I Take the Initiative

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Twice Mary had been the one who designed and directed experiments designed to re-ignite the passion in our sex lives, and twice her experiments had turned out well. However, after her second experiment, I felt that it was now my turn to call the shots. As she had made abundantly clear when she was in charge, she was more than willing to tolerate considerable and extended duress during our erotic game playing. In fact, moderate discomfort seemed to stimulate her sexual appetite and enhance her sexual experience. This observation, combined with my own pleasure in watching her body accommodate to the demands being imposed on it, inspired me to think of ways in which I could bring her to a state of intense sexual excitement while manipulating her body in a way which would both please me and prevent her from achieving gratification.

When she was young, Mary used to study ballet. She was never talented enough to make her contemplate ballet as a career, but she continued long enough that her fine body acquired a flexibility and tone which it retains to this day. In particular, her legs are still sufficiently limber that, while standing on one, she can raise the other to a height at which she can grasp her ankle and bring her foot within inches of her head. Naked, or partially clad, Mary’s body is irresistibly displayed when she takes this pose. The sinews in her leg are drawn taught, particularly in the region of her groin where her vulva is thrust forward in a way which reveals its intricate structure. Framed by the muscles in her upper thighs, it looks like a succulent morsel of fruit waiting for its core to be exposed by peeling back its protective cover. At the same time, as she bows her back to counterbalance the pull of her raised leg, her upper body assumes a sensual contour which itself seems to be balanced by her breasts which are suspended from her chest in two gently curved mounds crowned by the pink halos of her areolae.

In the past, I had not disturbed her performance by succumbing to my inclination to thoroughly explore her body while it was n this deliciously available position. Instead, I contented myself with a somewhat cursory appraisal of its charms, concentrating on her breasts and savoring the contrast between the soft flesh at the top of her inner thighs and the taut tendons just beneath that soft flesh. Nonetheless, I could not ignore the possibilities which this position afforded. In particular, I wondered how she would respond were I to open and caress the succulent morsel nested between her thighs while she held this position. My guess was that she would be torn between the desire to keep her vulva available to my attentions and her need to lower her leg in order to fully appreciate what I was doing, and the idea of forcing her to experience this conflict intrigued me.

With these ideas in mind, one evening I outlined to Mary my plan for our next experiment Explaining that I wanted to repeatedly bring her to the brink of orgasm and suspend her there without allowing her to actually reach completion, I proposed working on her body while making her keep one of her legs raised like a ballerina. In response to her quizzical look, I gave her further details, saying that she would be required to keep the ankle of her raised leg in a loop which I would attach to the top of a door frame. In addition, since her vulva would be the focus of my attentions, I said that it would best if she were to have removed the hair from that region so that I would have unobstructed access to it.

Knowing Mary’s reservations about such matters, I knew that this last refinement would shock Mary and might dissuade her from accepting it. However, I wanted to be sure that she knew what she was doing if she went along with my plan.

In a somewhat irritated voice, she asked, “Exactly how do you expect me to remove the pubic hair from my mons? I keep my armpits and legs hairless and smooth for you, but I never considered shaving the hair from my crotch and am not at all certain that I could even if I wanted to, which I am not at all sure I am.”

Not willing to back down, I answered , “Mary, you are more than clever enough to figure out how to shave your mons, and I am ready to assist you if you need help. On the other hand, whether you are willing to participate in my experiment is a decision which you are going to have to make on your own, and so I propose the following. You can think about my plan for as long as you like. If you decide that you want to accept it, you are to communicate your decision to me by presenting your body to me in a way which makes it clear that you are ready to subject it to the ordeal which I have outlined and have prepared it accordingly. I am happy to discuss concerns which you have, but I will not pressure you into reaching your decision before you have ample time to fully consider its consequences.”

Several days passed before either of us broached the subject again. Then, at dinner about a week later, Mary suddenly asked, “What did you mean when you said that you would repeatedly bring me to the brink of orgasm without letting me climax? Did you mean that you would do this during a single long session while my leg remained raised or that you would have me raise my leg more than once, Escort bayan each time taking advantage of my vulnerability but denying me fulfillment?”

