Hiking in Southern California

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Greg wondered if he had made a wise decision about joining the friends of his cousin Rachel for a hike in the mountains, as he stumbled across the trail that had been washed out by the recent heavy rains in Southern California. He had arrived the night before at his cousin’s home in Capistrano Beach after completing his week-long assignment in La Jolla, near San Diego. He realized that he had allowed himself to be dragged into this adventure out of guilt, as he had not worked out during the previous week. So he figured he could use this opportunity for some much-needed exercise. Now, after running out of breath and grimacing at the burning feeling in his mouth and chest only after a climb of a mile up the canyon, he wondered if he had over-extended himself.

Rachel and her husband Roger had also joined the hiking party, and so Greg really had no choice. He would have preferred to spend his time on the beach and enjoy the nice view of the ocean and the bikini-clad women. His mind kept wandering towards the thoughts of the flesh, as he sweated his way up the road, trying to keep up with the experienced mountain climbers in the party. He trudged on, and soon they were at the 2-Mile marker for a much-needed refreshment break.

Roger and another couple decided that they had had enough, and turned back. Greg was tempted to return with them, but Rachel told him that she wanted to go on a bit further, and would return after another mile or so. Greg decided to keep her company, and they climbed on. But he was tired, and his legs began to hurt. He had suffered from leg cramps for a long time, and now he was beginning to feel the end of his stamina.

He told others to go on, and told them that he would wait for them at that spot. After a few minutes, he wandered up the path around the hairpin curve. A few hundred feet ahead, he found a clearing in the forest on the hillside where a narrow trail led to the dense bushes and exotic trees dotting the rocky landscape. Greg made his way up the trail and entered the dense growth to a breathtaking view of the valley on the other side. The hillside dropped several hundred feet into the dense, tree-covered slope and he could see the shimmering stream in the floor of the valley below. He could also hear the sound of the waterfall in the distance.

The sun had come up considerably by now. Greg looked at his watch. It was close to noon. He looked up, and was greeted by gentle, white clouds drifting in the easterly direction. The wind picked up slightly, and he could smell the exotic smells of the wildflowers around him. Bees, bugs of all kinds and birds flew all around him, making buzzing and chirping sounds. Greg stepped closer to the edge, and found a precarious trail, leading along the edge to what appeared to be an open spot a couple of hundred feet ahead. Thinking that he might be able to get a better view of the lush valley and the distant Pacific Ocean on a remarkably clear blue sky, he gingerly made his way along the narrow path.

As he neared the clearing, which was well hidden from view by dense bush and trees, he caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a red blanket. He heard a giggling feminine sound, followed by a male laughter. Suddenly aware that he might be invading the privacy of some couple, Greg paused, and waited for some indication that it would be okay to proceed. After all, the couple might just be having a picnic.

He heard the laughter of the woman again and then the unmistakable sign of moaning, which could mean only one thing. The couple was engaged in some kind of intimacy. Greg strained his ears to catch a hint of what might be going on, but the wind was blowing in the opposite direction. He became curious, and began making his way towards the bush. He planned to steal a peek at the couple from the safety of the bush, and ascertain the status of the situation, before making his appearance known to them.

As he crouched behind the bush, he heard more sounds and then the flashing of the woman’s leg. He could see the glint of silver from the anklet she was wearing, and the position of the leg clearly suggested that she was lying on the ground with her legs up in the air. Greg found himself reacting to the titillating sight. He shifted slightly to get a better view. Soon he was staring at the most erotic sight in his life.

The young brunette was lying naked on the red blanket, with her lover poised over her. From the side, Greg could see his muscular torso, and his very erect penis aimed at the dark bush between the woman’s open legs. The man plunged with precision, and Greg watched in awe as the glistening organ deftly disappeared in the pink opening. He was barely fifty feet away from the copulating couple, and was becoming painfully aware of the pressure exerted by the rapidly growing erection in his shorts. He shifted again to ease the urgent pressure in his loins, but as he did so, the twigs under his feet broke, making a loud snapping sound. The man on the other side of the bush froze will trent izle in his downward plunge, his head turning sharply in Greg’s direction. Greg cursed under his breath, and crouched lower to avoid detection.

The woman clasped her lover’s hips and heaved up at the same time, moaning with desire. “Don’t stop, Mike. I am so close. Don’t pay attention to the noise. May be a squirrel or something.”

