Ideal Day 01

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Ideal Day # 1

Every person has in mind what an “ideal day” would be like in regards to their sexual desires. That day also changes as their life changes or as the mood of any given day strikes them. What follows is my version of one such “ideal day” for today. Other may follow if the mood strikes and if someone asks for another.

As the person who normally checks on all the odd sounds inside or outside the house at night, I am not a heavy sleeper so I was surprised to awake to the feeling of my cock being sucked on by my wife. How she had managed to move into place and make me hard without waking me I don’t know, but I sure was not complaining. While she does not give me oral sex often, she is very good at taking me to the very brink of cuming before backing off and starting all over again.

After she did so several times I have her move over and roll on to her stomach so I can return the favor by bringing her near to orgasm by playing with her clit and fingering her pussy. Only I am not as controlled as she is and soon have her groaning and squirting all over the bed. When she has calmed down some I move up behind her and enter her pussy in a slow, bahis firmaları easy stroke. Anything faster and I knew I would come as soon as my cock was fully engulfed. Even so, all too soon I have cum and my stomach growls, reminding us that we have not had breakfast yet.

Knowing that we will be home all day, we decide to stay naked. The fault with that is while Lynn is cooking breakfast she gets flour on her ass. A wonderfully sexy outfit to me! Being naked in the house helps to keep us thinking about sex… and there is always the thought that someone might come to the door.

That though has us ready for more sex after breakfast. This time she gets on her knees on the edge of the bed, head down where I play with her clit again until I make her squirt. It always makes me harder to see her do that, not that I was soft at all. Climbing on the bed I fuck her from behind while pulling back on her hips until I cum deep in her pussy.

After cleaning up again, we do our normal day-off things around the house until lunch time, only this time it’s my turn to cook. I wear a thong to keep things out of the way and safe. After lunch I ask if she would like kaçak iddaa to watch some porn. Soon there is a scene where a woman inserts a remote control vibrator into her pussy before the couple goes out to dinner, giving us a great idea-with a twist. This idea of course makes me even hornier so while the movie continues to play we fuck with her leaning over the arm of the couch, matching what the actors are doing, or at least talk about what they are doing.

While the local porn store seldom has what we want, we decide to go see if they have a remote control toy. Since I’m a fan of butt plugs I insert a small one, held in place with a thong, before we drive to the sex store. Lynn wears a button front blouse and bra, a skirt but no panties. To our surprise the store has a true remote control butt plug, no cord. We purchase it on the spot, along with a sample pack of lube. Since we had decided to go out to dinner we stop at a convenience store so I can insert the butt plug before we get to the restaurant.

Not knowing how loud the butt plug will be, we go to a restaurant that we know is often noisy. Walking in, she hits the button and I feel my knees go weak… kaçak bahis what a sensation! Luckily they are busy, but not so busy there is a waiting line so I don’t have to worry about how to hide my hard cock while we stand in line.

We ask to be seated in a far corner booth and luckily have one table between us and the nearest other patrons. With the distance and the overall buzz of the other conversations, she says the sound of the butt plug is hard to hear even across the table where she sits.

Every time the waitress comes to our table, she hits the button again; making me sound like a total idiot to the waitress I’m sure. But a Happy idiot! There are seven different modes to the control and I’m soon about to climax. Because I tell her that, she continues to push the button every so often, but not so often to make me cum.

Before I know it, dinner is over and we are standing at the register to pay for our meal. There is a slight buzzing sound every now and then, and I’m sure the waitress has figured out that it’s coming from me. I just hope she thinks it is my phone on vibrate, and doubt she has really figured out what is happening.

In the pickup and headed home she puts the plug on an automatically changing pattern and by the time we arrive at home I can’t wait to get naked and fuck her brains out… with the plug still in place and vibrating away of course.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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