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“You still wanna go?” Sarah asked me as she lay on the bed.

“Well we have paid for it, so may as well,” I said, “We can always come back if it is shit.”

“Yeah, true,” Sarah said rolling over to face me, “I’ll drive, bigger car to fit stuff into.”

“Okay dokay, if you are sure?” I quizzed, as the stuff would fit into my car, but as she said, hers would be easier.

We had booked a camping long weekend, which was this weekend and the weather had not been that nice with lots of rain and high winds, although it forecast it would be much better from Saturday afternoon. We went camping quite a lot, we tried to go at least once a year, as we both liked the outdoors and who didn’t like living in a field and forgetting the hustle and bustle of modern life. We had a four man tent, which was plenty big enough for us both and our stuff, fully loaded up, we have cooking stuff and fold out mattresses, the works, home from home as they say.

I am 20 years old, a touch over 5 foot tall with shoulder length brunette hair and blue eyes. I am petite in build weighing just 50kg. The down side with being so tiny is that my boobs follow suit, barely filling a B cup and being truthful are closer to an A. Sarah is also 20 years old, with blonde hair and adorable brown eyes which just draw you in as she looks at you. She is around 65kg, so hardly a heavy weight by any stretch of the imagination, but she has cute curves and fills a C cup bra easily. She is 6 inches taller than me at 5 and a half feet tall.

“You packed any make-up?” I asked Sarah.

“Erm, yeah,” she replied.

“Can I use yours then, save me packing mine too?”

“Yeah, no probs,” she said, “you packing your panties this time?”

“Ha, funny, yes I am,” I quipped back.

During our first girlie holiday, I managed to pack everything I needed, except underwear. Absolutely no panties or bra’s, so I spent the full week in bikini’s during the day and in the evening usually no underwear at all as bikini’s, as I found out, leave a massively obvious panty line.

The site was a good 3 or 4 hours drive, so I settled in for the long distance and found something good on the radio. Conversation ebbed between boys, music, karaoke and camping. We were both single in that neither of us had a boyfriend. Saying that however, we did experiment together and during dry stretches we have slept together in a more than ‘just friend’s’ sort of situation. We had been friends for as long as I can remember and we had been through everything together.

The drive went fairly quickly and we were soon at the site. It was a lot busier than I was expecting considering the weather, although fine at the moment, it looked like it might piss down at any moment. We checked in and got told to go into the left field and camp anywhere, the usual rules of leave a fair distance between other tents for privacy and ease of walking around. We selected a spot and put the tent up quickly as we were used to it. We organised our porch area with a few things but left the majority of the stuff in the car, party for security, but also because it would stay drier.

We got our little camp stove thing going so we could cook dinner, plus it gave off nice heat as well.

“We on holiday yet?” Sarah asked.

“Yep, I believe we are,” I answered, as I pulled up a camping chair and watched the river that was just a few metres away.

“Awesome, beer time then, we don’t need the car do we?” she asked.

“Nope, pass me one too,” I replied.

The afternoon disappeared with casual drinking and chattering. At around 7pm the sky was looking mean again, so we decided to go to the on-site pub for food and drinks. We selected a nice quiet corner and sat down. The food was typical pub food, it was okay, but we had both had better, the pub was just a room with a bar constructed out of cheap wood and various tables and chairs in it. It was nice enough, but very much hostel with a massive field that they had turned into a campsite.

Around 9pm a large group of lads came in who were rugby players on a weekend away. I assumed boozy, as they were all rather pissed. We could hear the rain outside was horrendous, coming down in torrents. The rugby players were noisy, but nice enough. They even bought us a drink, so no complaints by me. At 11pm the bar shut, but the owner joined the rugby players and cracked open one of their cans. We were offered one, but not being a fan of lager, so we retired to our tent. Or we would have done if it wasn’t full of water.

Like idiots we had put it up facing uphill, so the water running down went into the tent, which was now extremely wet.

“Car?” I asked.

“In this rain? May as well sleep in a drum with that rain hitting the roof,” Sarah said, “wonder if there are any beds in the hostel?”

“We can try,” I said, opening the boot of the car and getting my PJ’s out.

Sarah did the same and we went back to the hostel dripping wet through after only being outside for a few minutes. They all just looked at us with confused expressions.

“Tent is wet, any rooms left?” casino siteleri Sarah asked.

“Not rooms no,” he said, “pretty full, there are probably spare beds in a couple of the rooms if that is okay?”

