Hurricane Party

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I was bone tired, filthy dirty, hungry and thirsty. Four hours of slinging sand bags in the rain will do that to you. I wiped the water from my eyes for the millionth time and looked around. The guy who had been working next to me for the last hour or two was slumped on the ground. I sank down beside him. He had about worked me to death handing me bags for me to place. I looked down the wall of the school building. We were done. All the doors had sand bags up about two feet in front of them. The wind was starting to pick up a little. I stood and tapped the guy on the shoulder and saw his head lift. I stuck my hand down and he grabbed it. I pulled him up. I hadn’t realized he was so short. I leaned over and yelled, “We need to find shelter, I don’t even know where we are. Do you?”

He nodded and started off to our left pulling me along. I saw the truck I had come with pass us heading down the street. The rain jacket the guy ahead of me was wearing was really flapping and snapping from the wind now, My rain parka had long since ripped to shreds and been discarded. I was led to a large house. The windows were covered with plywood and it looked ready for anything.

He pulled at the door but the wind was against the large door and he only got it open a little ways. I grabbed it and held it while he slipped in, then I followed him in. The wind slammed the door shut. My buddy had disappeared and I leaned against the door dripping on the floor.

A pretty young woman stuck her head around the corner and beckoned me. I followed her and she led me to a bath room. She said, “Wait.” She was back in a minute with a large towel and a terry robe. She said, ” hurry and shower before the power goes off. Hand me your clothes out the door and I’ll see if we have time to wash and dry them before we loose power.” I said, “Thanks. You are a jewel.” She grinned at me and shut the door.”

The hot shower felt great. The mud ran off in streams at first but cleared pretty fast. I had a quick scrub and was out of the shower so I wouldn’t use it all up or get caught all soaped up with the power off and no water. The robe was a little small for me but felt great.

I opened the door to the bathroom and looked both ways. No sign of life either way. I decided to try the way I thought I had entered from. I walked down the hall and finally heard voices. I entered a kitchen and it was empty. I heard the voices from a door and looked out into a garage. Several people were looking at something on the floor. I walked over and looked too. They were looking at a portable generator. They were trying to figure out how to start it up. I said, “Can I help. I have had several of those over the years and I might be able to get it going.” Four women looked at me and smiled. “Be our guest.” I stooped and checked it out. It was full of what appeared to be fresh gas. I found a switch labeled ON-OFF and put it to ON. I reached under the gas tank and found the fuel shut off lever and turned it on. I pushed the choke lever on and grabbed the starter cord and put my foot on a wheel and gave a hard pull. Nothing! I tried again. Nothing! I looked at it again and found the spark plug wire off. I put it on and pulled on the cord again. This time I was rewarded with a pop and a short run. I turned the choke off and pulled again. The generator roared to life. I looked at all the ladies and took a short bow. I let it run a few minutes then shut it off.

I looked at them again. “You can’t run it inside here. When you need it you will have to put it out side some where.” I followed them into the kitchen and got my first good look at them. They were all very lovely. The youngest was the girl who showed me the bathroom. She grinned and said “Thanks Major Thomas Sanchez, we would never have figured it out.”

“Hey! How do you know my name?”

She grinned, “I took your billfold out of your pants and it was very wet so I spread every thing out to dry.”

“Thank you very much. I am not really a Major anymore though. I was just retired.”

“What happened?”

“They have no use for one eyed pilots. So I’m out of work. I have a question. How is the guy I was working with. He about wore me out.”

“That was Jane, right here.” She put her hand on a very attractive lady standing next to her. She smiled at me and laughed. “I am the guy, and you were really great. You did work me into the ground. If you hadn’t lifted me I would still be sitting out there. And we know what you are talking about, we are all Marine wives, or were. We are two wives and two widows.”

What could I say except, “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

“There is nothing to forgive you for. You didn’t do any wrong.”

A gust of wind rattled the whole house it seemed.

I looked at them, “How far is it to the School Transportation Office from here? “

Jane smiled, “Too far. You can’t walk it. I would be afraid to drive now, so you are going to have to ride it out with us.”