Having thought out my strategy, I had no problem answering. “My idea is to have you raise your leg twice, the first time just long enough to introduce you to what to expect and the second for a more protracted and arduous teasing. While your leg is raised, I hope to bring to a state of extreme sexual excitement and to keep you there without respite. I prefer not to detail the methods of stimulation which I will employ, but I think that you, having been told that I want unimpeded access to your vulva, can easily imagine what they will involve. During the period between the two sessions, you will be free to do whatever you wish, just so long as you do not attempt to relieve your sexual tension by inducing an orgasm on your own. In spite of the relief which you will have while resting, I am hoping that during this periods, you will be anticipating what comes next and be torn between the desire to resume and your reluctance to submit yourself once again to such physical strain and psychological torment. Finally, after the second session, we will jointly bring you the orgasm for which you will have spent the morning striving.”

I could tell from the expression on her face that Mary was both frightened and excited by my answer, but several more days went by without her explicitly accepting or rejecting my idea. Nonetheless, she gave indications of the direction in which her thoughts were taking her. For instance, one day when I returned home I found her standing inside the door frame of our bedroom, with her back pressed against one side and her right leg raised, held in place by the opposite side. Although she immediately lowered her leg when she saw me, it was apparent from the sweat on her brow that she had been there for some time and was dead serious about what she was doing. On another occasion, I noticed that she had bought a new razor, which I found in the soap dish next to our bathtub. From these clues, I knew that my idea was still very much alive in her mind and that she was coming to terms with its implications.

The following Saturday, Mary spent a lot more time in the bathroom than was her wont. Having closed the door behind her when she went in, I could only surmise what was taking her so long. Nonetheless, I could make a pretty guess. Mary’s usual morning ablutions consist of a shower followed by a trip to the sink, where she brushes her teeth and her hair. However, from the sounds reaching me, it was clear that she had substituted a bath for her shower and that she was spending a great deal of time in the tub. Furthermore, when, after half an hour, I at last heard her rise from her bath , an additional quarter hour passed before she appeared. When she did, she came into the bedroom and presented herself stark naked for my inspection. Standing in front of the mirror over her dressing table, she crossed her arms in back of her head, raised her right leg until she could rest her foot on the table’s surface, and twisted her body into a position which displayed it in intimate detail.

Having arranged herself so that her crotch would be reflected in the mirror, she was providing me an unambiguous explanation for the length of time which she had spent in her bath. Blatantly revealed was her now hairless mons, which was staring back at me from the mirror. In spite of the explicitly sexual nature of her pose, there was something deliciously innocent about the image she presented. After its protracted immersion in a warm bath, Mary’s entire body radiated a beautiful pink glow. In addition, she had plaited her hair into a pigtail which hung down the center of her back and which, especially in conjunction with her denuded vulva, gave her the look of nubile, prepubescent girl.

After giving myself time to fully appreciate Mary’s presentation, I rose to fetch the equipment which I had assembled in the hope that Mary would agree to participate in my experiment. At a hardware store, I had bought a sturdy hook and a canvas sling. Leaving Mary standing in front of her mirror, I first screwed the hook into the sturdy board at the top of our bedroom door frame and then attached the sling to a rope which could be hung on the hook. Having thought out all my plans ahead of time, it took me only a few minutes to complete these preparations. When I had, I went over to Mary and gently guided her until she was standing in the door frame with her shoulders resting against one side. Squatting down, I took her right ankle and slowly rose, lifting her leg until its thigh was just touching the nipple of her right breast., at which point I slipped the sling over her foot and fastened the rope to the waiting hook.

At first Mary seemed mesmerized by what was being done to her body. She had been told what I intended, but perhaps she had not fully anticipated what the reality would like. Not wanting to rush her, I stepped back once I had her leg suspended and waited for her to adjust to situation in which she found herself. As the muscles in her leg stretched, her attention turned from the discomfort that she was experiencing to the possibilities which her position availed. Bayan Escort With her leg raised as it was, her pelvis was thrust forward, bringing her vulva into prominence. In addition, the spreading of her legs had opened a slit between her labia, a fact which was accentuated by the absence of the pubic hair which normally hid them.