“Yeah fine,” Sarah said, looking at me to make sure there were no complaints.

“K, will check,” the owner said, jumping up and athletically hopping over the bar. “Just the one left unfortunately, you okay sharing a bed? They are quite big.”

“Yeah that is fine,” I said, glancing at Sarah to check she was okay with it.

“… and you are sharing with this lot…” he said quietly.

“As long as they promise to behave,” Sarah said looking at them all.

“Always,” one of them said, raising his glass.

“Room 8,” the owner said. “Showers are down there,” he added, as he chucked us a key.

“Any bed,” one of the rugby players said. “We will just sleep wherever.”

We went upstairs and found room 8, opening the door to be greeted by a messy room strewn with clothes, beer crates and various snacks. As it was fairly warm in the room we opened the windows and selected a top bunk bed before going back downstairs to shower and get ready for bed.

“You got PJs?” I asked.

“Just a t-shirt,” she answered.

“Long?” I asked.

“Almost knee length,” she said, “yours?”

“Bit shorter…” I said, holding it against me so she could see. It covered me up easily enough, but in a room full of blokes it wasn’t really that long.

“Awesome,” she said grinning at me, when she saw how short the shirt was.

“Wanna swap?” I asked smiling at her.

“Erm… no…” she said smiling back at me, “ya wearing panties though aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah I am.”

“Well then, not a thong are they?”

“No, they are just high legged ones.”

“Be fine then, bet ya worn smaller bikini’s before,” she said, as she turned away from me and stripped to her panties before slipping the t-shirt on.

I watched her pick her wash bag up before finally going out of the door to the bathroom. She looked so cute wearing the t-shirt. Her long, slim toned legs, shown off by the shortness of the shirt, her t-shirt catching on her panties that were covering her firm bum. While she was gone I made sure the door was closed properly before quickly stripping to my panties and slipping my t-shirt on. The top showed enough of my chest to be suggestive and as I hadn’t brought the shorts with me, it didn’t take vastly drastic movements to show my panties off.

“Where are your clothes?” I asked when Sarah got back.

“Put them in a locker so they don’t get lost in this mess,” she said, indicating to the messy room

“Fair enough,” I replied, “will my stuff fit too?”

“Should do,” she said, throwing me the key.

“Ta,” I said, catching it and heading towards the door.

“Green?” Sarah said behind me.

“Eh?” I said, sweeping my hand down my back and bum before turning to face her, knowing she was telling me the colour of my underwear. “Can ya see em?” I asked.

“Caught a glimpse,” she answered, smiling at me, “cute arse,” she added with a wink.

I went to the bathroom and locked my stuff in the locker with Sarah’s before getting sorted for bed. When I got back Sarah was already half asleep as I wriggled in next to her. I rested my hand on her tummy and we soon fell asleep.

I was woken up by the door opening and the sound of people trying to be quiet who were not at all being quiet, “Shhh,” one of them said loudly, “guests.”

“Shut the fuck up then with your shhh shite,” one of them fired back.

“Yeah, fuck you nob,” he retaliated.

“Hey,” one of them said lowering his voice, “you reckon they are sleeping naked?”

“In a room full of lads I would not think so,” another one of them replied.

“Would love to sniff either of their panties,” he replied.

“Leave them alone, and quieten it down. They are probably curled up wide awake shitting themselves in a room full of us,” one of them said, who I assumed was the organiser, as it sounded like his word was final.

“Would still sniff her shitty panties,” he muttered.

“You are wrong Steve, so so wrong,” one of them said, “the blonde’s?” he added laughing.

“Either,” he said back.

“Oi, lads, come on,” the organiser said, “knock it off. If you wanna be noisy fuck off downstairs.”

The voices quietened down as they got ready, shuffling around the room. The sound of 15 blokes undressing is a weird thing to listen to. It is also very hard not to have a peek, but I didn’t. The voices quietened down to a murmur as they chatted about their day, which I just listened to before starting to drift off to sleep.

I was half asleep when I could hear voices which woke me up. As I stirred, I heard one of them say, “Fuck me that is hot.”

I could feel the covers were not wrapped around me and it was me they were likely looking at.

“Them her panties or shorts?”

“Panties I think.”

“You reckon?”

“Yeah, too small to be shorts them.”

I brushed my hand over slot oyna my back, pulling the covers over me, covering myself up as I rolled over so I could see them.

