Hot Summer Afternoon Ch. 1

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Hi, my name is Jamie and this is the story of how I started having sex with my best friend’s older brother.

It was the middle of summer and I was at home and really bored. I decided to take a walk and after I had walked for a bit I decided to walk to my best friend Gail’s house. It’s really a long walk, usually I would ride my bike there. By the time I was halfway there I was really hot and sweaty and I was regretting the fact that I had decided to walk to Gail’s, but I was already halfway there so there wasn’t any sense in turning back. When I turned into Gail’s street I saw her brother Jason shooting hoops in their driveway. Gail had been my best friend since elementary school and I’d had a crush on Jason for about as long. But lately things had changed. I was getting a “funny feeling” whenever I was around Jason. I was pretty inexperienced, I had kissed a few boys but I’d never been really aroused, so I wasn’t sure how to identify the “funny feeling” that Jason made me feel.

I didn’t get to see that much of Jason. He and Gail didn’t get along all that well, just your typical sibling rivalry, but that meant that Gail avoided him most of the time, so if I was with her then I was avoiding him too. But whenever I had fantasies about kissing, or making out or sex they usually centered around Jason. As I walked up the street towards their house I was really enjoying the opportunity of watching Jason running up and down the driveway. He was tall with dark brown hair that was a little curly. He had dark blue eyes and a fabulous smile. He was really into playing sports, although he wasn’t a jock, and he had a great body, strong, not too muscular and well proportioned. Watching him playing basketball was taking my mind off the heat of the day but it was creating another kind of heat inside of me.

I reached the end of the driveway and Jason stopped shooting hoops and walked to meet me.

“Hey, Jamie, what’s up?” he asked.

“I just came to visit Gail,” I said.

“She isn’t here. She and Mom went to Dayton to see a doctor and then they’re going shopping afterwards. They won’t be home until really late.” he explained.

“Oh no! I thought that was next week,” I moaned. I was so hot! The sun was pounding on my head and I felt dead tired. “Can I come in and get something to drink? I’m so hot, I don’t know if I can make it back home.”

“Sure,” Jason smiled at me. “It is really hot, I was about to go in myself.”

I followed him in the house and to the kitchen. The air-conditioning was on but it seemed to do nothing but emphasize how hot I felt. I watched Jason moving around the kitchen preparing a couple of glasses of lemonade. All I could think about was how good looking he was. He noticed me looking at him. When he brought the lemonade to the table he didn’t sit down immediately. First he took off his t-shirt and threw it over the back of his chair. It was damp with sweat and he had to be really hot, but he gave me this look after he took it off that gave me the distinct impression that he took it off mainly to see what kind of reaction he would get out of me. Was he trying to flirt with me?

I started drinking my lemonade and Jason began asking me about how my summer was going. I couldn’t pay a lot of attention to what he was saying. Whenever I met his eyes I found that he was staring deep into my eyes. He seemed to be trying to tell me something with his eyes that had nothing to do with the conversation. It made me feel too embarassed and flustered to meet his eyes for long. My eyes would drop to his smooth tanned chest and that made me feel embarassed and flustered too. The “funny feeling” that I always associated with Jason was taking over my whole body. I was still very hot but I was no longer tired. My heart was racing and I felt as if I might start bouncing in my seat at any moment.

Suddenly I felt a trickle of wetness escape my pussy. I was so shocked! I knew what it was but I had never experienced it before. I sat bolt upright and made a comment about how hot I still was. I grabbed the front of my t-shirt and started to swish it back and forth to create a breeze. I wanted Jason! My mind was reeling! The feelings that I had always been associating with “crush” and “puppylove” were really desire. I wanted to have sex with him! I looked at him as I swished my t-shirt and felt the feelings grow in strength Escort bayan now that I had correctly identified them.

Jason was still looking into my eyes in that meaningful way, “Hey, I’m still really hot too. Why don’t we go for a swim?”

I looked out the window at the swimming pool glittering in the sun in the backyard. It looked wonderful…so cool…and to be swimming around with Jason… “It sounds great, but I don’t have a suit,” I said with obvious disappointment.

“Well, you can borrow one of Gail’s suits,” he suggested.

“I don’t know, Gail is so much shorter than I am. It probably wouldn’t fit,” I said.

“She has a bikini, height shouldn’t have anything to do with that,” he said, happy that he had found a solution.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” I said and followed him upstairs to Gail’s room. He sat on the bed and I looked through Gail’s drawers for her swimsuits. I found them and there were two bikinis. One was very structured and probably wouldn’t fit, but the other looked like it would. “Allright, I think this will work,” I said and Jason went to his room to change.

