It’s the New Neighbors

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I wrote this story with a little help back in ’06 with the intention of posting it then. It probably could use an editor. Warning: This story does contain some male bi-sexuality. You’ve been warned.


I had been living in this new neighborhood for about six months. I had been getting to know some of the neighbors, actually had made a few new friends, but hadn’t really got to know the couple that lived across the street. We knew each other in passing, and seemed to find ourselves at the same parties every now and then, even finding ourselves in some of the same conversations, but hadn’t really gotten to chat.

One of the nice things about this community that I really liked was that everyone is online and we each had a place where we could leave notes for each other. I liked scanning it regularly as a way to keep in touch with everyone, helping to get to know each other and make it feel like home. It just so happened that I happened to be scanning some posts from some other nearby neighbors when I noticed the couple across the street (Vandi and Jewel) mention they were going to spend the day together. Just as I was about to log out a new note Jewel posted said that she was pouting because Vandi had been called into work and now was going to be bored the rest of the day. As I hadn’t really planned anything myself I thought it might be a good time to introduce myself.

I thought it best to see if Nila wanted to go along, so I checked in with her. She was working on her crafts in her personal space, so I knock. “Nila, it looks like Jewel from across the street is stuck home alone for the day. I thought maybe we could go over and introduce ourselves, maybe get to know her better.”

“Ummm. You go ahead. I’ve got a ton of stuff to do here today.”

“You sure? I’m sure she’d love to see both of us.”

“No, you go. Why don’t you take that small box of chocolates I picked up as a housewarming?”

“Okay. If you’re sure.”

“I’m sure. Go.”

I step out back real quick and take the best looking rose from my Victory bush with about 14 inches of stem using a quick cut and head back into the kitchen to pick up the chocolates Nila had picked up somewhere last month. I stop in the entry and check myself in a full length mirror there. I was wearing some nice brown Dockers and the blue golf shirt my folks got me when they moved out to the ranch. I slip on a par of brown loafers and head across the street and knock on their door.

Jewel answers the door wearing a very sheer top that does nothing to hide the shape of her firm tits, her nipples clearly pert and very visible. She’s wearing a short mini-skirt that barely covers anything at all. She smiles when she sees me, and for a moment I’m a little too stunned for words.

“I understand that Vandi had to work and couldn’t keep his promise. I hope these make up for it somewhat.” I finally manage as I hand her the rose and the small box of chocolates.

Her smile brightens as she motions me to come in. “I wasn’t expecting your visit, but would you care to come in?”

I enter their home and begin to look around their living room a bit, trying, without much success, to keep from totally staring at her tits.

“Can I get you anything?” She asks with a smile making her way deeper into the house.

“I’ll have a little of what ever you’re having.” I reply as I start to follow. “I wouldn’t want to be too much of a bother.”

Her stride into the kitchen is such that the skirt begins to ride up on her ass slightly, clearly exposing the small red thong she is wearing. As she is in front me I indulge myself the luxury of staring at her firm ass as she walks, my thoughts clearly putting my mind soundly in the gutter. I’m glad she doesn’t glance back and see what I know would be a clear sign of my thoughts on my face, as well as in my pants. She begins to reach into an upper cabinet for a vase for the rose.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” I ask aloud thinking to myself, “like take off my pants?”

“Um…” She closes the upper cabinet, not finding the vase there, she turns to look in another lower cupboard and I notice that a couple of her buttons on her blouse have come loose. “You could fix us a drink.”

I notice that the bar appears Beylikdüzü escort to be right behind her. She bends over to look lower in the cupboard without bending her knees. The skirt rides totally up her very tight ass, and her tits fall neatly out of her blouse just as I step next to her to fix her drink, my hand lightly brushing up against the back of her thighs as I move past.

“Wha-” I start to ask, my voice breaking a bit, as I can clearly see how firm her tits are as well as wet she is as I turned. I try again, but still my voice betrays me slightly. “What would you like?”

She shrugs, making sure her tits find their way completely out of her blouse. “Anything really, it’s all good.”

I mix a couple of quick drinks, not really caring what is in them, turn back and hand her one. She sips on it slowly, just watching me, her pert breasts totally exposed. She leans back against the counter, her legs a little more than shoulder width apart forcing her skirt to ride up a little. She starts to nibble on her lower lip a little, perhaps out of nervousness. It appears she doesn’t want to make the next move, and I smile as I take a sip of my own drink, taking her all in while trying to look only into her eyes.

“This needs a little something,” I say as I place my glass down on the counter. I step over to stand directly in front of her, my eyes clearly looking her up and down, making sure she saw the lust on my face as I licked my lips slowly.

