In a Garden of Roses

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To My Real Rose: Smile for me.

* * * * *

Sunday night in Blacksburg Virginia. Summer. No screaming hoochies walking around. No drunken frat boys. The police roam the streets, wishing the peace would last. The River’s edge was sparsely populated with locals who enjoyed the lessened presence of students. Harold Masters sipped his cider slowly, his eyes lazily scanning everyone as his internal clock ticked off the seconds. 23:30. Finishing his cider, he rose to leave, his chocolate skin wrapped in black: tee shirt and denim pants, with a fisherman’s hat topping his skull.

He made his way to his car, an all black Honda Civic. Heavily armored, and with an engine most college kids would kill to own, it was a drug runner’s wet dream. Harold had left the Game years earlier, his paranoia and skill earning him near god-like status in Blacksburg’s underworld. Powering up the engine, he headed for Roanoke… and a meeting.

At the airport, he waited patiently, his eyes hidden by the dark shades he wore. Security looked at him carefully, wondering why he wore sunglasses at midnight. Still, he never did anything suspicious, so they resolved to watch him closely.

He saw her instantly, her hair dyed blonde and wearing the rose red dress they agreed upon. Even so, Harold was amazed. Full breasts threatened to rip the fabric. And her hips swayed just right. She carried a large black bag and a suitcase, barely enough for her weeklong stay. Not that she would be wearing much clothing, he thought with some amusement. Rising slowly, he made his way towards her, knowing full well security was now on full alert for anything out of place.

* * * *

Rose Wynter searched the crowd for her friend. She knew approximately what he would look like, but also knew he was a master of hiding in plain sight if he wanted. She searched for his chocolate form walking towards her. She had just turned her hear to the right when she FELT his presence. A warm comfort that could only be her Scally. She smiled, yet did not look at him. When she did, several things immediately caught her attention.

He wore shades, keeping his eyes and emotions hidden from normal vision. She saw through it immediately; he was nervous and excited. His walk spoke of a seasoned street warrior: confident, careful and ever alert. He smiled as she eyed him, the corners of his lips twitching with effort to control his excitement.

“My Rose…” Spoken real-time, not over the phone, Harold sounded like a bastardization of a gutterpunk and a politician, with a healthy dose of scholar thrown in for added good measure.

She dropped her bags and ran to him, hugging him close to her body. The sheer amount of sexual energy between them nearly overwhelmed her, forcing her to focus on everything BUT his strong arms around her. He freed himself, grabbed her bags and they headed to his home.

The ride was swift and filled with talk. She asked him about his car, getting only the most scant information about it. He never liked talking about material things; they never seemed to matter much. Once at his apartment, he helped her get settled into her room before returning to his own. An all black door guarded his Den of Thieves. She respected his privacy, removing her dress as she locked her door. Something told her he could see her, however. So she made it as erotic a display as possible, wiggling more than was necessary.

Down to only her bra and panties, Rose was shocked to hear a knock at her door. She wondered if she should put something on, then decided against it. Ever the flirt, she wanted to see his reaction. She unlocked the door and opened it. There stood Harold, clad only in boxer-briefs. Black. His hands held two glasses of sparkling wine.

“It’s a Riesling. I hope you enjoy. Come out into the livingroom when you’re ready, My Rose.”

“Help me remove my bra?” she asked. Her eyes flashed as they caught sight of the HUGE bulge between his thighs. He followed her gaze, a small smirk pulling at his lips.

“Sure,” he whispered. Rose turned around, knowing full well she had on a front snap bra. Escort bayan Her nipples were painfully hard. She loved teasing… especially before a night of good sex.

Not that it was planned. She KNEW they would have sex. It was a given. Yet she wanted to remember this time with her Scally. His hands slid up the small of her back. Totally unnecessary, but very welcome. She sipped the sweet white Riesling slowly, letting her arousal grow slowly. Not slowly enough for Scally it seemed; he was definitely guiding the course of her arousal. His hands seemed to let the warmth flow along her body, even to her fingertips. Moaning softly, she set the glass onto the dresser, swaying gently to his caress. When he got to where the bra snaps should be, his fingers did not hesitate.

“Hmm. Must be a front snap device. Let me see…” His last words were only gusts of air against her neck. How he managed to move so silently still puzzled her.

* * * *

Harold enjoyed the game Rose played. While new to flirting, Harold was indeed a master of seduction. Years of watching spaghetti westerns, kung-fu action movies and cartoon had fairly warped his young mind. Yet a strong sense of self was able to use this twisted thing and create a truly dangerous child. One who was decades more mature than he should have been. Then Fate placed him in the Projects. Ghetto. Sprawl. Different words…. Same scum and filth. Somehow Harold managed to rise above it all. In the process he learned secrets about seduction and power and control.