I smiled at them and said, “Ladies, I can’t think beyoğlu escort of a more delightful and beautiful group to ride out a hurricane with. I have met Jane. So Jane you have to introduce me to the other ladies.”

Jane grinned and put her hand on the shoulder of the oldest woman, “this is my Aunt Mary. She owns the house. Next to her is her daughter Francis, and this girl is her youngest daughter Sarah.” Francis and I are the widows. So keep your hands off the other two.” She giggled, “I didn’t mean you could put your hands on us.”

I grinned right back, “Shucks! I thought that was an open invitation, now I am not sure where to put my hands, maybe I better just sit on them.”

The lights went off, then came right back on. I said, “If you have a flash light and oil lamps or candles, this would be a good time to get them ready.”

The house shook with another gust and the wind noise got louder.

“Have you weathered Hurricanes here before? Do you remember where the generator was put to run?”

Mary said her husband put it on the screened porch. She led me to a door and pointed out the little window. Rain was pelting that side of the house. It didn’t look like a good spot during this storm. I told them that I thought that we would leave it in the garage for now. We could open the door a little and run it with out getting drowned while starting it up. Mary told me her husband had a special cord he made to plug into the house where the clothes drier plugged in. Then he had the circuits breakers that had to be shut off painted red. That left lights, hot water and the refrigerator and TV working. The microwave would still work as would one small burner on the stove.

I told them that It sounded good to me.

We sat in the family room. There were lots of Marine Corps mementos and pictures there. Jane sat beside me on the couch. She asked me what my plans were now that I was a civilian.

“I don’t really have any plans. I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I guess I will go back to North Central Florida. I was born there and own property there that I inherited from my parents. I have a huge farm there I know nothing about how to run. I went to the Naval Academy right out of high school. I have never had a job except as a Marine fighter pilot, and like I said, I can’t do that anymore. I am really sort of at a loss, I don’t know what to do.”

Mary asked, “Where is your farm in Florida? I went to the University of Florida in Gainesville.”

“Have you ever heard of a little town called Fort McCoy?

“Let me think, is it north east of Ocala about fifteen or twenty miles? I had a very good friend at college who was from there. I went there with her several times. Her name was Francis Baker.”

I grinned, “That was my Mother.”

“You are Frannie’s son? I lost track of her twenty five years ago, a couple years after you were born I think. I can’t believe this. You said your parents are dead?”

“Yes they were killed in a car crash when I was twelve years old. My grandparents took me in. They were great.”

“I remember Frannie’s parents, Fred and Sandra, I think.”

“That’s right, they are both gone too now.”

Mary started crying, “I just can’t believe you are Frannie’s son. You are almost family.” She looked at me and said “I here by pronounce you a full member of the extended Johnson family.

“Thank you very, very much, Aunt Mary, if I may call you that.”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

The wind was howling louder now. I said, “Someone should check the windows now and see they aren’t leaking or anything. We want to do that every now and then.”

A really strong blast shook the house again. Francis and Sarah got up and went to check the windows. There was a loud crash from up stairs and I took off running. I went upstairs and could feel the wind rushing down the hall from my left. I ran that way and saw the two women struggling to close a door. I put my shoulder to the door and we got it closed. I saw there was no real bolt on the door. I ran down the stairs leaving them to hold a chair back under the door knob.

“Aunt Mary, I need a hammer and some nails and a board of some kind if you have one, the door up there blew open and it may happen again.” I followed her out to the garage and saw a 2×4 against the wall. Mary handed me a hammer and a bunch of nails. I ran back up the stairs and braced the door with the 2×4. A few nails held every thing in place. We checked the rest of the rooms and went back down stairs.

I was the last one in the family room after I took a quick turn around the ground floor checking the windows. I smiled and told them every thing looked good for now.

They all smiled at me. Jane giggled a little bit and I noticed they were all looking at my groin area. I looked down and saw I had lost the belt to the robe and I was in full display for the four women. I snatched the robe shut and looked up at all of them grinning at me.

Sarah laughed and sarıyer escort said, “Tom, you might as well let it all hang out, we have all checked it out now. I for one am very impressed.”

Jane winked at me and said, “Me too! Wow!.”

Mary laughed and said, “You better cover it up Tom, with four horny girls in here with you.”

