Hotel Frolics Ch. 02

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I’m sorry that the second half to this story has taken such a long time to finish off. I apologise, but here it is and I hope you’ll like it. The story takes off right where it ended in “Hotel Frolics”; with Anna and Tom preparing to shave Frida…Comments and feedback is greatly appreciated. /LP


Anna turns to me. “Can you get me the hose and turn on the water?”

Thrilled to participate, I reach for the shower hose and turn the water on so I can hose down her pussy. As I hose it down Anna strokes it and rubs Frida’s clit lightly, teasing it in passing. We can’t hear any complaints. I move the hose to get her crotch all wet and to clear out the loose hair. I resist moving a hand down to touch the now trimmed pussy, but all inside all I want to do is open those swelling lips and push a finger in. But Anna is watching me intently and with razor in hand. By now my dick is really really hard and as usual Anna notices. Another quick rub from her free hand and my pre-cum is once again rubbed all over the head. She lingers a little longer, squeezing me and giving me a quick wank. I always love when she does, but especially in this situation!

Time to lather up. Sara is standing by the open doorway and watches intently.

“Can you pass me the foam?” Anna asks me. I hand her the can.

“Can you help me a bit?”

“Uh, what?” I say, dumbfounded.

“Help me out here, we need to lather her up rich so it’ll be easier to shave.”

Hardly believing my luck I spray a big glob of foam into my hand and reach for Frida’s pussy. Anna has already worked up a good amount of lather, but I eagerly add the foam in my hand. Silently I enjoy the slippery feeling of it all.

While working up a rich lather and running my hand through Frida’s trimmed pubes, I see Anna touching Frida’s pussy lips, her fingers teasingly gliding along the gash. My rock hard cock twitches in joy at the sight of her hands moving all the way back to her friend’s asshole, making sure it’s all lathered up more than adequately.

Frida’s eyes meet Anna’s and by the dilated pupils, slightly heavy eyelids and ragged breathing I can tell she’s enjoying this as much as we are. As Anna works the lather up and down Frida’s slit I concentrate on her mound. Carefully I part Frida’s outer lips, nudging closer to her clit. Her hips push forward as my fingers touches it. Gently I pry the lips and work around the red little knob. I can feel her hips slowly rocking against my hand and my heart makes an excited jump when she reaches down to part her lips for me.

“Keep doing that to her,” Anna whispers. “It’ll make her more relaxed.”

I happily oblige and keep rubbing Frida’s protruding clit. The sight of it throbbing and the pungent smell from her moist pussy is getting to me. I start to rub in bigger circles, including her whole pussy area. Her juices are collecting and her hips keep meeting my hand with a new eagerness that wasn’t there before. The fact that she’s keeping herself open to my prying fingers makes it all the more delectable.

“Do you like what Tom’s doing?” Anna whispers huskily into Frida’s ear.


“Then think about how nice it’ll feel when we’re done shaving you. Imagine the feeling of his tongue on your bare skin…”

She grabs the razor and hands it over to me. I take it and carefully begin to shave the sides of the mound. After every stroke I clean the razor in the water stream from the bathtub. As I move in towards the centre I ask Frida if she wants me to leave some in the middle, but she insists it’s all gotta go. Who am I not to oblige?

“Make sure you don’t miss anything,” Anna says, smiling.

I make sure everything is tip-top smooth before moving onto Frida’s pussy area. Like any other sane man I love the feeling of playing with a girl’s pussy, and this is one day I won’t forget in a hurry!

Frida parts her legs more so I can reach properly. It’s nice to get even more access to that pussy of hers. Oh boy, she’s going to get such a licking, whether she likes it or not!

I pin down her left labium and carefully manoeuvre the razor in short gentle strokes until it’s clean. Then I give it another pass and inspect it, cleaning up any stray strands that are left closer to her opening. Before I move on to do the same on the other side I can’t help tease her a little by playing with her clit, and slowly rubbing her pussy up and down it’s length with the tip of my finger. With my thumb I hold open her opening and let it go in just slightly, but mainly I concentrate on her clit.

All this time I keep eye contact with her. She is hardly blinking and watches me intently. Then her eyes go to Anna and then back to me. Her breathing is shallow but rapid, sort of mini gasps. She’s surprisingly calm. Perhaps she’s not as innocent as Anna has made her out to be?

