It’s About Time Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

I thought that after Karen sent my wife back the messages she thought I had written, and I showed my wife the replies that Karen wrote, the subject would be closed. I mean, she’d only wanted me to fuck Karen, to prove to myself that I could get a hot girl like her, and Karen’s messages should be proof enough, right? So why did my wife open the same subject again, two months later? When I asked my wife, she said it wasn’t her who wanted me to fuck Karen this time, it was Karen and she didn’t just want it, she needed it.

I told her that with all Karen’s boy toys she definitely didn’t need sex from me and my wife said that was the whole problem. She’d wanted me to fuck her to build up my own self confidence, but my rejection had done the exact opposite to Karen and destroyed hers. She hadn’t dated anyone since I told her “No Thanks”, and what it would take to fix it, was me saying “Yes” to her instead. I asked my wife if her and Karen were lovers already, because I’d read more than enough stories where the wife wanted the husband to fuck her friend, so they wouldn’t have to hide their affair anymore. And she flat out denied it, saying she didn’t swing that way.

I told her there was no reason for me to fuck Karen then and my wife said I was obviously still afraid to do it, and that was reason enough. I told her fear had nothing to do with it, it was the way Karen treated men that was wrong, and I wasn’t interested in any woman who expected men to kiss her ass all the time. My wife replied that since Karen was begging me to fuck her, she wouldn’t treat me that way, although she might ask me to lick her ass before I fucked it. I said it sounded more like she was the one begging me to fuck Karen, and until I knew why, we weren’t going to talk about this anymore. For the next three days, she kept trying to talk to me about it, and I kept shutting her down, as soon as she mentioned Karen’s name.

On the fourth day, while she was on her knees sucking my cock, she asked me to please not shut her up this time and she’d try to explain things to me. Then, after sucking me for another minute, she said that when she first mentioned me trying to get Karen in bed, it had been to increase my self confidence. But the more I told her no, the more she fantasized about me really doing it, until it became almost an obsession. By the time I told Karen no too, that obsession was full blown, and it was still there. She didn’t know why she wanted it so much, since she had no interest in Karen herself. She just knew she wanted me to fuck her in the worst way, and wanted to see it happen. And yes, if I wanted to look at it that way, she was begging me to fuck Karen and make us all happy.

I asked if this was what her and Karen talked about when I wasn’t there and she said Karen wasn’t into fucking for an audience. She still wanted to fuck me, and knew my wife was willing to let her. But she’d rejected every plan, like sneaking in to suck my cock when my wife was sitting on my face, since she didn’t want anyone there except me and her. One thing I should have learned by now is to never negotiate when your wife has your cock in her mouth. Because, long before she let me cum, she already had my promise to fuck Karen that weekend. And her only explanation for why she didn’t do this to get me to fuck Karen the first time, was that she hadn’t Antalya Escort wanted it as bad then as she did now.

Her plan was simple, she’d have Karen come to the house Saturday night to “fix things” between her and I, and she’d let Karen know she was going out and wouldn’t be back until late. Then, she’d hide in our closet, where she could see everything that we did. I told her it might be uncomfortable to hide there that long, and she showed me her new nest. Our closet is wall to wall on one side of the bed, and she’d moved all her jeans to my side, which cleared the middle shelf, where she had a pillow and blanket all ready. And with a couple of long dresses hung in front of that space, I couldn’t see her, even with all the lights on. She though was at the perfect height to see the bed, and her only worry was that she might moan too loud and give herself away.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous when Karen showed up, because I’d never cheated on anyone and I wasn’t sure how this should work. For Karen though, my nervousness was just what she wanted, because she took it to mean that her beauty intimidated me, and she was ready to pounce on her helpless prey. That means that she led the conversation, forcing me to admit that I did want her, then asking why I’d turned her down then. I told her the truth, the part I hadn’t told my wife, that I hadn’t believed my wife really wanted me to do it, and had just been testing my fidelity. Then I told her I still wasn’t sure she’d be happy about this in the morning, but she’d threatened to cut me off if I didn’t go through with this, so she’d only have herself to blame if she was jealous later.

Karen came into my arms then and said she definitely planned on giving my wife plenty to be jealous about. So why didn’t we head to the bedroom, where she’d show me what I could have been enjoying for the last couple of months. I told her this was only a onetime thing, and she said my wife knew it wouldn’t be, and I’d know it too before she was finished with me. Once we got to the bedroom, the real kissing started, and we were naked and in that bed in less than a minute. When I started kissing my way down her body, which was as hot naked as it looked with clothes, she warned me that if I did that now, I’d just have to do it all over again after she sucked me. I said that as long as the blowjob was slow and sexy, and she swallowed we had a deal then I buried my tongue deep inside her pussy.

Karen’s cunt was as delicious as she was beautiful, and I got into position for some serious eating. When I kept licking, after her first orgasm, she told me she really hated me for making her wait two months for this. And when I went past her second one, and began working a finger into her tight ass, she said that if I fucked half as good as I ate pussy, she’d make my wife let us do this every week. When her third orgasm hit though, she pushed me away, and said she wanted me to rest my tongue while she used hers, since she wanted just as many orgasms the next time too. Then, pushing me back onto the bed, she told me to grab a pillow and get comfortable, because this would definitely be slow and sexy.