The man turned his attention back to the woman lying under him, and resumed his lovemaking. She pulled him down on top of him, kissing him with passion, as their bodies undulated in the tight sexual embrace. Greg could not see too well from his position, but could hear the passionate sounds coming from the woman. He could sense her imminent orgasm, and it excited him to the point of wanting to run out into the clearing to watch them openly. He slowly crawled away from the hiding spot, and stood up. His organ was painfully stiff and pushing against the material of the shorts.

Greg looked around quickly, and then pulled his shorts down. His erect cock sprang up liked a coiled spring, slapping against his belly. He stripped completely, leaving only his socks and shoes, and began walking toward the clearing. He stepped carefully around the bush separating him from the couple and stood watching them. He now had a clear view of Mike’s back as he continued to ram the woman.

The woman, whose name he had not yet heard, was frantically heaving and pushing against the stiff cock of her lover plunging into her very moist pussy, trying reach her orgasm. Greg could see the tension in her face, and the desperation in her movements, as Mike continued to ram his cock in her. He seemed more relaxed, as if he had yet to reach his orgasm. Greg’s cock twitched at the incredibly erotic sight, and he had to fight the urge to stroke himself. He wanted to enjoy the eroticism of the moment without any additional stimulation.

The woman let out a deep moan, and flung her head from side to side as her orgasm approached. She planted her feet firmly on the ground and thrust her hips up against her lover’s cock. Mike arched his back to meet her thrusts, grabbing her knees and spreading them further so as to bury himself deeper. His orgasm was also getting closer, and he wanted to flood her womb at the same time that she climaxed. The woman screamed as his cock plunged into her passage, and she opened her eyes. They were full of lust and passion, and her vision was almost blurred. But she sensed that they had company. She suddenly stopped moving, and looked at Greg. Her mouth opened in disbelief. Her first impulse was to push Mike off and scream, but then she saw the very erect organ jutting straight out from Greg’s hairy bush. Suddenly she smiled and licked her lips, looking squarely at Greg.

Greg smiled back, and gave her a thumbs-up sign. The woman returned her attention to her lover, and grabbed his buttocks. With a load moan, she thrashed her pussy against his cock, and arched her back. Mike plunged in with a loud grunt, shuddering as his orgasm flooded her. He gave a few rapid thrusts trying to prolong his orgasm, and the woman ground her pussy against his shaft, moaning with abandon, knowing that she was putting on a great show for the intruder.

After a few frantic gyrations, she stopped and pulled her lover down. Mike had still not seen Greg. She whispered something in Mike’s ears, and his head sharply jerked towards Greg. He tried to pull himself out his lover’s grip, but she held him down, and said, “Let him watch, Mike. I think he is enjoying it. Look at his cock. Isn’t is beautiful?”

“Cut it out, Karen,” Mike said, his voice showing a trace of anger at the intrusion. He pulled his shrinking organ out of her, and stood up. Facing Greg, he demanded, “How long have you been standing here watching us?”

“Not very long. You two were just beautiful together. I am Greg.”

“I’m Mike, and this is Karen. What are you doing here?”

“I was with some friends who are hiking up the mountain. I didn’t want to climb all the way, so I stopped. I was just wandering around when I heard the sounds from here. So I came closer to investigate. I didn’t expect this.”

Karen had gotten up in the meanwhile, and she walked over to Greg, oblivious of her nakedness.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

“Yes, of course. Thanks. I am glad you did not stop or scream when you saw me. You have a great body.”

“So do you, Greg. Doesn’t he, Mike?”

“Yeah. Do you work out?”

“Not really.”

“You have a nice cock, Greg,” Karen said, reaching out to touch him. Greg’s erection had partially subsided, but it twitched as soon as Karen’s fingers encircled his shaft, her long fingernails brushing the sensitive tip

“You like it, don’t you?” she said, smiling at him. Greg looked at Mike, wondering what to do about her blatant flirting right under the nose of her lover.

“Oh, don’t mind him. Mike knows fate the winx saga izle how I feel about relationships. We are both swingers.”

“Yeah. Don’t be embarrassed, Greg,” Mike said, coming over to shake his hand. Greg nodded, and shook his hand. Turning to Karen, he said with a smile, “You already did a handshake with me. Now I’ll do the same with you, if you don’t mind.”