“Ladies, please forgive me, I am not really a flasher, I didn’t realize it was open. Please believe me. I guess I had better find something else to wear. Are my clothes wearable yet?”

“We are going to have to take a vote on that. How many want to let him get something else to wear?” said Francis. “I don’t see any votes in favor, all against raise your hands.”

I grinned and raised my hand with the other four. Suddenly the damned robe seemed to be smaller and I couldn’t seem to keep it closed. Part of the problem was that with all the girls looking at me I was getting aroused.

I looked at them, “Please could some one get me a towel or something.” All of them including Mary were staring at my problem now and no one moved. He was fully erect now. I said, “The hell with it.” I let go of the robe and stood up. All ten inches stood straight out. Jane reached out and pushed down on it a little and then let go. It flopped up and slapped my belly. I covered my face and pretended to cry, “I feel so used and exploited.” That got a good chuckle. I sat back down and crossed my legs. It didn’t work well but I felt better.

Jane got up and came back with a large beach towel. She looked at me and said, “Please don’t be angry with us. We just couldn’t believe the size of that thing. I don’t know about the rest of the girls but it was by far the biggest I have ever seen, I didn’t even know they got that big. Don’t you hurt girls with that monster?”

“I have yet to have a single complaint. Not that too many ladies have tried it. Tonight has doubled the number of women who have even seen it.”

Francis said, “I know this is terrible of me to ask, but can we see him again?” Every one of them nodded. I stood and let the robe drop to the floor. They all move in closer to me. They were only about a foot away. The wind shook the house and they didn’t notice. Sarah looked at her mother, “Can I touch it?” Mary looked up at me. I nodded. Sarah put her little hand out and grasped him around the middle. She put her other hand on him too. She touched him, gently sliding the length of him. A drop of clear fluid came from the slit in the head. She put her finger on the drop and drew a string of precum to her lips and licked it in. She looked up and smiled. I smiled back. Her mother put her hand on him next. She was still a beautiful woman and she looked in my eyes as she softly stroked him. She leaned forward and brushed her lips across the head. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take before I shot my load. Francis slipped her hands down the shaft and moaned and squeezed harder and then pulled away. Then Jane moved closer. I watched as she licked her lips and looked up at me without a smile. She looked at him very, very closely, only touching him with only the tips of two fingers. She rubbed him against her soft cheek. I moaned as she ran her fingers lightly up and down, “I am going to cum, look out.” I stiffened and groaned. I felt her lips close around the shaft just below the head and he erupted. Spurt after spurt of cum filled her mouth. I hadn’t cum in weeks and I was carrying a load. Her cheeks were swollen out until she swallowed. A trickle ran down from her lips. Francis leaned over and licked it off.

I stepped back and looked at them as I sat down. “Thank you ladies, I needed that.”

“No, Tom, we needed that. And we really thank you. That is a magnificent hunk of meat you have there. I think we all love it.” said Mary. The wind was really roaring now. The women all looked concerned. Windows rattled and banged even though they were covered by plywood. The lights flickered and went out. We sat in darkness for several minutes until a match flared and a candle was lit. Mary lit another candle and smiled at me. “Are you still here? I thought one of us would have dragged you off to her room by now”

“Well if no one else will do it I will. Please come with me young man. That is, if you want to.” I followed her to her bedroom. She may have been as old as my mother but all I could see was a beautiful woman with lovely face and the figure of a thirty year old. I was horny and I wanted her. She shut her door and lifted her blouse over her head. Her beasts were firm and still delicious. She pulled her jeans down and her panties with them . She was still slim and trim. She lay back on the bed and I joined her. The wind howled out side but we paid it no mind. I kissed her lips and caressed her body. Her breasts were fabulous, firm, taught and her nipples were pointing at the sky. I had to taste them. They responded to my caresses and she moaned as I placed my mouth over them. They were like warm rubber. I flipped them with my tongue. She moaned and maslak escort writhed on the bed. I rolled on top of her and slipped down between her wide spread legs. There was no light in the room so I felt my way to her pussy. It was wide open for me. I kissed around the vulva and found her inner lips and sucked them into my mouth. She was screaming quite loud by now. I licked her clit and slurped up her juices. She screamed for me to fuck her so I rubbed my cock in her juices and pressed him against the opening to her love canal. I slipped right into her hot wet pussy. She tightened her pussy around my cock and drove me up the wall. God she was good. I thrust in and out as fast as I could. She was pulling me tighter and clawing at my back. She wanted more than I had to give. I erupted in a rush of feelings. I loved to please this woman. My cock emptied it’s self in her pussy. We lay quiet for a few minutes. She snuggled against me. “Thank you Tom. That was wonderful, in case you are wondering, I have my husbands permission to do this if I get too horny. As long as it is pure sex and no love involved I can do as I need to. I do love you, you are a sweet young man. Let’s clean up and go face the girls.

