Interage Intimacy Pt. 04

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“The food tastes great, Ms. D.”

“Thanks! I’m glad you like it.”

Sarah eyed Jennifer up and down, trying to find out which part of Jennifer’s body outshined hers. Jennifer’s boobs were smaller than hers, her figure slimmer, ass flatter. Jennifer was even less experienced in bed. What the hell was it then?

“So Sean tells me you guys went on a date.”

Jennifer nodded silently, covering her mouth full of food. Sean gave Sarah a suspicious look. He raised his eyebrows, telling her not to go any further.

Sarah pressed on. “How was it?”

“Oh, he took me to the beach.” Jennifer swallowed her food.

Sean shrugged, trying hard to keep his cool. “Uh-yeah, it was no big deal. Pretty cheesy.”

“I liked it.” Jennifer smiled at him, holding his hand under the table.

Sean looked down and smiled.

“What’d you guys do after?” Sarah probed.

Sean and Jennifer glanced at each other and blushed, giving Sarah all the answer she needed.

“Did you like the wine I gave you?” Sarah sat back and crossed her legs, the slightest hint of a smirk on her lips.

Sean choked on his water.

“Oh! That was your wine? Sean never told me…” Jennifer tilted her head at Sean.

“Um… I may have… borrowed it.” Sean cringed apologetically.

Sarah chuckled. “Yeah, Sean comes to me for relationship advice once in a while. I need to make sure he treats a pretty girl like you right.”

Jennifer blushed even harder, keeping her head down. She glanced up shyly at Sean, who was confused beyond hope.

‘Is she helping me or fucking me over?’ he thought.

Jennifer’s innocence prevented her from even thinking about the possibility of something between Sean and Sarah. Their constant glancing and silent gesturing at each other during dinner flew right over her.

“Of course, my husband left me, so what do I know?” Sarah rolled her eyes and took a sip of wine.

Jennifer became visibly uncomfortable.

“Uh, why don’t I help you with the dishes?” Sean stood up.

“Oh, no. It’s fine. I’ve got a dishwasher for that.” Sarah waved him off.

“I insist,” Sean said sternly as he glared at Sarah.

Sarah shrugged and stood up, grabbing dishes off the table.

“Relax on the couch and turn on the TV, Jenny. Make yourself at home,” she yelled back as she walked away from the table.

Sean followed Sarah into the kitchen.

“What the hell was that?” He put his face in front of hers while she looked down at the sink.

“What? I just wanted to know how your date went.” Sarah made a half-assed attempt at hosing down the dishes before tossing them in the sink.

She put her hands on her waist and turned towards Sean. “What?”

“It’s none of your business,” Sean replied.

“It’s all my business. I need to know where my boy toy’s been sticking his rod.” Sarah grabbed Sean by the waist and pulled him towards her.

“Jeez!” Sean put his hands up and leaned away from Sarah’s puckered lips.

He looked over the kitchen counter. Jennifer was out of sight, but he could see the subtle flashing of a television around the corner.

“Are you crazy? Not here.” Sean wrenched Sarah’s hands off of himself.

“Aw, come on! I haven’t felt you in so long.” Sarah grabbed Sean’s hands and placed them on her breasts.

Sean stared at Sarah’s cleavage just long enough for her to tell that she had caught him.

“Stop.” Sean dropped his hands.

“I’m not wearing any panties under this dress. You could fuck me real quick. I know how fast you cum.”

“Sarah, no!”

“So what, you’re just going to leave me dry like this?” Sarah pretended to be angry.

“Wha… no, that’s not what I-”

“Then come on…” Sarah wrapped her arms tightly around Sean, enveloping him with her warmth.

“I need you… I missed you so much.” She bit his lower lip while her hands unzipped his jeans.

Sean stood still, staring at the wall behind Sarah. He was undeniably erect as Sarah pulled down his boxers. She turned around and bent over slightly, raising her dress to reveal her bare ass.

“Come on. You said you wanted to do me on the kitchen counter.”

“Not with my girlfriend in the room!” Sean whispered fiercely, glancing towards the living room.

“She doesn’t know. Come on, Sean. Fuck me… please.” Sarah rubbed her fingers over her slit.

“This is a bad idea…” Sean inched closer.

“We’re very bad.” Sarah backed onto his boner.

Sean bit his lip and gripped Sarah’s waist as he humped her fast and hard. Her asscheeks slapped against his pubic area as she gave off light moans. Sean felt the orgasm building up in his balls and squeezed Sarah’s ass to urge himself on.

“Sean, it’s late. We should get going.” Jennifer’s voice echoed from the living room.

“Shit!” Sean shoved Sarah away as she lowered her dress back down.

Jennifer walked towards the kitchen.

“I-I’ll be right there, babe.” Sean zipped himself up under the counter.