I took off my clothes and looked at myself in Gail’s mirror. I was pretty but certainly not beautiful. My light brown hair fell a couple of inches below my shoulders and my eyes are a light hazel. My breasts were still developing, but they were on the large size for girls my age and they are a very nice shape with pink nipples. I still had the thin teenage body, my hips were beginning to widen but they weren’t very wide, and my waist was narrow. My pussy was covered with a soft black bush, not too thin and not too thick, just right. I looked at myself and wondered what Jason would think of me if he saw me like this. Would he like my body? Would he want to have sex with me?

I was shocked by me own thoughts and I hurried to put on the bikini. It was red and definitely on the small side. I can remember when Gail bought it she showed it to me. We talked about how sexy it was and Gail said that she would probably never were, it was just too revealing. It had a clasp around the back instead of tying, so I couldn’t adjust it to make it much bigger. It was a tight, but my breasts didn’t hang out from the bottom. That was the only place where they didn’t hang out. The small red triangles of material didn’t cover much more than my nipples and my breasts were spilling out on both sides. But it seemed pretty secure. The bottoms were better since my hips were still on the narrow side. But they hadn’t been made to cover much and they didn’t.

I couldn’t believe that I was wearing the bikini at all. I was pretty conservative in my dress and I had always worn one-piece suits. And here I was wearing a bikini that was almost indecent and going swimming alone with a guy? I looked at the bikini worriedly. What was I doing? I had to admit that I was trying to attract Jason. I wanted him to look at my body. I wanted him to like my body. I wanted him to kiss me and touch my body. And besides really… I’d be in the water and he wouldn’t be able to see much of me anyway…

Jason’s knock on the door startled me out of my rationalization. I realized that he must have been waiting for me and gotten impatient. I quickly went to open the door and stood facing him. I felt his eyes scanning my body and blushed. “It’s…it’s a little small…” I stammered.

“No, no,” he said, his eyes roaming. “You look great, really great.”

His prolonged perusal was making my pussy tingle and I could feel my nipples starting to harden. He stared at my titties for a moment, probably watching my nipples poking through the thin material and then he turned quickly and led the way downstairs. I followed, watching his firm butt covered in blue swimming trunks. He walked straight outside and jumped into the pool. Normally I take a long time to get in the water, gradually getting used to the change in temperature. But this time I couldn’t wait. I wanted to be in the water with Jason, feeling the water caress me all over. I jumped in.

We swam around on our own for awhile, occasionally making comments about how nice the water felt. And we were both taking every opportunity to catch glimpses of each other as our bodies rose above the water. The top of the bikini was starting to feel uncomfortable and I swam to the shallow end of the pool, stood up, and Bayan Escort pulled the strap that was going under my breasts aside a little to take a look at my skin. The suit was leaving a deep red groove on my skin. Jason noticed me and called to ask what was wrong. I explained that the top really was too small.

“Why don’t you just take it off?” Jason suggested. He started swimming towards me.

“What?” I asked in shock. “I can’t take it off! I guess I’ll have to get out.”

“No, its too nice out here,” Jason argued. “If you stay underwater it won’t make any difference if you don’t have a top on. When we decide to get out I’ll turn my head and you can wrap a towel around yourself.”

The thought of swimming around topless sounded really nice, and I really did not want to get out. So I swam back to the deep part and took the bikini top off. It only took me a few seconds to realize that unless I stayed stationary in the water my breasts were going to be exposed at least occasionally. I started swimming around anyway. I didn’t care if Jason caught a few glimpses of my breasts. In fact the thought was making me hot and I wanted to give him the opportunity. And the water felt so nice against my bare breasts. I swam and swam just to feel the sensation of the water caressing my sensitive skin.

Jason noticed my new delight in swimming and commented on it. “It does feel great to swim without a suit. It’s a whole different experience. Actually… would you mind if I took off my trunks?”

The thought of Jason swimming around nude, of my getting a chance to see his cock and his ass made me breathless. “No, I don’t mind,” I managed to answer, trying to be as casual about it as possible.

“Thanks,” he said. “And it won’t bother me if you take your bottoms off. You should really try it.”

“Well, I guess I might not have the opportunity again anytime soon,” I said and we both took off our bottoms and tossed them out of the pool. We started swimming around and it felt great. The water rushed against my breasts and pussy as I swam. I kept catching the sight of Jason’s ass rising out of the water as he dove down below the surface and it turned me on the think that he was seeing me as well.

I was swimming underwater when I felt a hand grab my calf momentarily and then let go. I surfaced and turned to ask Jason what he was doing.

“What am I doing?” he laughed. “You have to stop swimming underwater with your eyes closed. You almost ran into me, next time you’ll run into a wall!”

“The water bothers my eyes,” I said, playing at being angry. “You must have been the one about to run into me. When I started swimming you were nowhere around.”