The atmosphere has changed and from the corner of my eye, I can tell Sara’s still by the doorway. She’s not standing though. In fact, she’s sitting topkapı escort down with a hand down her trousers. I throw a quick glance in her direction and realise she’s playing with herself. I wonder how long she’s been doing that. Anna’s sitting next to me and has a satisfied smile on her lips. I can see her nipples have become erect and the cold air in the bathroom is making her breasts tighten. I am hoping everyone is as turned on as me.

Turning back to Frida I continue to shave. Suddenly I feel something by my mouth and my nose drills are filled with a heavy scent. I open my mouth and feel Anna’s fingers, coated with her own pussy juices, slipping into my mouth. It’s slick and has a nice familiar taste to it. I lick it all off and grin at Anna. Knowing how wet she gets I bet she has created a small puddle on the floor! That’s one thing I like about her, she gets easily turned on and lubricated quite a lot. I decide to reach round to see just how wet she is.

“Oh my god, you’re wet!” I say hoarsely. It turns me on even more to feel Anna sliding in her own juices on the floor as I probe her pussy. I hook two fingers in and push and pull her pussy a little.

“You really are sopping wet, you horny little bitch, aren’t you!” I chuckle, before returning my attentions back to Frida.

I continue to shave the other side of her pussy, making sure I haven’t missed anything. Finally I move further down her crack and shave every last bit very gently and slowly, taking care not to nick her anus or anywhere else. I enjoy the feeling of rubbing my hand up and down her completely smooth snatch. It’s still slippery from the lather and Frida doesn’t seem to mind at all. If she’s still shy, she’s hiding it very very well.


Anna hands me the shower stream and I in turn hand it to Frida. Hesitantly she guides it between her parted legs and cleans her shaven snatch for the first time. With the gentle stream of warm water pressed right in to her pussy, she cocks her legs slightly, revelling in this highly arousing – though unusual – situation. She’s aware that everyone’s looking at her, even her sister who is standing not eight feet away and can see her wide-open smooth pussy.

Frida’s top is a little wet from the shower water, so she takes it off and reveals a semi-transparent bra. Her nipples are quite evident, darkened and visibly protruding through the material. Her breasts are shapely and full. I can’t help wishing she’ll take it off, or let me to it for her!

“So, how does it feel?” Anna asks. “Do you like it?”

Frida looks down at her clean-shaven snatch. Timidly she touches the smooth skin.

“It feels…different.”

“It takes a while to get used to, and you might have some problem with itching in the beginning, but don’t worry. It’ll be fine and you’ll get used to it.”

“It’s so…smooth,” Frida says, hardly believing it. “My skin feels so soft.”

“Yes,” Anna smiles. “Don’t you love it?”

Meanwhile I take the shower head and drop it back into the bath. I then move in to Frida’s inner thigh and place a gentle kiss. Carefully I kiss along her thigh until I reach her pussy. My lips brushes over her clit while my tongue subtly flick over her gash. Thankfully she doesn’t move or close her legs, nor does she push me away. Feeling bolder I plant gentle rosebud kisses on her thighs, and then brave licking her slit with my tongue. She shudders and lightly holds me by the face with one hand, and clasps the back of it with the other.

When I look up Frida’s looking directly at me, steadily breathing through her mouth. She parts her legs some more, eagerly moving her pelvis up towards me slightly. I can smell her aroma now and feel the heat emanating from her depths. As my tongue guides its way up her opening, from bottom to her erect clit, it probes a little firmer and I can feel a coating of slick juice on my tongue and trailing behind. I swallow and it tastes, oh, so very good. In fact, I want some more of it and eagerly continue to tease and probe my tongue inside her hole, lapping it up a few times, withdrawing and swallowing again.

I can hear her breath getting deeper, and when I look her toes are curled and her back is a little arched. Smiling to myself I can’t help but assume she’s enjoying the sensations. Gently I part her lips with my thumbs, spreading and pushing up, proudly revealing her engorged clit. I blow on it slightly then very tenderly play my tongue around it and kiss it some more. My lips surround it as I suck it softly. As I suck I work my way down her length, into the hole and back up, enveloping it in her own juices which are now bubbling out of her eager and wanting hole. I watch as it contracts and opens, showing me everything she has to offer. Her juices are flowing freely and I take the opportunity to press my flattened tongue and wiggle it up and down her pussy. I don’t know what the others are making of this, but Frida’s finding it difficult answering that same question herself, going fatih escort by her responses.

“Relax,” I can hear Anna’s voice say. “Go with the flow. Enjoy it. Lie back and relax.”

