Holiday of Surprises – Day 02

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I awoke the next morning with a hangover and in a confused state – my cock was sore from the previous night’s activities and I made my way to the shower.

I had taken very great care when I refurbished the villa with all sorts of items and one of my favourites was the two showers which I had installed. They were massive cabinets big enough t practically lie down in and the showers were powerful and had a multitude of jets.

I set the shower to drizzle and let the huge shower head pour warm water slowly over me as I soaped myself and gradually came awake and into the day – once cleansed I then adjusted the setting to massage and eight jets came out of the wall with very powerful sprays which played on to areas of my back relaxing and soothing the knots and tension which a busy lifestyle leaves you with especially when hard work is the order of the day. I began to feel much better.

Finally, after adjusting the nozzles on the wall I stood with two jets spraying hard, one on each nipple and the other six arranged around my cock and balls – my cock rose under this stimulation and I could feel two hard sprays on the end of my helmet while the other four sent jets into my balls. I stood with the jets stimulating me and slowly took my hard cock in my hand and pulled at it gently for what seemed like ages until I spurted four or five cum jets of my own. I washed and went back to the bedroom where I put on a T shirt and shorts and flip flops.

Downstairs I put some coffee on and cleared up while it brewed. I poured a large mug and went out to the terrace with a cigarette and sat in the sun. It was 9.30 and already 80 degrees.

I looked across to the garden and two loungers were set out but as yet they were empty.

I picked up my book and read for an hour then closed up the villa and went down to the town as I had to meet with Jose in his office to sign some papers on a new development I had bought into with Luis. He persuaded me to join him for lunch and we spent a pleasant three hours in a restaurant on the beach with a meal of fresh fish bread and salad washed down with two bottles of great white Portugese wine. Part of the discussion was about me coming out permanently as I could run my business from here and there were also other areas which interested me as money making opportunities.

By the time I left a lot had been talked about and I had agreed to have dinner with Jose’s wife and him and a “friend” on the next night who Jose assured me was lovely and keen to meet me.

By the time I got back to the villa it was 3.30 in the afternoon nişantaşı escort – I changed into swim shorts and spent an hour in the pool. Still no sign of the ladies although the loungers looked as though they had been occupied during my absence.

Time passed and after swimming, lounging and drinking it was about 6.30 – I went back into the villa and showered and changed into a shirt and shorts again.

I came downstairs and watched TV for about an hour – I was just contemplating what to do for dinner when there was a knock at the door – I opened it and there was Greta in a dress looking very attractive. She had been working out what to say obviously in the best English she could muster and it came out as “you like dinner with us?”

I smiled and said “Ja danke” and she held out her hand – I locked the villa and she led me next door to their place and took me into a lounge with large leather settees and a big dining table set for three with bread, salad and wine in evidence. Ellen was in the kitchen, also in a dress and she smiled and said “ola” as we walked in. I sat on the settee and was given a very chilled glass of excellent champagne and the ladies shortly joined me with theirs. Ellen smiled and pointed at her watch and held up 5 fingers which I presumed meant dinner will be soon.

We sat a little awkwardly as there was effectively no ability to communicate – it was a little ironic as the previous night we had been exploring each other like people who had know each other for a long time.

We managed a little conversation before and during dinner and it became quite funny to try to work out what the conversations were supposed to be – we laughed a lot, helped by the copious quantities of alcohol and the evening was becoming a very enjoyable social occasion.

After dinner we retired to the settees and Greta produced an excellent bottle of Hine cognac which went very well with the coffee.

The conversation continued in its stilted way until Greta and Ellen started on an intense conversation during which time they looked at me now and then. Finally Greta got up and came over to my chair – she leaned down and kissed me on the lips and then stood back and said the word “show?” I did not understand, wondering if it was a German word so I shrugged my shoulders as if to convey I did not know what she meant. She said again “show?” and again I shrugged.

Greta looked across at Ellen and she then got up and joined her friend and looked at me and said “show?” After that she took Greta in her arms and kissed her on the mouth, a kiss which kağıthane escort Greta returned with enthusiasm. She looked at me – “show – you watch?” I nodded my head.

