Helping Hands

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“It’s no use,” she thought. “I can’t bend that far.”

Frustrated, she weighed her options. Leaving the sliver in was not a choice. It was right in the crease where her leg met her ass and it hurt like hell. That’s what she got for wearing short shorts and sitting on that old, splintered bench. She silently cursed him for his choice of furniture. Living alone didn’t mean he needed to take the bachelor pad stereotype so seriously, furnishing with anything he could find no matter the condition. There was no way around it, she had to ask for help.

“How the hell do you get a sliver there?” he asked her, after she had mustered the courage to call him in and explain her predicament.

“Well maybe if you got some decent furniture, I wouldn’t have!” she replied. “I really don’t want to sit and debate this, I want this thing out!”

His patience was wearing thin. “Hey, you’re the one who asked for help, excuse me if I have questions! Just turn around, put your hands on the counter and let me take a look.” With a huff, she obliged. “Can you sort of lean forward, or tilt your hips up a bit?”

She couldn’t help but picture what this would look like if anyone else was there. Her against the counter in a tank top and panties, legs spread and hips tilted forward while he stared at her to get a better look. She could feel his warm breath on her thigh as he examined the sliver and she suddenly felt very exposed.

“It’s not bad at all, I just need to kind of- hold onto you with one hand to pull the skin tight, okay?” he said.

“Okay, just do it!” she replied. He slid a hand onto her inner thigh, using his thumb to lift her cheek from her leg and she gasped. His touch had sent chills down her spine. She felt the heat rise in her face.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, fine. Your- your hands were cold, that’s all.”

“Sorry your too hot to handle latino izle majesty, next time I shall warm them in anticipation of you needing help” he answered with a sarcastic laugh.

The mixture of his breath on her thigh and the touch of his hand sent her head spinning. She struggled to maintain composure, but couldn’t keep thoughts of what else she’d like those hands to do out of her head. “He is just a friend” she thought. “This isn’t a good idea, you need to calm down.” But her body was already reacting. She could feel the heat in her thighs and her panties getting moist. She hoped he didn’t notice.

“Okay, hold still” he said, giving the tweezers a swift pull. “Got it! See? not bad at all” He stood up and set the tweezers on the counter, but his other hand was still on her thigh. As he removed it, she felt his finger slide, softly and deliberately, over the wet fabric of her panties. An uncontrollable moan escaped her lips as she grabbed onto the counter to keep herself steady.

“You sure you’re okay?” he asked. She could feel his breath hot on her neck and the bulge in the front of his shorts that lightly pressed against her ass. She couldn’t find any words to say, so she pressed back into him. “Maybe we should apply pressure to the wound” he mumbled, his face buried in her hair. Her hands gripped the counter tighter than ever as he began to grind against her. She could hardly breathe. “You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this” he said, sweeping her hair off of her neck and softly kissing it. She moaned softly. He pulled back and turned her around, lifting her onto the counter and kissing her deeply on the mouth. Her hands gripped his shoulders and her legs wrapped tightly around him. Not breaking the kiss, he reached into her tank top and unhooked treason izle her bra, carefully removing it and leaving her in her tank and panties. He kissed his way down her neck, burying his face between her breasts. “You smell amazing.” He began to massage and kiss her breasts through the thin fabric of her top. “You are so sexy, I can’t believe I am actually doing this. Are you okay with it?”

“Yes!” she gasped, finding her voice again out of fear of him stopping. She pulled his face up to hers and passionately kissed him, her tongue gently tracing against his lips and exploring his mouth. He was an amazing kisser, it was as though no matter what either of them did, the other was a step ahead. She felt as though she was going to melt. Their hands slowly and carefully explored one another. She realized how little she knew his body. She’d always just looked past it, he was a friend. Now that she was seeing him in a new way, she noticed so much- how good he smelled, how firm and smooth his shoulders felt. He seemed so solid and strong. She couldn’t believe it hadn’t dawned on her before how sexy he was.

He slid his hands around her ass, lifted her up and carried her toward the bedroom, sitting down on the bed as with her in his lap as he continued to focus his attention on her breasts, licking and sucking at her nipples. It gave her goosebumps. She slowly slid off his lap and knelt next to the bed, staring hungrily into his eyes as she loosened his belt, unzipped his shorts and slid her hand inside. He was rock hard. She purred as she freed his thick cock from his boxers. It was gorgeous. His skin was so smooth, it felt like velvet. She began to stroke him as she moved her mouth toward his cock. She teased him with her tongue, reveling in the power she felt as he moaned and ran his hands through her hair. Her true detective izle thighs ached with the anticipation of feeling him inside of her. She ran her tongue over the faint trail of hair that led up to his navel, and softly kissed him all the way up to his neck, her breasts gently grazing his body on their way up. He put his arms around her and they leaned back onto the bed. She straddled him as he pulled her tank top over her head, revealing her hardened nipples. She removed his shirt as he let his shorts fall the rest of the way to the ground.

She leaned in close, her breath hot on his ear, “I need to feel you inside of me.”

He turned her onto her stomach and she got onto all fours as he slid her panties down and removed them. His fingers traced her swollen pussy and she shuddered as she felt his cock press against her. His skin was so warm. She gasped and softly said his name. He used his hand to guide his cock, sliding it slowly against her wet slit, hitting her swollen clit with every pass. Then he began to press the tip into her, slowly. Just when she didn’t think she could stand the teasing any longer, he plunged in, the sudden feeling of fullness making her cry out. She leaned into his thrusts, moving her hips as he massaged her clit. She could feel her orgasm building, and when it was almost there, he stopped and laid on the bed next to her.

“I want you to ride me.” he said. She climbed on top of him and lowered herself onto his throbbing cock. He was in so deep that her clit pressed against him as she moved back and forth. He licked his fingers and began to massage her nipples. She started grinding against him harder. She was so close, so was he. Harder and faster, barely breathing, she felt the pressure build until finally the orgasm overtook her. Feeling her pussy clamp around him sent him over the edge, filling her with his hot seed. She collapsed onto the bed next to him, both of them breathing heavily and hardly believing what had just happened. She wondered if she should say something.

“Thanks for helping me with my sliver.” she whispered.

“Huh? Oh-no problem.” he said, draping an arm over her. “You let me know next time you get one, I’ll be right there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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