In The Laundry Room

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Lonnie Raines, wife of Charles-Lee, being a fastidious woman, arose early by most people’s standards, to begin her day of cleanliness. In and out of the backdoor, to the cellar, upstairs and down she worked for hours. Soon it would be too hot and sticky to do such physical chores.

Since nobody was around, she didn’t bother to shower, preferring to wait until the dirty work was done. She wasn’t even fully dressed, just enough cover in case something got delivered to the house.

She was slightly older than her husband, but at the time of their relationship and marriage, she was saddled with two children and needed some kind of support. Charles-Lee, the oldest Raines brother and part owner in their trucking business, was just what she needed. She knew he wasn’t faithful and never would be, but Lonnie was the kind of woman who would tolerate a lot that was not in her personal best interest. In other words, she’d go along to get along…especially when it came to men.

While in the cellar folding laundry, Cheek Harris, Lonnie’s X-husband and one of her least favorite people, dropped by intending to see their son, Christopher, who stayed with his mother and Charles-Lee since being released from prison. The boy had turned his life around and at the age of 22, had become a model citizen and a good son. He shared his mother’s low opinion of his father.

The back door was open, so Cheek walked onto the enclosed porch as if he had been invited. Arrogance was one of his biggest problems.

“Lonnie?” he called.

She was surprised to hear his voice. “Who is it?” She knew perfectly well who it was.

She just couldn’t believe he was in her house.

“It’s Cheek,” he answered.

‘What does he want?’ she thought. ‘Why did I bother to divorce him if he was going to forever be in my life?’

“Where are you, babe?” he shouted. He smiled to himself knowing she would be pissed that he called her “babe”.

“I’m in the cellar,” she said not bothering to hide her annoyance. She continued folding laundry, waiting for him to come downstairs.

“What are you doing here?” she asked as he came into the laundry area.

“I came to talk to Christopher, do you mind?” he answered sarcastically.

“No, I don’t mind, but just because he lives here, doesn’t mean you can just walk right in whenever you want,” she admonished.

“Christopher’s not here anyway. He’s at work. You would know that if you had called first,” she answered.

Cheek ignored her foul attitude as he usually ignored most everything she said. Instead, he stood looking her over, remembering how well put together she used to be. She was still a sexy woman. She had put on a little weight, but the fleshed out parts still looked good on her. He wondered if she ever thought about him. The marriage sucked, but they had been well matched “in bed”.

When Lonnie finished folding the laundry, she picked up her basket and passed Cheek on her way upstairs. He couldn’t help noticing the sway of her bare tits under her cotton house dress. As she passed close by him, he could also see the bubble butt he used to like so much. Before she could reach the stairs, he jokingly stepped forward and wrapped his arm around her waist.

“What are you doing, let me go,” she demanded. She was a very serious woman and did not appreciate his flippant ways…one of the reasons she grew tired of being married to him.

As he held her fast, he whispered in her ear, “You need to lighten up. You’re too old to be so tight-assed.”

“And you need to grow up,” she shot back. She was slightly angry at his reference to her age. Although she was not sensitive about aging, she resented his mention of it.

She freed herself from his grip saying, “You didn’t come here to talk to me and Chris is not here, so you can leave now.”

Lonnie turned to walk away from him, but he grabbed her again. She dropped her basket of laundry struggling to get away from him. He held onto her tighter and dragged her back into the cellar. He forced her up against the wall and fastened her there with his body.

“Let me go, Cheek! Stop it and let me go,” she snapped, “you play too much.”

As she spoke, she felt the familiar protruding lump pressing into her pelvis. It became evident to her that he wasn’t going to let her go. She slapped and kicked him the best she could, for he had her pretty completely forced against the wall.

Cheek couldn’t believe what he was doing. He hadn’t desired Lonnie in the 12 years they had been apart. Until that moment he had forgotten how, at one time, she had been a sexually compliant woman. Spurred on by thoughts of how things used to be, there he was, about to force himself on her. What if her husband came home? What if Christopher came home? But, it was the middle of the day and they were both at work. No chance he would be disturbed.

“I’m not playing,” he said as he fought off her attempts to defend herself.

