Home Sweet Home Ch. 03

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Chapters 1 and 2 of this series were submitted under Loving Wives. In Chapter 1 Dana greeted Jim upon his return from an extended business trip and tied him up as she then fucked Jill and Nic, two of their female neighbors, as Jim watched. In Chapter 2 Jim and Dana decided to try an open relationship and were invited on a swinger’s ski trip by Jill and her husband Bob. The first night of the trip ended with Jim and Dana fucking while they watched Nic and her boyfriend Mark fucking on another bed in the same room. Chapter 3 picks up on the Saturday morning of the ski trip.

It was relatively early when people started getting up and getting ready. Despite everyone’s late night they were all eager to get outside and hit the slopes. Before too long everyone had showered, dressed, and grabbed a bite to eat. They all headed out to their cars, piled in, and drove up to the nearest ski resort.

After spending the rest of the morning and a good part of the afternoon skiing together and hanging out in the lodge between runs they decided to head back down to the house. They returned to the house in the late afternoon and people poured drinks and chatted excitedly as they got out of their ski clothes. A few people jumped in the shower as others put on their swimsuits and got in the hot tub. The house had an outdoor hot tub just off the back. Those who were getting ready to use it said it was cold as anything getting to and from the house, but that once you were in the warm water it was an amazing feel. Jim opted to just take a shower but Dana wanted to try the hot tub. She, Mark, Nic, and Lynn all headed out for the oversized hot tub.

A short while later Jill and Bob said that they had reservations that night for everyone at the one local pizza place, so we had better get ready to go. The four from the hot tub took quick showers and got changed as the others got themselves ready. Jim enjoyed watching the 3 women, especially Dana, as they emerged from the hot tub and came into the house. The extreme temperature difference between the air and water quickly hardened the nipples of all three women and made them stand out prominently as they walked past the others. The fact didn’t go unnoticed by the others as there were some catcalls and lewd comments as they made their way to the shower.

Soon everyone was ready and the group headed out. The pizza tasted great and the drinks were flowing. A couple of hours later they headed back to the house and settled in the living room. Nobody had yet made any reference to the previous night and Jim was wondering if anyone would. Not too long after the group settled there was a lull in the conversation and someone suggested playing a game. Everyone agreed readily before Jill suggested they play strip poker. Initially a couple of people were hesitant to agree, but Jill added, “C’mon everyone. After all I heard going on last night I would think that we wouldn’t need to be shy around each other.” Soon everyone agreed and Bob produced 3 decks of cards from one of the house’s junk drawers.

Jill explained the ground rules. The cards would be dealt and whoever had the low hand would have to remove one article of clothing. Shoes and socks would could as one article otherwise the game would take too long. Also, jewelry wouldn’t could as clothing so you could either leave it all on or take it all off whenever you wanted. Everyone got into a big circle around the large coffee table and a nervous energy filled the room as the game started. As the game continued nearly everyone had lost some clothing except Nic and Bob. Either they were really good or had been really lucky, but as the other’s started to expose more and more skin they were still fully dressed. Their partners, however, were not having any luck at all and Jill and Doug were quickly stripped down to only their panties and boxers, respectively. Jim’s cock had started to grow as the game continued and more and more of the women were removing their clothes, and it was obvious through Doug’s boxers that he was in the same situation. His boxers barely contained his cock as it now stood nearly fully erect. Jim stared lustfully at Jill’s small tits as she continued to play the game topless.

A few hands later Jill lost again and stood up at one end of the room before sliding her panties off. She now stood completely exposed to 10 other semi-dressed people. She twirled slowly showing off her body to everyone’s stare before returning to her seat. As the cards for the next hand were being dealt Nic playfully asked, “So Jill, now that you’ve got nothing left to pay up with, what happens if you lose?”

“Good question,” Jill said as she thought of an answer. “How about this,” she decided, “after someone loses all their clothes they can continue playing. However, if they then lose a hand they have to do whatever the winner of that hand says.” There was something about the particular way that she stressed the word “whatever” that sent a tingle down Jim’s neck and up his cock. There was silence for a brief while before Nic gladly said, “I’m game.”

