Hijabi Girl Sucking Black Dick

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My name is Andrew Bagnon. I’m a big and tall young Black man of mixed Haitian and French Canadian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. My father Guillaume Bagnon is white, originally from the town of Montreal, Province of Quebec. My mother Elisabeth Robert Bagnon is Black, originally from the region of Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti. I attend Carleton University, where I study Criminal Law. I am a first-rate sexual adventurer and I can honestly say that I am into all things sensual. This is my exploration of one of my latest fetishes. I am what I am and I make no apologies to anyone for anything.

There are a lot of Muslims in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario, and at times their strange ways have clashed with Canadian values. Some Muslims refuse to adjust to life in Western society, which explains why a lot of European countries are now banning the hijab and the burka, and eliminating immigration from North African and Middle-Eastern countries altogether. The Arabs refuse to embrace democracy, women’s rights and a secular mindset, three cornerstones of North American and European civilization. And they are really fond of honor killings, which is their way of punishing women for things that men easily get away with. Unlike a lot of minority types, I actually agree with the North American/European establishment’s policies on dealing with these guys. If you don’t like the way we do things in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Europe, go back to the Desert and stay there. I say this as a proud bisexual Canadian man.

I have a Somali friend named Abdul at Carleton University who’s fascinated by all things Arab the way only a dim-witted Somali can be. He has a thing for a big-booty, dark-skinned Somali chick named Fatuma, but Fatuma is into Arab guys. She doesn’t think much of Black men, especially her fellow Somalians. Abdul is crestfallen about that. I can’t help but laugh at his plight. Somalis worship everything Arabic but they don’t realize that the Arabs look down on Black people, whether we’re Christians or Muslims. A lot of Arab guys are into Black women, whom they seldom marry, but they get mad when they see a Black Muslim guy even talking to an Arab woman. Black Muslim guys from places like Gambia, Burkina Faso, Somaliland and Djibouti are intimidated almanbahis adres by the Arabs. Me? I don’t find Arab guys impressive or intimidating. I don’t care who you are, Mister Ahmed, if you mess with me I will kick your ass.

Now, even though I can’t stand a lot of them narrow-minded and sexist Arab dudes, I must admit that Arab women are kind of hot. Take Amatullah for example. She’s around five-foot-nine, curvy, with dark bronze skin and dark brown eyes. Most of the times, she wears long-sleeved shirts, long skirts and the same drab hijab. Even underneath all those conservative clothes, Amatullah can’t hide her big, heart-shaped booty. I met Amatullah through her cousin Amir. He’s a tall, chubby Arab guy who goes to Algonquin College. Arab guys like to keep tabs on Arab women to keep them in line, so Amir often drops by Carleton University unannounced to check up on Amatullah. As it so happens, Amir is a closeted gay. Yep, the big Muslim guy from Saudi Arabia is actually a cock sucker. He likes dick. He is into men. That’s more than okay by me. I noticed Amir giving me the look one time at the campus library, so I hooked up with him in the men’s washroom on the second floor of Southam Hall.

I had a good time with Amir. I called him an Arab punk and a cock sucking Desert creep as he knelt before me and sucked on my nine-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. He was really turned on by the fact that I’m uncut. Where he’s from, every dude is sliced in the name of their unforgiving deity. Whatever. Amir sucked my dick as I berated him, his culture and his faith. The more I hassled him verbally, the harder he sucked my dick. He’s such a good cock sucker. Once he had me nice and hard, I put on a condom and ordered the fruity Arab dude to turn around and bend over. The bitch did exactly as he was told. I worked my cock into Amir’s surprisingly tight ass. The Muslim dude squealed like a bitch as I pumped my dick into his asshole. We didn’t have any lube, so that’s that. I held him by the hips and smacked his ass as I fucked him. I called him a dirty Desert freak, a filthy Arab bastard and a dumb, utterly backwards yet secretly cock-loving religious bozo. All this he endured as I fucked him. I fucked him good, then eased my dick out of his asshole. I pulled off the condom, threw it into the toilet and flushed almanbahis adresi it. Amir and I readjusted our clothes, and left the men’s washroom.