He walked past Sarah, who was busy straightening casino oyna her dress.

“Ready?” Jennifer handed Sean his jacket.

“Ye-” Sean cleared his throat after his voice cracked. “Yeah. Let’s go.”

“Drive safe.” Sarah walked out of the kitchen, visibly flustered. She gave them a feeble smile.

“Thanks for having us over, Ms. D. I had a great time.” Jennifer held Sean’s hand and reached for the door handle.

“Sure. Stop by anytime.” Sarah watched as the couple strolled off, noticing how Jennifer’s ass didn’t sway the way hers did.

“Sorry things got a little awkward.” Sean kissed Jennifer’s buttcheek before moving his lips up the length of her bare back.

“It’s ok. She’s lonely. I get it.” Jennifer rested her face against the pillow, enjoying Sean’s adventurous lips.

“You do?” Sean kissed her shoulder and whispered into her ear.

“Yeah, before you came along.” Jennifer turned over onto her back and wrapped her arms around Sean’s neck.

“I’ll keep you company anytime.” Sean kissed her deeply.

Jennifer giggled. “Your company makes me scream.”

Sean grinned. “Yeah, you’re getting louder. Should I be worried?”

Jennifer laughed and kneed Sean’s stomach. “No! Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Ow! I just mean… are you sure your dad didn’t hear us?”

“He’s probably busy falling asleep by the TV, like always.”

“If he’s lonely too, maybe we can hook him up with Sarah,” Sean joked.

“Ew! No way! Sarah doesn’t deserve to have to deal with that. Plus… isn’t she already hooking up with you?”

Sean’s smile disappeared and his heart rate shot up as fear ripped through his body. A million thoughts raced across his mind, but he saw no way out.

‘How does she know?! I… I can deny it… somehow… Sarah and I weren’t… we were just…’

“Uh-” His face became bright red as he struggled to breathe.

“I saw you guys in the kitchen.”

“It-it’s not what you think… um, we were-”

Jennifer looked away, not acknowledging his lies.

“Oh god, Jen. I’m really sorry. I-I can end it. We don’t have to… please… I’ll do whatever you say.” Sean panicked as his vision blurred.

“It’s ok. I don’t mind it.” Jennifer brushed Sean’s face, trying to bring him back.

“I knew her from a long time ago, but then I met you, and I—wait, what?” Sean’s erratic speech hit a brick wall when he registered what Jennifer had said.

“I said I’m fine with it.” Jennifer looked into his eyes.

“But how… why would you…” Sean’s thoughts were a mess as his panic turned to confusion.

“You already told me you were dating someone before we… started. I just didn’t know it was Sarah.”

Sean hadn’t expected things to get so complicated. He hated himself for not thinking it through. But then he saw Jennifer’s beautiful brown eyes piercing into him, and remembered there was no thinking to be done.

“You’re ok with this?” he asked skeptically.

Jennifer nodded.



“I mean, really?”

“Sean.” Jennifer gave him an exasperated look.

“Just making sure.”

Jennifer smiled. “I like her. She’s pretty.”

Sean shrugged in a so-so manner, trying to pass Sarah off as no big deal.

“Maybe I should talk to her. Tell her I know, so it won’t be so awkward between us,” Jennifer suggested.

“No! That’s a terrible idea!” Sean started panicking again, imagining what a disaster that conversation would be.

“I think it’s a great idea. I’m going to do it. Give me her phone number.”

Sean opened his mouth to protest, but Jennifer’s stern gaze stopped him. He didn’t want to push his luck.

He got up and grabbed his boxers off the floor, putting them on. Then he walked over to his jeans and searched the pockets for his phone.

“How was that for you?” Sarah panted.

“It felt really good.” Jennifer let out an exhausted sigh.

They sat on the couch, flushed and sweaty.

“Thanks for meeting with me,” Jennifer said.

“Oh, anytime. Glad I made you run?” Sarah grinned as she watched Jennifer chug the glass of water.

“Yeah, actually. It’s really good exercise.” Jennifer put the empty glass down.

“Why don’t we each take a shower, and then we’ll chat.” Sarah tilted her head towards the bathroom.

“Oh… I-I didn’t bring a change of clothes.” Jennifer looked down at her sweat-drenched sports bra and running shorts.

Sarah looked too, admiring the audacity of Jennifer’s belly piercing, something she would never do herself. She noted the irony, given Jennifer’s modesty and her own promiscuity.

“Ah, don’t worry about that. I’ll get you something from my closet. I’ll leave it on the bed.”

Jennifer looked unsure.

“Go, go.” Sarah shooed her up the stairs.

