Hump Day

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As my boss Vicki comes walking around the corner of the row of cubicles at five o’clock sharp, I feel my cock start to stir. Her blond hair is somewhat askew from her Wednesday afternoon run, and the glow in her cheeks and glistening skin resemble how she looked the first time I came in her sweet pussy three weeks ago. She saunters over to me and wraps her right hand around my swelling meat. I feel a surge of energy as she grabs me. Her thumb gently rubs the top of the tip for a moment as she fixates on my groin.

“Let’s go” she quietly orders, as she turns and starts walking towards her office with my naked body in tow. As we march back around the cubicle row I admire her strong thighs and think back to how this “hump day” tradition got started.

Like any other Wednesday, I stayed late at the office since I had a 6:30 bowling league that night. I always brought my team shirt and a pair of shorts to change into before I left. As a typical engineering firm, everyone was usually in by 7 am and out the door by 4 pm. That particular hump day was no different.

Vicki also had Wednesday night engagements most weeks, things like meetings at the Women’s Business Club and dinners at the Engineers Society. As owner of the company it was important for her to attend these types of functions to maintain contacts and generate business. The fact that her piercing blue eyes and great smile accentuated a very pretty face probably helped her in this role, but so did the fact that Vicki was a genuine sweetheart.

In fact, she was so nice that even her strong legs that I occasionally got a peek at didn’t cause me to think much of her sexually. As a married 40 year-old mother of three, her body was nice but not dazzling, and with her outdated wardrobe she could almost look a little frumpy at times. She never wore anything above the knee or showed much up top. Vicki almost blushed whenever someone talked about sex, and would always change the subject. It was generally agreed among the guys in the office that she only did it in the missionary position (and not very often at that) and wouldn’t suck cock.

She had just started running after work on Wednesdays now that winter was gone and there was more daylight. She had never returned to the office afterword though, so it never crossed my mind that she might that afternoon. I don’t leave until 6:15 for bowling, but I was ready to get out of my work clothes that afternoon. As five approached I went into the bathroom and removed my suit and dress socks to a hangar and realized I had left my bowling clothes on my desk. I thought I could just sneak the 50 feet to my desk and back to retrieve them without a problem.

I had almost reached my desk when I heard a loud gasp. There was Vicki, fresh from her run, standing at the end of the cubicle row. She had entered the office while I was disrobing and must have heard the bathroom door close when I walked out. I froze at the end of my desk, totally nude, and paralyzed with the thought that I was going to get fired on the spot. I wanted to say something, do something, but I just stood there naked as the day I was born. All I could do was look at her, slightly perspired and red-faced from her run, looking back at me.

Instead of turning away or covering her eyes or doing anything that I would have expected of her, Vicki started looking over my average 38 year-old body. I was stunned at her boldness as I watched her eyes nervously gaze over me and stop when they reached my tool. As she continued to stare I suddenly realized that I was well on my way to an erection. My dick snapped to attention like I was 18 again. She anxiously bit her lower lip and started to fidget a little.

I started to reach for my bowling shirt to cover myself up when she said “It’s been a long time since a man had that reaction as soon as he saw me”.

I had grabbed the shirt but stopped short. Did I hear that right? I looked at her, swallowed nervously, and stammered “W-What did you say?”

She smirked shyly and looked down at my prick, which was throbbing by now and almost hurt as it pointed right at her. “Is it…is it as hard as it looks?” she queried.

I blinked a couple of times as I looked at my aching penis, but didn’t answer. My brain was trying to process not only that I still had my job, but the fact that my boss was asking about my cock that I lustfully realized I wanted to put inside her.

I looked back at her face and examined it. Instead of the confident owner of a business, I saw someone different. Vicki looked a little nervous and a lot lonely. Her eyes showed a longing sensual desire that hadn’t been fulfilled in quite some time. It was obvious something was missing from her life, and judging by the way her hard nipples tried to push through her shirt, it wasn’t hard to figure out what that something was.

I still hadn’t answered though as my mind raced away, and she started to snap out of her trance a bit. She blushed and said “I’m sorry…” and began to slowly turn away.

It quickly dawned on me that the moment could be lost, and I blurted “I’ve Escort bayan never been so hard in my life.” She stopped, and turned back to face me. I continued after looking down, “I’ve never seen it so big before.”