After this memorable encounter, Amir fell in love with my dick. And I used it to control him. He introduced me to his friends and family as a good friend from school. Because I’m light-skinned with hazel eyes, his people thought I was Somali. I almost threw up when they say that. I don’t have buck teeth or a damn unibrow, hello! I told them that I am mixed, born to a white father and Black mother. They found that impressive. Thus, I ensconced myself into Amir’s family and friends. He introduced me to his big-booty cousin Amatullah, a second-year Criminology student at Carleton University. I jokingly asked her to be my study buddy and she acquiesced. I smiled to myself. It’s all in the frigging bag. From that moment on, I targeted Amatullah. For seduction and sexual corruption, of course. You know how we real Black guys do!

Over the next couple of months, I got to know Amatullah a bit better. She was really shy, and painfully insecure. I easily became the best friend she ever had. She became enamored of me, texting me like thirty times a day. Whenever I would ask her to meet to hang out, she seemed hesitant. So we hung out at school. Slowly, I brought her out of her shell. It wasn’t a volcanic jump to get her to go from having lunch with me inside the University Center to going to the Blair movie theater with me to catch a movie. A true predator knows his prey. You’ve got to take things slow sometimes. One night, as we watched the movie Underworld Awakening together, I gave her the very first romantic kiss of her life. She was twenty two years old. It was her birthday but Muslim folks don’t celebrate their birthdays. Nevertheless, I bought Amatullah a gift, and a cake, and a movie ticket. It was the first birthday celebration of her life. How sweet. If I had a soul, I’d feel moved.

You should have seen the tender, vulnerable look on Amatullah’s face after I kissed her. The gal was literally seeing stars. I forced my features to look shocked, and apologized for what I’d done. Amatullah blinked, then gently touched my arm. Then, SHE kissed ME. How about that? I pretended to be surprised, which emboldened her. She felt more confident, and what do you know? We almanbahis adres walked out of the theater hand in hand. That night, I haltingly confessed to her that I had feelings for her. Amatullah smiled at me, and told me she felt the same way. And we kissed again. You should have seen the way people stared at us. A tall Black guy and a hijab-wearing Arab chick kissing passionately inside a movie theater. Definitely not something you see every day.

Amatullah and I began dating in secret, and for the next couple of months, we had a whirlwind romance. It began slowly. Holding hands while walking around a shopping center in the City of Gatineau, Quebec. A day trip to Montreal, where we visited a museum. Little things like that. We progressed past kissing to heavy petting, ass grabbing, fondling and necking. Oh, and she took off her hijab around me when in private. The first time she did it, I protested because I knew what it meant to her. She stopped me, saying that I mattered to her and she wanted me to see her as she was. And I must say, I wasn’t disappointed. Amatullah looked really beautiful sans hijab. She’s got long, lustrous Black hair that reminds me of Hollywood starlet Salma Hayek’s.

The night it finally happened, it actually took me by surprise. Amatullah invited me over for some studying, after making me swear we’d study for class instead of fooling around. Imagine my surprise when I found her wearing a long Black overcoat over, well, nothing. The gal was naked under the overcoat, save for her hijab. I admired her sexy body. Nice. Amatullah smiled at me, and we kissed passionately. Next thing I knew, we were on the bed, tenderly caressing each other while naked. Tenderly, we began making love. It was Amatullah’s first time, you see, and she was both nervous and eager. I kissed her tenderly, then licked a path from her lips to her neck. I licked her tits and caressed her, making sure she felt good. Then I spread her thighs and gave her pussy a good licking. I fingered her and licked that pussy while she moaned in pleasure.

Later, Amatullah wanted to suck me off. I told her to keep the hijab on and she thought nothing of it. Finally, my fantasy came true. Getting my dick sucked by an Arab chick wearing the hijab and everything. Since it was her first time Amatullah wasn’t very good but I came anyway. Hesitantly, then eagerly, she licked the cum off my cock. I pulled her into my arms, spread her thighs and gently eased my cock inside of her. Thus I took my precious Arab gal’s sweet virginity. What happened next? It’s a story for another time!

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