He pretended like he was going to lunge at me in retribution and I splashed him to ward him off. That started the typical splashing-dunking water play that we usually had when he and I were swimming with Gail. But of course this time it was different. It started off innocently enough, or as innocent as two naked teenagers could get, but soon hands that had just been grabbing and dunking were lingering to caress and were reaching for sensitive areas of the body. Our bodies were sliding against each other and our legs were entangling for breathless seconds and then releasing. We were still keeping the spirit of play in our game, our encounters lasted brief seconds before the person who was “caught” broke away and swam away to plan an attack. Finally, Jason caught me and his fingers briefly caressed my pussy before I pushed away. The feel of his fingers on my pussy was amazing. It felt so good I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to feel it again and again and I cursed myself for automatically escaping his grasp. I knew that the next time I wouldn’t try to escape.

I turned to prepare my attack. I thought about trying to touch Jason’s cock, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t know what to do if he didn’t pull away from my touch. I swam after him and when I caught him from behind I pushed him down with one hand on the shoulder while with the other hand I caressed his ass. He broke away and swam a few feet away and I started half-heartedly swimming away from him. When he caught me he didn’t try to dunk me. Instead he wrapped an arm beneath my breasts and pulled me back against him. His other hand went to my pussy and his fingers delved into my pussy lips and he started stroking Escort my pussy.

I went limp against him, moaning, all of my attention was focused on the amazing feelings that he was creating within me. I never wanted it to stop. Before I knew it he had swum us over to the stairs and was standing up.

“What…? Oh god don’t stop. Please don’t stop. I don’t want you to stop…” I was almost crying in my need for him to continue.

“Shhh…” He leaned foward and kissed me. He just meant it to be a short reassuring kiss but it deepened and went on for a long time. The wonderful feelings he was creating with his tongue echoed in my pussy. He finally pulled away from the kiss. Before he had been mostly under control but now he seemed to be as wild with desire as I was. “I’m just getting us out of the water.” We climbed the stairs out of the pool and he looked around. There were a couple of chaise lounges but they didn’t look very sturdy. He grabbed a beach towel and spread it on the grass and lay me down on it.

He lay down next to me and started kissing me again, his body pressed against mine and his hand massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples. He kissed and licked down to my breasts and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth, tonguing it, sucking it, nibbling it while his other hand spread my thighs and began to play with my pussy. His fingers spread my pussy lips open and then played up and down, caressing every bit of my pussy. I cried out in pleasure as his finger circled the rim of my hole and dipped inside. His thumb moved to my clit and began to stroke it hard and I had my first orgasm. I cried out and stared up at the blue sky as the most powerful feelings that I had ever felt pulsated from my pussy and rocked my entire body. And it wasn’t over. Jason moved down and began to lick and suck the lips of my pussy. I cried out and thrust my hips, pushing my cunt into his mouth. I was so overwhelmed with feeling, I felt like it was never going to end, that I was going to live in this new world of ecstacy forever. Jason’s tongue circled my clit and then he began to stroke it with his tongue, alternating that with nipping and sucking. I had another orgasm and Jason moved down and began to lap up the juices that were pouring from my pussy. He licked and sucked up all of my cum and then pushed his tongue into my virgin hole, fucking it slowly and gently with long deep strokes of his tongue. His tongue trailed back up to my clit and he slowly pushed his finger into my hole. He sucked and licked my clit and his finger pushed in and out of my hole faster and faster. I could feel the walls of my pussy clamping down on his finger, I moaned and writhed on my towel in the grass and had at least two more orgasms.

Finally Jason moved up and lay on top of me. He pushed the hair away from my face and kissed me. I tasted the sweet musky taste of my cum on his tongue. I kissed him and held him close, I wanted to pull him down into my body and never let him go. His hands moved down and caressed my thighs, spreading them apart further and then I felt his cock pressing against the opening of my pussy. I lay still and concentrated on his every movement as he slowly pushed his thick cock into my virgin pussy. He went slowly and even though I was gushing wet it was still painful. He rained kissed on my face and kept pressing slowly in until he was completely in. We lay still and I drew in deep raged breaths as I struggled to become accustomed to the feel and size of his cock within me. Slowly I felt the change in my pussy. The tension drained out of it and I could feel my pussy walls molding themselves around his cock instead of fighting against him. I moved a little experimentally and moaned with pleasure. He was so big, filling me completely and he started to move in and out slowly. His stroked grew faster and faster and I could feel the entire length of him against the walls of my pussy moving in and out. It wasn’t long before I had another orgasm, my legs wrapped around him, a hand in his hair and a hand tearing at the grass next to me. I felt his cock jerk inside of me and he pulled it out and white cum began to spurt out onto my stomach. I watched amazed, dazed as ribbon after ribbon of sticky white cum flew from his cock and landed on my stomach and breasts. When he was finished I pulled him down on me and lay trying to collect myself, trying to find my way back to reality, the person that I had been three hours ago seemed to be a dream. I had experienced something amazing, something that I would never have dreamed existed. I would never be able to go back again.

To Be Continued…

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