Vicki’s face was blank, but her eyes revealed the conflict raging in her thoughts. She took a step towards me, and stopped. She looked back and forth between my engorged tool and the floor, trying to reach a decision. She unconsciously rubbed the front of her thighs with her hands, licked her dry lips, and blinked repeatedly.

I desperately wanted to say something to her, something to convince her that this was the right thing to do. Everything that jumped in my head sounded corny, and I couldn’t speak for fear of losing this chance of a lifetime. As the seconds passed I knew how much we wanted each other. She was unfulfilled at such a basic level and I wanted to be the one to bring her pleasure. I spoke what summed up all my thoughts at once.

“Please, I need you too”, I whispered.

I don’t know if that was what did it, but she began moving toward me. My heart nearly leapt out of my chest in excitement. Her eyes never left my rigid dick as she walked up next to me. Her hand reached out and slid along the bottom of my cock, sending a wave of excitement up my spine. She wrapped her slim fingers around it and gently squeezed, forcing a drop of precum out of my tip. With the index finger on her other hand she scooped up my tube lube and softly rubbed it on the top of the head. A breathed in loudly as my entire body quivered from the wonderful sensation.

I tilted her chin up towards my 6 foot 4 inch frame and kissed her soft lips. She quickly returned it and more while continuing to work my tip. Our tongues soon danced around each other as the pace of our embrace increased with each passing moment. She released my cock and slipped her arms around my neck, feverishly exploring my mouth. I slid my arms around her athletic waist and down her back to her firm ass, squeezing it while pulling her tightly against me. I soon used my hands to explore her toned body while we continued our passionate kissing. I rubbed her strong back, felt her soft blond hair in my fingers, and caressed her firm handful-sized breasts through her shirt. After a bit I moved one hand down her abdomen to the front of her shorts. As my hand slid inside Vicki parted her legs slightly in anticipation of my touch. I slipped my finger past a small patch of well-trimmed bush onto her clit and felt her nails dig into my neck and back as I began massaging it slowly. My finger quickly became wet with her juices and she cried “Yes!” over and over as I increased the pace of my flicking fingertip over her taut pleasure spot. I used my other hand to start pushing her shorts and panties down and eventually got them around her feet, where she quickly kicked them and her running shoes aside. By now her hand had returned to my sausage and she pumped furiously on it as I worked her clit in a blur. Our moans became longer and louder as we tried to outdo each others pleasure making. Our bodies tensed in unison as the incredible feeling we gave each other pushed us towards the edge.

Unable to wait any longer, I grabbed Vicki’s delicious ass and swung her around to the end of my desk. As I placed her down my engorged head brushed up against her slick snatch, making us both tingle in anticipation. She laid back, her eyes wild with desire. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide as I moved my pulsating member to her entrance. With a slow push her willing pussy surrounded my helmet and then gobbled up my cock, both of us crying out in joy. I slid all the way in until my balls were up against her ass, my whole body breaking out in goose bumps. I had never felt anything so tight on my meat before as her runners body clamped down on me.

I slowly pulled back out to the head, my rock-hard dick shining with her ample juices. I almost couldn’t stand how good Vicki felt inside as I slid back in again, the combination of her vise-like grip and slippery hot flesh making me dizzy with pleasure. I continued this slow motion in and out of her as I examined her face. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks had a renewed red blush to them. She whispered things like “Just like that” and “Oh my God” as I slowly worked the depths of her tight twat. Her hands massaged her perky tits through her shirt and her body wriggled on the desk as I fucked her frustration away.

I smiled inside knowing that I was giving her exactly what she needed. It took every ounce of control in my body to continue my slow assault. Despite my desire to bang away like a maniac I wanted to ensure her pleasure first. It wasn’t pity, but a real need to satisfy Vicki in the way she deserved to be satisfied. And, to be fair, I think I knew how much more of this could happen if I gave her the best sex of her life.

After a couple more minutes of this paced porking I released her ankles, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I slid my hands down her thighs as she tightened her leg muscles to pull me even deeper Bayan Escort into her. Her smooth skin was soft and warm, and I massaged her inner thighs with my fingertips. I slid my hands over her belly, hips, and anywhere else I could reach, enjoying the sensation of her body in heat. My exploration seemed to heighten her pleasure even more. Her breathing started becoming more rapid and her lips tightened.