“Pervs,” I said, smiling at them.

“Soz,” one of them said. “Was just getting up for a pee, saw a lot of skin.”

“Yeah yeah,” I said grinning at him, “and yes, they are my panties.”

“Cute,” they both said together, “bra?” one of them asked.

I just ignored his question as he was clearly just being a perv.

“Sorry love, you will have to forgive him, he is the ugly one so doesn’t get much,” the taller of the two said.

“Yeah fuck you Dave,” he snapped back, “I get plenty.”

“Sure you do Mike,” Dave said, “then why you staring at a girl asleep in her undies? You not seen that for a while?”

“Yeah, fuck off Dave,” Mike said, “you gotta admit, shorts, panties, whatever, an ugly fucker like you would have to pay to fuck that.”

“You suggesting I am a whore?” I said glaring at him.

“No, hell no, sorry, just saying, he is ugly, and you, never, sorry,” Mike stammered.

“Hehehe, smoothly done,” Dave said, “anyway, need a pee.”

He threw the covers back revealing he was totally naked, his dick lounging against his balls as he swung his legs off the bed and stood up.

“Whoa,” I said, staring, as his penis, almost in slow motion, swung to the side as he got out of bed.

He wrapped a towel around himself before opening the door and disappearing into the darkness. A few minutes later he came back, dropped the towel and got back into bed.

“Can’t believe you are naked in a room of this many people,” I said.

“Eh?” he said, “rugby team, kinda get used to it, can’t be modest in those changing rooms.”

“Guess not,” I said, “you all naked?”

“I doubt any of us are wearing ‘My Little Pony’ PJs,” he said smiling, “bunch of piss heads, boxers or nowt most likely.”

I just laughed at the thought of them wearing ‘My Little Pony’ PJs as he continued, “Anyway, you are hardly well dressed. Just the top and panties?”

I nodded, “Decent though,” I argued.

“Yeah, suppose so,” he said, “and your mate?”

“Yeah she is decent,” I said.

“How decent?” he pressed, “same as you?”

I didn’t answer his question, I just smiled at him.

I was woken up to rustling and movement. I looked to the side and opened my eyes getting an eyeful of Dave naked again, “Morning…” I said, staring at his cock and elbowing Sarah to wake her up. He was quite good looking in the daylight, standing a few feet away, his flaccid penis hanging between his legs nestling against his shaved testicles.

“What…” she mumbled, as she stirred before opening her eyes and seeing the full monty. “Wow,” she blurted out as she just stared at his nakedness.

He made no effort to cover up as he casually put some boxers on.

She had a good look at him before looking at me and smiling, “Now that is an alarm clock,” she said smiling.

“You like that?” he asked her.

“There are worse things to wake up to,” she answered.

I made eye contact with Sarah and she nodded, I nodded back and smiled as I felt her hand against my tummy before it slowly slid down my front, her fingers lifting my panties before slipping inside them. I bit my lip and looked at her as she gently penetrated me with her index finger. She knew I wasn’t really wet enough yet as she gently and slowly slid it as deep as she could before curling her fingers forwards and pushing against my ‘g spot’. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as she massaged me internally. I felt my body respond to what she was doing and felt myself relax around her fingers as I got wet.

“Take your boxers off,” Sarah said to him.

“Eh?” he said, sounding confused, as he turned around.

She looked at me and I nodded slightly to her so he didn’t notice. She stopped fingering me, but left her hand down the front of my panties.

She pushed the covers down my body so he could see her hand down the front of my panties.

“Oh shit, you fingering her?” he blurted out.

She nodded in response to his question, “Take ya boxers off,” she repeated.

He dropped the boxers and started to climb the ladder. As his semi erect penis got level with the bed she stopped him and with her free hand took hold of him causing him to get harder.

I shifted myself down causing her hand came out of my panties, but leaving my mouth at the same level as his now hard penis. She stopped wanking him, but kept hold and as he opened his eyes again and looked down at her, she guided him towards my mouth.

“Oh fucking wow,” he gasped as she guided him between my lips and then pulled him forwards until my nose pressed against his stomach.

I let him screw my mouth as he started thrusting into it as I sucked him off. Sarah shifted herself so she could cup his balls while I sucked him. She gently massaged them in her hand as I let him use my mouth as he wanted. I felt Sarah kneel up on the bed and move so she could kiss him, her tongue and his intertwining together canlı casino siteleri as I lay in-between them with his dick thrusting in and out of my mouth.

