight up, twitching every few seconds. He could feel it crying out to be stimulated.

“You don’t know the half of it.” She grinned.

Jack felt a buzz. A girl with a sense of adventure. His previous girlfriends suddenly seemed staid, boring in relation to Chloe.

He stared at her, body perfect, with golden hair that glistened in the strong afternoon sun pouring in through open curtains. He wondered how close the houses behind were. Anyone upstairs would be able to look over and see her clearly right now. She didn’t seem to care.

Chloe was still grinning as she climbed back over him, a leg either side of his face and lowered herself until wet pussy lips met his mouth. Jack accepted the challenge, sucking at her labia, running his tongue along her slit before finally searching out the folds of flesh that covered her clit. He felt Chloe tremble as he found his way and flicked at the small red pleasure button. Her juices ran, dripping onto his lips, tasting like nectar from the Gods.

She lowered herself further, forcing his mouth tight against her dripping pussy as she put her hands behind her head and swayed gently over him. Jack slurped at her freely flowing juices, sucking them into his mouth. He breathed her scent deeply into his lungs, smelling her sex, sensing her heat.

All the while his cock bobbed behind her, demanding to be included. It was answered by hands reaching back. First fingers toying at its purple head, then palms rolling his shaft slowly between them. Jack responded by pushing deeper into her, reaching in as far as possible to massage the sweet velvety tunnel. Up the bed his hands idly twisted against the bindings, wanting to escape so they could join in caressing her body, but it was to no avail. He was held faster than he’d thought.

Chloe moaned above him, grinding her pussy into his face, almost smothering him. She took herself close to coming before pulling back. Eager to save her desire a while longer.

Finally she lifted her weight and he took a deep breath as Chloe slid down his chest, purposefully leaving a damp trail.

“This is better than the car isn’t it.” She offered.

“Well I’d like to say there’s more freedom to move but you seem to have fixed that.”


The sound of a door closing downstairs made him jump.

“What’s that?

Your mum’s home.” He said in shock. He could hear Sam moving about at the base of the stairs and he saw his whole evening sinking into ruin.

“Relax. We’re pretty open about sex in this house.”

Chloe continued down until she hovered over his cock. Studying its beauty like she might study a sculpture.

“Maybe but…”

“Don’t worry. We talk all the time. She’s cool.”


About sex?”

That wasn’t something he’d ever considered doing with his own parents.

“Well yeah.”

“Did you talk about us?”

Chloe’s widening grin was almost evil.


“Jesus Christ. What did you say?”

Chloe manoeuvred herself until his cock was pushing at her entrance.

“I told her you fucked me Beylikdüzü escort in your car. How you had a big dick and that it filled me up.

I told her how wonderful it felt as you hammered me into the seat.”

Jack’s mouth fell open. Mild shock encompassing him as he imagined his performance being discussed and measured by Chloe’s mother. And now she was downstairs, about to hear him fuck her daughter right over her head.

“I told her how it felt when you came. How warm and comforting it felt when you shot your load inside me.”

“Stop. You’re teasing.”

Her words alone were driving him into a frenzy.

Chloe’s fingers guided his nob between her lips, then in one smooth movement she lowered herself onto him, all the way down.


Yeah, just like that.”

She took a sharp intake of breath as she felt her insides stretched to accommodate his girth.

Jack was becoming desperate, her mother all but forgotten. He started trying to grind his hips under her to alleviate the ache that now throbbed through his cock. He pulled at the binds holding his ankles, wanting the freedom to take control. Again it wasn’t happening. He was tied fast, finally accepting his fate. Chloe would dictate the pace. She would fuck him how she saw fit and he would lay back and take it until she released him.

Chloe started to move up and down, sliding her warm wet pussy over the full length of his shaft. All the while staring at his face. Jack’s breathing trembled on every down stroke as his cock was buried deep inside her.

She moved slowly at first, then faster while using a finger to stimulate her clit. Jack stared a her tits as they went up and down in front of his eyes. Almost conical, the pointed tips aiming straight at him, hadly bouncing against her chest. A firmness that would last a lifetime. Chloe’s breathing rose and her eyes shut. Concentration reflected inwards on her needs.

Jack started to feel the pessure building, driven on by the sight of her finger circling the small puffy red nib of her clitoris. Slowly at first then faster, rising with the urgency of her rocking groin. A moment later she came, a long gasp as her finger pressed home hard, then a shuddering of her whole body followed as her mouth turned up into a satisfied smile. Her eyes opened and again and focused on him.

Jack braced himself as his cock throbbed, insisting on being satisfied, demanding that final stimulus to release its warm sticky load. But Chloe just stopped. Jack waited expectantly, but she slid off carefully and lifted herself aside.

Jack was still expectant as he closed his eyes and lay his head back. To cum in her mouth would be equally satisfying. But the comfort of that other warm cave never came either.

“What’re you doing?” He asked opening his eyes, terrified she would torture him by denying his own needs. He needed it. He needed it now. His cock was hurting.

Chloe stood away from the bed observing him, looking like a naughty schoolgirl.

“I told you I had a surprise for you.” She said reaching out to the door.

Jack panicked as soon as the door began to swing aside. There in the doorway stood Chloe’s mother. He struggled at the ropes holding him.