When I sensed that she was ready to proceed, I moved forward and gently maneuvered her so that she was standing in the middle of the door frame facing into the bedroom. I then drew up a chair, sat myself directly in front of her gaping vulva, and gently spread the leaves of her labia until they were fully open. Never before had I had such an unobstructed view of Mary’s sexual apparatus. What faced me was a living version of the sort of picture which fills “how-to” sex manuals. Of particular fascination to me was the visibility of her clitoris, that female organ clouded in mystery and yet the source of intense pleasure. Nestled in an intricate envelop, it was, for the first time, clearly both visible and available to me. Thus, it was with some trepidation that I brought the tip of one finger to rest on its tip. Mary’s response to my touch was instantaneous.

Apparently forgetting the restrictions imposed on her movements, Mary made a vain attempted to withdraw her clitoris from my finger., an attempt which only served to increase the vulnerability of very the very portion of her body which she was trying to protect. Intrigued and excited by the reaction which I had elicited, I continued my exploration of Mary’s clitoris, pushing aside the folds of her labia to give myself greater access and stroking the to the already glistening stalk with my fingers. With each stroke, her clitoris asserted its presence with increasing vehemence, and after several minutes it became obvious that Mary would loose control and might even achieve orgasm if I were to continue. Not wanting to take a chance, I withdrew my fingers from her crotch and sat back to watch Mary deal with the tumult which I had provoked. Teetering on one leg, with the other stretched to its limit and held in place by the sling, there was little she could do other than wait for her excitement to subside.

However, her relief was slow in coming. Indeed, the narrow slit between her labia had spread until it had become a wide channel whose walls were slick with her secretions. In addition, even after I stopped tormenting it, her clitoris continued to quiver and appeared to swell. Satisfied that I had produced the reaction which I wanted, I got up from my chair and clasped Mary in my arms, purposefully forcing her right leg higher and pressing her nether regions against me as I kissed the incipient tears from her eyes.

“Mary, I know that you are suffering. On the other hand, you have to admit that your suffering is of a nature which makes it hardly distinguishable from ecstasy. Moreover, you probably do not realize just how desirable your body looks while it tries to cope with the sensations coursing through it. What I find particularly enticing is the contrast between the luxurious softness of the region around your vulva and the rigidity of the musculature in the rest of your body. Every sinew in your torso and legs is hard as a rock, and yet the flesh, particularly that at the top of your thighs, in the vicinity of your crotch remains invitingly succulent. In oder to maximize our mutual enjoyment of your body, I will continue to hug you like this until I sense that you are resigned to your fate and ready to patiently wait for further stimulation until I raise your other leg in an hour.”

Understandably, Mary was not at all pleased by my little speech. With unsuppressed anger, she told me “You’re a bastard! First you truss me up like a side of beef, next you tease me until I am on the brink of orgasm, and then you hang me out to dry while purposefully stoking the fire which you have set. Just what do you intend for me to do between the time when you release me and the time that you start again?”

Because I had not given much thought to her rest period, her question caught me off guard, with the result that I had to ad lib my answer. “Your time between sessions is your own. I would imagine that you will want to do some freshening up a bit, and I am hoping that, once you have, you will want to entice me into relenting.”

When I at last released her leg, Mary, having spent more than fifteen minutes with her right leg suspended, needed my assistance to hobble over to our bed and lie down. Lying on her back, Mary drew her legs up to her chest, clasped her arms around her knees, and rocked back and forth on her bowed back. Her position afforded me an unimpeded view of the region on which I had worked, and I was pleased to see that her labia remained spread and that her clitoris had not retreated. Crawling onto the bed, I snuggled against her side and tried my best to express my sincere appreciation for her courage in allowing her body to be the object on which our experiment was being performed. Running one hand along the overworked hamstring of her right leg while cradling her head with the other, I asked her whether she wanted to quit at this point.