He managed to grasp her wrists and twisted her arms Escort bayan behind her back. Fortunately, he was able to take both her wrists in one of his large hands. With his free arm around her waist, he lifted her off the floor, which wasn’t easy due to her new weight gain. Suddenly and quickly he shoved his knee between her thighs, planting it up against the wall behind her. He was then able to lower her, so that she was straddling his thigh with her legs dangling and her feet off the floor.

“What are you doing, Cheek? Christopher is coming home any minute,” she lied.

With her hands held behind her back and her feet swinging, she felt helpless with him pressed against her. She couldn’t help feeling a little afraid even though she never knew Cheek to be a rapist. She never remembered him being so strong either.

“Don’t worry, I locked the door,” he said as he reached down and pulled her loose house dress up.

“WHAT!? What the hell are you doing!? Cheek, you have to stop. DON’T DO THIS,” she said in a sudden panic realizing what he was trying to do. She wished she had put on underwear, not that it would have done much good.

He ignored her again, surprised to discover that she wore no panties. How convenient. Suddenly remembering how good her skin felt, he took the time to rub her thigh and knead her bare buttocks. He smashed her breasts against his chest even harder, as she continued to struggle to get out of his grip. Cheek buried his face in her neck and sucked and licked there to keep her from biting him.

‘Oh my God, he’s going to rape me after all,’ she thought.

Suddenly, he lifted her up again and slipped his free hand between her thighs. When he lowered her again, her pussy was right on his opened palm.

Straddling his thigh like that, she couldn’t get her legs closed. He had free and total admission to the whole area. He squeezed and massaged her pussy eventually getting his fingers between the hairy slit.


She began to cry nervously which made Cheek feel a little sorry. Not sorry enough to stop, though. He had come this far and he intended to have a good time. The screaming and fighting was getting on his nerves, but fortunately he remembered how to shut her up.

He found the spot where her clit should be and rubbed there in a rapid-fire, circular motion until he felt the button start to swell. The moment he pressed his finger on it, he felt her gasp and softly whimper. Her body lurched forward a little and her head fell back on the wall again.

He raised his mouth from her neck and looked into her face to see what effect his actions were having. Her eyes were closed and she was still crying with her head resting back against the wall twisting from side to side. There was a little quiver going through her body that she tried not to show. Not a chance he was going to miss it. In a situation like that, he needed to keep a sharp eye on every reaction and he could feel her thighs gently squeezing together.

When she opened her eyes and realized he was looking at her, she continued to beg him to stop. Clearly, he had no intentions of doing so. She figured she had nothing to lose by swearing at him. She had never been a swearing woman, so it might shock him into stopping long enough to think about what he was doing.

“Get your fucking hands off me, you son of a bitch!” she screamed, remembering stuff she’d heard rough people say. She even spit on him…several times for good measure. This only made him bury his face in her neck again and bear down more vigorously on her clit. He even managed to get two fingers in her fuck hole which to his surprise was slightly moist.

He worked the two fingers hard in and out of her. He thought he noticed a sudden and slight quiver in her belly. There was a definite gentle squeeze on his fingers as they plunged over and over into her cunt.

He went back to her clit and noticed that it had gotten harder and had swollen more. She had also stopped crying. Now she was just making a sad little whimpering noise and breathing heavily. Her begging wasn’t as loud as before. The muscles in her ass were unmistakably contracting and releasing.

“No, no, don’t,” she whispered between breaths.

“I don’t want to…oh Cheek. Cheek, Cheek, oh Cheek. Oh please, I don’t want to,” she breathed hotly, drawing a sudden sharp breath in through her teeth as he pumped his fingers in her.

“Yes, you do. You want to,” he coaxed close to her ear. “Your pussy is wet and your clit is hard. They’re makin’ you a liar, babe.”

“No, no, I…” she protested.

“Yes, yes,” he interrupted.

Her eyes were closed again and her head was once again resting on the wall. This time, it was twisting more quickly from side to side.

Cheek took the chance to release her wrists and lift his head again. Her hands fell limp at her sides. As he tweaked Bayan Escort her clit, she placed her hand lightly on his arm. He heard her whisper or moan softly. She wasn’t fighting anymore either.

It wasn’t easy keeping her balanced on his thigh with one hand in her vagina and the other unbuttoning her dress to expose her plump tits. Immediately upon their release, he kneaded one and pinched its nipple while sucking and nibbling on the other. He remembered how her nipps seemed to be connected to her clit. She would sometimes cum as he stroked them. Clearly, it still worked because he could feel Lonnie’s thighs squeezing his tighter and gyrating her pussy on his hand.

