Healing Touch

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Big Tits

My first massage was due to an accident. I remember very well the day I got hurt. I was working on an engine block, it was a huge 460 cubic inch Ford and I was pleased that the job had turned out so well.

A nice $500 profit was going to be in my pocket by day’s end, too. Just in time, the rent on the tiny shop I ran was due.

The guy who dropped off the job obviously had some bucks so I went out of my way to impress him. I paid complete attention to every detail, the old worn out engine block was now as brand new as it could be. New pistons, everything refurbished.

I looked up and a huge flatbed truck rolled onto my lot and a lady hopped out. She had on a halter top that was so thin I could see both of her nipples right through it, the matching shorts could not have been smaller and still be called shorts.

She was there to pick up the engine job for her husband who was off building houses someplace. Hell, if I had a woman that looked like her I would never leave home!

She paid me, I loaded up all the parts and secured them, then I looked at that bare block. Puffing up my chest, I reached down and grabbed it, managing to keep a straight face as I walked out with it in a bear hug.

“Oh, my! You are really strong!” The lady said, I puffed up even more at that. I got to the back of the flatbed, there was about a foot more I had to lift to get the block up and on there.

The stab of pain felt like I had been shot right in the small of my back. I didn’t want to drop the block, that was my next month’s rent so I struggled and got the block up onto the truck. I strapped that down, thanked the lady and went back inside to sit down.

The slightest motion brought a stab of pain so severe all I could do was gasp. I had fucked myself up big time.

By evening I could no longer fasten my pants. I barely made it through the next day at work, I did get a back brace and that helped a little.

It was so bad that there was no such thing as a comfortable position. I could not sit or lay down, stand up either. Just a few seconds in one position would cause the pain to build up worse and worse, then I would try to move. That caused a huge stab of pain which eased slightly, then in a few seconds it would build right up again. I spent a lot of time flat on my back on the floor with my knees up, too. I did find that in a tub of warm water I got some relief but I couldn’t stay in the damn tub all day.

Off to the Doctor I went, I didn’t feel like I had any choice. He checked me out and diagnosed me as having a sore back, “probably” a muscle strain.

“No fucking shit!” I thought, not exactly in the best of moods. But I kept my mouth shut as he explained that it would take time and lots of rest for me to heal. Then he prescribed some pills and ordered me to not do any work for at least six weeks.

Like sure, that is going to work. I was self-employed, I had to work. Every goddammed thing I owned in the entire world was in that little machine shop I owned, and I had no helpers, it was just me.

So I took the pills just like he said, but I sure as hell didn’t work that day! In fact, all I could do was sit in my chair and drool. I am positive I talked to myself a lot that day, but I don’t remember for sure. I do know how many flower designs are in my curtains, I must have counted them 50 times.

I have to admit, my back didn’t hurt if I took the pills. Hell, even if it had hurt I doubted I would have given a shit. I cut each pill into 4 pieces and took them that way. It took just enough of the edge off of the horrible pain that I could barely manage to work, at least that way I wasn’t going to chop one of my hands off in one of my machines. By turning my hip and pressing straight I could even manage the clutch in my ratty pickup truck, too.

I decided to try a Chiropractor, what the hell. The guy poked me and probed me, twisted me around and I left hurting worse than I did before I went to see him.

He told me to come back the next day so he could do it again, explaining that any relief would take a very long time and daily treatments. I left with a nice sack full of vitamins.

Needless to say, I didn’t go back.

It was a solid two months later, I was running my boring tool, the hoist I had bought but couldn’t afford helped me with the lifting. I still hurt like hell, and my pants remained fastened only due to a big safety pin I used to close the gap in the front from my back and hips being so swollen.

My right nut felt like it was the size of a bowling ball compared to the other the way home izle one.

Here I was, barely 28 years old and I was for all extents and purposes, disabled.

One day an old man I knew from some previous jobs came in, he had an engine block he wanted done for an old Chrysler flathead. The thing was huge. I looked at that in chagrin, I needed the job but I just was not sure I could move it around.

The guy spotted that right off.

“Hurting, huh?”

“Yea, I got to lifting too much and did myself in.”

He glanced down at my back brace, grinned.

“I got just the thing for you, go see this lady.” He poked a business card at me. I took it, it read, “Lynn’s Massage Therapy.”

Great. Just what I needed, some oversize female pounding away at me, probably she would kill me. I had seen on TV what a massage looked like a few times in movies.

“I don’t think….” Was all I got out.

“Hey, Dan. She is magic, give it a try. You will like her. I have a bad back too and she helps me. She is not all stuck up and inhibited like most of them.”

I stuck the card in my pocket, promptly forgot about it, went back to trying to work.

Finally Saturday rolled around and I was sitting in my chair at home, one of those frozen bags under the small of my back. I took half a pill on Saturdays, more than normal but all I had to do was sit there with the TV going. Sometimes I would count the patterns in the curtains but by now I knew the answer so mostly I just sat there and stared at the TV. I happened to reach in my pocket and found the card. I read it again, thought about it.