“Maybe a little milk.” I mumble as I take her tits in my hands and squeeze them, pressing myself up against her, pinning her against the counter. I wait to see if she stops me, and when she doesn’t I lean down and begin to lick and suck her nipples and areole. With one hand she holds my head to her chest, and starts to rub down my side and hip with the other, moving around to find the bulge in my pants, which she begins to stroke through the material.

I moan softly as her massage forces my cock to beg to be released, pressing back against her hand, throbbing in my pants. I take more of her breast into my mouth, running my tongue all over it, paying special attention to the nipple flicking across it often. I begin to slowly close my mouth while taking the other nipple in my hand between my thumb and forefinger, pinching and twisting it. My mouth closes down on her other nipple, taking it between my teeth I bite down and pull away slowly until it pops free while I pull, pinch and squeeze that one until it also pops free. I pull her into a deep kiss, my tongue delving into her mouth, chasing hers playing a game of tongue tag.

She continues to return the kiss, her hands sliding all over my body finally finding their way down to my pants. She deftly manages to undo my pants, pulling them down, smiling when she realizes that I have no underwear on, pulling on my hard-on, stroking it softly and slowly. She breaks from the kiss to go down on her knees to take it in her mouth, licking the head, sucking on just the tip. Rocking her head back and forth she begins to take it deeper and deeper into her mouth until she’s got the head slightly down her throat and is licking the underside of my balls causing me to roll my head back, moaning with pleasure.

She continues to roll back and forth, very easily taking me all the way in pretty easily. “That feels incredible Jewel. You have a very deft tongue and lips.” I manage between moans to show my appreciation.

She slides off my cock with a smile. “A moment. This I think you’ll like. Don’t move.” She hurries down a nearby hall, so I take the opportunity to slip out of my pants and shoes, removing my shirt as well. She comes back with a little tube of lube and but without her top. “Don’t tense. Just enjoy.” She says as she drops back down and deftly swallows my member giving her mouth a little shake to make me shutter. She applies a drop of lube on her finger and starts to lube my pucker hole causing me to smile. Once properly lubed, she slips her index finger into my ass, looking for my prostate. Moaning loudly, I lean over and take her nipples in my hands pinching and pulling on them as she fingers me and sucks hard on my cock.

“Mmmm, yeah, that is a wonderful idea hon. I love having my prostate played with. You’re going Beylikdüzü escort to make me cum soon. I use a small vibrating plug every once in a while.”

She starts to stoke a second finger around my starhole as she adds more lube before slipping it in. I moan as it slips past the tightness, which she quickly follows with another one. She starts to really thrust those three fingers in me, twisting them and stroking my prostate from the inside. It feels really good, and I start to thrust myself into her mouth.

“Fuck Jewel, that feels good. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold back much longer. If you’re looking for me to fill your mouth then don’t stop.”

She responds by gagging herself a little on my cock, pressing her fingers against my prostate and looking up at me with a little grin. She really starts to lick the back of the head as she sucks me off, fingering my prostate. I grab the back of her head, thrusting into her mouth as she continues to work my ass with her fingers. I slide it in and out with long thrust until with a loud grunt, I pull her head back just enough so that my cum spurts mostly in her mouth rather than her throat. Her pressures against my prostate making me spurt rather than dribble. A small amount of cum trickles out of her mouth as she continues to bob up and down on my cock, until I’m dry. I pull her up off of me, drawing her into a deep kiss, licking the dribble of cum from her chin.

We stand kissing for a bit as I catch my breath, her tongue exploring my mouth. She steps back and takes me by the hand leading me down the hall into the master bedroom, stripping off her skirt as we go. We enter the bedroom, and she opens a drawer in her bedside table showing me where they keep her toys. She lies back on the bed and looks at me expectantly, not saying a word.

I pull her to the end of the bed, and then slowly pull the g-string down to get a good look at her yummy goodness. Once off, I nibble my way back up the inside of her legs and thighs, biting and kissing along both legs and slowly up her inner thighs grinning up at her as I reach near the top. I spread her legs nice and wide as I stare full long into her glistening womanhood as she squirmed in anticipation. I press the flat of my tongue at the base of her pussy and slowly drag my head up her length with just enough pressure on my tongue that it presses just slightly inside her. I pull my face away at the top, grinning at her before burying my face deep into her pussy sucking her labia into my mouth, humming against it, and shaking my face from side to side as I bite down.

“Oh, that does feel good.” She moans, taking her nipples in her hands. I pull on her labia until it pops free of my mouth, then suck her hood and clit into it to lick on them while sucking gently.

She begins to pinch and pull on her nipples gently as I begin to trace my tongue around her lips, nibbling on the inside occasionally. She gasps as I take two fingers and start to rub them up and down her length, and I watch her face as I trace around her labia and she begins to squirm. I slide them down her length on last time and begin to tease the base of her with them while flicking the tip of my tongue across her hood.