A couple of the other guys said they were in and Jim was surprised as hell to hear Dana say, “Sounds şişli escort good.” Soon everyone agreed to Jill’s new rule and the next hand started. As they played the next hand Jim tried to keep from staring at Jill, and he was even more aroused when he noticed that Dana was pretty regularly sneaking glances at Jill. Just wondering what Dana must be thinking and what she wanted to do with Jill was enough to make Jim’s cock press against his remaining clothes as it now stood fully erect.

A couple of hands later Doug lost and had to remove his boxers. He wasn’t as dramatic as Jill had been, but he stood up from his chair and simply slipped the boxers past his hard on and off his legs. All eyes in the room dropped to his cock as it stood prominently in front of him. Jim took a quick look but hurriedly looked away as he wasn’t comfortable staring at another man’s naked dick. He did notice that several of the women, including Dana, were taking much longer to survey Doug before he finally sat back down. Jim also thought he noticed Bob taking particular interest in Doug’s cock and remembered what Dana had said about him having experimented with guys before.

The game continued and Bob and Nic finally had their luck turn slightly and they started to lose with the same regularity as everyone else. By now those two were still the most dressed with Mark having been stripped to only his boxers while Lisa and Rhonda both had only their bra and panties remaining.

A few more hands passed and more clothes were removed. Jim wasn’t sure where to look around the room as Jill and Mark still sat completely naked and there were now several of the other women who had removed their bras. He was very excited by all the naked bodies in the room but he wasn’t sure if he should openly stare at the others so he tried to focus on his cards while taking occasional glimpses of different people’s bodies.

Before long Mark lost and removed his boxers to Nic’s whistles and catcalls. After he kicked off his boxers Nic leaned over and smacked his ass as the other’s again looked at his hard cock for differing lengths of time. Nearly everyone left in the game, except Nic and Bob, had only 1 or 2 articles of clothing left. With nearly every hand now someone had to reveal themselves completely or had to reveal their tits to the hungry eyes of the group.

On consecutive hands Lisa and Rhonda lost and had to strip naked. Rhonda’s tits lost almost none of their shape despite their large size when she released them from her bra. Jim was nearly certain they were “fakes”, but that didn’t stop his eyes from being drawn to them and staring greedily at them as she slipped off her panties after the next hand. Rhonda noticed that nearly all the eyes in the room were on her and especially on her tits so she shook them from side to side slightly before running her hands teasingly up her sides and only grazing them past the sides of her tits before sitting back down.

As Lisa unclipped her bra and pulled it away from her Jim again noticed her deep tan and the fact that she didn’t have any tan lines on her tits. Her body was very lean and athletic and Jim soon noticed that she had a heart on her left tit. It wasn’t a tattoo but rather it looked like she had placed something heart shaped in the same spot as she tanned so that one spot didn’t get tan and remained white. Jim was still staring at her tits as she slipped off her thong and tossed it aside. He moved his eyes down to her pussy and saw that she was shaved completely bald. With the lack of pussy hair everyone could easily see her pussy lips as she stood before the group.

“How about a demonstration?” Jill called out as Lisa stood for a moment and let the eyes of the room roam over her.

Lisa smiled wickedly but said, “Maybe later.” She then sat back down as Jim wondered what Jill meant. He was now wearing only his boxers and wondered if anyone else noticed the wet spot from his pre cum that had already seeped out of his cock. He was very excited by all the naked bodies in the room but he was beginning to wonder when anyone would have to use Jill’s new rule about doing whatever the winner wanted if they lost a hand when they were already naked. With the growing number of naked people he figured he wouldn’t have to wait much longer.

On the next hand Julie lost and stood up to remove her panties. Jim had been very turned on several hands ago when she had slowly slipped her bra off and he saw that she had pierced nipples in addition to her pierced belly button. From each nipple hung a small gold hoop. She sported a lighter tan than Lisa, but she was still much more tanned than one would expect in the winter. Unlike Lisa she had tan lines from a very thin bikini around her tits. She had similar tan lines around her waist and pussy that Jim’s eyes traced as she dropped her panties to the floor and exposed herself fully to the group. The dimples formed on her cheeks when she broke into a wide smile as she surveyed the room and saw all the hungry eyes and the lusty faces. With everyone still watching she slid her hands up her stomach and took the hoops hanging from her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each çapa escort hand. She slowly pulled on the hoops causing her nipples to stretch out slightly from her tits. There were a couple of lusty groans from the room although Jim couldn’t tell who had made them over the thumping of his own chest and head as he watched Julie. Having made her effect Julie released the rings and sat back down on her chair with her wide smile still present.

