I Fucked the Maid of Honour

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I fucked my wife this morning. As a matter of fact, I fucked her twice since yesterday.

So, big deal, you think. Probably close to a billion people fucked each other in the last 24 hours!

You are probably right, but in my case, I can count on one hand the number of times that my wife and I have fucked this year. It wasn’t always like this, but after almost 30 years of wedded bliss, we have drifted to somewhere between a civil union and being downright antagonistic to each other.

The first time I remember setting my eyes on her, we were at a summer camp together and she was at a dining room table across the room, standing by a table leaning on the back of a chair. Her long dark hair fell across her shoulders and cascaded down her back. She jutted her chest out as she shook her head and arranged her hair behind her shoulders.

Her chest…..or rather, her well developed teenage boobs, stretched the taunt sweater fabric so tight that her white bra changed the dark blue colour of her top to a lighter shade as the top stretched across her globes. She was wearing some of those polyester pants that matched her top. Her round ass filled the pants out and the crotch was tight across her pussy, but I could hardly make out the lines of her girl parts from across the room. What I did know was the feeling welling up in my groin was a deep, deep desire to fuck this dear sweet young girl senseless.

It was a few years later that we wound up going to a private college together and as we sat in some classes together I couldn’t help but notice that my masturbation fantasy girl had developed into a full breasted woman and she wore these wrap around skirts that would hint at full woman thighs that went up and made a cunt out of themselves.

The only problem was that as all young boys know, there are girls, (the kind your mother warns you about that you desperately want every time you shut the lights out at night) and there are girls.(you know…Madonna’s come to haunt you). Well as luck would have it, this girl of my dreams was “Madonna”.

This being said, I want you readers to know that I did get her, but it was the most frustrating time before the wedding. She was saving herself!

I did get a good handful of clothed ass on a regular basis, and we did do some dry humping, (my idea for sure) and I did get to explore and taste those fine globes of flesh on her chest on the months leading up to the wedding, but she wouldn’t let me in her pants until after the big day.

I can’t tell how many times my hot cum spurted out in my underwear and ran in my pants. Sometimes when I left her at night I could smell my man cream wafting up as my cock and balls lay in the pool of drying cum.

Our wedding was a small family affair and all the way through the ” I do’s” and the well wishes all I could think about was fucking my bride. I just about creamed myself when I took her garter off and saw her panty triangle for the first time. After the polite goodbyes we left and went to our honeymoon hotel. It was nothing special, but my wife had this frilly virginal white dress for her going away get up, complete with slip and white pant-hose, shoes, flowers and everything else.

When we got to the room with our stuff, and had rid ourselves of the busman, I locked the door and went over to my bride and kissed her and as I did, I pushed her towards the bed and fell on top of her. She lay there very still as I mauled her familiar big soft boobs, and I reached under her frilly dress and struggled to remove her underclothes.

I stood up and raised her dress to her waist and finally looked at her covered pussy. She had white panty-hose over white panties covering her treasured parts. I remember looking at her pussy lips squished tight in the underwear and her thick untrimmed pussy hair pressed flat all over her cunt. God, I wanted her. I grabbed her undergarments and pulled them off her while lifting her ass up at the same time. I didn’t even get them all the way off her. They clung flimsily to her ankles while I shucked my clothes off and they landed on the floor at my feet. I dove between her legs, forcing her ass up in the air to meet my rigid cock. I grabbed it with my excitedly nervous hand and placed my cock-head in the furrow at the entrance to her cunt. I plunged into her depths, and waited to hear her scream in pain, but nothing happened. As a matter of fact, her cunt didn’t feel that tight, it wasn’t hot like other pussys I had fucked, and what was really a piss off is that she just laid there. I couldn’t feel any cunt muscles pulsing on my cock and she was rather sloppy loose.

While these things didn’t add up to a virginal bride, there was no stopping the moment Escort bayan as I pounded my fuck-meat into her. It didn’t take long for my boiling balls to burst upwards and shoot the man seed into her. At last the deed was done, and I’d had her. It felt good, but was a bit of a let down compared to my expectations.

It took months for me to make her cum. She didn’t even know she could. I used to play with her boobs and pussy, and then kiss her all over and finally got down and ate her out. She thought it was so gross. I did find her orgasm though, and just like every other female in the world, it was connected to her clit, and her clit was in the centre of her pussy.

The first time she erupted into an orgasm her whole world shook. She really lurched and trembled all over. It was such a long time finding her cum, but in the end with practice, she got better at finding it. Unfortunately, she has never cum while fucking, and in a wicked sort of way, only gets off while being eaten out. I don’t mind this because I love eating pussy, and have gotten really good at it.

I remember the first time she sucked me off. It was the middle of the night and I was fast asleep and into my dream came a searing pain around my dick. God it hurt, and as I awoke I saw her head bobbing up and down on my cock in the darkness. I tried to concentrate on the up and down rhythm and make myself cum, but the feeling of teeth scraping my member made it like fucking a chainsaw. I was so happy when I blasted my load into her mouth. She ran from the bed and spit it in the toilet.

