Helping My Landlord Come Out Ch. 03

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My first two weeks in Edinburgh had been like a whirlwind.

Not only was I in a relationship with my landlord, I had also been fucked by black cock which had always been a fantasy of mine.

I had also enrolled in the veterinary college and was now waiting on a placement, as part of my course.

I really fancied a guy at the college, a Swedish guy called Rolf, who was a tall, thin blonde guy, with piercing blue eyes and I would have done anything for him in bed but I wasn’t certain he was gay.

I shared my feelings with Ricky, as we lay together in whatever bed suited on a particular night. He was excited at the thought of me fucking with Rolf and I appreciated his understanding of my needs, which was making me fall for Ricky more deeply than I expected.

I was being gentle with Ricky, up to now our sexual relationship had been confined to oral activities. It was nearing the time to test the water with some anal fun. I didn’t want to scare him off though. Certainly have him fuck my arse first.

In the bar, Jess was getting suspicious but was friendly with me. She always seemed to have a question about Ricky but I gave as good as I got. One night though, she got the upper hand.

She was leaning on the bar, her tits out on display as usual, as I returned from wiping some tables. It was a quiet Thursday and Ricky wasn’t due in until closing time to lock up.

“Don’t you fancy these for a change, Ryan?” and Jess jiggled her tits at me.

Now, although I’m 100% gay, there is something about tits that attracts me. Must be a childhood thing.

I tried to be too smart with my answer.

“Okay Jess, I give in. I’ll suck your tits, if you suck Ricky’s cock again.”

My answer shocked her but she quickly retorted and calmly.

“Sure, it’ll give me the chance to see if he’s had those two moles removed from his shaft.”

“He doesn’t have two………” My sentence tailed away as I realised I’d been caught with a sucker punch.

“Aha, just as I thought our Ricky’s been at your shit chute.” Jess triumphantly and crudely stated.

“No he hasn’t and nor I to him.”

I tried to recover my ground.

“Oh, so you’re sucking on your lollipops then?” She gave a dirty laugh.

I blushed and just answered “Yes.”

“I’ve got to congratulate you Ryan, you’ve got right in there. Never took Ricky for a poof, mind.” She sneered.

“Jess, please don’t tell him you know. I’ll tell him in good time”

“Okay Ryan, one condition.” She stated.

“Sure, anything.” I was expecting her to want me to do a shift for her, I wasn’t expecting what came next.

“Sleep with me Ryan. I want your gay cock in me, or I blow the gaff!”

I was rocked with that request. I was genuinely worried how Ricky would take it, if Jess blabbed to him.

“Make it this weekend at my place……lover boy.” Jess laughed at me.

I had tried pussy when i was 18, with a final year classmate and it had done nothing for me.

The rest of my evening was a blur, as the realisation istanbul travesti of what I’d agreed to fully hit home.

When Ricky arrived before closing time, I was so glad to see him. I needed his love.

Jess left as usual but looked pleased with herself, after her success.

“Ricky, can I stay at yours tonight?”

“Of course you can babe. My bed or the spare?” He teased with a laugh.

I kissed him deeply, there and then. I slowly withdrew and said the words I never expected to say.

“I think I’m in love with you Ricky……. tonight I want you to make love to me.”

Ricky’s face burst into a smile.

“I’d love to Ryan, really I would.” Then he kissed me again and my legs felt so weak.

“In fact, what about my single bed? It will be perfect for us tonight.”

“I like your thinking Ryan.”

I led him upstairs, knowing that this was the time he would fully take me. I deliberately wiggled my arse for him and Ricky purred like a contented Tom cat.

As we entered my flat I turned and kissed him again. I felt so horny and was gagging for him to fuck me. I undid his shirt buttons, then the belt of his pants. Ricky was already hard and all i wanted was for him to fuck me and enjoy it.

I quickly undressed and lay on my single bed.

“Climb on top, Ricky. I’ve made room for you.” I invited, as I opened my legs, exposing my soft pink hole.

Ricky looked a little nervous, so I prompted him.

“Put some lube on your fingers and try me out.”

Ricky fingering me was ecstasy but I wanted the full works. After a few minutes of preparing me, he got in position.

I had lifted my legs and was holding my ankles, giving him a wonderful target to aim at.

Ricky looked at me and I nodded encouragingly. He puffed out his cheeks and started to rub the head of his cock against my hole, which made me moan.

I then felt him slowly enter me. I’ll never forget that feeling of his cock first entering

me and I moaned again.

Ricky built up a rhythm now and his cock was stroking back and forth. His size was not an issue, as he was rubbing my prostate and I could feel that I would shoot a load whilst Ricky was fucking me.

I was making a noise, which just spurred Ricky on and as I expected, I came in three big spurts, landing on his chest and a little on his chin.

That did it for Ricky too and as he was deep inside me, his balls slapping my arse cheeks, I felt him tighten, then he fired a hot load inside me. I milked every drop of cum that I could, from his dick, then dropping my legs, I sat up so that I could lick the cum off of his chest.

Ricky collapsed into my arms and I could not believe the look on his face. He looked like a kid who’d found a key to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, so to speak.

“Oh Ryan, that was amazing. Who needs women!”

“I can’t argue there, Ricky.” I especially thought of the scheming Jess.

I got up for a shower to clean up, unfortunately it was too small for us both to fit istanbul travestileri into.

Ricky lay on my single bed until I came back, my towel drying my hair, my cock swinging free.

