Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 10

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Chapter 10: Good night sleep.

Once the door closed behind her, Yuna brought James to her face.

“Oh god, you stink!” she said in a giggle, getting her hand away. “I wanted to have a better view of you, but I guess I’ll keep my distance!”

James was not amused. He was tired, so tired. His abused body did not respond anymore, he needed rest.

“Y-yuna…” he began in a whisper.

She didn’t seem to even hear him.

“You know… I don’t have any pockets to carry you with,” she started, feigning embarrassment. “At first, I thought about putting you in my panties,” she grinned. “But I’m fairly sure you would have drowned in there. And… You’re not worthy of being anywhere close to my pussy, yet.” she breathed. “But I’ve had an idea of a perfect place for you, until we get to my home!” she laughed. “You will like it. I know you *hate* being allowed to breath fresh air, so I guarantee there will be nothing of that sort in here.” Yuna concluded viciously.

What? She wanted to asphyxiate him some more? Didn’t she listen to his sister? Couldn’t she see in what a disastrous state he was in? He needed a break! Peaceful rest!

“Y-YUNA!!” he raised his voice, in an attempt to get her to listen to him.

But Yuna did not care. She lifted her shirt up, and brought James closer to her armpit.

“Of course, you have permission to lick any sweat you’ll find there,” she smiled wickedly. “Although, because I *know* you are tired, I won’t punish you if you do not.”

That said, she tied James to the side of her bra, forcing him to be in perpetual contact with her disgusting underarm, which, even though it wasn’t as stinky as her feet, still was awfully sweaty, and got its very own distasteful smell.

Once her devious deed achieved, she began walking home. With each step, her slave was rubbed in her sweat, forced to swallow and sniff whatever was there, as he was smashed against her.

She took great care of not allowing casino siteleri her arm to part from her body too often, as it would have allowed James to feel the fresh atmosphere being outside provided her with. She managed, with sadistic delight, to only allow James to breathe when he was on the verge of suffocating.

She had taken onto herself to make James’s life a repugnant world of stench, and he would be underestimating her if he thought she wouldn’t manage to do so.

Long minutes later, she got to her home. Her parents were watching T.V, and nodded as they saw her come in. She kissed them good night, and walked to her room. Yuna’s parents were used to their girl coming home late. They wanted her to be an independent woman, and what better way than by letting her hang out to her heart’s content?

She got to her room, and locked it up. At last, she was alone with her toy.

She undressed slowly, taking great pleasure in feeling tiny James wiggle weakly against her pit, trapped and overpowered by a single knot. His predicament was incredibly sexy. She kept her knickers and bra on, and lied down on her bed.

She made herself comfortable, and started fingering herself; James still tied up against her underarm. Her horniness only made the whole situation worse for him: she was sweating more and more, forcing him to swallow mouthfuls of perspiration in order to keep breathing.

Yuna was fully aware of James’s condition, and used it to bring herself to the edge.

“Yes, yes!!” she moaned “Poor, poor little James, stuck to my pit as I touch myself, forced to bear with sweat formed because of my own horniness!” she slowed down, not wanting to go over quite yet.

“Do you know where you will sleep tonight, slave?” she sang. “In my sweaty, nasty sock, which I’ll put into my smelly boots as well!” she continued, ecstatic. She was so close!

James was being rubbed against her skin harshly, as her arm followed her hand slot oyna in its awful action. He was crying, and his tears mixed up with the sweat he was being drowned in.

“Yes, yesss, YESSS!!” Yuna came as hard as ever, as she pictured her own words. “Oh my god…” she breathed, panting. She got her hand to her bra, untied James from his prison, and brought him to her face. “You… you really are something.” She smiled lovingly.

“Y-… Yuna…” he uttered, coughing sweat in between.

“Awhh,” she breathed. “Yes, my little, tortured toy?”

“I-… I hate you…” he spat more sweat. “I don’t… I don’t want that. I really don’t.” he looked directly in her eyes. “P-please, I beg you, stop. Please, let me go.” he begged.

She pouted innocently, “Awhhh, you don’t?…” she teased. “I’m so sorry, I should have known! I’ll re-grow you right away!” she smirked, and dropped him off on the bed.

James was struck. Could it be so easy? Did she really believe him? Maybe, he thought, maybe she understood how wrong her behavior was. He was way too tired to notice her sarcasm.

“R-really?” he muttered. “I-I’ll do as if nothing happened. It will be like it used to. I swear.”

“Yes of course, really!” she grinned. “Let me go and fetch that book, I’ll make you the same old grown James you’ve always been!” she stood up and started looking around.

James was in disbelief. He was so exhausted, and felt so nauseous! But it was the end of it. He had managed to convince Yuna to stop this whole nonsense!

“T-Thanks!” he said. “I know how you got the idea I liked this weird stuff, it’s because Faith found my researches-“

He was interrupted by what was an earthquake to his height; Yuna had put something on the bed. To James’s horror, it was not the book. It was Yuna’s right boot.

“B-b-but-” he panicked.

“No buts.” she cut him off. “I did tell you you would sleep in those.” she smiled deviously. “Your whole begging scene canlı casino siteleri did touch me, but there’s *not a chance* I’ll re-grow you. Besides, I know those are lies. You *want* it all to happen. You hoped I would react as I actually am.”

“N-N-NO!!” he yelled in despair. “I MEAN IT! I HATE-“

“YOU HATE NOTHING!” she stopped him. “You are a liar, James, and liars should be punished!” she threatened. An idea came to her mind. “But I’ll be nice. As it is your first day, I’ll help you adapt,” she said, while taking her soaked panties off. “Spending an entire night along your goddess’s womanly scent should help, don’t you think?”

“P-please” he stuttered. “I’m s-sorry, please, let me rest, please…” he begged, lost.

“Oh, but I will!” she laughed as she brought her dripping panties closer to James. “I can’t imagine of a better way for you to have a good night,” she smirked.


James didn’t have time to finish his sentence, as Yuna rolled him in her soaked panties, his head firmly pressed against the crotch section.

“And now,” she giggled as she got her smelly sock out of the boot, “You go in there!” she inserted the rolled up panties inside the rotten sock, and made a knot at its end. “Yuck, it really smells!” she wrinkled her nose.

“Lucky you, you’re protected by my juicy panties!” she laughed. “And for a final touch…” she placed the sock in the boot, making sure to push it the furthest she could. “Perfect!” she contemplated her work. “That should be enough. You’ll sleep so well!” she joked.

“Oh, and before I forget… I’ll have to tell Faith about your behavior. I’m sure she won’t appreciate any of it!” she placed the boot as far as possible from her bed to avoid the smell, and curled up in her blanket; ready to have a good night sleep. She would dream all night long of the tortures she would inflict James as soon as she woke up… “Good night, slave…” she said with love.

James, on his side, would need a long time to fall asleep. He was glued to Yuna’s cum, rolled up inside her panties, trapped in her sock and boot. The smell was unbearable, and he had trouble breathing. His night would be full of nightmares…

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