We settled into our married life and I found myself living in a fantasy world for sexual fulfillment. Within a few years we started a family and the sex life came crashing to a halt. The addition of 100 lbs, baby breast sucking and gravity pretty well completed the picture. So you see, getting to fuck twice in one day at this stage, is somewhat of an accomplishment!

About this time, my horny brother decided to get married. With his cock in one hand he handcuffed himself to the first pussy that said yes. She was beautiful from a distance, but as you got close to her you could tell she was carved out of wood, with a face of stone and as my brother soon found out, a deep freeze for a pussy.

The wedding plans soon overtook the whole family and I was asked to stand up for him and be his best man. I figured that it was the least I could do and started to organize all the little details for him. As the wedding time drew near there were the usual family meetings and the parties, the stag, the bridal showers and finally the wedding rehearsal. I had paid very little attention to any other participants until then, but found myself paired up with this little “pixie” of a maid of honour. It looked quite humorous. I was over 6′ tall and very muscular and at the time around 200 lbs. She was about 4′ 8″ and wouldn’t weigh 100 lbs dripping wet. I could quite easily put her in my pocket so that she didn’t get lost.

Her small stature was lost it her miniature beauty. She had the cutest little face with chipmunk cheeks and soft blue eyes with the longest lashes that I had ever seen. Her little button nose crinkled up when she laughed and her little ears were so delicate and pretty. Her hair was soft and fine and cut in a little pixie cut, which only added to her little caricature. Her softly tanned skin on her face, neck and arms was beautiful and seemed to glow as she moved around the room with exuberance and energy. Her little body was exactly proportioned to her size with breasts that threatened to tip her forward and a beautiful ass that magnetically drew your gaze as she seemed to glide over the floor. She wore a short skirt that went down to her knees because of her stature, but it hugged her form and accentuated the little ass wiggle she had when she walked. Her tiny feet were perfect and she wore these dainty high heels that caused her leg muscles to flex when she walked and affected her posture in such a way as to highlight her ass cheeks and cause her tiny breasts to jut out as far as they could. Little points on her breasts were just visible through her blouse and her cleavage seemed to plunge into fantasy land even though she was so tiny.

We practiced our entrance and form and went over all the routines in preparation for my brother’s big day. I was happy to have good reason to be in close proximity to this little charming lady and I let my thoughts run wild. My attention and flirting was observed by my charming wife, but what harm could it cause and at this point who would care. In 24 hours, it would all be over, and all I would have would be my lascivious thoughts.

I don’t want to bore you with Bayan Escort all the details of the next day, but these are the things that I remember about that day.

As the groomsman watched the procession of ladies march down the isle, I lost sight of the main reason for this event and was transfixed on the little pixie, who was supposed to be the forerunner to the main event. She floated down the isle on a cloud of rose petals. Her hair was high on her head, adding every possible inch to her tiny frame. There were flowers woven into her locks and babies breathe danced on her forehead as she took her steps. Her golden tanned arms and shoulders were bare in the sleeveless dress and her soft round boobs swelled the material and strained at the spaghetti straps that would not lie flat and pressed in on her shoulders and crossed her back to where they were fastened on the back of the dress. Her back was bare and the dress was full as it flowed to the floor. The brim of the dress was stiffened with wire and just he tips of her open toed shoes appeared as she seemed to float up the aisle.

She took my arm at the front and I let her lean her slight weight on me as I guided her to her place.

I took my position and turned to look up the aisle, but I was distracted by this beautiful pixie that obliterated my view.

The rest of the day, and evening that followed are a bit of a blur, but after the party that was held at a downtown hotel, my brother asked me to go down to his car and take his stuff up to the honeymoon suite. The new couple was going to get in the limo and do the going away thing and return to the hotel through the underground parking lot.

I followed his wishes and at the last moment his bride said that the little pixie should take her stuff up to their suite at the same time. I was half annoyed and half mesmerized by the thought of having the pixie alone for a few moments. The half that was mesmerized was getting long and very stiff. The part that was annoyed was the part that knew I was going to have to carry the bride’s shit as well as the groom’s. The little pixie could hardly carry her clutch purse and hold her dress up high enough that she didn’t step on the frilly hem. The wedding champagne had flushed her little cheeks, and the sparkles from her face make-up, glittered as we walked down the corridor under the lights. Her blue eyes were like little candle flames fluttering as she giggled and talked continuously.

We collected the bags from the cars, and I felt extremely lucky to find that they were just 2 overnight bags which I easily handled. The pixie leaned on my arm as we took the elevator up to one of the top floors. We got to the suite and I opened the door. It was gorgeous inside. It opened into a sitting room with lounging couches and a table set with crystal and silver. A bottle of bubbly was sitting on ice. Off to the side was the bed chamber. The bed was pulled and fine chocolates lay on the rose petal covered pillows. From the darkened room we looked out over the skyline that danced with all the night lights, casting a glow in the room.