Vicki suddenly let go of her fun bags and grabbed hold of the desk as her back began to arch. Her moans turned into groans of ecstasy as she started trembling all over. I felt her pussy became even tighter, hotter, and wetter than ever as it clamped down on my cock. I unconsciously began increasing my pace in response. Her strong legs squeezed me tight as she began thrashing around on the desk. I grabbed her beautiful hips to steady my target and continued to thrust away. She began crying out, louder each successive time, before a final “YESSSSSSS!” marked the beginning of a tremendous orgasm. Hot cum washed over my dick and balls as she shook and squirmed about. Her knuckles went white as she tightened her grip on the desk. I had never witnessed such a powerful orgasm before. No sooner had the first one ebbed when she tightened her legs around me even harder and screamed “Oh God Yes!” as she began cumming again. By this time I was pistoning in and out of her at a furious pace, my balls loudly slapping her fantastic ass, giving her everything I could to increase her pleasure. Vicki came over and over again as several minutes of orgasms followed the first one.

I wanted to give her even more, wanted to prolong her joy, but I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I had thought about baseball, or work, or the fact that my car tires needed rotating during her rampage of orgasms, anything to hold me back from the point of no return. And I did an admirable job too I must admit. But I needed to unload like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

Maybe Vicki sensed it, or maybe she was just ready for the finale, because she panted “I need it! I need your seed in my box! Fill my fucking box!”

That sent me deliriously over the edge. Whatever measure of control I still had was instantly lost as I hammered away at her. My balls quickly tightened as my orgasm raced towards climax. I began to yell her name as my jizz rushed up my tool. With a howl I shot my first rope into her hot snatch. It felt as long as my arm as it left my cock, and when Vicki felt the heat from it she began cumming with me. I unloaded spurt after spurt of my genetic juice into her, and still more followed. I had never cum so much in my life, and her cunt milked me for every drop as she enjoyed yet another orgasm herself. When I had finally emptied into her I continued thrusting for a few seconds until her orgasm found its end.

When I at last came to a stop we were both panting like dogs, completely spent, and grinning like idiots. I was dizzy as all hell and couldn’t stand any longer. I pulled out of her and sat down next to the end of the desk. That didn’t help much, so I ended up laying down on the floor at the entrance to the cubicle space. My body seemed to be elsewhere as my senses tried to regain control. We both lay still for a minute, me on the floor and Vicki are the desk. A content quiet blanketed the office.

After a bit she sat up on the desk, her arms propped behind her in support, and she looked down at me. I didn’t know what she might say at that moment, or what to expect, and wasn’t positive it would even be something good. I was still trying to recover from my exhaustion, but Vicki seemed to be already fully recharged after those few minutes. Her face didn’t reveal her thoughts as she faced me, and I had no clue what was going on behind those beautiful blues of hers. I could tell she was getting ready to speak and I braced for what came out.

“You don’t think we’re done yet, do you?” She calmly said, and then looked down at my cock, which was just starting to lose its erection. I couldn’t believe it. I felt my adrenaline surge as she continued. “I wonder what we taste like” Vicki wondered, slid off the desk and, pushing apart my legs, quickly knelt between my knees. My penis lay before her on my belly, and she licked her lips sensually.

“O shit” I muttered, clearly caught off guard by this latest development. She bent over my groin and stared right into my eyes, and slowly licked the bottom of my dick from the base all the way to the tip.

“Mmmm, yummy” she cooed, and whatever my meat had lost as I rested was instantly regained.

Vicki sat back up and removed her shirt and bra. Her firm breasts were plumper than I realized, and the entire torso on her 5-foot 6-inch frame was solid and toned. The areolas were a wonderful pink hue with large hard nipples the same color. She noticed my appreciation and grinned, and with a twinkle in her eye she moved back down to my rigid tool.

She licked the remaining juice from my balls and cock, enjoying the taste with each stroke of her long tongue. She slid her lips along the underside and Escort gently sucked, her tongue dancing along in unison. I gasped and moaned as she worked my pecker into a higher state of sensitivity. As she continued to slather me up and down with her mouth, she purposefully dragged her plump nipples on me, groaning as they rubbed along my thighs.