What the hell, I picked up the phone.

A soft voice answered, there was a trace of an accent I didn’t recognize. I asked a few questions, she mentioned she had a cancellation and could get me right in. She told me her rates and gave me directions, so I took a hot shower and drove downtown to her office. It’s a wonder I didn’t kill someone, I could use one leg at a time and not both. Backing down the hill from my driveway meant usually using the big beam at the corner of the barn to stop and change directions. I couldn’t get my foot to the brake pedal fast enough to keep from bumping into it, I had done that three times already.

I found the building, there was a small sign on the door, so I knocked. Thank God it was on the first floor.

The door opened and Lynn stood there. She was about 5′ 6″, easily 10 years older than me, and her shoulders were wider than mine, too. Her hair was cut straight across the front, from the style I guessed she did it herself. She looked rather physical, well defined muscles on her arms. She wore a simple smock that came almost to the floor, even shapeless it didn’t hide the fact that her behind was ample.

Just a woman, not someone I would do more than glance at normally although her face was pretty.

And those arms! Her biceps bulged, her forearms were thick and strong looking.

I figured I was going to die.

“Hell, skip the massage and hire her to do the lifting.”, I thought.

She had me come in and sit in a chair while she sat across from me and asked questions. I explained to her about my back, she nodded, looking down at the brace I wore.

“So where did you find my number?” She asked.

I couldn’t remember the guy’s name but I described him, explained to her that he had said that she could probably help.

“Is it Harold?” She asked. I remembered then, yes, Harold.

She grinned and nodded.

“OK, I will call him and check.”

Now that sounded odd as hell.

She picked up her phone and dialed, said a few words I couldn’t quite hear, nodding at each response. Then she laughed at something he said.

“OK, see you Wednesday!” She told him and hung up.

“Harold says you are all right, I just need to be careful. My style of work is different. OK. Go ahead and take off your clothes and get on the table!”

I just looked at her.

“You haven’t had a massage before, have you?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“You aren’t bashful, are you? I need to work with your body so take off everything and just hop up there. I can help you up if you need me to.”

I sighed, undid my shirt, and the brace. I slipped off my shoes, she sat there in the chair and watched. I hesitated, then undid my pants, stood there for a second in just my briefs.

“Those too!” She said, smiling at my discomfort.

I pulled them down and stepped out of them, totally aware that my dangling the witcher izle 6 inches and hairy pubes were on display. I flushed at that, realizing how odd I must look with my right testicle about double normal size.

She didn’t look away, either. I rolled up on the table, laying face down. I had to cock one knee out to keep from pressing against myself, but the table had some very soft padding so it wasn’t too bad.

Lynn got up, stepped up to the table. I heard her rubbing her hands briskly, then she put them on my back.

“Oh, my!” she exclaimed.

“Your back is very hot.” Then she went to work.

In less than 5 minutes I felt the pain begin to ease, replaced by a warm glow. In short order I also felt myself begin to erect. That got uncomfortable quickly because my hip was pressing against it and the end of my dick was starting to stick out to the side. I wanted to reach down and shove myself into a more comfortable position but not with her standing right there.

“Lift up a little.” She said, patting my bare fanny. I lifted up, she shoved a small pillow under my hipbones, reached under and grasped my cock and slid it sideways.

“There. Is that better?” She asked.

“Uhhh…yea, thanks.” Actually, it was a lot better, too. Lynn was so matter of fact about it I decided maybe things like that were normal. She went right back to work, her hands were now flowing over my shoulders and arms. It felt better than I could ever have imagined, I tucked my arms under my chin and turned my face sideways.

Her hands now dropped to my side, working upward in quick overlapping strokes. I had already forgotten about the pain, all I could think of was those hands. My body rolled slightly with each motion she made, like I was being mildly rocked back and forth. I could feel little tugs in the sore spot on my back as they seemed to relax and then stop hurting.

“Magic!” Harold had said. I was beginning to agree with him.

Then Lynn started in on my legs. First she rubbed out my feet, as she got to each arch her thumb came up over the top and she used her fingers to stroke forward, that felt so good I was in heaven! Then up each calf, first one side, then the other. Then right back and repeat that, then do it again. The blood was beginning to come up, I felt myself react again.

Next she ran her hands up my thighs and she wasn’t careful about that at all. I actually jumped slightly when her fingers brushed my balls. She repeated that over and over until it was all I could think of, each stroke of her fingers went all the way to the top of the inside of my thigh. She stepped over to the other side and did it again, over and over.

Her hands went up and over the cheeks of my ass and off to the side in more repeated motions that spread them out. I turned a bit pink thinking she could very likely see my butt hole. I was also now struggling to not orgasm.

“Lift up again, please.” She asked. I lifted my lower body up and she replaced the small pillow with a larger one, her hand rubbing right across my erection as she did so.

“You needed more room, you have a pretty big one!” She said, a hint of laughter in her voice.