The settees and chairs had been arranged around a large white rug on which sat a coffee table – both ladies removed the table and placed my brandy, my coffee and the bottle on a table placed to the side of my large leather armchair.

They then removed several scatter cushions and dotted them about the rug. After refilling the glasses they came over to me and holding out their hands helped me to my feet. Greta unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down followed by my shirt being taken off and neatly folded put to one side – they then sat me back down naked on he chair and passed me the brandy and a cigar which Ellen lit and gave to me.

Ellen pressed a remote control and some music came on and played quietly – classical – I couldn’t place it for a moment and then recognised it as Schubert.

The two women proceeded to the centre of the rug and knelt down opposite each other.

They kissed and with their arms wrapped about each other started to touch each others breasts and caress each other. Slowly and almost in time to the music they took each others dresses off. Two ladies, one considerably larger than the other both in bra and panties were kissing and touching and caressing – it was stunning and soon my cock was rock hard.

Greta lay back on the rug, one cushion under her head and another in the small of her back – Ellen reached underneath her and undid her bra pulling it off and tossing it to one side. She cupped Greta’s small breasts and sucked on a nipple, tweaking the other expertly with her thumb and forefinger. I watched them rise stiff and erect as Ellen played with them much to Greta’s pleasure. After a while she slowly worked her way down Greta’s body – kissing and nibbling at her and then slid her panties off and again tossed them to one side.

Greta’s legs were gently parted and the thick labia protruding from the perfectly smooth mons were clearly visible – Ellen sat up and with one hand parted the labia and with the other started to stroke her inner lips up and down finishing on the clitoris. Great started to squirm and the squirming increased when Ellen pushed her head between Greta’s legs and licked and nibbled on her while her hands strayed upwards to work on Greta’s nipples.

This went on for about half an hour and during that time Greta slowly came in wave after wave shuddering and panting – each time she came near to a climax Ellen would relax osmanbey escort her activity and time and time again she took her to the brink – finally she set to with a will and Greta was gone – she was screaming now and pushing Ellen’s head deep between her thighs, rushing towards a huge and greatly satisfying climax. Greta lay there panting and Ellen then rose and came over to me – still in her underwear she knelt down between my legs and began to pull on my cock with long slow strokes – one hand cupped my balls as the strokes increased in speed and I noticed she was gently squeezing them as she pumped my huge hard dick. Eventually the inevitable happened and I came with five or six huge spurts. Ellen reach over for a tissue from a box on the table and wiped my cock. She then refilled the glasses and poured more coffee and returned to the rug where she lay down.

Over the next half hour I watched a repeat performance with the roles reversed Greta was now in charge and she was as expert as her companion. The bra came off as before and Ellen’s massive breasts were caressed, teased, sucked, nibbled and rubbed before Greta headed down and removed Ellen’s huge panties to expose an extremely hairy pussy the foliage on which extended up her stomach and down between her arse cheeks.

The second show was better as Greta seemed to me to be the more expert – she was able to work Ellen up to an absolute frenzy and then by easing off calm her down and once again the waves were in evidence – in addition I was able to watch Greta from the rear as she bent over and I must admit her pussy looked so sweet with those huge labia it was all I could do not to plunge into her as she pleasured Ellen. As before the performance came to a very noisy crescendo and the activity I watched has caused my cock to rise once more.

This time both ladies came over to my chair and kneeling on either side they took my hard cock in their hands and either separately or together licked and sucked along its whole length – occasionally one would suck on my balls and the other my cock and then they would swap – I lay back and enjoyed every second of it and it was not very long before I came again – this time however there was nothing to clean up – as I arched my back Greta clamped her mouth over the end of my cock and every drop of cum went deep into her throat. She slowly slid her mouth of the end and checking to make sure she had cleaned everything, leant across me and kissed Ellen full on the mouth for at least a minute.

When the kiss ended they both looked at me and smiled and opened their mouths and I could see that my cum was in both – as if on a signal they simultaneously swallowed.

That night I hopped back over the garden fence – the first two days had been exciting and different – what would the rest of the week bring?

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