I Call on Barbara

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Big Tits

Barbara is a divorced woman whose children have grown up and moved away so she lives by herself in a house on a secluded ocean cove north of town. On sunny days she enjoys sunbathing nude on the small beach outside her door. Barbara is completely self-sufficient and can take care of herself, except she enjoys making love with me, and we get together now and then.

I was expected and Barbara answered the door wearing a bathrobe. She hugged me and kissed me affectionately and told me how glad she was to see me. I could tell she was naked under the robe and seconds later even the robe was gone so I removed my clothes and we walked, arm-in-arm, naked, out to the beach. We would do our love-making where she had been sunbathing, and we would be making love. I love all the women I have sex with, not in a romantic way, but in a caring, sharing way.

She lay down on the blanket and I lay down beside her. Barbara is a beautiful woman, who looks younger than she is. Her breasts are large and firm with nipples that are big and sensitive. Her ass is a joy to see and a greater joy to fondle and caress, round and curvy and creamy-white with soft, unblemished skin. To see Barbara is to know she is a woman, and she could never be mistaken for a fashion model. I began kissing and licking her ample titties. “Mmmm,” she murmured, enjoying the sensation. I sucked one luscious globe into my mouth and began running my tongue around the coral areola and then across the erect nipple. Barbara murmured more loudly; he is a vocal woman who lets me know when she likes what I am doing, and she liked this.

I shifted my weight and gently held one breast in either hand and then switched back and forth between these beauties, licking and sucking, and gently kneading the precious flesh. Barbara’s eyes were closed and a blissful smile was on her face. She loved what I was doing; I loved what I was doing and I loved her loving it. I could smell the fragrance of her pussy juices as they lubricated her love hole. Soon I would be feasting on those juices but for the time being, all my attention was on these gorgeous titties. I continued sucking and licking, even licking the channel between them, with Barbara’s twin beauties pressed against either side of my face. I knew that when she was ready, she would direct me to go lower on her body.

She was ready. Barbara pushed firmly on my head, urging me on. I licked my way down her soft belly, on my way to her fragrant, waiting pussy. When I got close, I moved around until I was kneeling between her outspread legs. On my way there I picked up the pillow that had been lying unused, and slid it under her hips, presenting her pussy to me as on a platter. I first rewarded myself by licking up the delicious juices that had tantalized me earlier. Barbara moaned, wriggled her pussy delightedly and reminded me of my finger.

Barbara likes me to finger fuck her ass while I am feasting on her pussy. I and my finger like it also so everybody is happy. I lubricated my finger with my saliva and began inserting it into Barbara’s rosebud. She reached under herself and spread her delectable asscheeks to allow easier access. My finger squeezed Escort bayan in all the way. Barbara sighed and told me how good it felt and I moved my finger in and out a few strokes, just to make it feel even better.

My tongue went once again into her love hole and I licked up the delicious juices that her pussy had produced while I had been plugging her ass, and then I squeezed my tongue in as far as I could. Barbara told me to put it in all the way, and I did. Both holes were plugged, her ass with my finger, which continued to fuck in and out, and her pussy with my tongue. I don’t know if Barbara has a G-Spot or not; I had never tried to find it because I really love eating her delectable pussy and she loves it too. Neither of us was in a hurry for her to cum. The destination, when we reached it, would be marvelous but the trip was so delightful that we both wanted to prolong it.

With my lips I nibbled on her outer labia, occasionally dragging my tongue across the inner lips. I switched from one side to another, heading for her clit but in no hurry to get there. Barbara was urging me to suck on her clit. I would, soon, but the rest of her pussy needed some attention first. I completed licking and nibbling both inner and outer lips and then took her clit in my mouth. I began sucking on that adorable love button, softly at first, then with a bit more pressure. My finger was still slowly fucking her ass and Barbara wanted me to pick up the speed a little. I complied and continued sucking on her clit with a firm and steady pressure while my tongue was massaging everything that was in my mouth. Barbara was loving what I was doing and she was begging me not to stop. Why should I stop? Everything was almost perfect for both of us.

Everything got even closer to perfect when Barbara started cumming in her gentle way. The muscles in her inner thighs flexed, causing her legs to rotate outward slightly. This raised her pussy and her ass a bit, and the motion of her ass, with my finger fucking it vigorously, sent pleasure spasms through her body. I could feel her pussy trembling and I smelled a sudden surge of fragrant juice. Barbara’s juices are all delicious but the most delicious are the ones from her pussy when she is cumming, especially when they are licked up within seconds of the time she produces them. As wonderful as her clit felt in my mouth I released it to be sure not to waste any of her fresh nectar. Barbara confirmed what I already knew when she told me in an ecstatic voice that she was cumming.

Barbara cums gently and she cums for a long time. Her ass continued to twitch around my finger; her pussy continued to tremble; she continued to sigh and tell me she was cumming and, best of all, her love hole continued to produce those heavenly cum juices. I made sure none of the juices went to waste and I continued to lick her pussy, and suck her clit until she stopped cumming. Barbara lay on her back with a blissful smile on her face. I probably had the same kind of smile because Barbara’s pussy is one of the best I have ever eaten. I eased my finger from her ass and moved up to cuddle with her on the blanket and we lay Bayan Escort contentedly together.

