Hitching a Ride Ch. 06

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I waited several minutes, and was relieved to hear the truck door open and see Logger climb in. He had a towel in his hand and gave me a giant shit-eating grin when he saw my disheveled state.

“And now you really look like a good whore!” he said without a hint of derision or judgement. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“I really did.” I admitted again truthfully. “Those two guys really know how to show a girl a good time!”

“Ready to give another blowjob?” he asked.

I balked. “I am pretty sore, and a really wanted to get cleaned up and take a break…”

Logger pressed. “I have a guy outside who really wants you to blow him while you’re still covered in cum. He’s willing to pay extra.” he added.

I hesitated to deny the request. “Just a blowjob?” I asked for confirmation. “My pussy isn’t up for another cock right now.”

“Just a blowjob.” he answered. “and half of the take is obviously yours.” When I still hesitated, he added “It will certainly help take care of any repair bills for your car…”

While I wasn’t particularly in the mood, that practical argument swayed me. Besides, I thought, what was one more blowjob after everything I’d been through that day. I nodded to Logger.

“Send him in.” I sighed.

“Get on your knees and wait for him like a good whore.” Logger said.

I did was I was told, sliding down onto the floor into a kneeling position. I sat back on my heels, and clasped my hands behind me, thrusting my cum-coated chest forward. I mustered as much dignity as a woman covered in semen can, and awaited my latest gentleman caller.

A large man with broad shoulders and a square jaw stepped into the truck, pausing as he saw me. Rare for this part of Canada, he appeared to be of South Asian descent. She stared at me, wide-eyed, taking in every filthy detail of my surroundings. No doubt he noticed not just the smears of cum all over my face and body, but the lurid smell of sex that permeated the sleeper cab. He walked towards me slowly, undoing his belt buckle as he did. He didn’t speak – that didn’t seem to be part of the fantasy he now played out. I sensed that he wanted me to be an object, more than a person. The actualization of some fantasy slut of his dreams.

I opened my mouth, letting both my jaw and my thick lower lip hang loose, inviting penetration. He dropped his pants to the floor, belt making a harsh metallic clank. I kept my hand behind me women at war izle and stayed still as he pressed his boxer-brief clad package against my face. I could feel his fully erect bulge through the fabric as he rubbed it on me, wiping the cum from my face with his crotch. I could smell him through his underwear – a slight tinge of curry, but clean and not unpleasant.

He pulled down his waistband, revealing a thick uncircumcised cock the colour of dark chocolate. It was darker than the rest of him, with a patch of closely trimmed coarse black hair. He stroked it a few times, pulling back his foreskin and rubbing the revealed dark pink head on my limp lower lip. Still I remained stationary, merely looking up at him with my deep brown eyes. He pushed his head inside my mouth slowly, as if testing the temperature of a hot bath. I heard him groan as he felt the warm moisture of my mouth on him. I suckled lightly, reacting as if by Pavlovian response rather than conscious thought. He ran his hands through my hair, caressing me and telling me how good my mouth felt.

“It’s been so long since I felt lips wrapped around my cock.” he said with a noticeable British accent.

I stayed silent – not that I had many options with a mouth full of dick – and held eye contact, content to work his cock head with suction and my tongue. He, in turn, seemed content to revel in the feeling, throwing his head back occasionally in ecstasy. Finally he looked down into my eyes and spoke once more.

“Are you ready to have your mouth fucked?” he asked.

I nodded slightly and opened wide like a snake preparing to swallow its prey. He ran his fingers through my hair and then interlocked them behind my head – his hand entwined with my dark brown locks in a vice-like grip. I shifted the own grip with my hands behind my back in anticipation. He didn’t make me wait long. Looking down and shifting the angle of his hips until the head of his cock was in my mouth again, he slowly pushed himself as deep as he could go, until my nose was pressing into his pubic hair. I gagged very lightly as the tip of his head entered my throat. The sensation of my gag seemed to make him grow bigger, so that the entire head them lodged in my airway. He pulled back smoothly so that just the head remained in my mouth before plunging deep and starting a rhythmic pumping of my mouth.