Anna’s words seem to have a somewhat calming effect on Frida. I can feel her relaxing a bit more, but now and then she tenses up. It’s like she doesn’t know how to respond to the situation. Who can blame her?

She’s a quiet girl, although from time to time she does let out a soft moan or cry. At those times a wonderful tingle runs through my body. I find her soft moans very arousing as they come from a deep place and hit the right note in me.

Meanwhile I can hear Anna’s not holding back. Knowing her libido to be matching mine, at times surpassing it, I look behind me and find she has worked herself into a bit of a sweat by now. She is crouching and has two fingers inside of her while panting as she watches me give head to her friend only a few inches away.

Suddenly Anna stops her administrations. Someone’s put a finger inside of her and as she pulls her’s out and tries to steady herself, she looks behind and sees Sara looking at her with a pleasurable look. I can tell Anna’s surprised, for a brief minute she doesn’t seem to know how to react to her friend’s invading finger, but pretty soon she closes her eyes and give out a loud groan.

“Put another in,” she begs hoarsely.

Sara obliges and slides another finger into Anna’s soaking pussy. Her fingers are strong and curved slightly along the shape of Anna’s pussy.

“Oooh, that’s so nice,” Anna sighs, slowly rocking her hips to meet Sara’s fingers. From experience I know she loves having two or three fingers inside of her, moving in a steady pace and sometimes speeding up. I can tell she’s enjoying Sara’s administrations, but I also know she’ll sooner or later want to feel more rugged and forceful thrusts.

I take a break from licking Frida, but keep my fingers inside of her for playing while watching Anna and Sara. Anna is reaching under to feel Sara’s persistent fingering. She wipes her dripping cum off her bald mound and then makes contact with Sara’s slippery fingers. Sara’s got three fingers going in and out now, and by the sounds of Anna’s moaning and groaning, she’s certainly enjoying it!

By now Sara’s index finger on the other hand finds its way to Anna’s asshole and begins to play with it lightly. She is quickly losing her inhibitions now and her kinkier side is starting to show. Surprisingly enough she bends down and starts to lick Anna’s puckered hole. For Anna it’s a subtle change, but judging from her hips moving backwards to take in more of Sara’s finger, she likes what’s being done to her.

Just watching Sara fingering Anna’s pussy and ass is enough to make me cum right there and then, but I manage to control myself. The room is now filled with the sounds emanating from a wet pussy being played with. Or should I say pussies?

Sara’s fingering is a bit erratic as she concentrates on Anna’s pussy and asshole. When she stops fingering Anna whimpers loudly, although three fingers are still deep inside her pussy. Being the nice girl that she is, Sara soon continues to tease Anna’s asshole. Watching Anna’s face contort in absolute pleasure gets me more and more worked up. My dick is rock hard by now and I’m dying to get a taste of Anna’s pussy when Sara’s done with her.

Frida in her turn has her eyes closed and her upper body’s slightly arched back, resting on the marble mantle shelf that houses the cistern. By now the mirrors are steamed from the heat of the water. I look at Friday and take in the sight of her pussy. It looks delicious and as my mouth encircles her I suck, lick and probe to my heart’s content. She tastes sooo good.


I can feel Frida really juicing up now and the more I lick up and down her slit, her sweet juices run along it. Carefully I begin caressing her ass hole with one hand, while the other cups her breast. Frida herself is kneading her other breast and pushing at my mouth and finger. I gently begin tracing my tongue down her slit, from her clit, around her pussy hole and down towards the small brown hole. As I’m not sure if she’s ever dabbled into anal before, I try to stay alert to any signals of her wanting me to stop.

“Is this ok with you,” I ask to be on the safe side.

“Uhh…yes…, do it…,” she whispers back as the tip of my tongue reaches its goal.

“Oh!” I hear her gasp in a surprised voice. I continue to tease her puckered hole with my tongue, my other hand now strumming her clit and working it’s tempo to a crescendo. Without warning her anus contracts and she lets out a desperate sigh.

“Oooh, oh my God, I think…I think I’m cumming!” she groans. By now I can feel her legs start to shake and her pussy contracts violently. Suddenly the legs twinge and at the same moment something wet sprays my face. I can feel her grab my hair as her legs quivers and she bucks her back as she spasms.

“Uh..oooh…keep eyüp escort licking!”