Sarah stared at her open closet as the sound of falling water echoed from the bathroom. She was trying to decide what to make Jennifer wear. She picked something that she imagined was what Sean would slot oyna see when they… had their sleepovers. Then she picked something sexy for herself, to compare.

By the time Sarah finished deciding on the clothes, Jennifer was drying her hair. Sarah walked over to the bed to drop off Jennifer’s outfit when she noticed a slight crack in the bathroom door. She couldn’t help but take a peek.

Jennifer was standing naked by the sink, waving the blowdryer down the length of her smooth brunette hair. Her head was tilted slightly as her hand combed through her hair, assisting the blowdryer.

Sarah barely had time to appreciate Jennifer’s hair before her eyes naturally moved downwards. She saw the reflection of Jennifer’s small breasts in the mirror, the perky pink nipples sticking out prominently. Then her gaze travelled along Jennifer’s slim body down to her ass. It wasn’t as full as her own, but was still round and supple.

‘Well, I can’t blame Sean,’ Sarah thought.

But oddly enough, she felt a slight tingling in her own crotch. Her eyes lingered on Jennifer’s smooth, white body for a second longer before she forced herself to peel away. She tossed the clothes she picked for Jennifer and scurried out of the bedroom.

Sarah waited on the couch for less than a minute before Jennifer came down the stairs and walked towards her. She lost her breath at the sight of Jennifer’s smooth legs and swaying hips.

Jennifer wore a tie-dyed t-shirt that Sarah’s kids had made at school. It was the only thing she wore. Her nipples peaked through while she ran her fingers through her damp hair.

“Um-sorry… that was all I could find that would fit.” Sarah swallowed.

The shirt was oversized, covering Jennifer’s panties. Sarah admired how casual it all looked, like it was the morning after. She began to feel jealous again, but this time, she was jealous of what Sean was treated to.

“That’s ok.” Jennifer smiled warmly and sat on the couch.

She leaned on her elbow against the cushions and bent her legs behind her. Sarah fell in love with the same curves that seduced Sean.

“Ahem… uh… I’m going to wash myself up, then we’ll have that chat.” Sarah flew from the couch and rushed up the stairs.

She let the hot water fall over her as she covered her face.

‘What the hell am I doing?’ Sarah asked herself.

She rubbed her face hard and tried to shake the image of Jennifer’s body off her mind.

When Sarah stepped out of the shower and grabbed the nightgown she had picked, she realized how pointless it was. She pondered for a moment, but ended up putting it on.

Sarah looked into the mirror, tugging down on the gown and fluffing her hair. She turned sideways to check her own curves, standing in different ways to see which looked best. Then she walked out and headed towards the living room, aware of how ridiculous the situation was and seriously considering that she may have gone crazy.

Jennifer smiled up at Sarah as she made her way to the couch. When she sat down, Jennifer scanned her thin nightgown for a brief moment.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” Sarah asked.

“Um… I don’t know how to put this but… I know about you and Sean.” Jennifer looked down.

Sarah took a deep breath. Not as young and naïve as Sean, she didn’t panic and try to deny it. She knew Jennifer was too smart for that. She felt a tinge of anxiety in her chest, but calmed herself with a sigh.

“I’m sorry about that. I know how he feels about you, and I shouldn’t have encouraged him.” Sarah gave Jennifer an apologetic look.

“It doesn’t bother me.” Jennifer shook her head.

Sarah tilted her head, surprised at this turn of events. She reformulated her words.

“Oh? You’re okay with Sean being with someone else while you two are dating?” Excitement built up in her chest.

Jennifer nodded. “I knew going into it that he was with someone else. I don’t want to intrude on your relationship with him.”

Sarah chuckled silently, admiring Jennifer’s innocence.

“It doesn’t work like that, Jenny.” She caressed Jennifer’s shoulder. “I don’t ever want you to feel like you’re the one intruding. His relationship with you is totally different. I’m the one he’s cheating on you with.”

“I don’t see it as cheating.” Jennifer shrugged. “If you make him feel good, I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“You don’t think that beautiful body of yours is enough?” Sarah brushed her hand down Jennifer’s arm, making her tremble.

Jennifer blushed. “It’s just… different. You’re more experienced.”

An idea popped into Sarah’s head and, overwhelmed with desire, she couldn’t stop herself.

“I could show you,” she blurted out.

“Huh?” Jennifer tilted her head.

“How to be… better… with Sean.” Sarah trudged on despite the judgment she was sure would follow.

“…what do you mean by that?” Jennifer’s voice grew quaint.

“I-I mean…” Sarah swallowed. “I mean I can teach you how to… do the—have sex.”

“How would you canlı casino siteleri do that?” Jennifer furrowed her eyebrows, digging through the possibilities.

“Um… we could get in bed together… and-and I’d show you.” Sarah looked down as her eyes darted back and forth. Now she was panicking.