I knew Sarah wouldn’t suck as she just won’t, so I felt behind me and followed her bare leg up until I felt her panties, I teased them down a bit before Sarah worked out what I was doing and removed them entirely. I took his hand and guided it towards the top of her leg. As I guided his hand up from her knee and over her thigh he took the hint and I let go as he got higher and higher.

“Oh, wow,” he said, “you naked under that shirt?”

She didn’t say anything, she just responded by lifting her shirt up and over her head, dropping it onto the bed. I heard her moan as his hands squeezed her breasts before aiming straight between her legs.

“Can I cum?” he gasped with a sense of urgency.

“If you want,” Sarah replied, “her mouth… or in me?”

“Seriously?” he asked, staring at her and pulling back out of my mouth to, I assume, stop himself cumming.

She made eye contact and nodded as he pulled her close and lifted her off the top bunk effortlessly, climbing down and laying her on the bed below.

“Oh yes,” she said, “fuck me,” and then gasped, as I assume he entered her.

I lay above them and tipped my head over the edge of the bunk as I watched my best mate getting fucked. I grinned as he just slammed it inside her, there was no romance at all, she was just someone to fuck, and wow, was she getting fucked. I looked up when I heard the door open as a few of them almost chinned themselves on the floor when they saw her, on her back, naked and legs open. I smiled at them as they came in and closed the door. Almost in a total ‘trance like’ sync they took their tops off, followed by their shoes, socks and jeans in one movement.

I knelt up on the bed and lifted my top off. They just stared at me for a few moments kneeling there, wearing only my panties, before I felt myself get lifted off the top bunk and laid next to Sarah. Sarah was on her back with her arms above her head. Her breasts were bouncing up and down as he slammed himself into her more and more aggressively, as I assume he got closer to his climax.

“Can I cum?” he gasped, although he didn’t wait for the answer. He moaned, almost a growl as he bucked himself deep inside her as he came.

“No,” she said looking at him, “you can’t cum…”

“Shit, seriously?” he asked, sounding worried.

She didn’t answer him and just grinned at him, “Tis okay,” she said.

“You on pill?” he asked, still sounding concerned, as he had just blown his load into her.

“Yes,” she said, “good job isn’t it,” she teased, smiling at him.

I felt someone kneel between my legs and force my legs open, he moved my panties to one side and rested his penis against me. I smiled encouragingly at him as he gently pushed against me until I felt my outer lips open and he slipped inside me. He pushed deeper into me until I felt his balls push against my panties.

He started thrusting in and out of me as I lay on my back, my arms above my head pushing against the wall to stop my head hitting it. He pulled me towards him and lifted me up by the hips so he was at a better angle. He rocked his hips, quickly slamming in and out of me as he looked down at me.

“Can I cum?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, as I felt his pace quicken.

He didn’t last long, moaning loudly as he thrust into me in time with his ejaculations. I smiled at him as he pulled himself out of me, allowing my panties to fall back into place and inevitably soak up his deposit.

I heard the table get moved into the middle of the room and saw Sarah being laid on it, face down, moments before another cock got pushed into her. She gasped as she got penetrated from behind while another guy stood in front of her and tried to get her to suck him.

“No,” she said, “fuck off.”

“Come on, be a good girl,” he teased.

“No,” she said, turning her face to avoid his stiff cock that he was trying to get into her mouth.

“I insist,” he said, grabbing her cheeks and squeezing so she opened her mouth which was immediately filled with his dick.

“You twat,” she said as he started to thrust in and out of her mouth. Or I think that was what she said, it was kinda hard to tell what she was saying with 6 inch of meat sticking down her throat.

I felt myself get lifted off the bed and was placed next to Sarah on the table, face down. I felt my panties get pushed to the side again as a second guy penetrated me. The better angle was glancing against my g-spot as he fucked me.

“You gonna be a good girl?” the guy in front of me asked, offering his penis towards my face.

I just opened my mouth and let him slide into it. I closed my lips around him, unable to really coordinate anything with my mouth as I got penetrated from behind. I just lay in the middle as someone thrust deep into my pussy and another thrust deep into my throat.

The guy in my mouth pulled out and started to wank himself off. Before I could even move my face he unloaded onto it, his first shot hitting me in my left eye and his second flew over my shoulder onto my back. He slipped himself back into my mouth as the last few dribbles came out, which I sucked out and swallowed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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