Indian Girl and the Landlord

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This story is divided into three sections to maintain the flow of ideas:
Chapter 1: House Hunting
Chapter 2: Life in the new house
Chapter 3: Radhika’s web


Chapter 1: House Hunting

Radhika was new in town. She had landed a great job in Geographic Information Systems industry. The pay was good to start off her career with and that is what brought her down to a small town in the southern part of India all the way from her home in Delhi. Being a single girl and without any family in this new town, finding a home was really tough. With the company provided accommodations nearing an end, she had to find a home for herself real soon. She contacted many real estate brokers but all most of them would simply not pick up her case as they new that it was nearly impossible to find a house for her due to the conservative nature of the town. Who would be interested in renting out an apartment to a pretty, single girl? Not only will it attract a lot of untoward attention of many rowdy characters of the area but also it meant a lot of responsibility for the person whose house she would be living in. Even if a few landlords would seem to be agreeing, their wives would pitch in suddenly remembering that a close nephew would be joining them soon and so the house would not be vacant indeed.

With the levels of her frustration increasing, she got ready to see her umpteenth house for the day. The area was still upcoming with a lot of plots undergoing construction and many others lying vacant. Due to the new road constructed by the government which ran close by, the area was now in a convenient spot. It was at a comfortable distance from Radhika’s office. She went in the house along with the broker. The broker had already briefed her. The house belonged to Murali Krishna. He was a low level clerk in the government sector and his wife was a school teacher. They had a young daughter who wanted to pursue her education in the field on medicine once she completed school. Since the fee for medical studies is really high, they needed an increased source of income so that they could save and also pay off debts if they took loans for the education fee. It was his luck that his ancestral property was rapidly rising in value due to the new roads. He was hoping for a good rent from the house by renting out the lower portion of the house while living in the upper.

With the advent of software industry in town, a lot of bachelors had suddenly appeared on the scene who were willing to pay high rents. However, the house owners preferred Radhika since they had a grown-up girl in the house and did not want to rent the house to bachelors. Since Radhika herself could afford the high rent, she seemed to be a great match. As she walked in to meet them, the house owners studied Radhika discreetly from head to toe. She was really fair and made her easily stand out from the local public. She was dressed tastefully in a long black skirt, a fashionable white blouse and a smart gray jacket open from the front. Murali Krishna watched closely as the sweet damsel took off her sandal and kept her fair and neatly manicured foot inside the door of the house. As a part of the local culture, shoes were not meant to be brought inside the house. While Manju, the wife was getting happy to see the girl respecting their culture, Murali was getting thrilled as he could see her fair slender legs shine through the black skirt at the points of contact. They chatted briefly as she was shown around the house.

Radhika simply loved the house with all the spacious cupboards and nice rooms. She was also happy to see the bulky prison like iron door in front of her main door. Since she was going to stay alone, she felt comfortable with that kind of security. Soon they were done with the tour and sitting on the tea table discussing rent and terms. Manju, the landlady, knew only the local dialect so communicated through her husband for whatever she wanted to say. She was trying to get as much money out of Radhika as possible. The broker was trying to bargain for both sides trying to please both the parties. After a long discussion, the terms were finally settled and Radhika handed over the advance to the landlord. As Murali gripped the cash he also got a touch of Radhika’s smooth creamy skin. That small touch set a few sparks flying in his mind. He was amazed that how soft her hand felt. Soon she stepped out of the house deciding on the move in date and really happy that she finally had a house.

Chapter 2: Life in the new house

The broker helped Radhika move in and she also ordered some furniture. Piece by piece, Radhika started building her home choosing every item by her hand. She simply loved the house. Over the few weeks that she stayed in the house, Lata, the daughter of the landlord got close to Radhika. She was impressed by her style and fashionable clothing and started copying her too. Radhika also lent her a few items of her makeup. As the days passed, Radhika kept getting casino oyna new stuff in the house including furniture and electronics. All this was not going well with the landlady. She was simply getting more and more jealous of her tenant. She started feeling that the rent was not high enough and probably Radhika could pay more. She was getting annoyed at seeing her get all the new and expensive stuff in the house. She started feeling that Lata has stopped concentrating in her studies and was just trying to copy the fashionable ways of Radhika.