“How about you,” Jill asked, “care to give a demonstration?”

“Wasn’t that enough for you?” Julie teasingly asked in reply. She seemed to think for a second before adding, “Maybe if you’re good.”

Jim was now curious as hell to find out what Jill meant when she asked Julie and Lisa for demonstrations. He thought briefly about asking right then but the cards were dealt for the next hand and he started playing. The hand went quickly and ended with Mark losing and both Jill and Lisa winning. Since Mark was already naked this would be the first chance for the winner to tell the loser what to do. Jill and Lisa whispered and giggled in each other’s ears deciding what to do with Mark as Jim’s mind spun the various possibilities for what might be about to happen.

After they decided what they wanted to do with Mark, Jill and Lisa both stood and moved to an open area in the living room. They stood side by side and told Mark to get up and come over to them. With a shrug Mark did as instructed and stopped in front of them with his hard cock pointing straight at them. Jill and Lisa looked at each other and giggled briefly before they each dropped to their knees. They both leaned forward and started running their tongues back and forth along Mark’s cock. He groaned in surprise and excitement as the two women continued running their lips and tongues along him until they had left a wet layer of their saliva coating his cock. Lisa was the first to take him completely inside her mouth as she wrapped her lips around him and started moving her head back and forth. Jill alternated between fondling Mark’s balls and Lisa’s tits as Lisa continued sucking him. With a soft pop Lisa released his cock and Jill immediately lowered her head and engulfed him into her mouth. Jill moved her hand to the base of Mark’s shaft and began stroking him as she sucked. Lisa watched closely and teased Jill’s tits and nipples with her fingers. Jill let his cock slip out of her mouth and keeping her hand on his shaft she pushed his cock slightly so it was pointing at Lisa. Lisa greedily attacked Mark’s cock and could be seen using her tongue to tease his shaft fully as she fucked him with her mouth. Jill and Lisa quickly fell into a tempo where Jill’s stroking matched the same tempo as Lisa’s blowjob. Mark stood with his eyes closed and his head tilted back as the two horny women continued pleasuring him. Too bad he isn’t watching, Jim thought, he’s missing quite a show.

Lisa released his cock and Jill briefly resumed sucking on him before she pulled his cock out and said to Lisa, “Finish him off.” Lisa attacked his cock and wildly sucked him as Jill caressed Mark’s balls. Mark was obviously straining hard trying not to cum but Jill and Lisa were too much for him and he grunted loudly as he started cumming. Lisa held just the tip of his cock in her mouth and stroked her hand back and forth on his cock as he came over and over. It looked like she would take his whole load in her mouth but she suddenly released his cock and jerked the last of his jets of cum out onto her chest. She swallowed the cum in her mouth with a lurid, “Hmmm.” She continued stroking Mark for a few moments even after he finished cumming. As she did this Jill reached over and began to massage the cum into her chest. She had taken nearly all of Mark’s load in her mouth so Jill very quickly massaged the rest into her skin leaving only a shiny spot on her skin behind.

All three of them returned to their seats as the rest of the group mostly sat in stunned silence. Jim couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. It was almost like the group wasn’t sure what to do when they others returned to the circle. Should the game continue or should everyone just grab someone and fuck? Bob took the lead this time and suggested that Mark now sit out of the game as he had been “satisfied”. Mark didn’t argue as he sat back comfortably in his chair and openly stared at Lisa as she picked up her cards and started playing the next hand.

Jim was dealt a great hand and ended up winning easily. Jill’s “bad luck” continued and she again lost so Jim could decide what she had to do. After what he had just seen he clearly could have her do just about anything. Dana watched him closely with lust burning in her eyes as Jim considered his options. He considered sucking Jill’s pussy until she came but he was still interested in her small tits so he ultimately stood and walked over to her chair. He knelt down next to her and began to suck and lick her tits and nipples. Her nipples responded quickly to him and he felt them tighten under his lips and tongue. Jill moved her hands to the back of his head and ran her fingers through his hair as he teased first one and then the other of her tits. Her small fındıkzade escort breasts felt so very different to Dana’s and he explored every inch of them with his lips and tongue. He knew that he could have continued sucking her for a long, long time but with one last suck on her right nipple he released her from his mouth and moved back to his seat. Jill watched him move with a very horny look in her eyes and once he had sat back down and they again made eye contact she winked sexily at him and mouthed, “Thanks.”

