Jack His Girlfriend and Her Mum Ch. 01

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This is a story that was suggested to me by one of my followers. I believe that this actually happened. It is going to make a great story. Enjoy Jack.


Jack was a twenty-five-year-old intelligent, handsome and magnetic young man. He was a lawyer, very articulate but swore a lot. He met a twenty-year-old hairdresser, who had her own Salon which her mother had bought her, at a Disco. She fell for him completely; she was stroking his cock inside the disco, he fucked her in his sports car outside her house. She was a great ride and gave an excellent blow job. She told him that she was on the pill and he could cum inside her. She had a beautiful body; her tits were big, and she adored his massive cock. He dated her for a month then invited him back to her house as her widowed mum was going out. He had fucked her several times at her mum’s house, and she was better in bed than she was in his car.

Carol introduced Jack to his mother, who was a gorgeous early forties woman, she like Carol had a voluptuous body, Jack liked her as soon as he saw her. Carol said that she needed a shower, her period had just finished, she had been giving Jack blow jobs for the last three days, Carol loved cum and swallowed every drop.

Jack had addressed Carol’s mum as Mrs Graham, she had responded, “Jack, please call me Dot, you’ll make me feel old if you call me Mrs Graham.”

Dot was impressed with Jack, he was tall, handsome and had an athletic body. When Carol was in the shower, Dot asked Jack, “Are you serious about my daughter?”

Jack smiled, then said, “How do you want me to answer?”

Dot said, “Please be honest with me.”

Jack replied, “Dot, please understand Carol came to me, I didn’t go to her.”

Dot asked, “Why did she come to you?”

Jack smiled then said, “She came to me for sex, I have a massive cock and Carol adores it.”

Dot replied, “So you have used my daughter for sex?”

Jack replied, “I haven’t used your daughter for sex, Carol loves sex, she takes it in every hole when I ass fuck her, she has massive orgasms as the bulbous head of my cock stimulates her G-spot. I fuck her every day as that is the way she wants it. Carol is good in bed; I think that you would be better?”

Dot replied, “Please don’t say that to me, I’m Carol’s mum.”

Jack looked her straight in the eyes and said, “I am sure that you will be, Carol loves it in every hole, do you?”

Dot replied, “I am, open-minded.”

Jack replied, “Do you know that Carol has stopped wearing any underwear so that I can fuck her anytime and anyplace. Carol loves my cum after I fuck her she always licks and sucks my cock clean, would you do the same?”

Dot replied, “Don’t ask me these things. I will tell Carol.”

Jack smiled, then said, “You want me, let’s do it, and Carol and you can share me, Carol will be down soon. You are going out, come back early, I will leave Carol’s bedroom door open so you can hear how good I fuck her. Don’t go to your meeting. Come back ten minutes later, and you will hear the great fuck that you want and need. I want to be honest with you, istanbul escort Dot, please be honest with me.”

Dot replied, “I’m an honest person, if you are honest with me, then I’ll be honest with you.”

Jack then felt and stroked his massive cock inside his trousers, the bulge in his trousers looked impressive, Jack whispered, “Dot, I would love it if you were honest with me. Carol has just finished her period, that’s why she is showering, she loves it when I lick her hot tight cunt. Look how hard you have made me, Dot, give me five minutes then come back into the house, I’ll leave Carol’s bedroom door open, so if you’re quiet, you’ll be able to watch us fuck in Carol’s dressing table mirror. When I’m fucking Carol, I’ll pretend that I am fucking you then you will know what you can look forward too.”

Carol came into the lounge, she looked sweet, she said, “I’m all bright and shiny for you, Jack, I had a wonderful shower.”

Jack replied, “That’s good, we could have saved money and showered together.”

Carol laughed, Jack noticed that Dot had smiled, Dot then got her handbag and said, “Jack, it was nice to meet you, I’ve enjoyed chatting with you. I don’t know how long I’ll be but do not worry, I won’t disturb you, have fun.”

Dot then left, Jack took Carol in his arms then they kissed, Carol was hot, Carol said, “Jack, let’s go upstairs, mum could be back in an hour, we can do so much in an hour, I’m so hungry for your cock, I want it in every hole.”

They went upstairs, Jack left the door fully open and said, “We’ll leave the door open, so we can hear when your mum comes back, then we can put a video on.”

They got naked, Jack lay on the bed, Carol went down on him, she said, “I want to make him so fucking hard, I’ve sucked him off for the last three days now I want him inside me, Jack, ass fuck me first as I get a fantastic orgasm when the head of your cock hits my G-spot, I’ve some lube in my bedside cabinet.”

Jack then glanced at the dressing table mirror, Dot was in the hallway peeping in, her eyes focused on her daughter sucking Jack’s massive cock. Jack decided to play some mind games with Dot, Jack said, “Carol, is your tight ass ready for my big cock if you then get the lube.”

Carol replied, “I’m ready, ass fuck me first doggy-style then do my hungry cunt doggy style too, I was thinking about doing that in the shower, three days without your cock in my ass or cunt is a long time, but I loved sucking you off.”

Jack then positioned an armchair beside the bed but giving Dot a perfect view of Jack fucking her daughter. Carol was lubing Jack’s cock as Jack lubed her tight ass, he had three fingers in her tight ass. Jack told Carol to put on her highest heels then bend over the chair using the arms for support.

The heels made Carol’s butt level with Jack’s which was glistening now with the lube Carol had put on it. He then centred his bulbous tip on her ass with a gentle push Carol took his full length, Carol gasped then said, “That’s fucking amazing, you don’t know how much I’ve missed your magnificent cock, fuck me hard and deep, you’re şişli escort hitting my G-spot already.”