“You remind me of your father there.”

Ricky said in a wistful voice that kind of knocked me between the eyes.

“What? How? What do you mean?”

I spluttered out, not taking it fully in.

“Your dad, Douglas, used to like going round the room with his cock out. Usually before or after a suck-session.”

“Wow! This is a side to my dad I didn’t know existed.”

“Douglas never once sucked me. It was always me on him.”

“Still trying to be the macho man, eh?”

“Look I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. It was crass of me.”

“I’m glad you did. You must trust me, so it makes it more important I return your trust. I need to tell you something.”

“If it’s about Rolf, don’t worry I’m fine with it, really I am.” Ricky said as he held my hand.

“No, it’s actually worse.”

I then regaled the story of my encounter with Jess.

Ricky sat open- mouthed, transfixed as I told him about the predicament I now found myself in.

“My god, the cheek of the woman!” Ricky blazed.

“I’m so sorry Ricky, I let my guard down and she took advantage of it. But I promised, so now I have to go through with it.”

“Oh no you don’t Ryan. I’ll bring that wee cow down a peg or two, don’t you worry.”

I was still standing naked and Ricky put his hand out to rub my cock.

“No way is she getting hold of that.”

He pulled me closer and was quickly on his knees, licking and kissing my shaft. I soon hardened and started to enjoy his attention.

Ricky moved fast, happy for a quickie and I soon obliged, my 7″ member firing a fresh load into his mouth, which he heartily gulped down.

We settled down for the night, cuddling closely.

“Ryan, all this just goes to show that honesty is best, for both of us.”

“You’re right Ricky, together we can beat the world!”

We laughed but held each other closely.

Ricky dealt with Jess as soon as she arrived the next day.

“I hear your landlord has put up your rent, Jess.” He looked for confirmation.

“Aye, that’s right. It’s getting harder to make ends meet.” Jess answered.

” Yep, shocking when you don’t have enough money.” Ricky continued.

Jess maybe thought he was going to offer a wage-rise but his next words put her right.

“It would be even worse if you had no money at all because you were out of a job after trying to blackmail someone.”

“What are you on about, ya daftie?”

“You know fine well that you blackmailed Ryan to have sex with you, in return for your silence.”

She looked shocked and yes, even a little ashamed.

Ricky continued on the attack.

“Well there’s no secret now, so your wee plan is bust and just be grateful I’m not firing you.”

“Why aren’t you? Is there a catch?”

“Believe it or not, I like you Jess. You’ve been travesti istanbul a loyal friend as well as employee but don’t push me. There is one catch though.”

“I thought as much, what is it?”

“You accept that Ryan and I are an item.”

With that he put his arm around me and planted a kiss on my lips, that lasted longer than the norm.

“Fucking hell, get a room you two!”

We all started to laugh and that was one problem diffused.

My college work had only just got going and I received some amazing news, when my request to work in the surgery at Edinburgh Zoo was accepted. It meant I could be assisting in medical procedures for animals ranging from rats to rhinos.

I was lucky to have been selected but knew it was just luck of the draw.

Coincidentally, Rolf had also been chosen, along with a girl called Lou.

I must admit, I thought this was a sign and I started to plan on how to get into Rolf’s pants.

Lou wasn’t a rival, as she was openly a lesbian.

We were both due at the zoo one Saturday afternoon from 1pm and I asked Rolf to meet me at the bar, so we could get the tram together.

He turned up shortly after opening time and I got us a table at the back and went to the bar for some coffee.

Ricky smiled at me and said

“So that’s Rolf is it? God, he’s handsome.”

“He is, isn’t he?” For some reason reason I felt proud, just because I fancied him.

“You do realise he’s not gay, don’t you?” Ricky added, as the coffee machine spluttered into life.

“How come you’re so sure?” I asked, my heart sinking.

“Just watch the way his eyes rove. He zeroes in on any woman. Hell, he’s even been eyeing up our Jess.”

“I can see it hurts Ryan but you’d better move on.” Ricky tried to console me.

I took the drinks back and Rolf was right at me.

“Who’s the sexy waitress, man?”

“Oh, that’s just Jess but she’s double your age, Rolf.”

“I know. I love older women and I would love to bury my 9″ in her.”

I reeled a bit, firstly because my plans were now blown out of the water but secondly my mind was doing cartwheels thinking about his huge cock.

“Ryan, I’m sorry, that was too much information, right?” He tried a laugh.

“Just a bit.” I tried to reorient myself.

Rolf’s eyes followed Jess around, as she leaned over tables, her tits almost spilling out.

“Do you want me to have a word? No promises mind”

“Would you, Ryan, please?” He sounded excited.

“Wait a minute.” I instructed Rolf.

I went over to the bar, where Jess was cleaning some glasses and I just came out with it.

“My Swedish pal, Rolf, really fancies you.”

Her eyes lit up.

“Stop messing Ryan, it’s not April fools day.” She said with disdain.

“No joke Jess, he has a thing for women your age. He can hardly take his eyes off you.”

She gulped. “Really?”

“Really, Jess. And he says he’s packing.”

I tried to be subtle.

“Send him over, Ryan.” Jess beamed.

I went back to the table and told Rolf that Jess was happy to meet him.

“Oh Ryan, I owe you one. Maybe I’ll let you suck me one day.”

Rolf winked at me and all the blood in my legs transferred to my cock.

That was one favour I would definitely call in, just a matter of when.

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