Happy New Year

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Standing across the room from each other we are having a conversation with just our eyes. Exchanging glances and expressions until I am feeling flushed. I take a drink from the glass in my hand and feel the warming sensation of the rum in it. It makes me tingle and I feel more flushed.

The room clears leaving just the two of us alone. By this time we were standing side by side talking. We both notice the empty room and look into each other’s eyes. I don’t know who moves first but suddenly we are kissing. I have him pushed against the wall and he is holding my ass with my feet off the ground. We hear the door open and we break apart stepping away and talking loudly to cover up the kiss.

My face is flushed and my eyes are glassy. I can feel my heart pounding in my ears as I try to regain control of myself. I look at him and he seems to be feeling the same. He smiles at me in a way that gives be goose bumps.

The person leaves the room and we are alone again, this time I am slammed against the wall with my legs lifted around his waist. I am carried to the bedroom, and tossed me down like a doll. He takes his shirt off and slowly crawls up onto the bed towards me like he is going to pounce. He is so intense that it almost scares me.

By this time I am extremely aroused. I try to get off the bed and he grabs me. Tossing me back down and laying on me to pin me. He holds me by the wrists (both in one hand) and uses the other hand to pull up my shirt. He kisses me roughly and leaves me feeling mindless and wanting more.

He moves on to my neck, biting me just the sandman izle the way I like it, grabbing my hair with the hand that was holding my wrists and pulling my head back for better access. With the other hand he plays with my breasts, pinching my nipples. He runs his hand down my stomach raking me with his nails. I gasp with pleasure as his fingers sneak into my pants and panties, not touching only teasing. He gradually reaches farther just barely touching my damp pussy.

He gets up off me and sits, pulling me to straddle his lap. I feel his erection under me, I rub my pelvis against him and it feels so good. He pulls my shirt off and unhooks my bra while kissing and biting my neck. I run my hands all over his back and chest. Digging in my nails at times and grabbing his hair others. He takes my bra off and tosses it aside.

Grabbing my throat with one hand he kisses my mouth passionately, like a starving animal. He turns and has me stand up in front of him, taking my pants and panties off in one move. He then grabs me by the hips and pulls me to him. I resist knowing he is going to make me straddle his face but he forces me to do what he wants. He knows I am shy about receiving oral and that makes it that much more desirable to him.

He lies on his back with me above him. He holds my hips because he knows I’ll pull away if he lets go. He breathes hot air on my wet pussy and feels me trembling anticipation. He uses two fingers to part my lips and clearing his way to my clit. He leans up and lightly flicks his tongue the snow girl izle against my clit. I buck with the sudden intense sensation but he holds me firm with his hand. Knowing I am now helpless he attacks my pussy and clit with his mouth and tongue. He sucks hard on my clit while putting two fingers into my pussy. I start moaning, he increases his actions at the sound. Finger fucking me harder, he adds a third knowing that they are the same size as his cock.

I buck against him and he slaps my ass, it stings but he immediately rubs it as well. He slaps me again on the other cheek, then rubbing it as well. This continues for a while until I am begging him and my ass is red and stinging. It is hot and burning and feels great.

He feels me start to tighten up around his fingers and knows I am about to cum. He increases his motions with a purpose and intensity lacking before. I start to moan and pant, begging him to stop but he refuses. I grab his hair as I start to orgasm; it is so strong that I scream into the pillow. I cum all over his face just the way he wanted.

He slides out from under my limp body casually wiping his face. He smiles knowingly at me as he unbuttons his pants and slides them to the floor. His cock is hard and the tip glistening from precum. He leans forward and kisses my back tenderly…I sigh. I think that there is going to be a short respite. I am mistaken.

He pets my pussy, rubbing his fingers in the wetness. “Hmm,” he says leaning into my ear kissing it, “You feeling good?”

“Oh the spencer sisters izle yeah” I answer. “Good,” he says while nibbling my neck. I shiver at the sensation. “Cold?” he asks. “Not in the least.” I reply.

“Even better,” he says as he grabs both my hands with one of his, opening my pussy with the other one and driving his full length into me. I scream at the suddenness of it and rear up. He forces me back down by me arms and wraps his arm under my waist, playing with my clit. He fucks me hard from behind, alternating pinching my nipples and pulling my hair. I am moaning continuously and he loves every minute of it. He grabs my hips with both hands and drives deep into me grinding his hips into mine. I arch my back with the pleasure I receive from it. I can feel his balls slapping my clit and it feels wonderful.

He grabs my one leg and forces me to flip onto my back, tossing my leg over his shoulder and continuing to fuck me hard. He grabs my hair and wraps it around my throat holding me down. There is such a look of focus on his face. I start to cum again and he feels me tighten around his cock. “Come on baby, you know you want to, I want to feel that pussy tighten around me.” I start cumming at his words. My whole body tightens and I start to shriek, he puts a hand over my mouth. This causes me to cum even harder. He pounds away at my pussy

He rubs his thumb on my pussy wetting it and starts to rub my clit. I immediately cum again, he knows that I will cum continuously from now on. He increases his pace and starts to feel his own orgasm mounting. He breaks out into a full body sweat, I know he is about to cum and I encourage it. “Oh god, please cum baby. I want to feel it.” His face changes and I feel him tense as he cums in me. He collapses onto my chest and we lay together for a few minutes.

“Well…” I begin “what’s for dessert?”

“Hmmm…” he replies slowly, “you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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