Holding Out For a Hero Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

Domatrix Reloaded

Authors note:

The Elder Scrolls game Skyrim is real. As are the modification programmes, (yes all of them and many more I haven’t mentioned) including Skyrim Together the multiplayer conversion. Although this isn’t currently available (at time of posting), the developers of this mod are a very talented bunch and I have a lot of faith in them completing it before too long.

I am not saying that what I have written here is possible, for a start Skyrim VR is a totally different game to the normal Skyrim version, and would require a different software set up. However, from my experience, there is very little that can’t be adapted to work. You just need to know what you are doing (I don’t btw I just mess about and hope to get lucky). In theory, my ‘game’ is feasible, but don’t email me to tell me it won’t / doesn’t work, this is fiction after all. ?

Hi all, me again. Sasha has been pestering me to write this chapter, and I have to say, she can be persuasive. So just to recap. My name is Katherine McKenna and as you know my friends call me Kat. Sasha doesn’t call me that though, but we won’t go there just yet, Sasha is my girlfriend. That sounds odd now I say it to myself, as I didn’t think of myself being in to girls, but then again, I didn’t see myself being on to boys either, so go figure.

Anyhow back to the story. I had intended to leave a gap between the happenings of my last chapter and this one, but Sasha had other ideas and she wanted me to begin where I left off. I put my foot down and said it was my story and I would write it how I wanted…

So I awoke in a bed that was in was much softer than mine and the memories of the previous night came flooding back. The image of Sasha walking along the beach wearing nothing but four napkins, strategically tied together to provide a tiny amount of cover, was forever burned in to my mind. (Yes we are starting where I left off… I did say she was very persuasive). Not that I was complaining, it was a very nice image. She had tied two together around her waist in triangles so that the points hung downwards. They hardly covered anything, and the light breeze kept blowing the trailing points upwards to show her supposedly hidden areas off to me. The other two napkins, she had tied in to a band about an inch wide that just about managed to cover her nipples and nothing else. All in all, she just looked so smoking hot as she walked along the beach, pausing every now and then to perform a few seconds of ballet. I just walked along behind her carrying her clothes and feeling like I was in a dream.

I think, after the fun we had in the restaurant, the walk along the beach, then the mad dash from the beach across the road to her front door (still wearing just the napkins) had really stirred her up, because the second we got through her door she began to undress me. Everything was a little hazy by then, but I think by the time we were half way up the stairs I was down to my underwear and nude by the time we got to her bedroom. The rest of the evening was lost in total sexual pleasure as she basically had me tripping on the edge of climax for what seemed like ever. I think the fates must have smiled on me greatly when they sent Sasha to save me that evening.

When I awoke a long leg was lying across my thighs effectively holding my legs in place, and an arm pinned my upper body to the cosy bed. The other arm lay underneath me and the soft hand that was attached to that arm was lightly cupping my left breast. There was an odd scent of strong spirits, mixed in with expensive perfume.

As more memories of the previous night drifted back in to my conscious thoughts, my tummy did a series of back flips and my body began to act in that very odd way. Now I know most (if not all) of you will know what I am talking about, but this was still fairly new to me. I was basically a stranger in a strange land (awesome Iron Maiden track btw). I could feel the warmth emanating from the soft naked body I was cuddled up against and I sighed contentedly.

I realised my free hand was touching that soft warm flesh and even though my mind suggested that I should maybe move my hand away, for some reason my hand didn’t want to listen. I guess it was under the control of the bad little imp that lived in my head, because it decided it was going to explore the firm body beneath it.

“Morning little Kukolka.” A husky voice breathed in to my ear. I remembered finding out, that Russian word meant doll, like a toy dolly or something similar. Not everything that happened the previous night had made sense. In fact, very little of it had, but as I said the memories were going to stay with me for ever.

I snuggled in to those comforting arms, whilst my imp controlled hand was off doing its own thing. It wandered along a firm thigh and it felt nice to touch the soft skin that lay over toned muscle. The thigh shifted slightly under the touch of my hand and I felt my fingers brush against warm, moist flesh and I finally regained some control over that rebellious limb and lifted it away from the treasure it had found.

A slight moan of frustration sounded in my ear and the arm that was draped over my upper body illegal bahis slithered away and took a firm hold of my hand. To my surprise, it shifted my touch back to where it had been between Sasha’s thighs.