He shouted but she just laughed.

“I’ve seen you look. Don’t pretend you don’t want this.”

“Hi Jack.” Sam announced stepping forward. Her face beamed as she looked down at his cock waving in the air while he struggled against the ropes. It’s purple exposed head twitched as if with a life of its own.

“My, you are a big boy aren’t you.”

Sam started to undress and Jack eased his struggling, trying to comprehend if this was really happening as a vision he’d only briefly imagined unfolded before him.

Chloe sat on the corner of the bed idly stroking his leg as she watched his face. A face now turned to her mother with the same lust with which he looked on herself with.

“I’ve seen you looking. So’s mum. We know you’ve thought about this.”

Jack was mesmerised. Sam looked so much like Chloe, just more mature. The same fair hair, only a little shorter. The same blue eyes, with just a hint of wrinkling at their corners on her almost fifty year old skin. Somehow it all just made her more desirable.

His mouth dropped as she unclipped her bra and the same conical tits sprang forth. These were larger, but still firm. Her nipples a little thicker and darker in tone. Jack couldn’t believe he Escort Beylikdüzü might get to suck then any moment. Only in his wildest dreams had he imagined this.

“You want to fuck her don’t you Jack. You want to fuck my mum while I watch.”

Chloe eased the words out with a sultriness. Did he dare admit the truth, that he wanted desperately to fuck her mother. Was it a trick? A test? But then Chloe had initiated this, not him.

“Yes.” He purred, still with his eyes fixed on Sam.

He saw her smile at his words and he knew she wanted it just as badly. Finally she pulled down her slacks and panties as one, letting them drop to the floor before stepping clear of them. Her thighs just as smooth if a little heavier around the hips than Chloe’s. She was everything he’d imagined.

Sam reached a hand out and squeezed his balls tentatively.

“You don’t mind do you?” She asked.

Jacks head fell back onto the pillow.

“Oh my God. Mind? No.”

His cock was alive, burning as she glided her fist around his girth and began a slow gentle wank. He felt the bed bounce slightly as she climbed on, then he felt her blow softly on his head. The sensation made Jack quiver, sending him into heaven.

“Five years since my divorce.” She said. “Maybe a year or more before that. That was the last time a man’s cock made my hand sticky like this.”

She squeezed making his pre-cum squelch to emphasis her point. Then lips encompassed his nob, a gentle sucking at first, then a swirling of the tongue, teasing at the tiny slit. Next a slow relentless slide down his shaft and back up again. Sam continued as Chloe positioned herself between his legs and went to work at his balls. His sack was stretched tight by his hard-on but she managed to gently prize them away with her teeth, sucking them into her mouth, pulling his flesh even tighter.

Jack opened his eyes in time to see Sam pull away and sit herself astride him. Fingers positioned his flagpole and he watched as it disappeared, rising up her tunnel. Rich pinky red lips below a small tuft of pubic hair rolling down his shaft sending tiny spasms through his groin.

“That’s so good. Been so long since I felt a real cock inside me.”

Sam finally reached base. Jack couldn’t take his eyes from her body. Almost twice his age, but still subtle. It shone in the sunlight with the freshness of a baby’s skin. So much like Chloe’s, maybe just a fraction heavier.

Her pussy gripped his cock tightly as she began to fuck him. Faster and faster as her breathing rose to a pant. Chloe gripped his ball bag again as she sat behind her mum. One hand round resting onto Sam’s thigh. He tensed his body, trying to hold back. He couldn’t come yet. He couldn’t fail her. Not when she’d waited so long. Then Sam bucked.

“Ahhh.” She lost rhythm for only a moment as a shudder went through her. Then she picked up again, rocking her hips back and forth with ferocity.

“Cum Jack.” Chloe whispered purposefully to excite him even further. “Cum for mum. Cum for me. Cum in my mum.”

Jack couldn’t hold back any longer. His cock hurt with it’s desperation. Then he felt the stream rush the entire length of his cock as though pushing out a cork. He grunted in relief as warm sticky cum exited his cock, bursting forth into Sam’s welcoming pussy. Again he came, then a third time. Expelling with it all the pent up energy coursing through his body. He relaxed and let his head flop.

Sam slouched as she caught her breath before falling to his side.

“Thank you.” She said. A hand stroking his chest.

He grinned at her, still amazed this had really happened.

“Can I be untied now?”

“Or we could keep you for later.” Chloe laughed, but she began releasing him.

He rubbed his wrists, grateful to finally have free movement.

“So did you like your surprise?”

Chloe stood framed by the window, still uncaring if anyone outside might see her. Jack finally realised her attitude to sex really was relaxed. The sun was lower in the sky now and it’s rays gave her a halo. Just at that moment she had the look of an angel.

“Heaven sent.” Jack replied, before closing in on one of Sams thick nipples with his mouth. It tasted so good.

Sam looked down on him for a moment before smiling to her daughter.

“I think we should keep him for later. I hadn’t realised how much I missed a really this.”

Chloe grinned.

“I’ll make sure you don’t miss out again. I’m sure Jack’ll be happy servicing the two of us.”

Sam’s face beamed as she gave a slight twitch at Jacks attention to her nipple. Next time she would make it last. With six or more years abstinence at last exorcised she could relax from here on in.

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