With that comment, Greg reached out with both hands and squeezed her breasts, nodding appreciatively as he felt their firmness. He smiled as her nipples responded immediately to his touch, hardening against his palms.

“Seems you like it, too. Now we are even.”

Karen took his hands and pushed them down to her waist. She pulled herself into him, and said, “Aren’t you going to give me a thank you kiss for the show?”

Greg laughed and looked at Mike. Mike just nodded, smiling broadly. He knew Karen well. She was insatiable, and always ready for new adventures. She was clearly attracted to Greg, and was actually quite aroused by being discovered. Greg pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the lips. Karen opened her mouth, and soon they were locked in a deep, probing kiss. Karen put her hands on his buttocks and ground her pelvis into him as she clung to him, her lips locked firmly on his. Greg reached up to grab her breasts, and squeezed them hard, crushing the succulent flesh between his fingers. Karen shifted her legs slightly to accommodate his growing erection, and moaned loudly as the tip brushed her inflamed clitoris.

She broke the kiss, and fell to the ground, kneeling before him. She turned to look at Mike, and smiled at him. “I want to suck him, Mike.”

“Go for it, sweetheart. I want to watch this.”

Karen immediately opened her mouth and engulfed Greg’s throbbing erection in one plunging motion. She immediately gagged as the tip hit the back of her throat. She pulled out, and gasped, “Wow. Your cock is so long. I am going to enjoy this.”

She began sucking his cock in earnest, cupping and caressing his balls as she gently chewed on the red tip. After several deep throat motions, she looked up at Greg, and asked, “Are you enjoying it?”

Greg nodded, and said, “We’ll be more comfortable on the blanket. I want to eat your cunt.”

“Gladly,” Karen jumped up, and led him by the cock to the blanket. “I like it when you use vulgar words. Say it again.”

“I want to eat your juicy, fucking cunt. How’s that?”

“Fucking sexy. Come, and eat me, you fucking cock. I am your cock sucker.”

They fell to the blanket and assumed the 69 position. Karen rolled on top of Greg, and began assaulting his cock with animal lust. Greg had a big cock, and with the highly erotic situation, it had grown even bigger. He thought it was at least 8 inches long and had become thickly engorged with the blood of animal passion.

He stared for a moment at the beautifully framed pussy lips of the woman lying on top of him, her glistening wet pubic hair lining the triangular love lips. He could see the gently throbbing clitoris and the dripping wet passage of her vagina, beckoning him to enter with lust. He clamped his lips over the opening and began sucking her juices. He could taste Mike’s semen, which had been deposited in her cunt a few minutes earlier. Karen moaned loudly, pressing her cunt into his face, almost smothering him. He grabbed her at the waist and raised her slightly into a more comfortable position, and resumed his oral assault.

Mike had been watching this scene all this time, enjoying the embrace of the beautiful, naked bodies before him. He had climaxed powerfully only a few minutes earlier, but found to his astonishment that he was getting hard again. He began stroking his rapidly enlarging cock, and walked over to Karen. He nudged her buttocks with his cock, leaning over her to grab her breasts.

Karen turned around to look at him.

“I want to fuck you again, Karen.”

“Can’t you wait for a while, Mike? I want to fuck Greg first. You already had your turn.”

“I can’t wait. You two are too damn sexy. We’ll both fuck you at the same time.”

“What? You know I don’t go for anal sex, Mike. You will have to wait.”

Karen rolled off Greg, and stood up, annoyed at the intrusion. She stood before Mike, and said, “Don’t be so selfish and jealous, honey. I love you, but you have to be a gentleman and let me finish with Greg first.”

Greg also got up, and came over to stand next to her. He said, “Listen, you two. Please don’t fight over me. I am an intruder. You take her, Mike. I’ll watch.”

Karen turned to him, and said, “No. I want to fuck you also. Mike is not being fair. Why are you so jealous, Mike?”

“I am not jealous. I am damn horny. Look at his massive cock, Karen. Greg, if I was gay, I’d love to suck you, man. I bet you are one hell of a fucker.”