‘Shit! What did I just say?’

Jennifer’s eyes widened in surprise. “Oh! I-I never thought…”

“I understand if you don’t want to,” Sarah blurted. “I don’t want to force you into anything.” She put her hands up.

“Would it be just the two of us?” Jennifer asked timidly.

Sarah could swear she heard a hint of hopefulness in Jennifer’s tone.

“Uh-I was thinking… the three of us would…” Her eyes darted up to meet Jennifer’s. “But there are probably some things I could show you myself… without Sean.”

‘Seriously, what the fuck am I doing?’ Sarah’s head throbbed, but all she could see was Jennifer’s nipples poking through the shirt.

Jennifer bit her lip and glanced down. She gave the slightest nod.

Sarah gasped lightly. “Wha…”

Jennifer nodded, more clearly this time. “What sorts of things can you show me?”

Sarah swallowed, staring at Jennifer’s plump lips. “How to kiss.”

“Mhm… I’m not very good at that. How should I kiss?” Jennifer’s soft brown eyes pulled Sarah towards her.

“Like this.” Sarah put her lips to Jennifer’s.

They both closed their eyes as a pleasurable tingling shot through their bodies. Jennifer wrapped her arms around Sarah’s neck and whimpered softly. Sarah held onto Jennifer’s waist and pulled their bodies together.

Sarah pulled their lips apart with a loud suck and kissed down Jennifer’s neck to her chest. Jennifer got the message and stood up on her knees, jutting her chest towards Sarah. Sarah wrapped her mouth around Jennifer’s breast through the shirt and felt Jennifer’s perky nipple between her lips. She sucked eagerly while Jennifer gently massaged her hair, moaning.

The sound of the doorbell ringing flung them apart. Jennifer instinctively covered her breasts and looked fearfully at the front door. Sarah stood up and rearranged her hair as she made her way towards the door.

“This is getting ridiculous, Sarah. I don’t know what she told you, but-” Sean tilted his head and looked past Sarah to see a half-naked Jennifer on the couch.

“What’s she…” Sean pointed at Jennifer before noticing Sarah’s flustered look. “Are you ok?”

“Uh, yeah. Just come on in.” Sarah beckoned Sean through the door before slamming it shut.

“Hey.” Sean sat next to Jennifer and kissed her.

Jennifer gave him a feeble smile and pressed her forehead against his. She gave him two smooches on the lips before nuzzling her head into his neck.

Sean wrapped his arms around Jennifer and looked up. “What’s going on?”

Sarah was at a loss for words. She stood by the couch, staring at the couple.

“I thought you went for a run. Why are you not wearing pants?” Sean glanced down at Jennifer’s bare legs.

“You know what, just-” He shook those irrelevant thoughts out of his head. “So how much has she told you?”

“There wasn’t much to tell.” Sarah’s voice came back. “She knows about us.”

Sean let out a heavy sigh. “Right… so now what do we do?”

“I told her I’m ok with it.” Jennifer glanced over to Sarah, her head resting on Sean’s shoulder.

Sarah looked way, blushing.

Sean noted the awkwardness. He pushed Jennifer away and darted his head between the two of them.

“Ok, what is going on between you two? This is getting really weird.”

Neither of them spoke as the silence grew thicker. The long moment gave Sean a chance to register the scene. He looked at Jennifer’s nipples peaking through the shirt. There was a wet spot over her left breast. Then he glanced over to Sarah, with her embarrassed downward gaze and skimpy nightgown.

“No…” Sean shook his head slowly as realization dawned on him.

“Sean, wait.” Sarah put a hand up as Sean stood up angrily.

“Sarah, that’s so fucked up!” Sean fumed.

“She was just trying to show me…” Jennifer lost her voice as soon as Sean glared back at her.

“Show you what?” Sean asked aggressively.

Jennifer looked down and stayed quiet, knowing there was no excuse.

“I told you not to interfere, and you end up sleeping with my girlfriend? I didn’t even know you were…” Sean gave up trying to absorb what was happening.

“I didn’t either. Look, I don’t know what happened. I just-” Sarah tried to find an answer, more for herself than for Sean.

“Is this what it was like when you walked in on your husband?”

Sean’s head jerked to the side as Sarah’s palm connected with his cheek. Jennifer gasped audibly and covered her mouth.

Sean was stunned into silence, one hand on his stinging cheek. He glared up at Sarah, then at Jennifer, before storming out of the living room. Instead of walking out of the house, he trampled up the stairs. Sarah and Jennifer both flinched when a door slammed.

“Shit…” Sarah whispered as she fell onto the couch, hands on her face.

“He shouldn’t have mentioned your husband like that.” Jennifer tried to console Sarah.

“What did we do?” Sarah looked up at her sorrowfully.

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