Happy Wife, Happy Cuckold Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Happy Wife, Happy Cuckold – Ch. 02

The next morning, Brad awoke on the couch. He was the first one up, as Kyle and his wife Amber were still sleeping peacefully in the bedroom. It’s no wonder they were still asleep, as Brad had heard the sounds of their love making well into the early morning hours.

Brad had tossed and turned much of the night, unable to shake the memory of his wife not only having sex in front of him but then also instructing him to kiss Kyle’s penis the prior evening. It wasn’t due to shame, rather it was due to Brad being extremely aroused by kissing another man’s superior cock. Especially considering that right before kissing it, Brad had cleaned Kyle’s semen from between Amber’s legs. Even now, his first thoughts waking up were of those moments.

“I still can’t believe his dick was on my lips.” Brad told himself. Just saying those words sparked the blood flowing to his nether regions. Brad reached into the opening of his boxers and withdrew his cock. With his other hand, he once more took hold of his wife’s soiled panties.

The night before, listening to the two frisky lovers, Brad had fucked those poor panties almost as many times as Kyle had fucked his wife.

Brad held the dirty underwear against his cock as he again recalled the moments of being intimate with Kyle’s manhood, despite how brief. He wanted to do it again, but wasn’t sure what his wife would think of that. Brad stroked up and down his shaft, imagining Kyle in front of him, demanding Brad service his manhood.

Within moments, a fresh batch of cum squirted into Amber’s dirty underwear. Brad squeezed his erection, making sure every drop was expelled into the panties.

Relieved, for now, Brad set the panties on the coffee table, put his dick back in his boxers, and went to the kitchen. He started a pot of coffee and then prepared himself a bowl of cereal, taking a seat at the kitchen table.

Brad made it through 2/3 of his cereal when he heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall. He looked behind him and saw Kyle entering the kitchen. Brad’s eyes widened when he saw that Kyle was wearing only a white undershirt. Nothing from the waist down.

“Mornin’.” Kyle said as he walked by.

Brad watched as Kyle grabbed a coffee cup and poured himself a cup. Brad’s gaze involuntarily fell to Kyle’s hairy, muscular buttocks.

“Damn I’d like to bury my face in those cheeks.” Brad thought to himself. Then he shook his head. What was he thinking? Sure, he loved giving his wife a nice, sensual rimjob, but he had never had a desire to perform the act on another man.

Kyle mixed some sugar in his coffee and stood next to the table facing Brad. Kyle’s soft but thick penis was practically at eye level with Brad. It was also close enough that Brad could smell the aroma of leftover sex emanating from Kyle’s crotch.

“Amber is such a great fuck.” Kyle said, taking a sip of his coffee. “And that tight little ass was fantastic.”

Brad looked up at Kyle briefly before again lowering his gaze to his exposed privates.

“That’s great.” Brad told him. “I really appreciate you coming over and having sex with my wife.”

“She needed it.”

“Like I need that fat cock in my mouth!” Brad thought. Again he shook his head. Why was he having these thoughts?

“Little distracted?” Kyle asked with a chuckle.

“I’m not sure what you mean.” Brad responded, trying to act normal.

Kyle took another step forward, his penis now even closer.

“Well…” Kyle told him. “…you haven’t taken one bite of your cereal since I came in here. And it’s pretty obvious you can’t stop looking at my dick.”

“That’s crazy!” Brad stammered. “Fuck! He knows.”

Kyle swallowed another sip of coffee and set the cup on the kitchen table. Then he took another step forward. His cock and balls were now inches from Brad’s face. Brad felt Kyle’s hand on the back of his head. The hand began to pull him forward. With a sigh, Brad didn’t fight it, closing his eyes and letting the hand guide him.

A thrill went through Brad’s body as his face collided almanbahis adres with Kyle’s penis. Brad offered no resistance as Kyle gyrated, rubbing his cock all over Brad’s face. The movement caused the dick to perk up slightly, enlarging, but it was still mostly soft.

“You like that?” Kyle asked. “You like having my cock against your face?”

“Yes sir.” Brad answered.

Kyle pulled back slightly, grabbing his flaccid penis and slapping it against Brad’s cheek. It only took a few good smacks before Kyle had a full erection. The side of Brad’s face was red from the cock spanking.

“Am I about to suck another man’s dick?” Brad thought to himself, his own manhood throbbing in his boxers at the thought.

“You want it?” Kyle asked. “You wanna suck my fat cock?”

Brad looked him in the eyes, unable to fight his urges. “Yes please.”

Kyle rested the head of his cock against Brad’s lips.

“Get to it then!” Kyle demanded.

Brad grabbed the base of Kyle’s 8.5″ cock with one hand and opened his mouth. His tongue swirled around the bulbous tip a few times before moving down and licking up and down the veiny shaft. He also offered several soft kisses to Kyle’s soft balls.

“That’s it.” Kyle said. “Use your mouth to make love to my cock and balls.”

