It Was All About Control

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It was all about control. For her, it was about having it. For me, it was about giving it up. So nothing pleased her more than taking my favorite activity, cunnilingus, and using it to dominate me. When I arrived home she greeted me even more seductively than usual and a little voice inside my head told me she had something planned for us. No doubt she’d been getting herself worked up for days as she thought it through, prepared all the necessary equipment, and likely masturbated at the thought. Blood raced to my cock as I thought about her masturbating, and I wished I could be there to service her every time she needed to cum. I laughed inside at my own use of the word “service.” I was quickly slipping into my submissive persona.

She led me to the bed and in a voice that suddenly changed from seductive to commanding insisted I take my clothes off and lie down immediately. The blood rushing to my cock had left me a bit disoriented, so I hadn’t noticed the bed was set up for bondage. Soon I was naked, on my back, with my hands and feet restrained more tightly than usual. Straps were being placed around my body and used to keep me almost immobile. I let out a very nervous laugh as I realized that unlike our usual play the bondage wasn’t just for show. When she was done she offered some explanation, saying that today was a day for me to be used hard and that I’d best do exactly as ordered or she’d leave me bound like this for days. I casino siteleri could tell she was serious, and the glimmer in her eyes made me think that she’d like to keep me bound like this for days even if I did exactly what she said!

She left the room for a few minutes, and as I thought about my predicament the fantasy faded and the blood left my cock. When she returned I was limp and wanting out, but did not say anything lest she punish me for it. Then I saw it, the Cock Trap. She’d purchased this chastity device, the scariest I’d ever seen, months before but we hadn’t yet had the courage to try it. I’m not sure who had the lack of courage, her or me, but I could tell that she’d found hers. The Cock Trap has a tube that goes into the urethra and all the way back into the man’s body so that it can’t be removed even if the cock shrinks and withdraws. She lubricated the tube, squirted a generous amount of lube into my urethra, and very slowly slipped the tube into me. I squirmed a little, which bought a sharp rebuke, but soon the tube was in and the Cock Trap locked on. She danced around with glee then, showing her true excitement, reached down with her finger to catch a line of girl juice that had escaped from her pussy. She wiped the juice on my lips and mentioned that there was plenty of it for me. My cock tried to harden once more, but the discomfort of the cock trap quickly stopped that. She beamed.

I was left to rest slot oyna and contemplate my situation for a few minutes while she went and got a drink. Thankfully that is all it was, as what I really contemplated was what other evil items she was going to return with. But all she returned with was a drink and her Kindle. She straddled my face, and just before pressing her crotch down over my nose and mouth commanded “Don’t Touch.” She was going to use me as a seat while reading erotica on her Kindle and the thought just drove me wild! Her scent filled my nose, my cock wanted (NEEDED) to be erect, my tongue wanted to pleasure her. Instead all I could do was lie there making sure not to touch her clit, not to lick her. She pressed down on me and I had trouble breathing. Every few second she would rock just a little, allowing a bit of air in. Her juices wet my face. Occasionally she pinched one of my nipples or felt my ball sack. But mostly she just sat, and read, and rocked.

After what seemed like an hour, but was likely just a few minutes, I heard the command “Lick.” I busily went to work trying all the things she liked. Some I couldn’t actually do in my restrained position, but I worked hard at it. I paid attention to every moan, to every bit of extra pressure she put on me as I hit favorite spots, to every time she called out “right there.” Soon I felt her body tense up and then the waves of orgasm flowing through her. She pressed her crotch canlı casino siteleri down hard on my mouth and nose, cutting off my oxygen for an extended time. I started to panic and wanted to do something to get her to give me some air, but feared that any movement would disturb her all too sensitive parts and ruin the moment. Soon she lifted off and I gasped for breath, thanking her the opportunity to serve. She giggled as she told me I’d only just begun, commanded “don’t touch,” grabbed her Kindle, and returned to using me as a reading seat.

She’d had me bring her to orgasm three times and showed no sign of being done when things changed. I felt her put down the Kindle and, while still smothering me, start fiddling with the Cock Trap. Soon I was free and she was playing with my cock. It sprung to life, filling with blood. I heard her mention how purple and angry the head looked and suddenly she lifted from my face and mounted my cock. She fucked me wildly, finally ordering me to fill her pussy with my cum or be locked in the Cock Trap for a month. I exploded in her, having one of the wildest orgasms of my life. She gave me just a few seconds to enjoy my release, and then returned to her position on my face.

I was once again commanded to lick, as her and my intermingled juices flooded onto my face and I devoured them. She came quickly, then left and returned with a wash cloth to clean us both up. At this point I expected her to release me and for us to cuddle, but instead she grabbed the Cock Trap and put it back on me. Then she picked up her Kindle, commanded me “Don’t Touch,” and pressed her crotch back onto my face. It was going to be a long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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