His hands slowly slid along Rose’s back, making lazy, unpredictable patterns on her flesh. Once or twice he would let her feel only phantom touches of his fingertips. Each time she seemed to shift slightly, longing for… and dreading… his touch. Harold felt his own lust rising, but refused to allow it any measure of release. Not yet; they had an entire week together.

“Hmm. Must be a front snap device. Let me see…” Harold slid his hands just over her heaving breasts, pausing only to tease her nipples through the silk fabric. Rose groaned and leaned forward slightly. He continued to only allow her those phantom touches.

“Ah. There it is,” he said, palming her breast fully. Rose immediately pressed back into his chest. Once again Harold was a step ahead of her. Her curvy rear did not get to feel the large bulge between his legs. Rose whimpered. He worked quickly to unlock the treasures the bra hid, and slid it off of her form, tossing it expertly into a clothes hamper. He glanced at a small mirror; her eyes were closed.

“Now we’re even,” he chuckled. Retrieving his own glass of Riesling Harold left Rose, heading for the livingroom as a small trot.

“You’re mean!” she screamed. He ran to the couch and flopped down, laughing softly. She soon joined him, tickling his hips.

Laughter gave way to passion as he kissed her gently on the cheek. Her eyes snapped to his, giving him full access to her soul. She wanted him. Here and now. Yet she was afraid. He flexed his hips, making his penis throb beneath her… and smiled softly before asking, “What’s off limit’s, My Rose?”

* * * *

Rose heard his words, but other things were on her mind. The single pulse of his cock had banished all other thoughts and concerns. How big WAS he? She pondered his question, then came up with one of her own.

“Well… that depends. I HAVE to see what I’m getting in to… Or what’s about to get into me.” She smiled playfully. He chuckled, then signaled for her to get up. She did so, sitting down in the leather easy chair directly across from his entertainment system.

That’s when she looked around the room. A technophile’s wet dream in the hardware, it boasted surround sound speakers, a big screen… FLAT SCREEN digital monitor. The works. Even a computer terminal. She watched as he went to the cabinet beneath the monitor and selected some music. Then he went into the kitchen… only to return with two dim, but brightening, glowsticks.

“Sit back. Relax. And let your mind go,” he muttered. The trance slowly began to wind up, filling Rose Bayan Escort with more energy than she thought possible.

He began to dance, moving the glowsticks in mesmerizing patterns. They seemed to flow and merge… then dissipate into blue smoke. She rose from the chair and removed her now soaked silk panties. He approached her, moving the glowsticks just around her body. Rose found breathing difficult. It felt as if Harold were making true and beautiful love to her soul. Suddenly, he stopped moving the blue glowsticks. The music had dimmed, promising a climactic explosion. She fell into synch immediately. Dropping to her knees She slowly pulled his boxer-briefs off. Right on cue, it leapt out into the air.

Nine and one-half inches long. Nearly three inches thick. African American… Southern no less… male sex. And it was hers for the asking/taking. She whimpered softly, then engulfed the monstrous dick into her mouth.

* * * *

“Oh GOD!!” Harold breathed. He didn’t expect her to lose control this fast. Nor did he expect himself to be at his full extension. He actually hurt!! But the blowjob his old and dear friend was giving soon had him drowning in pleasure. He could not last long. Already his body shuddered with the overload to his senses.

“Rose. Please…. I’m gonna… blow….” He forced the words out, giving vent to the Beast Within. He knew how dangerous the Beast could be, yet he also knew that this was the last secret to share with his friend.

* * * *

Reluctantly, Rose pulled away from the delicious tasting manhood, letting her tongue travel over the tip longingly. Promising a return. She stood… and found Harold, eyes closed tightly, shaking violently. She knew instantly: the Beast Within wanted out. Now. They had often spoken about this side of him. She would often dream of what he would look like once consumed by its power.

“Nothing. Take me, Harold. Nothing if forbidden while I’m here.” The time for flirting and teasing was gone. Now… action.

* * * *

*Do you hear, Young Cub? Nothing is forbidden!! We shall feast well indeed.*

#Yes, Old One. I hear her words and know the truth in them. Still… she does not know what she asks.#

*She asks that you be yourself, Young Cub. Will you accept my control or shall I have to tear it from your monkey paw.*

#Not this time, Old One. You may join me ad ONE. But I have control.#

*As it should be… *

* * * *

The change was startling. Gone were the quiet, unassuming features of Harold. This is how she always envisioned her Scally. Ruthless. Evil. Powerful. Caring to a fault for those he loved. Like her. How many times had they shed tears. Carried burdens together. Countless… with infinitely more to come. This… was HER Scally.