Brad sucked the tip into his mouth and slowly slid down, only making it a few inches before having to slide back up.

“Damn! This penis is so thick. How the hell did Amber fit this entire thing in her mouth!?” Brad wondered.

Adding some spit to Kyle’s cock head, Brad used his hand to rub it in while also lightly stroking the impressive member. Brad tried to slide his mouth down the pecker once more, gagging at just over halfway down, involuntarily adding more saliva to the shaft. Regaining his composure, Brad once more placed his mouth over the thick, meaty cock.

He did his best to relax his throat as he slowly moved down Kyle’s manhood. Inch by inch, Brad took more of the cock into his mouth, until finally he felt Kyle’s pubic hair against his nose.

“I did it. I got the entire dick in my mouth!” Brad realized, feeling a sense of pride at his accomplishment.

Brad slid back up Kyle’s penis and then back down, starting to get in a rhythm with his cocksucking. Kyle moaned as Brad bobbed back and forth on his dick.

Grabbing either side of Brad’s head with his hands, Kyle took control of the situation, thrusting his hips and sliding in and out of Brad’s mouth.

“This is amazing. He’s literally fucking my face!”

“That’s it.” Kyle said. “Take that cock like a little bitch.”

Kyle delivered several more thrusts before shoving his dick balls deep into Brad’s mouth and holding it there. Brad heard the tell-tale grunt and suddenly felt Kyle’s cum shooting into his mouth and throat. His initial reaction was to gag but he quickly relaxed and allowed the warm semen to flood into his mouth. Once his balls were empty, Kyle slid his penis out of Brad’s mouth. Now Brad had a mouthful of spunk. Looking into Kyle’s eyes, he took a big gulp, swallowing the entire load.

“That was fucking amazing!” Said an unmistakable voice.

Brad turned and saw his wife, Amber, standing in her underwear having watched the scene play out. Brad was shocked, not knowing what to say or do.

Kyle grabbed his coffee cup and finished off his beverage. “Told you he would suck my cock.”

Brad blushed.

“Fuck that made me wet.” Amber said. “I was gonna take a shower. Wanna join me, Kyle?”

“You know it!”

Kyle and Amber left the kitchen and headed for the master bathroom. Brad picked up his spoon and proceeded to finish his cereal, excited at his new sex act but embarrassed his wife had caught him.


A few hours later, Kyle had left and Brad was sitting on the couch in gym shorts and a t-shirt. Amber walked wearing only a pair of black panties and an open silk robe, her breasts and nipples on display. She took a seat next to her husband and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were gay, sweetheart?” almanbahis adresi She asked.

“I’m not gay.” Brad tried to protest.

“Oh.” Amber said. “Was that someone else sucking Kyle’s penis in the kitchen this morning?”


“No.” Amber agreed. “Was it you? Were you the one sucking that big dick?”

Brad sighed. “Yes. It was me sucking Kyle’s dick.”

“That’s right!” Amber said. “And when a guy sucks another guy’s cock… that’s pretty gay, honey!”

“But I still find you attractive. I still get hard thinking about your pussy and stuff.” Brad told her. “I guess maybe I’m bisexual or something.”

“I know I turn you on.” Amber agreed. “But it’s obvious you also like cock. And if you like sucking it… ya know… you’d probably enjoy taking it up the ass.”


“A cock. In your ass.” She reiterated. “Pounding you. Gaping you. Cumming inside you.”

“I’m not sure if I could go that far.” Brad tried to protest, despite being well aware that the thought was turning him on.

“Can I confess something to you?” Amber asked.


“When I came into the kitchen this morning, I got really horny.” Amber said. “Watching Kyle just… completely dominate you like that. Shoving his cock in your mouth and then seeing you submit and surrender to him like a little bitch. Seeing you reduced to nothing but a helpless cocksucker… that was just so fucking hot, baby.”

His wife saying these things brought Brad back to his own memories. The way Kyle’s penis felt against his face. Having his mouth stretched out. Swallowing a fresh load of cum right from the tap.

“Maybe I’m not the only one who needed other men introduced into our marriage?” Amber suggested. “And who knows… maybe one day we can share one of my lovers. Husband and wife… working together to please a big, juicy cock. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Brad couldn’t believe how turned on he was. But the thought of being closer to his wife when she was with a lover was very intriguing, as was the thought of sharing that lover.

“Well?” She asked.

“I have to admit. That does sound nice.” Brad admitted. “Especially being there in bed with you and another guy.”

“See?” Amber added. “You’re starting to come around to your sexuality. I’m proud of you, honey. It takes a strong man to admit to his wife that he wants to have sex with hung men.”

Her teasing had Brad’s cock poking out against his gym shorts.

“I mean…” Brad started. “…part of the turn on is you being there. Being naked. The possibility of licking your tits or pussy or ass before he fucks you. It’s not just the idea of doing things alone with another guy.”

