I Love Dick Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This is the second in the series of episodes that occurred at certain times when I wore my lucky Steelers “I LOVE DICK” T-shirt. You don’t necessarily have to read the first chapter to follow the second chapter. Your votes and public comments (right after the voting) are greatly appreciated!

* * *

Oh no . . . no!” I shrieked.

One of the gangbangers had smashed me to the pavement in the parking lot, and the other snatched up my purse as they both ran.

The man in black leather was about to start his Harley when he witness the incident. He chased the one with the purse, caught him within fifty yards, and tackled him. They struggled briefly, and the gangbanger had a knife in his hand. The man in black broke the punk’s arm and smashed his face into the ground repeatedly until the gangbanger was unconscious.

A crowd gathered around me as I stood up shakily. I seemed to be okay, but I was wearing denim cut-offs and my knees were skinned a bit. Two police cars and an ambulance arrived on the scene. One car drove to where the man in black had the suspect apprehended, and the other stopped by me.

The cops who had driven up to the man in black got out of their car. One said, “Nice work. He looks a little the worse for wear.”

“Yeah, he pulled a knife on me. There it is on the ground. How’s the lady?”

“She’s standing up, so she must not be hurt bad,” the same cop said. “This guy needs the ambulance, not her.”

“You got identification?” the same cop asked. “For the police report.”

“Sure. My wallet is over on my scoot.”

“That’s some machine,” the same cop observed, admiring the sparkling Harley from a distance.

“1993 custom Fatboy. S & D rods and pistons, Edelbrock hand-ported heads, Sifton 141 cam—”

“Hey, I recognize you!” the other cop interrupted. “You’re Sonny Hawkins. You were all-state linebacker for Valley High about a dozen years ago. You guys won the state title. Whatever happened to you? I heard you got a scholarship to Penn State, but then I don’t remember anything after that.”

“I couldn’t cut it with the classes—too damn boring. Lost my scholarship. I joined the Marines. After that, I did some fighting with PRIDE over in Japan, but I suffered too many concussions and I had to quit. Now I work for that Harley shop on West 12th Street. We mostly customize bikes.”

“Well, we don’t need your identification then, Sonny,” the first cop said. “We know where to find you in case you’re needed to testify against this scumbag. You can take off.”

“Can I give that lady back her purse?”

Both cops nodded, so he picked it up and walked over. The crowd had dispersed. Only the one female police officer and I remained. He handed the purse to me.

Sonny looked me over. He kept staring at my chest. I was wearing my black Steelers novelty T-shirt that said “I LOVE DICK” in big gold letters on the front and then “Lebeau” under that in much smaller letters. Dick LeBeau is the Steelers defensive coordinator.

I looked Sonny over. Not exactly handsome but very rugged and scruffy looking. He wore a sleeveless black leather vest that emphasized his bulging biceps, and they weren’t the only thing that bulged. He caught me glancing at his package, and I could feel myself blush.

“Thank you for rescuing my purse,” I said as sweetly as I could.

“Your welcome, miss. Glad to be of service.”

“I feel like casino oyna I should reward you or something.” I reached into my purse.

“No, no. I don’t want money.”

“Is there anything you do want?” I inquired rather boldly.

Sonny continued to stare at my chest. I wasn’t wearing a bra. I could feel the tips of my nipples becoming erect.

“Go for a ride on my hog,” he replied to my question.


“My Harley—go for a ride with me.”

“Sure, why not. I can only imagine the hell I would have gone through canceling my credit cards and all that hassle. What’s your name? Mine is Sarah.”

“Mine’s Sonny, honey.”

* * *

We had ridden for about fifteen miles, very fast, as I held on to Sonny tightly. His body felt rock-hard, and he smelled good. I’m not sure how I would describe his scent—testosterone maybe. He finally pulled into the driveway of an old farm house with a big barn. Several Harleys and a pick-up truck were parked in the driveway.

“This is my place,” he said to me as he shut off the Harley. “My two buddies live here with me. Hey, you’re a Steelers fan, right? You must be with that ‘I LOVE DICK’ shirt. Do you . . . love dick?”