A few more hands were played and more clothes were removed. Doug then had a really bad hand and lost. Nic’s hot streak continued and she was the winner, so she could decide what would happen to Doug. Jim looked first at Nic as she sat quietly staring at Doug as she mulled her options. Jim then looked at Doug as he stared back at Nic and waited her decision. Finally Nic stood up and moved over to where Doug sat. She had so far only lost her top so she still wore her pants and her large tits were covered with a sexy black bra. She knelt in front of Doug, pushed his legs apart with her hands, and brought her mouth to the tip of his hard cock. She paused momentarily with her lips only a few inches from him and Doug groaned as she prolonged his wait ever so slightly. Soon she parted her lips and very softly took the tip of his cock into her mouth. She lightly sucked on his tip for a while as Doug’s face was a mixture of relief and ecstasy. Nic then ran her tongue all over his cock in long slow strokes as the rest of the group watched in horny fascination. A few of the people who were seated directly across the circle from Doug moved so they could watch Nic as she teased and sucked his cock.

Nic again took him into her mouth and started to bob her head up and down on him. Doug again moaned as Nic settled into a steady rhythm and continued fucking him with her mouth. As she sucked she made very sexy, wet sucking noises and when she held only the tip in her mouth Jim could see that Doug’s cock glistened with her saliva. Nic continued sucking on Doug as she became more wild and aggressive the closer he got to cumming. She was now using her lips, tongue, and teeth to give Doug a blowjob that looked hotter than any Jim had seen on a porno tape. Her red hair swayed back and forth as she sucked him and ended up falling forward and obscuring the view of the group. Now blocked by her long, red hair the group could only see her head as it moved up and down and could hear her lustily sucking and slurping on his cock. Doug moaned, “I’m cumming,” and Nic seemed to increase the speed of her mouth moving up and down. Very soon he groaned, “Oh shit,” and he tensed as he started cumming. Nic slowed her blowjob but kept her head bobbing throughout as Doug came in her mouth. Jim wished he could see her sweet mouth around Doug’s hard shaft, but her hair now completely blocked his view.

Once Doug had finished cumming he leaned back in his chair and looked completely spent. Nic raised up from him and flipped her hair back behind her with her hands. She had clearly swallowed Doug’s cum as there was almost none of it left on her lips or face. Only some small remnants clung to her lower lip and chin and she quickly swept them up with her tongue before she got up and moved back to her seat. She seemed to take her time moving and it looked to Jim that she enjoyed the fact that all of the 10 other people in the room were staring wantonly at her.

Rhonda in particular seemed to be affected by watching Nic suck off her husband. She looked back and forth from Doug to Nic as they played the next hand and Jim wondered briefly which of them she would fuck first if given a choice. Rhonda quickly lost the next hand while Julie laid down the winning cards. Julie wasted little time in deciding Rhonda’s fate and instructed her to lie down on the floor on her back. Rhonda did as Julie wanted and Jim stared at her huge tits as they still maintained much of their shape even while she lay flat on her back. Julie’s tall body rose seductively from her chair and she made her way over to Rhonda. Julie then lowered herself down on top of Rhonda and brought her mouth straight to Rhonda’s waiting pussy. Julie straddled Rhonda and lowered her own pussy onto Rhonda’s mouth and the two women began sucking each other’s pussies simultaneously.

From his position Jim couldn’t directly see either woman’s pussy but he had a great side view and enjoyed watching them as their heads moved between each other’s legs and as their hands explored each other and their bodies rubbed together. They continued sucking and slurping each other as the room filled with their soft moans and the wet, sucking noises they made at each other’s pussies. Julie raised her head and turned it back toward Rhonda before saying, “I can tell you liked watch Nicky suck off your man. Your pussy is so wet. Show me how much you liked it, I want you to cum for me.” As she spoke Jim could see Rhonda’s pussy juice on her lips and face and for a second fantasized about him licking Rhonda’s juices off her. Jim then looked over at Dana and saw that she was completely focused on watching the two women. Dana was rubbing one of her own tits through her bra and her nipples were straining hard against the fabric. Her mouth was parted open slightly and her eyes burned with lust as she watched Julie move her head back down between Rhonda’s legs.

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