“I just think it’s cool.” Amber told him. “The thought of a strong man bending you over. Pulling down your pants. Dominating you and just wrecking your little asshole. Not even asking you to take it but making you take every single inch. I know I love when a man is rough with me. Taking my pussy or my ass like it belongs to him. I bet you’d like it, too.”

“Maybe I’d be more open to it if we had sex?” Brad suggested, trying to barter with his wife.

Amber giggled. “That’s not going to happen, sweetie.” She pointed to the tent in his pants. “Look how hard you are. You wouldn’t last ten seconds inside me. You don’t want to disappoint me with more bad sex, do you?”

Brad hung his head. “No, I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“That’s more like it. Now why don’t you think about what we’ve discussed and go take care of yourself in the shower.”

Brad got up and headed to the guest bathroom, starting the water and letting it warm up. He got undressed, still extremely erect from his wife’s suggestions. He stepped into the shower and put his hand on his penis.

He only needed three quick strokes to blow his load onto the shower floor and down the drain.


Later that evening, Amber had yelled for Brad to join her in the master bathroom. Brad was treated to quite the view as he walked in. Amber was standing in front of the bathroom sink and mirror almanbahis adresi wearing only a white bra as she applied her makeup. Her incredible buttocks was bare and on full display.

“Hey, honey.” She said. “I’m meeting up with Jake tonight. My ex from back in high school. He’s in town and asked if I wanted to have dinner, which means sex.”

“Doesn’t he know you’re married?”

“He’s not the type to care about minor details like that.” Amber informed her husband. “But here’s the thing. Jake is obsessed with anal. So even though I just took a shower, I need you to use your tongue and make sure I’m absolutely spotless back there.”

“Happy to help.” Brad said, kneeling behind his wife so that his face was in line with her beautiful backside. It had been a while since she let him even use his tongue on her, so Brad was excited for the opportunity to once more have a taste of her ass.

He pushed her butt cheeks apart and took a moment to admire the perfection of her wrinkled hole. Sticking out his tongue he slowly licked from her taint all the way to the tip of her crack.

“Oh, I also have some news for you.” Amber said. “While you were in the shower, I called my best friend. You remember Krystal, right?”

“I do.” Brad said, quick to resume his licking of her asscrack after answering.

“I was telling her about you sucking Kyle’s cock and how-“

“You told her?!” Brad exclaimed.

“First of all, I didn’t tell you to stop licking my ass.”

Brad sighed and resumed his duties between her cheeks.

“Second of all…” she continued. “Yes, I told her. I told her you sucked his dick and that he blew his load in your mouth. And after she stopped laughing, I told her that you admitted to me that you wanted a dominant man to split your ass open.”

Brad was embarrassed that she had told Krystal these things, but he remained focused on the task at hand. His tongue was now concentrated specifically on Amber’s anus. He traced every single wrinkle slowly, enjoying her spectacular flavor.

“Turns out one of Krystal’s coworkers is gay. His name is Tyler.” Amber said. “Apparently he’s been moody lately and he’s complained to her about not having sex in a while. Krystal is going to talk to him and see if he’d be interested in making you his bottom bitch. Sounds like he has a lot of pent up sexual frustration.”

Brad didn’t even attempt to argue, knowing it would be a useless endeavor. Instead, he pushed his tongue into his wife’s butthole, trying to get as deep as possible. He swirled his tongue around her inner walls.

“It would kind of be like a grown-up play date.” Amber continued. “Or calling up some kind of office and scheduling a gay sex appointment.”

Brad was getting very aroused, but continued tongue-punching his wife’s asshole. He had tried to fight her suggestions earlier, but he was starting to come around to the ideas she was presenting. It was all so naughty and humiliating. The thought of his wife scheduling him to be used as a fuckhole was driving him wild.

“All done with my makeup!” Amber announced.

Reluctantly, Brad withdrew his tongue from his wife’s rectum. Before releasing his grip on her ass cheeks, he leaned in and kissed her anus once more.

Amber grabbed her panties – a white, lacy thong – and put them on. Brad stood up as Amber turned to face him.

“Jake will be fucking me at his hotel, so I plan to spend the night.” Amber said.

“Okay.” Brad told her. “I hope you have fun.”

“Oh I will.” She added with a snicker. “Try not to be too jealous of me, honey. I’ll be the one with a cock buried in my ass tonight, but we’ll get one in yours soon. I promise.”

Brad smiled. “I’ll try not to be too jealous.”

“And I know you’ll be watching porn and jerking off all night, which is fine. But don’t be afraid to mix in some gay porn too. Ya know… something really hot and nasty like a cute, white twink getting gangbanged by a group of massive black cocks.”

Amber gave her husband a quick kiss on the cheek, then put on a very tight and revealing black dress before heading out to meet her ex.

Brad took off his shorts and boxers and sat down at his computer, ready for a night of porn and masturbation. He gripped his erection as he pulled up his favorite video site, getting a tingle as he selected the “GAY VIDEOS” tab.

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