Jack replied, “I hope that you can cum before your mum gets back.”

Carol answered, “We are ok, she won’t disturb us.”

Jack replied, “That’s good, is your mum dating anyone at the moment? She’s a good looking woman, I love her curves.”

Carol said, “My dad died four years ago, he was twelve years older than mum. He had a senior position in the Oil Industry, mum tried online dating but stopped it as there were so many liars about. She’s not dating anyone at the moment.”

Jack replied as he pounder Carol’s ass, “We’ll go out for a meal at the weekend, and you can invite her to join us.”

Two minutes later, Carol, had her first body shaking vaginal orgasm. Jack gave her another two more then he ducked her hungry cunt. An hour later, they both came within seconds of each other. They went downstairs, but Dot was nowhere to be seen, her car was in the driveway, Jack then left.

The next day, Jack had just finished a court case, he drove past Dot’s house, her car was in the driveway. There were two things that Carol had told her about her mum. Her father had been an in and out lover and hadn’t satisfied Dot sexually. Secondly, she had told Jack that her mum was comfortably off and she didn’t want to remarry but would prefer a fuck buddy. Jack rang the doorbell, Dot opened the door and said, “Hi Jack, Carol’s at the Salon, would you like a coffee?”

Jack replied, “I’d love a coffee, I had the feeling that you might want to talk to me, I also wanted to see you again, that’s why I’m here. We can do it two ways, it can be our secret or you and Carol can share me.”

Dot answered, “Jack, I know that I want you, but I must think of Carol, she would miss you so much, I’ve never seen her so contented, do you fuck her every day?”

Jack replied, “In a word, yes, Carol loves sex.”

Dot answered, “You would have to fuck me every day too. Carol mentioned at breakfast this morning that you would invite me out for supper at the weekend, I would love that. I need to speak with Carol if she agrees, then we will share you.”

Jack answered, “If you do it, then the same terms that Carol has will apply to you.”

“What terms? ”

Jack replied, “Your body belongs to me, around the house you wear no bra or panties, you become my fuck toy, I can fuck you any time and any place that I want. I would love to see my toy, please take off your dress.”

Dot removed her dress and stood in front of him in her bra and G-string panties, her body was gorgeous. Jack said, “Take your bra off.”

Dot removed it, her tits were much more significant than Carols, Jack said, “You have a nice handful there, I look forward to giving you a titty fuck.”

Dot was being very quiet, but she was still doing everything Jack wanted. Jack then pulled her G-string down, exposing her smooth and swollen vulva. She was like Carol and had a very long sex slit. Jack slipped two fingers inside her wet cunt, it was very wet, Jack said, “I’m happy to see that you’re enjoying this, look mecidiyeköy escort at your cunt juice, your cunt is dripping.”

Jack then put the two fingers inside her mouth, and she licked his fingers clean, Jack then new that she enjoyed the taste of her own cum. Jack’s cock was now rock hard, he took off his trousers and boxer shorts. He made Dot kneel in front of him then he put his cock into her mouth, saying, “Suck it good.”

Dot did exactly that she soon was taking his full length, her tongue and lips were everywhere, Jack pushed it further inside her throat. She didn’t gag but took it all, she sucked much better than Carol. Jack was now mouth fucking her, Dot was moaning with pleasure. Jack then exploded inside her mouth and throat, Jack said, “Now swallow it and tell me if you like the taste of my cum?”

Dot did as she was told and swallowed it all then she stood up, and tongue kissed Jack. This was their first kiss, the kiss was long and tender, Dot was a better kisser than Carol. Dot said, “Your cum is lovely, I enjoyed sucking you off, I’m still a bit out of practice, but I’ll get better. I’d like to be your cum slut too.”

Jack said, “Let’s go to bed.”

They went upstairs to Dot’s bedroom, they lay on top of the bed, Jack told her to open her legs wide then slid his massive inside her in the missionary position. Dot was a gripper too, she was also an excellent ride. Jack said, “I want you and Carol to be my sluts?”

Dot whispered back, “You are the one that will make Carol, and I want to be your sluts, I think we both love your magnificent cock. Now that I’ve experienced it, I know that Carol will not want to give it up.”

He kept pounding her cunt, he said, “You like it, don’t you?”

“Yes, it feels so good, I love it.”

You were looking and listening while Carol and had sex yesterday?”

“Please don’t stop, I’m cuming.”

“Tell me, first!”

“Yes, I learned so much about myself, Carol and you. It was arousing how you fucked her, you’re very fit and have beautiful movements. Jack, I also have three-inch heels, I would love you to ass fuck me like you did Carol yesterday, it looked so good, I was tempted to video it.”

Jack then moved up a gear and pounded her harder and faster, Jack asked, “You were wishing that I was fucking you; instead, you wanted my big cock inside you, didn’t you?”

“Yes!! Yes!! I’ve missed it for too long, I want to be your fuck buddy.”

“You love my cock, I can fuck you and you will cum relentlessly.”

“Yes!! Your cock makes me cum, Fuck I’m cuming again, Jack, I fucking love you, fuck me harder.”

Dot had a body-shaking orgasm, they lay on the bed kissing and touching, Dot said, “I’ve no regrets about doing this today, I didn’t realise that I needed it so badly. What time will you see Carol tonight?”

“I don’t know yet, it’s just for a quick fuck, why do you ask?”

“She’ll be home from the Salon just after six, I want to have a heart to heart conversation with her, Carol will never find another guy like you, neither will I, I just don’t want to lose you. If she’s agreeable, could you move in with us? My bed is two meters square, it will take all three of us easily.”

Jack then kissed Dot, it was a long affectionate and warm kiss, Jack said, “If Carol doesn’t do it, then I’ll move in with you Dot.”

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