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Female Ejaculation

Jason and I met my junior year in college at a party my sorority was hosting. It was instant attraction. He was completely my type; tall and broad shouldered with a slightly arrogant attitude. Plus, we were both into a lot of the same music, clubs, and concerts. I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t met sooner.

We talked that night and after a few casual dates we were an official couple.

The night I’m about to describe was a special one. Jason played baseball and that night was their awards banquet. It was semi-formal and Jason and I had spent all afternoon on the phone discussing what we were going to wear among other things.

“Well, babe,” he said, “I’ll pick you up around seven, and remember what I told you earlier.”

“I remember,” I said, “I’m not supposed to wear panties.” I imagined the devilish grin on his face as I said that.

“That’s right,” he said, “Now, go get that sweet ass in the shower.”

“You got it! I’ll see you tonight sexy!” I hung up the telephone and went into the bathroom to get ready.

The whole ritual of getting ready for a date always seemed like foreplay to me, especially when I knew the date was going to end with someone between my thighs.

I turned the hot water on and stepped into the shower letting my robe hit the floor. The water ran over my body in ribbons as I shampooed my hair. I closed my eyes and envisioned the pleasures that would come to me at the end of the evening. Jason was such an attentive lover, completely concerned with my satisfaction.

I carefully shaved my legs and took great care not to knick my ankles or knees. I imagined how good it was going to feel when he ran his hand over my smooth skin. I spread my legs and shaved my pussy. Generally, I shave completely, but tonight I left a neatly trimmed triangle that came to a point right above my slit.

I lathered up every inch of my body with sweet smelling raspberry soap. I rubbed circles around my breasts and watched my nipples grow hard. I lifted one of them up to my mouth and flicked my nipple with my tongue. I traced my hand across my belly and down between my thighs. I rubbed my clit lightly. I was so excited with anticipation. I teased myself a moment longer and then turned the water off.

I stepped out and wrapped up in a towel as the last suds disappeared down the drain. I sat down on the bed and rubbed lotion over my legs and arms admiring the tan I acquired over my Spring Break trip to Cancun.

I moved in front of the mirror and applied my make-up. My big, green eyes are Escort bayan my best facial features and I played them up with smoky gray shadow and kohl liner. My perfectly curled lashes completed the look. Next, I went to work on my mouth, lining my pouty lips and applying a berry shade that matched my nails.

I smacked my lips together and examined my reflection. “Not bad,” I thought to myself.

I dried my hair straight. I had let it grow and it fell just below my shoulders and my recently added blonde high lights looked extremely nice.

Still wrapped in my towel, I walked over to the closet to get dressed. I had picked out the perfect black dress. It fell just above my knees and had a halter-top to show off my sexy back. But it was what I wore underneath that made me feel so scandalous.

I had a black, strapless bra that gave my breasts even more lift. I also wore black thigh high stockings that ended with lace trim, and upon Jason’s request, I did not wear panties.

I looked at myself in the mirror with approval. The extra workouts had definitely paid off. I was still curvy, but now I was also toned. I slipped on my shoes that made me look even taller and leaner.

I smoothed my hands over my hips reminding myself once again that I was without panties. The very thought of being in public without them made me so wet and I was so horny just knowing that my sweet pussy was so easily accessible.

I spritzed on my perfume and waited for Jason to come pick me up. I lit a cigarette and let it burn. I tried to quit many times, but was never successful. I heard J’s car outside so I ground it out in the ashtray and went to the door to meet him.

When he first saw me, I saw him take in a sharp breath as he took me in head to toe. “You look absolutely edible,” he said.

I did a little spin around and with a grin I replied, “Well, later you can act on that urge!”

Jason looked very sharp in a tailored black suit that accentuated his athletic frame. His beach blonde hair and goatee were neatly groomed and nothing could beat the shine in his blue eyes.

I slipped my hand in his and we went outside and got in the car. We drove across campus and at the first red light that caught us he slid his hand up my thigh to see if his request had been fulfilled.

He smiled broadly when he felt my nearly bald snatch under his probing hand. “Good girl,” he said.

I squirmed as he spread my lips and gave me a generous tease. Too quickly the light turned green and his hands went back Bayan Escort to the wheel instead of the places I wanted them to be.