Karen definitely had the oral skills to go with her looks, and I had to ask her why me fucking her was so important. She said that we both knew I wasn’t as rich Antalya Escort Bayan as some girls thought, and while I was fairly handsome, I wasn’t Brad Pitt either. Having known my wife for years, she knew there had to be more than a few reasons she’d married me. I was smart and funny true, but that would only have been enough to get my wife into bed once, not keep her there. My being loyal and turning her offers down, would only matter after my wife and I were already past the initial fucking stage. If it wasn’t my money or my looks, how had I kept my wife coming back for more?

She had two of those reasons already, the way I ate pussy, and what must be at least 8″ of woman pleasing cock (7 3/4 but I’ll take the compliment). And she wasn’t leaving until she knew all my secrets, every single one of them. Then she showed me that 1/4 inch didn’t really matter, by taking my cock down her throat without even trying. With her talented lips and tongue, she had my full attention for the next 20 minutes, although I did glance at my wife’s nest once to see her give me a thumbs up sign to say she enjoyed the show so far. And Karen definitely kept her word about making it sexy, with lots of eye contact, plenty of licking up and down the sides, and appreciative moans to say she was enjoying things too.

Then she pulled back until only the head was in her mouth, and using gentle suction and even softer finger movements, she emptied my balls of everything they had, and moaningly swallowed every drop. Then telling me she was adding delicious to her list, she lay back on the bed and asked if she could have secret number one again. Well, partly because of how slowly she’d sucked me, and partly due to her having sucked my strength away, I was slower and softer myself, which made her cum harder than she had the first time. And I took her past four, before she told me it was time to see what my big cock could do. Being a small girl, I sort of expected her to be a little tight, but not as tight as it was considering her popularity. So, even had I been into hard and fast fucking, it would have been difficult to build up enough speed.

She commented on that too, saying it was another point in my favor, that I wasn’t rushing to orgasm and took the time to make love to a girl properly. I did take my time too, over 45 minutes of it, varying the angle and the depth, based on her reactions to my fucking, and she had another half dozen of her own orgasms by the time I filled her with my second sperm load. Then we lay there, kissing and caressing, until my cock was hard enough to fuck her some more. This time, she wanted to try how I did at doggie style, and I hoped she’d let me switch holes in the middle, because her ass was the thing I fantasized about the most.

Sure enough, when I started toying with her asshole, once my cock was in her cunt again, she began moaning that she wanted something in there, anything. And after 5 minutes of my thumb opening her up, she said the words I’d been waiting to hear. That she was ready for me to replace my thumb with my cock, although she did want me to go slow, because she didn’t let guys do this very often. If I thought her pussy was tight, that ass of hers was a steel vise. And while I could have fucked her cunt to another dozen orgasms, I only made it to the original three Escort Antalya before I couldn’t handle it anymore, and emptied my balls for the third time.

We only kissed for another 5 minutes or so, since we’d been fucking for close to four hours, and Karen thought she should go before my wife got home. But as she was getting dressed, she said she’d learned what she came here to learn, and just like my wife, she was definitely coming back for more. I told her I couldn’t make any promises at this point, because I didn’t know how jealous my wife would be. However, if it was up to me, I’d gladly repeat this anytime she wanted. Then after another long kiss, I let her out, and went back to see how my wife was doing. Well, she was already out of her nest, waiting for me, and she wasted no time pushing me back on the bed and dropping to her knees to suck the cock that had just been in Karen’s ass.

She didn’t say anything until after I came in her mouth, and had moved down to lick her sopping wet pussy. Then she said that watching me fuck Karen, especially her tiny asshole, had been even more exciting than she’d thought it would be. And unless I had a real good excuse, Karen was going to get her wish about this being a weekly thing. I told her that if she was going to offer Karen that, which I admitted I had no complaints about, she should also talk to her about joining us, or at least getting out of the closet to watch. She repeated what she said before about not swinging that way, and that she’d already told me Karen didn’t like to fuck in front of people. So until she got Karen addicted to me enough, she was plenty comfortable in her nest.

Sure enough, Karen was back the next Saturday and the one after that too. But on our fourth Saturday, my wife had the misfortune to sneeze while I was cumming in Karen’s pussy, and as soon as she could get up, Karen had her out of her nest for a showdown. Karen told my wife she knew she was either taping what we did, or watching herself, because there was no other reason to let us keep fucking. Now that she knew which though, she was going to let her do what she knew she really wanted, lick my sperm out of her freshly fucked cunt. I thought the same thing myself, but my wife stuck to her guns about not swinging that way and just liking to watch.

Karen told my wife that if she wanted to watch, she’d also have to clean up any messes I made inside her. And my wife said that if Karen wanted to keep fucking me, she’d have to let her watch without any of that lesbian shit. They went back and forth like that, for over 10 minutes, but neither one budged, and Karen ended up getting dressed and storming out of our house. And my wife just said Karen would be back by next Saturday, begging me to fuck her, before dropping to her knees to lick Karen’s pussy juice off my cock. I almost got that cock bitten off though, when I asked what the difference was between licking Karen and licking Karen’s juices off my cock. Because she said there was a definite difference and she wasn’t a damn lesbian.

They had the same argument every week for the next month or so. Then, to avoid destroying their friendship, they both decided to drop the subject, because neither of them would change their minds. So, the Saturday after that, my wife had me dress my best, then dragged me to the mall. I mean with all the girls who obviously wanted to fuck me, there had to be at least one who would love fucking me right in front of my wife. And even if I had to fuck every last one of them, we were going to find her. Oh the many sacrifices I have to make, just to keep my wife happy.

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