A contented sigh expelled deeply for the semi sleeping Sasha as she wrapped her arms around me once more. I felt my body pulled closer in to hers, effectively trapping my hand in position.

Now as I have mentioned before, I have a bit of an analytical mind. I guess it is something to do with my autism, but I can’t help trying to work things out, even when they don’t require working out. As it was, my mind was suddenly occupied with the thought that Sasha may not have made a massive amount of noise the night before, because I hadn’t fully pleased her. I know that when she takes me over the edge I scream like a banshee and I wondered if I could get her to make similar noises.

I started out by running my fingertips along the inside of her thigh, I suppose having finger nails would have been better, but keyboards and long nails don’t mix, so I tend to keep mine short, I digress again, sorry I will try to stay focused. So my fingertips ran as lightly as I could up and down the inside of her silky thigh and I was rewarded by a muffled. “Nice.”

Hell yeah, I was on the right track.

Feeling a little more daring I let my finger delicately encircle that hot and moist area they had found earlier, and Sasha gave a little moan of delight.

Now I remember my friends saying that playing video games wouldn’t get me a partner, and although I had semi proved that wrong already, let’s face it, if I hadn’t accepted the online date with Dick (yes I know his name is Steve, but I will always refer to him a Dick for obvious reasons) then I wouldn’t have met Sasha. Any way before I get even more side tracked, one thing I have developed through years of dedicated gaming, is very nimble fingers, and I was about to prove they were extremely useful in pleasing a partner.

Mentally I overlaid the button lay out of my PS4 handset, so it represented where my hand currently lay, I knew this would be easier with two hands, but you don’t take down the end level boss without a little hard work.

I started out by running my index finger over the triangle button, which for your benefit was located at the bottom of the luscious patch of Sasha’s body (for further reference the X button is opposite to triangle, with square to the left and circle to the right, the rest you can no doubt work out for yourselves). As I circled the triangle, I felt Sasha’s muscles tense slightly, so knowing I was heading in the right direction, I stepped up the pace a little and let my first two fingers tap alternately on square and circle and felt Sasha shudder. Another change of pace and I utilised three fingers on triangle, square and circle, first stroking then tapping then stroking once more.

Sasha gave a long moan and tried to move my dexterous fingers towards the X button, but I slapped her hand away. This was very much my game and I was going to play it my way.

I slipped my middle finger inside and let it flick against Sasha’s trigger (mentally I called this right two if you’re interested), I knew I was on target when I heard a muted squeal from my tall blonde play toy.

All those hours I had put in playing various games was really paying off as I alternated tapping and stroking various buttons, each different button seemed to get a different reaction and it didn’t take long before Sasha was begging me to hit the X button.

I brought my super flexible thumb in to action and pressed Sasha’s X while flicking right two and got an immediate response as she squirmed under my hand and began to gasp something in Russian over and over. It sounded something like yebat menya. Whatever that meant.

A brief stab of pain laced with pleasure lanced through me, nearly disrupting my rhythm, as my living game station fought back a little and pinched at my nipple while her own fingers began to play their symphony on my personal gamepad.

Either Sasha knew what she was doing better than I did, or maybe it was just that as I was less experienced in the game of love making, but I immediately felt my end game begin. I seriously wanted to make sure that Sasha climaxed before me, so I knew I would have to up my game a little.

Now I know I have the body of a weak, feeble gamer. But I do have the fingers and thumbs of a superhero.

Time to go all Street Fighter I decided as the first wave began to build up in my insides.

My thumb circled the X, while fingers one and three tapped on square and circle, on top of that my middle finger alternated between triangle and right two.

We both squirmed like eels as we simultaneously intensified our actions and I felt my first climax break over me like a horde of zombies, but I was determined to stay silent until I heard Sasha get at least get a little vocal.

Mentally I was gunning the zombie horde down as I pushed my dexterous digits to their limit, but I was rapidly losing ground. I thought it was game over, then Sasha screamed. “Vmeste.” Over and over with the power of a good opera singer.

I had a brief moment of lucidity illegal bahis siteleri in which I remember thinking ‘Kill move’ before I lost control of everything once again and returned to the alternate reality that I seem to be visiting a lot recently.