She took his cock in one hand and gently pulled on it. Her spit was beginning to dry, but that was little concern. She was more than wet enough. His hands began roaming over her body, slowly stroking her ever higher. She had to have him, but there was still one last thing she had to do. It was only natural; she WAS a flirt. “Heads or tails?”

He reached beneath the couch, returning with a small vial of anal lube. She grinned; she knew he would chose that first. Rose spun around and grabbed the arms of the leather chair, arching her rear towards her lover and friend. She wiggled it playfully. He chuckled.

“God. What a beautiful sight,” he said. The lube was not as cold as she expected; he was WELL prepared.

She felt one finger slide into her asshole. Easily. Even Rose was amazed at this; normally anal play took some time for her. Her body was as eager as her soul it appeared. Even so, it felt wonderful to have his digit sliding into her nether hole. She moaned in pleasure, fucking herself on his invading finger.

Then his tongue was inside her cunt. Rose screamed as her orgasm simply appeared over her, totally shattering the rising pleasure she experienced. Her body shook violently. Her fingers dug into the leather. Sweat popped out onto her flesh only to sizzle away as the inferno Escort within her incinerated everything in its path of blissful destruction. She even squirted her nectar, a first. Then came a realization that terrified her. It was her most powerful orgasm to date. Bar none. Yet it had only served to take the edge off of her growing lust. Sharpened it, actually. Rose feared she might not get to feel him inside her cunt if things kept up.

Quickly, with a strength that amazed her, Rose stood. Grabbing his hand, she pulled Harold onto the floor, covering her body with his own. She wrapped her arms around his back and held her breath as he slid his massive manhood into her cunt. Slowly. The tip popped in, and she gasped. He was big. VERY big. He tried to be gentle, but she was in no state to tolerate gentle. There would be plenty of time for gentle in the morning. Now… she wanted to be FUCKED. She jerked her hips forward, hoping he would understand.

* * * *

Harold understood the instant she squirted into his mouth. The sweet nectar nearly drove him insane. HE feasted on her cunt, slathering her clit with wide and narrow tongue lashes, nips and sucks. Gluttony at its most primal. When he pulled him to the floor it was a supreme effort of will to not simply fuck her well past oblivion. It appeared his control was not necessary. Rose wanted to be fucked, and he was only to willing to oblige his friend. He pulled free of her cunt, her whimper pulling a snarl of conquest from his throat. Then, with one lunge, he was fully ensconced within her cunt.

Her growled in triumph. She screamed in pleasure, babbling his name… nickname… over and over. “Scally!!! Oh my GOD, SCALLY!!!. Yes… fuck me.. Do it hard. Make me scream your name, big boy.” Even enthralled by her lust she found ways of teasing him. The Beast joined Harold and together they fucked Rose. Hard.

She gave as good as she got. Harold was impressed than she was able to move her hips at all; he was not showing any mercy, pounding her relentlessly. Then he let the beast take control. Not a sound was issued. The beast knew what she wanted. What they BOTH needed. Skill and ruthlessness. It began moving his dick in maddening patterns, arcane and mundane. His mouth clamped over one nipple and SLOWLY teased it to even greater hardness. Ignoring the scratches it felt on Harold’s back, the Beast continued. Then she came.

Her back arched up, stopping Harold’s thrusts momentarily. The Beast pulled back, only to watch Harold surpass his feats of power. Pleased, it sat back and let its young seed take control.

Quickly, he rolled over. With rose still thrashing about from her orgasm, Harold bounced her up and down on his hard dick, slamming into the back wall repeatedly. Each thrust forced Rose to clam down, vainly attempting to slow his powerful actions. Nothing could or would stop him from spilling his seed within her now.

* * * *

She was still cumming!! Never had Rose experienced such powerful contractions… EVERYWHERE!!! Even her eyes throbbed. Yet he had not cum. She was riding him now. She wanted to control the actions, but was too far-gone to even hope to make an attempt. Even the constant pounding against her back wall was pleasurable. Then a brief memory of a story… could he actually pop into her womb?

He sped up. He was going to cum soon. She was STILL cumming, and knew her final, trance-like explosion would soon send her into blissful sleep. She welcomed it warmly. A gift from her friend.

“Gonna… cummm… NOW!!” She felt it, a painful stretching followed by the tip piercing the veil… straight into her womb. Her scream died in her throat, and her entire body locked up as she came.

She shook several times, her hands digging into his chest. His hands gripped her breasts almost painfully. She moved slightly and they eventually ended up on her nipples, torturing the hard nubbins. With one final, violent shudder she fell onto his chest, barely aware that Harold was slowly removing a still hard dick from her totally spent body. As she felt sleep claim her, she felt him slid his dick into her asshole. The orifice easily and readily accepted his intrusion. She came once more, a farewell orgasm more soothing than it was powerful.

“Sleep well. And dream of the days to come, My rose.”

She did just that.

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