Ofcourse, she could do nothing about the rent as the terms were laid out in paper but she constantly kept nagging her husband to increase the rent. Murali stopped her every time and said that he would increase the rent in a big amount in a good time duration otherwise once again the rent may seem low after a few months. As the neighbors started talking to her about her new tenant and her beauty, she started getting more jealous of her. She started to think that people are comparing Radhika with her daughter. Altough Lata herself was pretty with light olive skin she was no where in beauty compared to the fair Radhika. The long legs, the fair skin, tight boobs and long hair made all the men lust for her. She was really an exotic beauty in the area.

A major part of Radhika’s weekend was spent with Lata in the first few weeks. They would go into the town on Radhika’s scooty and visit markets and do shopping. However any good that Radhika did made Lata’s jealous mother feel that she was trying to show them down. Finally she could not take it anymore and started Lata from mixing too much with Radhika. However between the timings that the parents were not around and on their jobs, Lata would come and talk to Radhika. When Radhika asked her that why was she was usually denying her offers to go to markets, Lata stated that her mother wanted her to study. Being an astute girl who was living independently, Radhika started to understand Manju better.By her behavior and attitude, she understood that Manju did not like her too much and was always trying to compare herself with her.

Eventually, living alone got really boring for Radhika and she started making some friends at the work place. However, most of the people that worked in her office were much older than her. One of the boys, Irfan however came real close to her. He was intelligent and really smart. He took real good care of her and soon started to come to her house in the evenings to see her off. Radhika started seeing more of him each day and finally he started to come to her house on the weekends. At first it was short visits but slowly they were converted to day long visits. Lata was sent by Manju on more than one occasion to find out what was Radhika doing with a boy in the house. Lata always returned after spending some time with the two always stating that they were talking in the living room or cooking something in the kitchen. From Lata’s visits Manju came to know that Irfan was a Muslim. Being orthodox Hindus, they did not like the idea of a Muslim boy frequenting their house often.

Manju started nagging Murali about increasing Radhika’s rent more and more. Soon they were getting into heated discussions. The sound of their arguments used to come down and on one of the weekends when Irfan was around, they heard the entire tirade. The landlords used to fight in the local dialect thinking that Radhika would not understand a word even if she heard but little did they know that Irfan who had spent quite sometime in the state now knew the local language well. He heard and explained the entire conversation to Radhika. Now Radhika knew exactly how the landlady felt about her. She grew mad in anger. At the same time she also grew happy with Murali who seemed to defend her and take her side all along. Little did she know the reason for it.

Ever since Radhika had moved in, Murali was satisfying his voyeur fantasies. He was the in charge of watering all the plants around the house. By now he had perfected his methods. He knew exactly when Radhika went to take a bath in the morning and evenings. The sound of the water pump was his cue. He always left a few minutes after he heard the pump had started. He matched those timings to go around the house watering the plants and stood in the passageway behind the house trying to peek in from the frosted glass of bathroom windows just adjacent to it. In the beginning all he could make out was very vague outlines of Radhika’s figure as she came to take a bath in morning and evenings. That used to be more than enough for his fantasies at first. However as time passed he wanted more. Since, on a few days due to his shifts he was not at home and someone was else was watering the plants at evenings, he did not dare to create peep holes. However, soon he discovered something much better.

Radhika used to sleep with the windows of her bedroom left open. She had put a curtain on the windows but at times if you were slot oyna lucky enough, there would be just enough gap between the window and the curtain to catch short glimpses of the ravishing Radhika after her bath. She would always return towel clad and wearing her undergarments from the bathroom but once she reached the bedroom she used to take of the towel and would stand there just in her bra and panties drying herself up and then dressing. Murali had started enjoying the every morning and evening dress up show. It was a really erotic sight for him. While she was in the bathroom, he used to push the curtain away so that the viewing area was enough for a good show. Then he would go about watering all the plants and around the house and return to the bedroom window as Radhika returned to dress up.