We walked in the kitchen, Me with a towel wrapped around me. The girls looked at Mary. She grinned, “He is sweet and gentle, if you let him, he will fuck your brains out. Please do not miss this chance, He is the best you will ever have. I promise.”

There were sandwiches and some slaw on the table and we all pitched in. We had wine and beer. There was not much conversation. Mary had said everything.

We listened to the wind scream around the house. After about an hour Francis stood and took my hand and led me to the door. We went to her room and she pushed me down on the bed. She lay on top of me and kissed me. It was delightful. I was afraid my erection would scare her. She rolled off me and pulled the towel away. Her hands had no trouble finding my cock. She stroked him and kissed lightly along him. She finally could stand it no more and crawled over me and found my penis with her mouth. She licked him up and down. I twisted her around and pulled her up over my face. Her little pussy was dripping wet and burning hot. I explored it with my tongue and lapped happily away at her fluids. She was moaning loudly by now. She yelled my name over and over. I lifted her and slid her down over my body until I felt her pussy touch my rampant cock. Damn I was still hot and I thrust up into her hot cunt. I held her a little above me and shoved up into her as fast as my body would go. She screamed that she was climaxing and she jerked around and then trembled and screamed, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” She fell over me and lay still. I was drained myself. We lay listening to the rain slam into the house. The wind really screamed around the house now. I kissed her sweet lips and covered her with a sheet and went down to the kitchen. Three sets of eyes watched as I sat down. “She is fine, she is resting, she will be down in a bit.”

Sarah looked at me, “How are you feeling, given out yet?”

I grinned, “Not quite yet, Sweetheart, I would like to rest for a short time though.”

“Damn! Tommy, you could make a good living as a gigolo.”

“No! It has to be someone I really care about pleasing. I don’t think I could do it for money. No way.”

“That is so sweet, let me know when you’re recovered,” said Sarah. She got up and walked out of the room. Jane took my hand and looked in my eyes, “You don’t have to do me tonight if you don’t feel up to it.”

“Yes I do! I have been saving the best for last. I want you more than anything little girl. I have lusted after you all night. Ever since I found out you were not a guy. I want you to sleep with me tonight. I just want to feel you next to me after we make love, not have sex. Will you do that?”


I held her hand.

Sarah came back. She looked at me, “If you don’t mind I would just like to suck you off. I don’t feel right about fucking you. I can do it right here while cousin Jane and Aunt Mary watch. OK?” I looked at Jane, she nodded her approval. Sarah kneeled between my legs and took my cock in her hands and watched as he grew. She smiled up at me, “Am I making him do that?’

“Yes, Dear girl, you sure are.”

She rubbed her face all over him. She was gorgeous and very young and sweet. I was soon hard as a rock. She ran her tongue around the ridge below the head and had me gasping for air. I glanced at Jane, she was watching and smiling. Sarah took as much as she could of my cock in her mouth. She ran her tongue back and forth under the shaft as she withdrew. She did the same thing as she slipped down over him again. She had my full attention, She was good at this. She stopped at the top and worked the crown over with soft lip sucks and tongue swipes. Wow! I had to tell her I was almost ready. She looked up at me and grinned around my cock. Beautiful. That was all it took to push me over the edge. I shot copious amounts of my cum into her little mouth. She didn’t spill a drop. She turned and pressed her lips to Jane’s and passed my cum to her. She kissed us both and said good night and left. Aunt Mary said goodnight and left too.

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