After I was slick with saliva, she lifted my sausage up and placed the purple head at her tender lips. Looking me straight in the eye, she slowly slid her mouth over my helmet and began circling her hot, wet tongue around. I shivered in delight as Vicki delivered just the right combination of pressure and speed. Still locked on my eyes, she applied gentle suction and slowly slid her lips down my pole, her tongue dancing back and forth. My penis began pushing into her throat as she continued along the shaft, and I watched in awe as she reached the base and began massaging my balls with her hand. Still applying suction, she moved back up to the top and repeated the process again, only this time when she hit bottom she licked at my balls while her lips kissed my pubes. “Holy fuck!” I cried as my penis ached in heavenly bliss.

Vicki doesn’t suck dick? That’s the last time I judge a book by its cover, I thought. She continued to work my meat like she was reading my thoughts, doing everything I like and sending me into fits of agonizing pleasure. She began to work faster, sometimes working just the head and sometimes taking me deep. Her hands alternated between massaging my balls and rubbing all over my body, but she used only her incredible mouth on my cock (just as I like it!). I had never received such perfect head and my whole body was awash with satisfaction. I began to wonder if I was going to get the chance to coat her throat with my spunk.

She slowed her pace up and down though, and eventually let my tip slip out of her mouth and plop to my belly. She gave my balls a thorough once-over with her tongue, and began kissing up the shaft of my prone member. She kissed the head and continued on, dragging her tongue up my stomach and chest. Her nipples slid along my length as she progressed up. When her lips reached mine we passionately kissed each other, her luscious mouth tasting slightly salty from its previous work on my body. She began rubbing her hard clit up and down my cock as we locked lips, and we both jumped at the increased pleasure.

Vicki pulled up and asked me “Who’s the boss?”

I didn’t know where this was going, but I damn well wanted to find out. “You are” I said.

She grinned and said “You’re damn right I am”.

With that she moved up until her legs straddled my head. She knelt up and I got a chance to closely examine her wispy blond pubes that I expected this erotic woman of Scandinavian descent to have. They were neatly trimmed into a small rectangle that led down to her swollen clit and hairless pussy. I began massaging her tight ass with my hands as my mouth began to water in anticipation. I loved licking a woman and felt I was quite skilled at it, and wanted to give as good as I just got.

She moved her clit down to my mouth, and I started sliding my tongue around her hard mound slowly. Vicki groaned “Yes” and placed a hand on each desk at either side of the cubicle entrance. I tasted her musty juices and explored her slit. I progressed down and slathered the entrance to her vagina, and she gasped in approval. Her groin began radiating heat as her body reacted to my delicate touch. I moved back up and licked at her softly, changing directions and motions constantly. As I worked between her legs I rubbed her back and ass, and she threw her head back and began rocking her hips slightly over my mouth. I moved my strong hands around her sides to her perky melons and kneaded them, the nipples rubbing against my palms. Her breathing increased audibly and her muscular legs began locking down on my head. I increased the speed of my tongue and began flicking it right and left over the middle of her inflated clit. Her hips started to rock faster and she began pressing down against my face. At this point I raised my chin slightly so the stubble on it would tease her pussy lips, and I knew she approved by the “O fuck yes” she hissed as my whiskers began grazing her. She raised her arms to her head and piled her blond hair on top with her hands as she pinned my head in place with her heavenly thighs. I continued my frenzied rhythm until she was moments from climax.

Just before she orgasmed though I stopped. Her body quivered everywhere and she moaned uncontrollably as she reached for the desks to steady herself. Vicki groaned “Oh my God” and I let her hover on the edge for maybe five seconds before returning to her clit and slowly rubbing it with my hot tongue again. “Yes” she whimpered as I started working her again. After 20 seconds I had my pace back to where it was previously, and again her body began trembling. As she neared orgasm I again halted my delicate onslaught, and again she trembled in pleasured anguish. I repeated this several times, maintaining her high state of arousal without pushing her over the edge. She was both tortured and ecstatic, and begged “Please!” over and over to make her explode. I finally relented, and after a final flurry of furious flicking with my tongue I brought my boss to pure bliss.

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