He used to get intoxicated seeing her smooth white skin. The well toned calves, the pear shaped ass, the curvy waist and the smooth skin of her back when the hair were wrapped around in a bun. She used to turn around and to reveal her tight tummy, a huge cleavage between her ripe and perfectly shaped bra-clad breasts and those adorable thighs which simply seemed biteable. Whenever she used to bend down to wear a fashionable thin anklet in one of her ankles or to wear clothes, Murali’s heart would stop as the marble white boobs hung down creating a big cleavage. He was amazed at how Radhika’s skin was always smooth and hairless. This excited him so much that he would immediately rush up after watering the plants to wank off thinking of Radhika’s superb body. All this while he would stand at an oblique angle so even if Radhika turned towards the window she would see nothing. His lust simply kept growing as he kept on feasting on the sight of her perfect fair body.

However, this trick of Murali’s did not last too long. One day soon after Irfan had explained her the details of the big fight while Radhika was dressing up for office in the morning, she started closing the door of the closet which had a mirror. In the mirror of this door she saw Murali peeking intensely with lust filled eyes. She was shocked but Murali could not see her as her back was towards him. Radhika was already dressed up and quickly left the room. Slowly she evaluated the things and understood why the owner was defending her in the fight with his wife. The bloody old man was simply filled with lust for her! Since she did not want to go through the horrors of house hunting again, she thought it better to keep the landlord on her side and played along every morning and evening after her bath. She started getting a huge thrill with all this show and started teasing the poor old man even more by bending down more and showing off her cleavage and ass even more.

Not a stranger to sex, she soon grew intimate with Irfan and had sex with him a few times. However, he always left the house at night before late hours. One of the nights however, they were having too much fun enjoying themselves drinking and making out. It was a weekend and they since there was no office the next day, they were careless with the drinks. Soon, they grew too careless and due to the heavy drinking Irfan fell asleep next to her after a long bout of sex. All hell broke loose in the morning. It was almost 530am when Radhika’s sleep broke. Immediately she woke up Irfan and rushed him off. But the damage was done. Just as he was leaving, Manju caught a glimpse of him rushing off.

She told her husband about Irfan leaving in the morning and quickly brought him to the balcony to show. As soon as their daughter left for school at about 6am she started a big argument with her husband. Radhika tried to listen and understand. From the little that she had learnt to understand she gathered that she simply did not want Radhika in the house now. She simply wanted her to vacate the house now and thoroughly despised the idea of a Muslim boy entering the house. She also mentioned the effect this kind of behavior would have on Lata. With all that huge argument she got ready for her school shift and stormed out of the house. Saturday was Radhika’s day off and she knew that Murali’s shift started late in the day. Manju and Lata were not due to return till late afternoon. Radhika’s mind started spinning a web. She knew that she has just till the afternoon to work on her plan.

Chapter 3: Radhika’s web

Radhika took a lavish bath. The warm water cleared her mind and helped her focus. She shaved off all the existence of any pubic hair that she had. She washed her hair and scrubbed all her body with scented soaps and oils. She was emanating heavenly scents from all over her body. She got out of the bathroom and dried herself. There was no sign of the landlord outside her window today. She took time drying herself off and then neatly combed her long hair. After that she applied some scented cream to her legs making them have that alluring sheen. Finally she selected a short thigh length night dress. It was more like a chemise canlı casino siteleri (shameez). She watched herself in the mirror and loved what she saw. The nicely fitting chemise was wrapped tightly around her waist accentuating her breasts and buttocks. The fair long legs were glowing with a sheen. All the area around her shoulders was completely naked and you just wanted to run your tongue from her neck to her arms through the shoulders and then kiss the nape of the neck. The dress was a bit low cut and you could see a nice bit of cleavage visible more clearly due to the style of the matching pink bra she was wearing.