He didn’t rush at all, wong winchester izle despite it being so long since his last blowjob. Instead, he seemed intent on savouring every moment as he fucked my throat with slow, deep strokes. He was clearly going for depth, rather than speed, burying himself down my throat and pausing there for a moment on each thrust. I swept my tongue from side to side under his shaft, increasing the sensation as he fucked my mouth. His hands interwoven in my hair, he held me perfectly still that that in essence he was fucking a stationary object, more than a person. He did, however, keep telling me so good it felt, and how sexy I looked while having my face fucked like a good little whore. He paused briefly, and used his hands to slap and rub himself all over my tits, smearing the drying cum into my skin. He then pushed himself back into my mouth so that I could taste the congealed semen of another man on his cock. I gagged slightly at the thought but remained still, moaning as he plunged my throat.

He pulled out again, his entire manhood now covered in sloppy wet saliva. As he had before while in his underwear, he pulled my head against his crotch, rubbing and smearing himself all over me. Instead of cleaning me up, this time it had the effect of covering my face in a sheen of spit. I gobbled and sucked at his balls as they pressed against my lips, and he paused there, standing on his toes as I craned my neck upwards to get a better angle to suck and slather his testicles. They hung down into my mouth and I sucked one, the other, and then both into my ravenous mouth. In the meantime, he used his hands to rub his dark cock onto my nose and forehead, smearing precum into my eyebrows.

Pausing again, he reached down and gently tilted my chin up to meet my gaze. “You look stunning.” he said sincerely.

I looked like a mess. I could feel the spit all over my face, and running down my chest. I smiled up at him. “Where do you want to cum?” I asked.

He held eye contact as if looking into my soul. “I want you to kneel low, open wide, and catch as much as you can.” he answered, voice wavering. “But first I want to fuck your throat again.”

I smiled again and opened wider this time, sticking my tongue out as he entered me. I gripped my head once more, and drove his cock home, harder and faster than before. His balls slapped against yakamoz s 245 izle my outstretched tongue as he ravaged my throat, gagging me over and over. With my mouth still open, the sounds we louder and move obvious, filling the cab with the sounds of his cock squelching in my throat.


I gagged and saliva poured from my mouth down my handing tongue. I felt his balls slap higher on my chin and tongue, growing tight in their sack.


The sound changed slightly as I shifted the angle of my throat. His hands trembled behind my head and his breathing became ragged. I finally removed my hands from behind my back, reaching up to cup his hips, pulling him into me and pushing my throat against him hard. I held him there, hugging his hips to me, working my throat muscles and gagging on his cock head.


I gagged so hard it sounded like I was vomiting. He yelled out with pleasure and pulled back. “I’m going to cum you perfect slut! I’m going to cum!” he warned.

I reached up, seizing his throbbing cock from his hands. I sat low on my heels and opened my mouth as wide as possibly could, moving it two inches from the tip of his head. I stroked him very, very slowly, with an extremely tight grip. This seemed to extend his time on the brink for long moments before he let out an earth-shattering cry. I did my best to point him at my open mouth as he exploded a first powerful jet of cum. My aim was off, and it ricocheted off my cheek, over my left eye, and into my hair. I adjusted and his second blast hit me directly in the uvula, making me gag, but I held my position and caught the next two shots on my outstretched tongue. His cum ran down my tongue and splattered wetly onto my tits as I continued to stroke him off. Several more shots followed, landing on my nose and chin until I leaned in to catch the rest in my mouth. Withdrawing my tongue, I made a cup with my mouth to capture the rest of his load.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed as I kept stroking. “Holy shit!” he was awestruck.

“Mmmmm.” I moaned with a mouthful of cum. I squeezed out the last drops and smeared them on my lips.

I opened wide again to show him the amount of cum in my mouth. He smiled down at me and caressed my cheek wit his hand, pushing more cum into my mouth. I gagged slightly as I waited there mouth open and cum cooling on my tongue. Finally he told me to swallow.

“Swallow my cum, little whore. Eat it all.”

And I did. I gulped his seed down. Its taste was unique, like nothing I’d tasted before. It was neither bad nor good, just… different. I gagged a little but managed to suppress a cough. I smiled at him and opened wide again.

“All gone.” I bragged with a wink.

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