“Sure I do. I love the Steelers. And I have the Steelers defense, coached by Lebeau, for my fantasy football team. The defense got me 26 points with all those sacks and turnovers in the first game against the Browns.”

We entered the house, and Sonny led me to the huge living room. There were two other men sitting on a couch watching TV and drinking beer. They were both naked, and one had a huge penis. It looked like a club hanging between his legs.

“Holy shit!” I blurted.

“Hey, get some clothes on!” Sonny ordered the two. “You’re upsetting the girl.”

“That thing is a frigging monster!” I squealed.

“Duane’s dick? Yeah he has certainly been blessed in that department. We call him Thumper. The girls like to play Thumper. My other home boy there is Spike.” They both nodded.

“No, I wasn’t startled by that,” I responded. “It’s that television I was talking about. Nudity doesn’t bother me. I’ve been to nude beaches. Hey, and I like to play that drinking game Thumper.”

“Oh yeah, the TV is a frigging monster,” Sonny agreed. “It’s a Sony KDS-60A3000 BRAVIA SXRD. 60-inch screen. Sony’s Motionflow technology doubles the screen’s frames per second for a smoother image that’s perfect for fast-action sports. The Steelers game is starting soon. Would you like to watch it with us?”

“Heck yes, I would! I was going to watch the game in the lounge at my dorm. The TV there is about a third that size.”

I sat down and Sonny offered me a beer. “We have Samuel Adams honey porter, Scotch ale, or Boston lager.”

“Oh, that’s good beer! I’m tired of drinking Pihl’s or that generic shit. That’s what my ex-boyfriend usually had in the frig, which is one reason he is my ex-boyfriend. That and premature ejaculation. Sure, I’ll take a Scotch ale.” He handed me one.

The Steelers quickly started kicking ass, and the game got a little boring. “Hey, let’s play Thumper!” I suggested.

Soon we all had our hand signs and were pounding on the coffee table and screaming “What’s the name of the game?” and “Thumper!” and “Why do we play the game?” and “To get fucked up!” I think they were cheating somehow because I kept losing and getting fucked up.

The game ended in an overwhelming Steelers slot oyna victory. When the post-game show game on, I pulled a slip of paper out of my purse and mulled over it as the scores and stats for all the games were announced.

“What’s that?” Sonny asked.

“My fantasy football sheet. I’m checking to see how I did.”

“Do you want to play our brand of fantasy football?” Sonny then inquired. “It will be me and you against Spike and Thumper. I’m a lot better than they are so it should be a fair match.”

“Well, I . . . don’t want to get my clothes all muddy. It’s raining outside.”

“No worries, we play in the barn. And we play naked. You said you didn’t object to nudity.”

“Uh . . . okay . . . I guess. Sure, I’ll play.”

Sonny shed his clothing, and I did likewise. He got the football and put some beer in a cooler, and the four of us walked to the barn.

“Okay this is the way we play. We don’t kick off or punt. Not enough room. Each team gets four downs to go from that orange marker on the east side to that orange marker on the west side.”

“I think I get the drift of it.”

“Ladies first, right boys? So we get the ball first. You hike it to me and go out for a pass.”

I kind of crouched down sideways by the ball, and prepared to flip it to him.

“No, not like that!” he objected. “You have to hike it like the pros do. Bend over in front of the ball. I’ll get behind you, and when I say ‘hike’ you give it to me.”

I did as he requested. But he never said “hike.” Sonny kept rubbing my pussy from behind while he counted out numbers. When he got to “69” I was really wet, but he still didn’t say “hike.” And then Spike reached across the line of scrimmage and began to tweak my nipples. “Hey, you’re offside!” I screamed at him.

“Oh, we allow that,” Sonny said.

Thumper stood about six inches in front of me. His huge penis began to get erect, and soon he was offside too.

And then I felt Sonny’s cock inside me from behind. Not that I minded much. He had me so juiced up I was ready for something bigger than his fingers. When he realized I wasn’t going to protest, he began to thrust with some enthusiasm.

I took my hands off the ball and placed them flat on the ground. Thumper and Spike got on their knees in front of me in the hope that I would suck their dicks while Sonny pounded me from behind. But I really couldn’t do fellatio justice at the moment, although I did make a bit of a feeble attempt. They were mostly jerking off and rubbing their dicks on my face and lips rather than me doing anything for them.