After a few minutes of languor, Barbara suggested a quick dip in the ocean. I was all for that idea because we were both hot and sweaty. We stumbled across the sandy beach and into the water together where we paddled around and splashed each other like kids. I made certain to wash off the finger that had been in her ass and I helped her wash off her ass. I knew we had more wonderful love-making to do and her ass was going to be inches from my nose in a few minutes. As we waded back to the shore Barbara stopped me and dropped to her knees. She took my cock in her mouth for a few strokes but I knew this was just a lover’s kiss because she wouldn’t seriously suck my cock until we were in the 69 position on the blanket.

I lay on my back with the pillow under my head. Barbara knelt in front of me and began to lick my crotch and balls. I keep those areas clean-shaven because they are more sensitive when I shave them, and they are more fun for women to lick if they are not covered in hair. My legs were on Barbara’s shoulders and she was vigorously licking. Then she took my balls into her mouth, one at a time, and massaged them gently against her cheeks. As she did this my cock, stiff and ready, was bumping against her nose. She came around to kneel, straddling my chest, took my cock in her hand and moved forward to take it into her mouth.

Barbara took the tip of my cock inside her lips and licked the head and the ridge under the head. She slowly sucked my cock into her mouth as she lowered her head, caressing the shaft with her tongue. After her lips reached my pubic hair, she slowly raised her head, withdrawing from my cock, until just the head was engulfed. She repeated these slow strokes while straightening out her legs and moving her pussy toward my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her beautiful thighs and spread her asscheeks with my hands. From this angle I could only fondle her rosebud and put my middle finger in to the first knuckle. Barbara did not have this problem. She penetrated my ass with the entire middle finger of her right hand and began slowly finger fucking me with it. The feeling was indescribably good.

Barbara established a rhythm, fucking my ass with her finger at the same rate as she was stroking my cock with her lips and her tongue. I matched her speed, thrusting my tongue against her pussy, alternating between her clit, her pussy lips, and especially her adorable love hole to lick up all the juices she was producing. My fingers were limited to fondling her lovely ass and the area around it. There are two reasons I love it when Barbara sucks my cock. One, she really likes doing it, and it gives me pleasure to see her enjoy herself. Two, she was very, very good at it and it was an incredible pleasure for me to have her suck me off.

I felt like I was in Paradise. I could hear the gentle waves washing onto the beach. I could feel Barbara’s finger fucking my ass and massaging my prostate with every stroke. Some people, including myself, describe the prostate as the male clit. Barbara’s mouth was sucking Escort in my cock on every slow downstroke, her lips were applying perfect pressure on my shaft, and her tongue was caressing my cock inside her mouth. But the best was her gorgeous pussy, with its fragrant and delicious juices and its throbbing clit. I sucked and licked and kissed everything I could reach with my tongue and lips, including thrusting my tongue as deep as it would go into her love hole. We went on like this for a long time, pleasuring ourselves and each other, in perfect harmony.

I could feel my climax building. I told Barbara I was getting ready to cum and she murmured her understanding, and told me she was ready too. This was the first time we had spoken since coming out of the water. Usually when I 69 I want to cum first and I have memories of tooth marks on my cock when that didn’t happen. But Barbara cums so gently and her cumming lasts so long that I always like to have us cum together. She quickened her sucking stroke and tightened her lips on my cock. I rewarded myself by licking up her pussy juice and then concentrated my attentions on her swollen clit.

As I sucked and licked on Barbara’s love button I saw her thigh muscles start to flex again. Her pussy began to tremble and pressed closer against my face. She was cumming so she began fucking my ass faster with her finger and her mouth moved faster on my cock, sucking it in and out with greater vigor. Her lips still went all the way to my pubic hair, and then her head rose so only the tip was still in her mouth. Barbara’s love hole was so fragrant with her fresh cum juices that I had to lick it out quickly and then return my attention to her clit. The last dollop of fresh nectar was so erotically delicious that it sent me over the top. My cock began throbbing, ready to let loose with a big load of my own juices. Barbara’s tongue felt the motion of my cock and she stopped sucking and held my shaft halfway in her mouth. Her tongue was ready to catch my cum so she could get the full taste, and her lips were tight around my cock so none would run out. Barbara loves to eat my juices as much as I love to eat hers.

I pumped a big load of ejaculate into Barbara’s mouth and the spurting of my cum triggered a new gush of nectar from her love hole, and I was quick to lick it up. She milked my cock to get all of the juices out, and then held me, lovingly in her mouth. Her pussy had stopped trembling; her thigh muscles were no longer flexing and her pussy had stopped secreting juices. We had both finished cumming. Barbara moved her finger from my ass and we lay quietly, her on top, my cock still held loosely in her mouth and my eyes gazing on her beautiful pussy.

It had been a sunny afternoon when I arrived at Barbara’s home but now it was a cool evening. We walked back to her house, arm-in-arm again and showered together, scrubbing each other’s backs and genitals. Her beautiful, naked body in the shower with me caused certain stirrings but I suppressed them. I knew our love-making was over until the next time she called me.

* * * * *

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whatever you think of it, I always appreciate knowing. Please vote and send feedback, either emailed to me or public comments after the story. Such feedback helps me to write more and better and I always answer any emails or PC.

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