I looked around and found a closet to place the bags, by the bath. The bath had a lounge area, with a bath large enough for two, and more fixtures then most people could use in a life time. We stood there gazing on all the luxurious surroundings, and I shuffled as if to leave when Miss Pixie announces with a bit of a slur, “I’ve got to pee”

I looked at her and motioned to the bath and suggested that she make herself comfortable. The couple would be a few moments and we would be long gone before they returned….besides, I had the key.

She agreed readily, but explained that she needed assistance. She asked if I could unzip her dress, as she could not use the bathroom with and hold the dress up at the same time. My cock lept in my pants. I helped her off with her dress, and laid it carefully on the bed. She went off to the bathroom, but not before I saw her full pert breasts, with her rosy nipples erect and pointing straight out. She had a frilly garter holding her white stockings in place and the sheerest little bikini panty hugging the cutest pussy lips I had ever laid eyes on. When she turned to walk into the bath, I saw the panties were wedged in her crack and her ass cheeks were splayed slightly and wiggled oh so little as she rounded the corner away from my gaze. Her beautiful tan covered her whole body, except for the whiter nipple area of her tits.

My cock was at full mast and I was nervously twitching inside as I pondered the consequences of my desires. My dick head won out. I figured that if I died and had not taken advantage of this situation a life would have Escort been wasted.

I removed my jacket and slipped the suspenders off my shoulders. The trousers slipped down and I stepped out of them. My underwear was damp and the scent of precum was rank as I caught the scent of my desire wafting up into my nostrils. I tiptoed to the door of the bath and looked in around the corner. There was the pixie, soon to be mine, twisting her panties between her fingers where they rested on her knees. She looked up at me through her glassy eyes, while I stoked my hardened cock with my hand. A little drool was in the corner of her mouth. I came right up to her and she stretched out her head while she sat there and kissed the head of my cock. She sucked gently on the head and flicked her tongue across my pee hole quickly. I could feel my toes trying to curl as the sensations radiated out from my cock. Her little hand stroked my member firmly, drawing the taught cock skin back while she teased my dick head. Her tongue danced under my cock head and she took her other hand with the manicured long nails and gently scratched my balls. I could feel them rolling back and forth in my love sac as my cock stretched out and swelled to a size that I had forgotten from my youth. I looked at her beautiful little face, her cheeks slightly hollow as she sucked so softly and then played with my cock by directing it into her cheek. I could see the outline of the swelling as she nipped at the flesh.

I placed my hands on her face and pulled out of her mouth. My cock sprang back and popped up and bounced against my stomach. I hadn’t felt such strength in my cock for so long.

I reached down and stroked her soft boobs as I placed my hands under her arms. She looked into my eyes. I started to lift her up towards me and she sort of leapt up to me. Her panties fell to the ground and she locked her stocking clad legs around my waist. Her hands moved behind my neck and I slipped my hands under her firm ass cheeks and pulled them apart as I lowered her down till my cock slid in between her pussy lips and furrowed its way up separating the cutest little hairless puffy lips you could imagine.

I lifted her up slightly and nestled into her and my cock found the little entrance to her love tunnel. As I eased her down, her eyes closed and she exhaled her sweet breath into my face. My cock skin stretched back and I could feel my cock head reaching up, way up as it swelled to fill her completely. I shivered as her velvet passage rubbed the sensitive end of my dick. I felt her sliding down slowly and wondered if she would be able to take me completely. As soon as she bottomed on me she seemed to bounce up slightly. I supported her by holding her ass cheeks all helping her slide upwards….then release and she impaled herself on me again and again.

It didn’t take very long until I felt her stiffen and her legs became rigid and her breathing quickened. I could hardly hold on and felt like I was losing my balance as the sensations in my cock started to build. I twisted slightly and set her on the counter, and then let her relax while I began to thrust. Her inner cunt lips stretched and seemed to hang on to my cock as I moved in and out slowly picking up the pace. She shuddered continually with each stroke and then it hit her and she couldn’t stop shuddering. I thought she was going to stop breathing.

My cum started to swell up from the depths and boiled over into her as she kept squeezing me with her legs. I held on to her as I buried it deep and waited for all the cum to pour into her. As I withdrew, her cunt lips squeezed my cock and sealed every drop inside. My cock barely glistened from the juices we shared, but for the first time I noticed the glitter bits from hr makeup was glittering all over her tits and pussy lips, and now I could see glitter on my cock and in little circles on my shirt where she had rested her boobs.

I looked down at my cock and as I held it tight, I saw the smallest droplet of cum on my peephole. I knelt down and kiss her pussy and ran my tongue over those sweet puffy lips, but they had sealed the sex juice inside and she was locked tight, but oh so sweet. I reached for her panties and helped her put them in place. As she pulled them up she spread her lips and pulled them tight into her ass. She looked so perfect and dainty as we scurried around and dressed with out saying a word. I helped her tuck her boobs back into her dress and zipped her tight. I pulled my pants on and pulled the suspenders up tight. We tidied the bathroom and placed everything back as best we could and hurried back downstairs to wish the lucky couple the best. When we stepped off the elevator, she grabbed my arm for support and we walked back to where the guests were just gathering their things.

I handed my brother the keys to his room and pondered over what had just happened. The best man had just fucked the maid of honour….in the honeymoon suite.

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