I shifted my eyes over to notice that I could see his cock semi-hard from his discovery. Since he was occupied with driving, I decided to have a little fun and use the distraction to my advantage. I let my hand lightly graze his hard-on through his pants. Without saying a word, I undid the zipper and let his cock spring free.

Jason had a really nice penis. It was a little over eight inches long and very thick, especially at the head.

I unfastened my seat belt and leaned over. I let my tongue circle the head and then I gave long licks from the base all the way to the tip. I felt him become fully erect as I did this. I took him into my mouth sucking gently as I worked up and down. I used my tongue ring to part the opening of his dick.

“Oh, God!” he moaned, “My dick feels sooooo good in your mouth!”

I paused and said, ” I know places where it would feel better.”

We were almost to our interstate exit when he made the U-turn.

“Look, ” he said, “As much as I have been looking forward to this banquet, I’ve been looking forward to pounding your tight pussy even more. I cannot wait any longer!”

He drove fast back to his apartment. We were both so tore up we literally ran to th front door, and while he fumbled with the lock I loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

Once inside we kissed feverishly as I peeled off his shirt and rubbed my hands across his well-defined chest. He leaned down to nibble my neck, which made me so hot I couldn’t wait to finish what I started in the car. I dropped to my knees and licked the pre-cum from his dick and then I took him deep in my throat. I was so hungry to taste him, and he tasted great.

He moaned with pleasure and I could feel every muscle in him tighten. “Get up,” he ordered and led me into his bedroom.

He let his pants drop to the floor and lifted my skirt so he could finger fuck my pussy while we kissed once again. He guided me over to the bed and I was truly surprised at what he did next. He told me to kick off my shoes and scoot back. He traced up my inner thigh and breathed hotly on my throbbing clit. Then he slowly pulled my stockings off and used them to tie my hands behind my back.

I was completely exposed for his pleasure and the power he held over me made him very excited. He spread my knees apart and dived into my wet pussy attacking with his tongue. He vigorously licked and Escort sucked me until I screamed, “Oh! Eat me baby!”

He flicked his tongue in and out of my dripping hole while he rolled my clit under his thumb. I arched my back as he inserted one, two, and then three fingers inside of me.

“Make me cum, baby, please!” I begged. I writhed around in one the bed panting needing desperately to feel release.

With his fingers still in me, he gently bit my swollen clitoris and this sent me completely over the edge. I squealed as the orgasmic waves ripped through me.

“My fucking God! I’m cumming!” I shrieked.

I was still trembling as Jason flipped me over face down on the bed. I assumed position on my knees with my ass aimed upward eager to receive his thrusts.

“Now, my little slut, you’re going to cum on my dick aren’t you?” he asked.

“Uh huh,” I groaned as he entered me.

“You are so tight to be such a slut,” he said pushing deeper into me.

He felt so good and my moans and screams only encouraged him to fuck me more savagely. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me back on his dick. “Don’t ever stop fucking me! You fuck me so good boy I can’t stand it!”

Jason was dripping with sweat at this point. “Oh, damn, you need to cum girl!” He punctuated the urgency by slapping me on the ass.

He did it once more and that’s all it took to send me over the edge into a second, more intense orgasm. I felt my muscles contracting around his cock.

“Yeah, that’s right baby, cum on my dick,” he said pounding away.

“Fuck! Fuck! I am! Goddamn!”

As the words left my mouth, I Jason pulled out and squirted his hot load on my ass. “Pussy was never so good,” he said and rubbed the cum onto my skin.

He leaned down to kiss me.

“You can untie me now,” I said sweetly.

“Oh, no. You’re mine tonight,” he teased and then he let me free from my nylon handcuffs.

We looked at the clock and decided that we would just forget the whole banquet. We changed clothes and went downstairs to watch TV. About two hours later there was a knock at the door. It was Jason’s friend Ryan.

“Hey, man! I just came by to make sure things were ok. We worried when you guys didn’t show up tonight.”

“No, everything is fine,” Jason said, “Something just came up on the way there.”

“Yeah, we kinda got tied up, ” I added winking at Jason as I rubbed the pink marks around my wrists.

“Well, as long as everything’s okay,” Ryan said, “Anyway, here’s your plaque, Jay. I’ll catch up with you all later.”

After he left Jason looked at me and said, “So, you wanna go celebrate?”

“Yeah, but I got to tell you something,” I said.


“I’m running the bitch this time!” I laughed and ran upstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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