He Said, She Said Ch. 02

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I am trying something different with these stories. Instead of writing a single narrative, I have written 10 vignettes from a relationship. Each chapter alternates between the point of view of the two main characters and is written as if talking to the other person.

In addition, I have written each chapter as a quickie; all of the stories are 1,000 words or less, which is something of a challenge for me. They take place in chronological order, although there may be days, weeks or months between chapters.

Please let me know what you think of this style by leaving a comment or send me feedback via email.



She said

You stand in the doorway, silhouetted by the light from the hallway.

I see your eyes wide open. I lay nearly naked on my bed, my head towards you, hanging off the edge.

My hands clutch my breasts. You watch me tickle my areolae until the nipples are sharp little points. My legs are clad in your favourite red stockings attached to the matching garter belt.

It only takes a moment for you to cross the distance between the door and the bed.

You kneel beside me. Your breath is warm against my skin. I hear you manipulate your belt and zipper.

We kiss. You brush my cheek with your hand, tracing your way down my body.

When you stand, your cock hangs out. You lean forward and I take you in my mouth eagerly.

With very little effort you harden between my lips.

My tongue swirls around your engorged head. You shed the rest of your clothes kartal escort as you work back and forth, going deeper and deeper into my throat with every thrust.

Your hands replace mine on my tits.

I reach around behind you, grasping you by your firm, cute butt.

Pulling you to me.

With my neck craned back, you use my face as a cunt for your cock.

Your sex is the perfect size for my oral ministrations, despite the unfounded insecurity you have about your size.

You’re big enough to make me gag, but not so big that you choke me. You stretch my little pussy and reach all the right spots.

And goddam do you know how to use that thing!

From the moment I first lay eyes on you, I knew I was going to have you.

I knew I was going to give myself and my virginity to you. I am a bitch in heat whenever you are around.

You are witty and smart. Good looking and confident, but not vain.

It’s too bad you were seeing that little hussy from high school you kept around, but after our freshman year, she was out of the picture, and you were all mine.

And when we finally fucked, we made magic in bed together. You could never refuse me. Even after we broke up, I could never resist your charms. Against my better judgment, I let you use me for the sex. And I use you. We are that good.

You roughly palm my breasts as you fuck my throat.

I make those gagging sounds you like every time you bury your cock to your balls in my mouth.

You smell clean. Musky. Virile.

My pussy cumhuriyet mahallesi escort soaks, knowing that when you’re done in my mouth, you’re going to fill my other hole and pound me into next Sunday.

The bed springs squeak with each thrust, and they’re going to make a lot more noise later, but for now, I am content to be the receptacle of your magnificent cock.

I know your tells. I know when you’re close.

Your breathing gets short. You squeeze my tits a little bit harder.

Your brow furrows.

When you clench your butt, that’s when I know you’re about to shoot off.

In my mouth, I feel your cock start to pulse.

I push you back so only the engorged tip is between my lips.

Suckling on your pulsing head, my mouth fills with your warm spunk.

My tongue grazes that one spot on the bottom of you that drives you insane and you let out a feral grunt.

Your legs start to shake. If you weren’t clutching my breasts so tightly, you might fall over. I hold onto you with my mouth and hands as you empty your balls into my throat.

I swallow every drop.

The only sound the room is your ragged breath.

When you’re done, you collapse on the bed next to me. I maneuver you to the middle and press my body against you.

You are already recovering. If our history is any indication, you’ll be good for at least two more cums before we need to take a break.

We don’t speak. Not then. We may get conversational between rounds. Or we yunus escort might just fuck all night.

I really don’t care.

Once you’re hard for me again, I mount you.

You fill me up so easily.

Try as you might, your gaze falls on my breasts. Round. Soft. My nipples are hard enough to cut glass. My areolae are puffy with excitement.

Leaning forward, I press them into your eager mouth.

You reach around and cup my ass as I ride you. The skullfuck was for you.

This one is for me.

I ride your cock like a wild woman. I press my clit against your pelvic bone. You thrust up with every stroke, hitting that spot every time.

When I cum, I am sobbing with desire. All of the pleasure within my body explodes all over you.

You cum again, this time inside my pussy. You are the only man who has ever had me bareback.

I fall forward into your arms. You roll me over on my back, never leaving me.

My body limp and exhausted, I am completely at your mercy. Your cock never stops moving inside me.

This time you are gentle. Slow. Deliberate.

Loving. Even though we don’t use that word around each other anymore.

Your fingertips brush the skin along my collarbone.

In the dim light from the hallway, you look into my eyes.

The lust is faded, but the desire is still there. Always there.

We kiss again.

I feel you trace my neck from back to front, your hand running along the black lace choker that I wear only for you.

The gift you gave me for Valentine’s Day all those years ago.

Your scent is sweet to me.

Your body warm.

I am comforted by your weight pressing down on me.

Nibbling over to your ear, I bite your earlobe. You thrust into me with a little more enthusiasm.

“Happy birthday,” I whisper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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