Her response was intriguing. “No, I now know that I can bear the Escort having my body subjected to the treatment which you gave it. I won’t pretend that it was easy or that I did not consider calling a halt. On the other hand, I won’t pretend that my suffering was not amply compensated. I doubt if you can fully understand my experience. A woman’s body is vulnerable, and society makes her acutely aware of that vulnerability. A girl is raised to protect her body, even when she desires the attentions from which she is supposed to protect it. When you raised my leg as you did, you left me no opportunity to protect myself. Initially I was terrified by being made so helpless. However, when you started teasing me, I was too distracted to think about my terror and instead I could only wonder whether I would be able to endure the stimulation which you were inflicting on me. I say endure and inflict because, pleasurable as the stimulation was, it was so intense that, at first, I could not savor it. Then, just as I was learning how to absorb it, you stopped and left me totally aroused but completely unsatisfied. Knowing that I had granted you that much mastery over my body was as exciting and difficult as anything you actually did to it physically, and knowing that I will be granting that mastery to you again makes it impossible for me to forget what it was like the first time. Thus, I am now utterly conflicted. I am terrified at the thought of resubmitting myself to the same ordeal, but I am absolutely determined that I will.”

Her words left me speechless, and so I simply continued to gently stroke her body while she recovered. After about twenty minutes, she rose and disappeared into the bathroom, from which I could hear water running during what I assumed was a quick shower. When she reappeared, she donned her bathrobe and lay back on the bed, purposefully arranging her body to maximize its appeal. Perhaps because they had been neglected during her stint in the door frame, she seemed to be inviting me to pay them some attention. In order to do so in a way which I knew that both of us enjoyed, I had her straddle my prone torso so that her breasts would hang free from her chest. Once she had, I cupped them in my hands, catching her nipples between my fingers, and gave them a gentle, but thorough, massage. Clearly pleased by what I was doing to them, she threw back her head and swayed in unison with my motions.

In this way the time passed, although its passage was slow for both of us, until I decided it was time to resume. Without saying a word, I disengaged myself, got up, and waited for her to join me at the bedroom door. Taking her left leg, I began by repeating the procedure which I had used earlier. However, this time, after I had her leg firmly attached to the sling, I took the sash from her bathrobe, wrapped around her back, and used it to secured her upper body to her raised leg. With I the remaining portion of the sash , I bound her wrists to her raised ankle.

My purpose was to limit her freedom and thereby accentuate her feeling of vulnerability, but my efforts brought an unexpected reward. With her leg curving up to meet her shoulders and her back bent forward by the tug of the sash, her body became a smoothly contoured composition of graceful arcs which emanated from her pelvis and focused attention on her crotch.

After viewing my creation, I drew up my chair so that I once again was situated right next to her vulva and explained my intentions. “As you know better than I, the most intimate portion of your body is again completely available to me. In addition, your right leg is your sole support, and so your position is very precarious. Thus, if you are to avoid finding yourself dangling by your left leg, you will have to exercise extreme care. Maintaining your balance is your job, not mine. As you start approaching orgasm, I expect that you will lose your balance. If you do, I will stop teasing you until you have regained it. I hope that this will happen at least once during your suspension and that these interruptions will prolong the time that I can keep you on the brink of orgasm without providing you relief. I will now begin.”

Rather than go directly to her clitoris, this time I took a more circuitous route. Bringing my hands forward, I inserted my fingers into the crease formed between tops of Mary’s inner thighs and the pouch formed by her mons. Once they were there, I used them to caress the silky smooth, pliable flesh in which they were captured. Not long after I began, Mary’s labia responded by opening to reveal the hood over her clitoris. However, I did not immediately give that morsel the attention which I was certain it craved. Instead, I wanted to see whether I could make her clitoris emerge on its own. Thus, I continued stroking the outer sides of her vulva while watching her clitoris struggle to extract itself from its protective cover. Slowly, like the unfolding stamen of some exotic flower, her clitoris swelled until first its tip and then its stalk had shed the hood under which they are usually hidden. Intuiting that their success had cost Mary considerable effort, I congratulated her on her achievement and rewarded her by running the pad of a fingers along the rigid stalk which she had worked so hard to free. Even though I was barely touching it, my finger on her clitoris sent excruciatingly intense sensations coursing through her body. Exercising heroic discipline, she was able to absorb these sensations without losing her balance.

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