My face is soaked by her pussy juice and she keeps pushing me into her with force. When she finally lets go of my hair I look up at her and see her whole body reclining as it was before. Her nipples are hard and there’s a pink blush on her cheeks and neck. Her chest is heaving and her body glistening with a film of sweat. Her breathing’s heavy as if she’s hesitant to let go of the feeling within her, relinquishing it and holding on to it for as long as it lets her to.

It takes me a while to realise how hard my cock is by now. My balls are tight and filled with semen that can’t wait to be released. As I return to earth, it dawns on me that Anna is holding my bursting rock solid cock and wanking me as hard as she dares. She seems to be enjoying being played with by Sara, while giving me an excellent hand job. I sure as hell won’t stop her!

Instead I spread my legs to give her better access. God it feels good to have a woman hold me! As I’m crouched my face is only inches from Frida’s beautifully smooth and soaking wet pussy. I quietly revel in the sight. She gives me a content smile and keeps her legs open for me.

Anna suddenly pulls away her hand.

“Turn around. I want to blow you.”

I swivel round and reposition myself so that I can give her better access to my dick, as well as watch Sara kneeling down behind her, licking her and fingering her. And then I feel something wet and warm taking me deeper and deeper in.

Anna’s really working it. Her mouth goes down my shaft as far as she can manage, and all the time her tongue flickers around it. It’s like she’s making intricate patterns along it. Occasionally she’ll go slowly up again and just suck the head.

“Do you like what I’m doing?” she asks with a devilish grin.

“I love it,” I reply in a hoarse voice. “You know I love it when you suck me.”

“You do?” She pulls off for a breather and teasingly runs the tip of her tongue along her lips.

“Oh yeah, fuck I love it when you go down on me!”

“Good…” and down she goes again. I moan loudly and begin to move my hips upwards to meet those luscious lips of hers’. For a while I loose myself in the bliss of Anna’s mouth, but pretty soon I remember Sara. I open my eyes and look at her. She’s looking directly at me, and then dives back into Anna’s pussy.

“Mmm…, keep doing that,” Anna whimpers.

Whatever Sara is doing Anna sure seems to enjoy it. From my point of view it seems Sara is both fingering as well as giving her a good licking. Occasionally Anna will push back against Sara’s hand and I’ll see Sara’s hand drive faster into her.

“Oh yes! Keep doing that!” Anna pants. Her breathing’s sometimes irregular, and I can only imagine how hard it must be for her to concentrate on both giving me a blow job, as well as trying not to cum while Sara’s pumping two fingers into her.

At one point I swear Sara’s looking at me provocatively before taking out her middle finger from Anna’s soaked pussy. While holding my gaze she licks it to the hilt, then submerge it deep back into Anna’s pussy. Anna in turn is frantically licking along my shaft while sporadically gulping it all the way down.

“Oh fuck!”

I can’t help but groaning and imagining how Sara is now plunging four fingers in and out of Anna’s pussy. From what I can see her hand is now very wet indeed from all of Anna’s juices. Knowing her, there won’t ever be a shortage of lubrication.

Occasionally Anna stops to enjoy what Sara’s doing to her. Then she gets back to blowing me and every time I feel the head of my cock touch the back of her throat, I moan loudly. I absolutely adore the feeling of my head rubbing on the roof of her mouth and back of the throat continuously as she takes me in and out again.

“Yeah, suck it hard. Do it as hard as you can.”

“Mmmm, you taste wonderful,” Anna smiles at me. “I really want you to cum. I crave you so much.”

I grab her hair and bury my hands in it while gently pulling her down onto my cock.

“Do it,” I say.

“Do what?” she chuckle in between sucks, knowing fully well what I’m after.

“Stick it in. Stick a finger up my ass.” I thrust my hips faster against her face and let out the loudest groan of tonight as I feel her finger press into my back opening and massaging me to a full orgasm.

For a while it seems as if time has stopped. My mind goes blank for a couple of seconds, then my legs begin to shake and shortly thereafter I feel the explosion. It’s as if my whole being is centred around my groin area. My balls swell up and involuntarily I push Anna’s head further down while it all erupts.

“Oh God! Uuhhh…ahhh…,” I growl and push my hips forward as I feel the wonderful release of my cum racing through my shaft and into Anna’s hot mouth. She takes the full load and – God bless her – swallows most of it, and then playing with the rest of it as she cleans up my dick.


My mind’s in a state of blissful afterglow and it takes me a while to register that Sara’s still working on Anna’s pussy.

Anna’s voice brings me back to reality.

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