Cheek’s prick had begun to swell long before he managed to get Lonnie going. He clumsily removed his belt and unzipped his fly. He hauled his erection out and massaged it first with his hand, then lifting her again, he shoved it under the folds of her dress, between her thighs, massaging it against the soft, moist creases of her pussy.

By this time, Lonnie had forgotten about rape, being lost in a haze of lust. Cheek felt so familiar to her that it was easy to let herself go and enjoy the kind of sex she seldom felt with her husband. As repulsive as she found Cheek, he always knew how to work magic on her pussy.

She ground her ass round and round on Cheek’s thigh. She wrapped her hand around his dick squeezing it tightly, hand fucking it slowly. Surprising herself, she collected some juice from her pussy to lubricate his dick and massage it again. As his prick became harder, she rammed it between her vaginal lips, rubbing it against her clit.

Cheek lowered her slowly to the floor when he noticed her interest. His pants leg was damp where her pussy had been sitting on his thigh. She still held onto his dick as he kneaded her ass and shoved his tongue down her throat. He cautiously led her across the room to the sofa, careful not to break the rhythm lest she come to her senses and make him start all over again.

He gently pushed her down on the sofa and knelt in front of her. He spread her thighs and lifted her legs over his shoulders. Pulling her to the edge of the sofa, he opened her thighs wider and buried his face in her wet, crispy bush. He wormed his tongue between the lips and slid it onto her jutting clit. Her back arched as his tongue flicked rapidly on it. Her thighs opened wider to allow him to reach as much of her pussy as possible.

She convulsively rubbed his head while she groaned louder. “Oh yes, yes, eat my pussy…suck my pussy…right there, right there, yes, yes, yes…oh yes, oh yes…that’s so-o-o-o-o good…it’s so good…um-m-m-m…ah yes…suck, suck it, suck it hard, suck my pussy…oh my pussy, my pussy,” she whispered softly, almost trance-like.

Cheek inserted his tongue into her cunt again, reaming it. Lonnie’s body snapped forward and squeezed her thighs against his head. With her legs on his shoulders, she raised her ass off the sofa and ground her pussy into his face.

“OH GOD!” she bellowed. Her whole body quaked and shook the.

“OOOH, OOOH, OOOOH, AH HA, AH, AAAOOOH!” she screamed.

As his tongue grew tired and lost its maneuvering ability, he replaced it with several fingers stretching her fuck hole and ramming them in and out so vigorously that her tits jogged up and down on her chest. All the while he was noisily sucking her clit and pulling on it allowing it to snap back.

Lonnie moaned louder while kneading her jugs and nipples. “Fuck me…fuck me now…fuck my pussy now…I need your dick now…I want your dick in my pussy…fuck my pussy…fuck my pussy…I need that hard dick in my pussy…cum in my pussy…I want your cream in my pussy…shoot your cream in my pussy,” she chanted as her head rolled back and forth.

Not wanting to make her beg any longer, Cheek instantly pulled his blue jeans and underwear down to his ankles and positioned his cockhead at the entrance to her fuck hole. With her legs on his shoulders, he leaned forward and slowly but firmly shoved his meat in her as far as it would go. He leaned on the sofa and worked his rod in and out of her. He pulled it out as far as the glistening bulb and pressed it back in hard and deep. This he did over and over until she moaned each time he drilled his thing into her. Her back arched and her chest heaved as she sucked in the air. Sweat cascaded off them both.

He fucked her with a slow, but regular motion. His dick was beginning to feel some very real urgency. He ploughed it in and out more quickly, the friction making him plough it in even harder.

Lonnie was squirming with pleasure. She evidently missed the intensity of being fucked passionately and well. Her eyes were closed, her teeth clinched as she abandoned all loyalty to her husband. He had none for her. True, she hated Cheek Harris, but the son of a bitch knew how to throw back a piece of screwing. She began wildly rubbing her clit. She brought her fingers to her mouth and Escort sucked her pussy juice off them.

Cheek didn’t want her rubbing her clit and cumming too soon, so he took her hands, interlocking her fingers with his and clamped them to the back of the sofa beside her head.