By now she knew exactly what she had to do. She chose not to wear her soft white bunny slippers and started going up the stairs barefeet. She stood in front of the door and rang the door bell. Murali who seemed to have gone off to sleep again as it was his rest day, opened the door. He was in his usual dress wearing a vest and a lungi. He was surprised to see Radhika at the door and immediately flashed a smile from under his bushy mustache. Soon he remembered the morning episode with his wife and made a serious face but let her in. Radhika flashed a cute smile and walked in. She sat on a chair opposite to Murali and started to make some small talk. Murali was transfixed as he studied Radhika closely. He saw her pretty manicured feet with the toe nails resplendent with pink nail polish. She had nicely shapely feet and in one of the ankles she wore a thin silver anklet. Her long legs were shining in the ambient light of the room. They were just too attractive. The dress was short and was revealing a lot of her soft thighs as she was now sitting. Murali once again started getting the urge to sink his teeth in the soft thighs and keep licking the legs.

Murali was transfixed at the sight of this beauty. He had simply lost himself in the beauty of Radhika. His eyes were fixed on her sweet smile and her pretty lips as she spoke. He was just looking at her soft strawberry colored lips as she kept talking without listening to a word she said. His mind was then lost in a silent song following the rhythm of her waving hands as she spoke. Being a little slumped in the chair a lot of cleavage was in the view and Murali lost himself in the valley for sometime. Radhika crossed her leg and the skirt got pushed up revealing a lot of the leg from the sides uptil the side of her ass. Finally he snapped out of his trance to listen her telling something about her office and the workload. By now Murali had a stupid grin on his face.

Radhika then explained to Murali the reason for her visit. She said that most of the ingredients for her morning tea were missing so she came up. Looking at Murali’s sleepy eyes which were now filled with lust, she offered that she would make the tea there itself and both of them can have it. Murali more than welcomed the idea and showed her into the kitchen. Radhika looked around the kitchen to locate all the required ingredients. Then she noticed the bottle of honey on the topmost shelf and asked Murali if he had ever had honey tea. When Murali denied, Radhika said that he must absolutely try it and that it is very delicious. With that she climbed on the kitchen slab and tried to reach for the bottle of honey which was a bit far off on the topmost shelf of the opposite wall. The bottle seemed to be a bit out of reach. So she called Murali closer for help. She asked him to support her while she would get the bottle. Murali gladly agreed.

What happened next was all in slow motion. Radhika was standing on the kitchen slab and Murali was standing facing her. Radhika lifted her soft foot and kept it on Murali’s shoulder and put some weight on it bending forward. As she bent forward Murali looked up to see the sight between her legs. His eyes went wide in surprise as he saw himself looking at a completely bald pussy without any panties. With the kitchen windows right behind her filling the room with morning sunlight, the vision could not have been clearer. Murali had never seen a pussy so clearly before. His wife was a prude and was never comfortable with removing her pubic hair. This was the first time that Murali was looking at a pussy without any trace of hair. He noticed the camel toe shape of the pussy formed by the outer lips.

Radhika in the meantime seemed oblivious to this and caught hold of the bottle. Then her leg slipped forward from the shoulder and that wonderful pussy came close to Murali’s face as Radhika sort of sat on his shoulder with one thigh completely planted on him. The dress had got pushed up and Radhika ran a hand through Murali’s hair. “You seem to be really hungry today uncle, wanna have breakfast?” she asked. Murali started nodding like a madman with the biggest smile on his face. Radhika held on to him tight and planted the other thigh on the second shoulder now. Murali was carrying all her weight now and his face was buried in between her soft milky thighs. “Let’s not forget our manners and go to the dining table to eat”, said Radhika. Murali walked the few steps towards the dining table with Radhika sitting on his shoulders. He placed her ass on the dining table and spread her legs taking a lust filled look towards her pussy.

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