Harmony in the Halls

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I walked into your room in the halls of residence. It was a hot summers day, the last before graduation. You were laid out on your bed in boxers and a t-shirt, dozing as the music blared from your stereo.

“Hey you,” I called out. “Can you turn that thing down, there are some of us trying to rest here.”

You sat up with a start. Automatically you reached for the volume control and the music slowly subsided.

“Sorry, what did you want?” You said, propping yourself up on one elbow. At this point my eyes were resting on the large erect cock obviously buried in your boxers. A damp dribble was apparent where the enormous head sat. The boxers barely contained the monster; my eyes were absolutely fixed on it, like I was in a trance or something.

I stepped forward, now only a yard from the edge of your bed, still staring intently on the huge cock hidden from my view. “I,” a pause. “I was just wanting the music turned down.” My voice trailed off.

“Oh,” you answered. Now I could look across your body to the open magazine at your side. It displayed a sequence of photos of two young blondes sucking an enormous cock. I licked my lips looking at those luscious naked bodies and the huge cock they were sharing.

“Is that better?” You asked adjusting, your boxers as you did, a large grin on your face. The red throbbing head appeared over the waistband. My eyes shifted to your display and I licked my lips again. “Do you like my study material?” You continued lifting the magazine so I got a closer view of the naked bodies.

“Eh?” I replied; suddenly realizing I had been caught. “Umm…”

“Come on Tabby, you can say you like it, close the door and I’ll turn the page.”

Without really thinking I closed the door and stepped up to the edge of the bed. You smiled at me with a teasing grin. Your fingers flipped the page. Another four shots of the naked blondes. The first showed the two blondes caressing the huge cock with their hands while kissing each other. The second had one of them swallowing the head while the other ducked down to lick the balls. The third showed a cascade of hot sticky cum streaming from the cock into the faces of the blondes. The final shot was of the two girls zeytin ağacı izle licking and kissing each other and the cock.

I licked my lips as I looked at the magazine pictures. You tugged at the top of your shorts, exposing more of your hard cock. Your hand was stroking it through the silky material of the boxers.

“Let me,” I said kneeling at your side. My hand touched the silky material, moving slowly to the exposed portion of your cock. I tugged at the waistband some more and you lifted your butt to let me pull the boxers down to your knees.

What stood before my eyes was huge. At least 10 inches and as big as my forearm. I gasped. The balls were cleanly shaven, only a little stubble could be detected. I groaned, taking the huge shaft in my delicate hands. Then you moaned as I gently stroked it, up and down.

My lips were wet with moisture as I watched the throbbing cock slide through my hands with the red painted nails shining in the light. Unable to resist I lowered my head to the pulsing head, letting my tongue dart out across the slit, tasting the precum as it dribbled out.

Then I kissed it gently, right on the top of the head. Again you moaned softly. Then holding it upright I bent my head to lick around both huge balls before moving my tongue up the underside to the head. This time I let my lips close over the soft tissue and slip down the throbbing shaft. It was so hard in my mouth, so big.

I sucked down the throbbing shaft, my tongue licking as I went. I could here your moans, feel your hand on the back of my head, your fingers playing with my ears. Sucking it down I made all kinds of slurping noises. It was so big that I could only take about two thirds of its length before gagging and having to come back up. But then I reversed and traveled down the shaft again.

One of my hands was holding the massive cock straight to let me get a better angle, the other had found its way inside the waistband of my short skirt. My lace thong was damp with excitement and my finger probed past the lacey material to find my swollen red clit.

Up and down the slippery shaft my red lips moved, sucking harder and faster now. One the terminal list izle of your hands slipped inside my blouse, having undone the buttons. I felt your fingers touching my nipples through the lace bra. They hardened as you touched them becoming little hard rocks on my firm breasts.

Again I tasted your precum as I let my tongue sweep across your slit. You shuddered as I touched you with my tongue. I glanced up at you, my eyes smiling. I felt you peel away the cups of my bra, exposing my breasts for your touch. My finger probed my wet, hot pussy as I sucked down your hard shaft again.

“Oh god you’re good,” you said, your voice fluttering slightly. “Oh yeah, suck me deep.”

I let out a moan of pleasure, muffled by your huge cock stretching my mouth wide. I sucked long and hard as I took as much as I could in. the hand at the base of your cock started massaging your balls, gently, slowly. You moaned again.

Without missing a stroke on your cock I stood, bent over you, and climbed on the bed, my legs straddling your head. As I continued to pump your cock with my mouth your hands moved up under the short skirt and pushed aside the crotch of my thong exposing my trimmed pussy.

I felt a finger probe my swollen lips, touching my clit. Your first touch forced me to remove my lips from your cock and moan loudly. I orgasmed immediately, flooding with juice and shuddering slightly. But then I returned to your cock, letting it slip deeper into my hot mouth.

Now your tongue was working hard on my clit, a finger inserted in my tight hot pussy for extra pleasure. So wet and hot I was ready to cum a second time. I felt your finger twist inside me, nearly setting me off again.

Then I felt your balls tighten in my hand, your shaft became more rigid and I knew you were about to blow your load. I sucked harder. You let your mouth away from the sweet scents of my pussy for a moment.

“Oh yeah baby,” you called out. “Oh God, take it baby!”

A spurt of hot creamy cum hit the back of my mouth and I swallowed hard. A second stronger stream spilled down my throat followed by a third. I gulped them down, sucking hard on the traitors izle your cock. More cum spilled into my mouth as your cock throbbed away. Somehow you managed to return to my hot aching pussy and suck my clit hard, pushing me over the edge.

My body shuddered with orgasm as I writhed slightly on your face. Your cum was slowing now and I pulled my mouth away, hot cum dribbling down my chin. A final jet hit me on the check and slid to my chin.

“Ahhhh!!!” I cried out as wave after wave of orgasm flowed over my body.

But you weren’t finished with me. Slipping from between us you took your monster cock, still hard, and pushed it past my thong and into my wet pussy from behind as I knelt on the bed.

Soon you were rocking in and out of my tight pussy. More and more of your huge cock disappearing into my hot snatch. I moaned loudly, letting the cum dry on my chin. My breasts dangled from the open shirt and one of your hands reached up to maul them, feeling the hard nipples.

I couldn’t stand it, the huge cock, ravaging my hot pussy. Pumping in and out of me. Again I let out a low scream of pleasure as an orgasm flowed over me. I shuddered, my pussy clamping down on your hard cock.

Still you were there pumping in and out. Slipping easily in my pussy juice. I reached under my body to touch your balls as they slapped my pussy from behind. One of your hands was holding the back of my neck under the dark mane of hair. My finger touched my clit, feeling your piston as it shot in and out.

“Ohhhhhhh…..God…. Yes,” I moaned. “Fuck me, fuck my pussy!”

You lent forward kissing my neck, nibbling my ear. It felt so good. That huge cock pounding my tight pussy and your lips on my soft skin, your teeth gently nibbling.

“Ohhhhhh…fuck me with that big cock, please fuck me harder,” I said.

Then I felt you slam into me, hard. Your cock almost fully buried in my tight pussy. Your balls were pulsing as you spurted another load into me. I could feel the hot cum in me, washing my insides as you slowly pulled back. A big creamy dribble ran out of my pussy and down my thigh as we collapsed on the bed.

I felt the sticky liquid spilling out and soaking into the lace thong. More of it dripped onto the inside of my skirt. I lay next to you with a smile stained with your cum on my lips. You looked at me and stroked the hair from my eyes. We kissed.

“What was it you wanted me to do?” You asked. I smiled and stroked your slightly limp monster. It began to stir as I moved to get my lips closer to it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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