“There. Is that better?”

“Yes, fine, thank you again.”

She went back to rubbing my ass, which now was elevated a full half foot or so off the table. This caused my knees to swing out, I knew she had a clear view of my nuts and rock solid penis. What she was doing with those hands felt so good I didn’t give a damn.

Then she stepped slightly sideways, her hand came down around the curve of my behind and kept right on going up and over my length, her fingers turned and she stroked me on the way back out. That got my attention, I felt myself twitch involuntarily with each stroke. Somehow I managed to not blast off all over the table at that, even though she did it several times, then moved to the other side and did it again!

Those hands were all I could think of, my mind was now blank. The pain I had felt was long forgotten in the mix of the other sensations.

She finally reached down and fondled my balls, that would be the correct word. It wasn’t massage, it was a cupping, fondling motion like she was feeling for something.

“I am checking to see if you have any strains or tears.” She said, her voice soft. She rolled each one around with her fingertips, taking a long time doing it.

Then I heard a sound, glancing back I saw she was pulling on a rubber glove. She spotted my surprised look.

“I the witcher blood origin izle need to check you there, too! I think I can help that swelling.” She smiled.

I just nodded, not quite sure what she was going to do. She picked up a towel and slid it underneath me, then lubed up the glove. I had a feeling now that I knew what was coming.

I felt her finger find my rectum, she pulled one cheek aside with her bare hand. She rubbed her finger back and forth lightly several times directly on my puckered hole, causing my butt cheeks to clench slightly. Her index finger slipped in easily, just a tiny amount at first, then more and more. Finally she had it all the way in, she began to stroke downward as she reached around with her left hand and wrapped it around the base of my penis and testicles. I felt my body release, and spurts blasted out of the end of my cock. The sensation wasn’t like an orgasm, it was a release of some kind. At first there was a stab of pain, then it was almost like taking a leak. She kept up the motion for several seconds, then pulled out and removed the glove. She reached underneath me and removed the towel, replaced it with a fresh one.

“All fine there, you let go very nicely. How does that feel?” She asked, her right hand idly rubbing my behind in small circles.

“That felt pretty good.” I managed to murmur.

“Would you like to turn over now?”

I rolled over carefully on the narrow table, realizing I felt almost no pain at all. My rock hard erection swung into view. I looked at her and she was looking at my cock, smiling.

“Nice big strong young man!” She said, then she stepped to the head of the table and started to work on my shoulders. I felt my erection begin to fade as I became lost again in the sensations.

When she reached my chest and stomach she began to stroke in clockwise circles. That felt wonderful, and even more wonderful when her fingertips began to tease each nipple. Finally she grasped the tip of each nipple lightly between her thumbs and index finger, doing a small rolling motion.

I was now rock hard again. She did several big circles around my lower stomach right across my pubic hair, each time her hands slid under my erection and lifted it. Each touch was a flash of pleasure, I was wanting her to do that some more.

Lynn moved to the foot of the table and began to stroke all the way from my ankles to my groin. Her hands drifted up and over me with each stroke, I could not stop my hips from lifting with each motion. Finally she leaned forward, her palms and fingers resting on each bare thigh. Her thumbs went underneath my testicles from each side and she used them to stroke upwards from the edge of my anus to the base of my now once again rock hard dick. This caused my erection to jerk each time, I sneaked a peek at her and she was watching closely. I closed my eyes and relaxed, just enjoying that.

Then she moved up to my side.

“May I?” She asked, then she reached out and grasped me without waiting for an answer. She began long steady strokes, squeezing at the start and end of each stroke.

“If we can get a solid release the contractions will help with your swelling.” She said, almost to herself. I noticed there was a tiny catch in her voice, she was enjoying her work.

I was completely lost in her, helpless in her hands. It only took a few seconds, I blasted off in the air. She seemed to act startled at that but then she settled down again to a solid smooth rythmm.

So help me, I built up quickly and came again, this time much more powerful than the first one. She held me with one hand and used her other to reach down to the base of my cock and milk it upwards. She even grasped my testicles and squeezed lightly as she held my now softening member in the other hand.

She just held my cock as I softened completely, her other hand busy with her fingers brushing my balls.

Never in my life had I ever felt anything like that.

She let go finally, went to a nearby sink and washed her hands. Then she wetted a towel with hot water and washed me down head to toe, using another dry towel to briskly rub the moisture off.

“You will be fine in a few sessions, will you come back to see me?” She had that same sweet smile on her face.

I nodded, still at a loss for words. She went and sat in her chair as I dressed, I noticed that my badly swollen right testicle was now less than half the size it was before. I even managed to barely fasten my pants, the swelling was way down. I carefully closed the big safety pin and dropped it in my pocket.

It was nearly three full days before the pain in my back started in again.

I picked up my phone and dialed Lynn, feeling a flash of pleasure in my loins at the sound of her voice.

“Sure, Danny. Come by at 5 this afternoon, I look forward to helping you!”

I was looking forward to it myself.

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