“Oh my God, oh my God, yes…oh, fuck me, fuck my pussy, fuck it harder…yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy hard, fuck it hard…oh fuck, fu-U-U-U-U-U-ck, fuck it,” she demanded.

In a further effort to delay both their climaxes for a grand finale, Cheek pulled his dick out of her suddenly. He roughly kiss her, thrusting his tongue deep in her mouth as she gasped for breath. He kneaded her breasts and sucked her erect nipples again. Her legs were no longer on his shoulders, but they were still open, so he ground his pelvis hard on her pussy, making contact with her clitoris. The move produced long, whining moans from Lonnie.

“Put it back in. Why’d you take it out?” she complained. “If you’re gonna fuck me, go ahead and fuck me, or get hell out of my house.”

He had clearly made the wrong move at the wrong time, but he realized how much he had missed her and wanted to spend more time with her. Anyway, his prick was as impatient as she was. The urge to drill her cunt again was too strong for him to play clever techniques and games. However, he was interested in a striking a different position.

He rolled her onto her side and lay behind her on the sofa. She held her leg open and rested it on him. That position helped him nestle his prick up to her slippery hole. It went into her easily and he immediately probed her pussy.

He got his arm around her waist and his hand on her pussy. He was dicking her hole and fingering her clit at the same time. Cheek was pounding her pussy so hard, that he had to hold onto her to keep himself from gyrating off the edge of the sofa. She was gasping for breath…almost screaming with pleasure. But suddenly…

“Please stop, Cheek,” she whispered breathlessly. These words came softly and without struggle as if in a dream. At last, she remembered on some level, that she was doing something she shouldn’t be. Cheek could feel her cunt muscles tightened around his prick. He paid no attention to her pleadings, knowing she’d get over it again.

The sofa crashed against the wall with each of his powerful thrusts. Lonnie continued to be conflicted and wouldn’t admit to herself that, while she knew it was wrong, she craved a real fuck. In her mindless tone, she kept repeating in whispers, “Stop… please don’t…I can’t…I can’t…no, no…please, please stop…please don’t make me.”

Cheek pounded on faster and faster, harder and harder. His dick slipped out of her slick cunt a couple of times, but Lonnie stuffed it back in.

Still she begged him to stop. Even as she ground her ass against him and lifted her leg higher, she pleaded with him to let her go.

Eventually he stopped fingering her clit, still trying to delay her orgasm as long as possible. Instead, he squeezed her pussy tightly.

Again, Cheek pulled his dick out of her and quickly rolled her over on her back while climbing on top of her. His knees straddled her sweaty head as he gently forced her mouth wide open. As she started to protest, he sunk his cock into her hot mouth. He held it there for a moment with its knob pressed against the back of her throat. He could feel her swallowing, struggling to breathe, and trying not to choke on it.

His knees had her upper arms pinned to her sides, but her lower arms were free. He moved his dick back and forth in her mouth. He felt her spread his buttocks and insert a finger in his asshole. She shoved it in as far as her finger would go and wriggled it in and out, over and over again, sending unexpected shockwaves through Cheek’s cheeks.

“Suck my dick, bitch,” he growled. “Suck my dick hard or I’ll shove it down your throat.”

To see that she got the idea, he pushed his prick in deeper and held it there, forcing it in steadily deeper and deeper. He had practically the whole length of it in her mouth. His pubic hair tickled her nose it was so close. He eased up on her when he felt her begin to gag.

“Suck it,…suck that dick…suck it hard…suck it harder,” he ordered again as he slammed his member into her mouth. He didn’t really care if she actually sucked his dick or not. It just felt good to be in her mouth. His hairy balls slapped against her neck and chin with each assault. He held onto her head, rocking it to and fro.

Just when Cheek started feeling good about himself, he heard the backdoor slam. It was his son, Chris.

“Mom, anybody home?” Christopher called out.

Cheek panicked and yanked his dick out of Lonnie’s mouth so she could answer as quickly as possible. The boy might have come down to look for her, seeing the basement light on. Of course, she wouldn’t want Chris to catch them…neither did he. She wouldn’t be able to pull herself together quick enough and there was nothing he could do with his erection.

“Yes, I’m down here working. I’ll be up in a minute,” she managed while attempting to sit up.

She turned angrily to Cheek whispering, “I thought you said you locked the door.”

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