Soon Sonny managed to find just the right angle, and he pounded in and out like a jackhammer. He reached underneath me and played with my clit with his right and teased my nipples with his left hand.

“Oh my . . . ohhhh my God . . . oh yeah . . . ohhhh yeah . . .” I moaned over and over.

“Talk dirty, you slut!” Sonny demanded.

“Fuck me, Sonny! Fuck me harder! Yeah, baby! Like that! Fuck me good!”

You know, that did make him fuck me harder.

“Sarah, my real name is Steve. Sonny is just a nickname.”

“Fuck me, Steve! Fuck me hard, honey!”

That made him fuck me even harder.

I collapsed on the ground in an earth-shattering G-spot orgasm that made my body tremble all over. I rolled over on my back, and Thumper and Spike fought over who could stick his dick in my mouth first. Soon they both canlı casino siteleri shot their wads all over my face.

Sonny didn’t let me rest for long. He picked me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, and he entered me again. But he wouldn’t kiss me. I don’t know what it is with most guys who won’t kiss a girl with cum on her face, especially if it isn’t theirs. No, Sonny just fucked me some more.

Sonny got tired of supporting my weight after about ten minutes, and he still hadn’t ejaculated. He dropped me to my knees and pulled me by the head to his cock. I wrapped my lips firmly around his big swollen cock head and shaft and gently flicked the top of his cock with my tongue, fluttering it up and down the tip.

“Oh baby . . . you can really suck . . . ahhhh . . . ohhh . . .” he groaned in pleasure.

I began to twist my head from side to side, keeping my moist lips in contact with his coronal ridge as he began to thrust his hips. “C’mon honey, fuck my face, fuck my mouth,” I encouraged as I took one last big breath.

“Baby . . . I think . . . ohhh . . . ahhhh . . . I’m going to . . . uhhhh . . .”

When I felt him ready to burst, I placed my thumb at the very base of his penis to block the tube through which the spunk spurts as I continued to suck vigorously on his cock. He began to spasm although his cum could not yet escape. But I could only hold him back momentarily, and he screamed and shuddered as he blew a big load down my throat. I deep-throated him and swallowed as much as I could, and then I pulled him out and let his still spurting cock finish on my face, lips, and tongue. I put him back in my mouth until he softened considerably, and it was him who pulled out, probably because I began to bite his cock playfully.

“Okay, that’s the end of the first quarter,” Sonny announced. “Take a beer break, and then we’ll start the second quarter. I want to take that sweet little tight ass of yours in the next play,” he stated matter-of-factly, pointing at me.

“Well, you did save my pussy ‘er I mean purse from that gangbangers . . .”

“I might also mention that Thumper’s tongue is almost as big as his dick,” Sonny added. “But Spike is the real cunning linguist.”

“Well, if that’s how they play defense . . .”

* * *

At the end of all four quarters I was exhausted. But I had scored multiple times, and so had they. We walked back to the house, and I got dressed and started to leave.

“Hey Sarah, are you coming over next Sunday for the game?” Sonny asked.

“Maybe. I do love fantasy football!”

* * *

I got back to my dorm room looking like a zombie, and my roommate Julia asked, “Where were you? I thought you were going to watch the Steelers game here.”

“Sorry, Julia. I got sidetracked. Some gangbangers knocked me down and snatched my purse.”

“Oh, that’s awful! Wow, are you okay? You look like you were run over by a truck.”

“Thanks a lot. Yeah, I’m pretty much okay. And I got my purse back from . . . uh . . . the police. I’m just tired and a little sore in certain places.”

“Well, let me give you a massage.” Her eyes twinkled. “And then I’ll give you a buddy suck. That will make you feel better.”



“You can give me a massage, and then I’ll give you a buddy suck. I’m not in the mood for you to eat me.”

“Works for me,” Julia cooed. “What’s the matter? You’re always in the mood for a buddy suck. The Steelers won so it can’t be that. Did your fantasy football team suck? I know how that pisses you off.”

I cracked a smile. “My fantasy football team rocks!”

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