When I came to my senses, I was fairly shocked to realise that the covers had vanished off the bed somehow. Sasha’s arms were still wrapped around me tightly and she was rocking me back and forth. Which I have to admit was a very nice feeling.

“Oh, my special little Kat.” Sasha was whispering in my ear.

It was about this time I realised my hand was still holding on to my ‘living game pad’ and I gently withdrew my fingers giving it a little pat as I did so, and Sasha uttered a shaky sigh as she placed a tender kiss on my neck.

I must admit I was more than a little cold without the covers, but It was quite apparent I wasn’t going anywhere until my Russian beauty released her hold on me. So, I settled for snuggling in as close as I could. I think I fell asleep again with my head resting on her warm, firm breasts.


I awoke to the sound of my tummy rumbling. The covers were still on the floor and I shivered a little.

“Hello sweet little English girl.” Sasha greeted as she nibbled my ear.

Sweet!!! Not skinny. I guessed I must have made an impression with my gaming skills. I allowed myself a grin then shivered again.

“Are you cold?” Sasha asked. “Come, let’s get you warm, and you need a decent meal skinny Kat.”

Damn. Just when I thought she had stopped calling me that.

“Can’t we just go back to cuddling?” I asked with a pout.

There was a brief moment where Sasha considered that suggestion, then she frowned. “Later, shower for warmth, then good food to build your muscles up.” She added a pinch to my bottom to emphasise the last point, and I squealed as I jumped off the bed.

This may sound odd, but even after everything we have been through I still get a little shy being naked in front of Sasha. I guess it is because her body is so well formed while I feel like mine is a small bag of bones shaped to look like a human. Either way I atomically let my hands cover my private areas, which drew a curious look from Sasha, who seemed to be fine showing her body off. Still, if I had her body I would be the same I guess.

We had a nice hot shower, with Sasha washing me all over, a pastime I was beginning to enjoy greatly, then while I was drying myself off and sorting out my contacts, Sasha went off in hunter, gatherer mode to get food.

Now this is going to seem odd, but as I was stood there, wrapped in a damp towel, I realised that none of my clothes were visible. I had a memory of Sasha pulling them off me as we ascended the stairs, but my other stuff should have been about somewhere. As it was I seemed to be without anything to put on. That queer feeling, I experienced in the shop popped its head up once more, and I had to hold on to the doorframe to keep my head from spinning. Something told me that Sasha was involved in some mischievous way.

As it was I didn’t have to wait long to find out. I barely had time to stop my head from spinning when Sasha reappeared dressed in a gown and carrying a large plate of bacon and eggs and a decent sized coffee pot. Her face beamed with feigned innocence. Well two can play that game.

“Have you seen my clothes anywhere?” I asked as if I was unconcerned.

I noticed a slight twitch to Sasha’s lips. Like she was trying not to smile. “I put them somewhere safe.” She replied.

My fears were real. “What did you do Sasha?” I asked trying to be demanding but sounding more desperate.

This time she couldn’t hide the smile. “I was thinking about something you said to me last night.” Sasha began. “Where you said you would invite me to your house, then take my clothes and keep me as your nude servant.”

The words I had spoken to Sasha while I was teasing her, dropped back in to my head like a sack of rocks. I had indeed said that to her, intending it to be a fantasy to arouse her. Not as a list of instructions of things for her to do to me. My legs went very wobbly as I remembered some of the other things I said I would do to her.

“Don’t worry little Kitty Kat.” Sasha assured. “I am not going to make you do anything nasty. Do you trust me Kat?”

She emphasised the me part of that sentence. Playing on what I had said to her before tipping half a bottle of cold beer in to her lap. The now familiar tingle kicked off between my legs.

“Of course, I trust you Sasha.” I said a little shyly. I wasn’t concerned she would ask me to do anything I didn’t want to, but I was a little worried about just how much I may enjoy it.

“Right then.” Sasha said happily. “Food first. Breakfast is very important.”

With that Sasha sat me down and actually fed me forkfuls of very nicely cooked bacon and eggs. It was a little embarrassing, having her feed me, especially while I was wearing just the towel, but I did manage to keep my lustful thoughts under control and I enjoyed the food. As I have said before, it isn’t like I intend not eating, I just forget from time to time.

I will just take this plate canlı bahis siteleri out to the kitchen.” Sasha told me once the food was over with. “Why don’t you give me that towel and I will put it to wash.”