With a slightly impish grin, I thrust two fingers into her causing her to gasp. Once my fingers are buried, I suck down on her hood drawing it and her clit into my mouth and bite down lightly on them.

The gasp quickly becomes a low guttural moan and I start driving those two fingers in and out of her quickly and hard. I can feel the tension building up in her as her breath is getting fast and strong. She tenses her muscles around my fingers like she doesn’t want to cum too soon. I can feel myself growing, so I stop and take a quick look in her toy drawer.

I find a small bullet vibe and pull it out. I climb onto her in a 69 position; turning the vibe onto a low setting I place it on her clit. She takes the head of my cock in her mouth and begins to suck on it making sure I get nice and hard. I slide three fingers into her, and start sliding them in out slowly twisting my wrist as I do so.

She teases the head of my dick with her tongue and I can feel that she is fumbling around for something. She sucks me deep into her mouth Escort Beylikdüzü and sucks on me for a bit, jacking me with one hand, twisting it.

She starts to press something large against my ass, but it appears to be well lubed asI hear a door open some where in the other end of the house.

“Honey, I’m home.” I hear a man’s voice call. I figure its Vandi getting home early from work. I stop and look over my shoulder at Jewel. She continues to press a rather larger dildo into my ass.

“It’s okay.” She quickly re-assures. “Back here!” She calls out to him.

Vandi walks in, and by now Jewel has managed to get about 6″ of a very large dildo up my ass. He smiles at us. “Don’t stop on my account. Why don’t I take a quick shower and join you?”

I smile at him and respond by sliding my fingers back into Jewel and pumping them while he watches. I suck her labia into my mouth with a large slurping sound and a smile again while he heads into the bathroom disrobing.

I yelp a bit as she starts pushing further on the dildo. “Not so far.”

“Sorry.” She pulls the dildo out and after a few moments, slides in a smaller vibrator which she turns on and sets to its highest setting and starts to thrust into my ass. I respond by turning up the bullet and thrusting harder with my fingers.

She begins to suck and swallow on my cock as Vandi comes out of the bathroom drying off. She responds by rolling us over so she’s on top and really starts bobbing on my cock, and driving that vibe into my butt.

Vandi’s cock quickly hardens in his hand as he walks over to me, and removes my hand from his wife’s pussy. I lay my head back, and start to rub her clit watching as he slides his dick and out of her slowly.

He starts to pick up the pace and Jewel starts really drive down on my cock. I respond by leaning in and sucking on her clit, flicking my tongue across it. After a few minutes of this, I begin to run my tongue up and down her length, occasionally licking around Vandi’s stiffness as he pulls back causing him to moan.

He pulls it out and holds it down for me. I look up at him a little questioningly then take it in my hand and stroke it with what I’m sure is a strange look. Jewel swallows my whole length making me moan so I start to lick him a little sucking softly at the tip.

Jewel runs her tongue down my balls as she takes me all the way again so I lick her taste off him and begin to suck him in time with her sucking me. After about a minute or so, I pull him from my mouth and press his head at her entrance.

“Let’s not leave her out.”

He starts pounding into her as I watch and I am very close to cumming, and so is Jewel. He withdraws and motions that I should take over. I roll out from under her as she pulls the vibe and sets it aside. I quickly put on a condom, rubbing my cock up and down her slit to lube it some before pushing it in.

We start working ourselves up to a pretty good rhythm. Vandi watches, but only for about a minute before walking over and pressing his cock in Jewel’s mouth. We start pounding her pretty good from both ends and I’m again about to cum when Vandi stops us and has me lay on my back on the bed.

Jewel crawls on top of me and slowly lowers herself back on my cock. Vandi grabs my ankles and drags me to the end of the bed, pulling a giggling Jewel with me then positions himself to slowly enter her ass.

We get a fairly good rhythm going and it’s clear that Jewel is close to cumming when Vandi slips out of her ass and slides in next to me in her cunt. It’s an interesting sensation and I like it. I reach out and start to play with her nipples as it is hard for me to thrust very much from this position.

It doesn’t take Jewel more than a few strokes and she is cumming rather loudly and with a great deal of thrashing between us. That seems to push Vandi over the edge and with some very hard deep thrusts he begins to explode deep into her. This sends her into another frenzy of thrashing that really does something to me and I feel a pressure build and manage to work in a few good thrusts to bring out my own release.

Vandi rolls off and Jewel extracts herself and peals off my condom to start cleaning my cock with her tongue. Vandi sucks his cum out of Jewel’s cunt.

As I lay back and catch my breath, I just have to ask:

“Do you always treat your new friends or neighbors this well?”

We collapse into each other in a fit of giggles waiting to charge enough energy to give ourselves another round….

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