“Well, how are you going to find out, Mike, if you don’t let with love izle him fuck me? Why don’t you watch for a while, and then I’ll fuck you again.” She turned to Greg, and pulled him to the blanket. She stretched out on it, and said, “Come, my lover. Fuck me with that monstrous cock of yours. “

Greg could not believe his luck. He fell on her eagerly, and parted her legs. Karen grabbed his throbbing cock, and guided it to her pussy. She rubbed the tip against her clitoris and on her cunt lips. She was quite wet with desire. Greg looked down at her pink womanhood, glistening in her juices, waiting to be invaded. He lowered himself and watched as the shaft slowly disappeared in her passage. It was tight, but silky smooth. Greg shuddered with delirious pleasure as the tight passage of Karen’s vagina sucked his cock in, massaging the shaft with a maddening intensity. He had never experienced so much carnal pleasure before.

Soon he was plunging with lust he had not known. Karen’s expert manipulation of the cunt muscles, and her loud moaning, which he knew was genuine, brought him quickly to orgasm. With a loud, animal grunt, he plunged down into her and gritted his teeth. He could feel the churning in his balls as the flood of hot semen shot forth and flooded her passage. Karen screamed as the hot jets splashed into her, and she began to buck against the pile-driving cock that repeatedly stabbed her passage with a lustful fury. She came with a fierce intensity that shook her whole body, as she flung herself up against Greg, screaming and crying with lust. He collapsed on top of her, and she clasped her legs around his waist, gripping him into her. They remained locked in that position for several minutes, moaning and enjoying the smaller tremors that raked their bodies.

Mike had been watching the furious lovemaking in awe. His cock had become so rigid that it was hurting him. But he could not get over the hump in his excitement to reach a climax. He needed one badly, and so he approached the copulating couple, and knelt near Karen’s head. She opened her eyes and looked at him. She could not speak, but her eyes revealed the depth of her pleasure. She saw her lover with a fierce erection, and the expression of pain in his face. Her eyes softened.

She pushed Greg gently away and rolled over on her tummy. Her head was in Mike’s lap, and soon he found his erect penis being engulfed in the warm and loving mouth of his woman. He relaxed, and stretched out on the blanket, enjoying the oral stimulation of his organ. Greg sat back and watched them, getting another erection as his eyes feasted on the freshly fucked pussy of the woman.

Karen shifted into a more comfortable position, crouching before Mike as she continued to suck his cock. Her buttocks were thrust up in the air now, giving Greg a perfect view of her glistening pussy, which still throbbed with excitement.

Without a second thought, Greg moved behind her, and positioned himself to mount her. Leaning forward to grab her swinging breasts, he lunged forward with his erect cock, and pushed it in her cunt. Karen gasped in surprise, not expecting him to be ready so soon. But she moaned loudly, and said, “Yes, yes. Fuck me like a bitch that I am. Ram your cock in my bitchy cunt.”

Greg mounted her, and started fucking her with the same frenzy he had experienced earlier. In this position, her cunt passage was even tighter, and he found himself being thoroughly squeezed and milked as his cock slipped in and out of her. He watched her face, gobbling up Mike’s cock with rapid movements and sucking his cock, which had turned into a throbbing mass of red meat. Mike’s eyes were closed, and he was probably unaware of the fact that his girl friend was being fucked in both holes at the same time.

Karen was on fire. She could not control her arousal as two sexy, throbbing cocks filled her completely, driving her to the peak of her orgasm. She cupped Mike’s balls and began milking him with her hands as she braced herself for the assault from Greg’s plunger. She could feel the rising orgasm in Mike’s cock. Delighted, she caressed his balls and rotated her hips to signal to Greg that she was ready. Greg squeezed his leg muscles and he rammed his cock in her, shuddering as he erupted deep inside her. Karen moaned as Greg’s eruption triggered her own orgasm, and she clamped her gums on the tip of Mike’s cock, sending him in a delirious spin as he heaved up to unload a massive amount of white semen in her mouth. She pulled back, letting the erupting cock splash all over her breasts and, at the same time, lowering her hips to dislodge Greg’s cock. He continued to squirt more of his white seed on her back.

Sighing with pleasure, Karen turned over on her back, and pulled her men on top of her. They aimed their cocks at her belly and breasts, and covered her with the sticky semen. Then they fell on top of her, as she opened her arms to embrace them.

Mike kissed her on the lips, and said, “Gosh, Karen. I never came so hard in my life. I didn’t know you loved fucking so much. That was the best blow job you have ever given me.”

“Thanks, honey. I was inspired. I have never been so thoroughly fucked by a man before either. Don’t be mad, but Greg’s cock is just great. It’s like a jackhammer, and he knows how to use it, too.”

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