She just dropped the towel comment in casually, like she was asking if I wanted more coffee. Immediately I felt my arousal lift off, and I fought against it as I tentatively unwrapped the towel from my body.

Now it wasn’t just standing there naked that set me off. It was the way Sasha looked at me. I guess it was the way a hungry lioness looks at an antelope.

I whimpered softly as I felt the beginnings of a climax trickle upwards.

Then Sasha began to giggle hysterically. “I knew you would get sexy.” She said between outbursts of semi stifled laughter. “You have too much sexy energy little Kat.” Then she amazed me be opening a draw and handing me my clothes.

“You are so cute Kat. I love how sexy you get.” She told me tenderly. “I wish I could get that sexy so easily.”

As I quickly got dressed I pondered on what Sasha had just said. She was genuinely envious. Once more I had to take a mental step back and reassess just how complex Sasha was. Outwardly she was strong and confident, but the more I got to know her, the more I realised that she was a little insecure, and what appeared to be a tower of confidence was actually a fragile flower that was crying out to be nurtured.

I suppose we were the mirror opposites of each other. Even though I come across as a geeky unconfident person, mentally, because of the difficulties I had experienced when I was younger, and constantly having to structure my life around my autism, I was quite solid in how I approached things. It was only when things went wrong I fell apart.

All of this made perfect sense to me now. It was when I wasn’t in control, that I actually couldn’t control how my body reacted. Now all I had to do was find out what Sasha’s Kryptonite was. (Can I just say, that as a Marvel fan I didn’t want to use that word, as it is DC terminology. But I couldn’t think of a better analogy. Sorry just had to make that point. I do have my standards you know.)

As I pulled my hoodie on and full control of my body had been re-established, I sauntered off to find my special Sasha and gave her a really tight hug.

“Sasha. You have the heart and soul of an angle, and I love you without condition. I think I know what you are looking for, and I will do my very best to help you find it.”

Her brow furrowed. “What do you mean Kat?”

I sighed. More at my inability to convey my thoughts in to words, that someone whose first language isn’t English could understand, than exasperation with Sasha.

“My weakness is you Sasha. It is you having control of me that makes me sexy.” I said using her word for aroused, so she had a chance to understand. “You want to feel the same way I do, when I give you control of me. There will be something that makes you feel that way. I want to help you find out what that weakness is.”

I felt like I was in some surreal dream where I was trying to explain how a kink works to a child. But then again, I think that was one of the most attractive things about Sasha, she had this amazingly beautiful, sexy innocence. And of course, a body to die for.

When my words had been translated in to Russian, digested and considered. The response was a high-pitched squeal as Sasha returned my hug, lifting me of the floor in the process.

“Can we start now?” She asked eagerly, bouncing around like Tigger on speed.

“Well I have nothing else planned for the day.” I said slightly amazed by her energy. Fortunately for me I had already though of something that may help. It had come to me the previous night (I did mention it in the previous chapter briefly), but I would need a few extra things as we had upped the game slightly.

“Okay Sasha, you better get dressed, we need to go to my place to pick up a few things then do a little shopping.


Half an hour later we had broken orbit and Sasha had made the jump to light speed once more. I don’t know if it was me, but she seemed to be driving faster today. It may well have been her eagerness to explore my ideas, I just knew that every red light between her house and mine was spent with a revving engine and a squeal of spinning tyres as we pulled away.

We made a brief stop at my house to pick up some items and one of my flash drives. I had downloaded a ton of mod programs to on to the drive, and I know not all of you will understand what I mean by that, so I will briefly explain. Some computer games allow people to add in lines of code that will change how the game looks and sometimes how it runs. These are called mods (modifications) and can change anything from graphics to environmental improvements to better looking characters and gear. One of the most popular games for this is Skyrim, Elder Scrolls V (I have mentioned this game a few times before, but it wasn’t the right time to explain why). After finding out that Sasha had been playing this game, I had spent quite a few hours sorting and downloading batches of these mods to ‘improve’ Sasha’s game. I won’t go in to detail of exactly what I was going to change, as I want to surprise you as much as I surprised Sasha. But if you want to take five minutes away from the story, try typing ‘Skyrim Loverslab’ in to a search engine, just remember to come back to read the rest of the story though.

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