Good Day For Rain

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They had rented the cabin for the weekend. It was supposed to be a fishing weekend. He had made plans. This was to be his get away and it was raining.

Angry he slammed his fist against the wall. Why rain? Why now? He never heard her walk up behind him.

“So, is it such a bad day my sweet?” She smiled.

He glared at her, not a word, just a glare. Women…Humph . . . How could she understand the disappointment? He had plans, damn it. This was planned for months. Now it was ruined. He would have to leave tomorrow, and no fish. “Damn it all to hell”, he thought. She took a step out into the summer rain. There she was in that cotton dress standing in the rain laughing. What was there to laugh at? She held her arms up to the sky and turned around. It was a cool summer storm. Thunder roared, and lighting lit the sky. She danced there in the rain.

“Are you crazy woman? Get in here,” he said, looking at her as if she had gone totally mad.

“Come join me . . . Haven’t you ever wanted to dance in the rain . . .?” She held out her hand to him and laughed.

“No! Sane people don’t dance in the rain. Come on, get in here before you catch cold,” he said, standing in the doorway refusing to move.

“I though you were the adventurous kind. Come on dance with me.” She grabbed his hand.

Her laugh was fixbet infectious. He smiled as she dragged him out into the rain. No, he didn’t want to be wet. He struggled to get back to the safety of the cabin, but after a futile moment, he finally gave in to her wish.

“You are nuts. You know that?” He said as he took her in his arms. If she was crazy he must be to because here he was dancing in the rain.

He waltzed her across the deck, turning her around, her wet body next to his, the cotton dress clinging to her like a second skin. He began to smile. He pulled her close to dip her and suddenly he realized how utterly beautiful she was all wet. He kissed her as he brought her up from the dip, pulling her up to him, her foot barely on the ground.

She closed her eyes as he kissed her. Her heart pounded as he kissed her. Thunder and lightning filled the sky. Rain poured down in buckets yet she never heard it, she never felt it. All she knew was he was kissing her with more passion than he had in a very long time.

He lifted her onto the railing of the deck, her hips resting on the flat wooden plank. He began kissing her deeply, his mouth demanding her to return the passion. At first she resisted his kiss pulling away just a little to entice him. His lips sucked her breath away then gave it back fixbet giriş slowly.

He held her with one arm as his other hand traced the soft roundness of her thigh. She curled one leg around his. Her hand slid from his neck to his buttocks. His hand had disappeared under the wet cotton dress. He explored the soft wet warmth between her legs. He was thankful she had not worn panties.

He began to probe her with his finger. She was kissing his neck, her mouth soft upon his skin. Her tongue caressed his ear. He moaned as she sucked on his ear lobe . . . Suddenly he dropped to his knees. He pulled up her dress and kissed her wet belly, the rain soaked dress over his head. She felt him kissing her body. Curling her legs around his shoulders, her hips rested firm on the plank. She gripped the plank with one hand and the other she placed on his head. His face buried into her sex, her warmth, her excitement, feeding his, as the rain poured over them.

She curled her body around his head kissing the top of his head with her lips as he delicately nuzzled her sex. She felt as if this was the first time he had touched her. Her body shuttered at his touch. His arms around her thighs, her breath began to grow deeper. Her excitement was growing and he could feel her tighten in anticipation.

He grabbed her arms pulling her to the deck floor. She fell nearly on top of him, her body wet and slippery. A smile came across his face as he pinned her down. His lips found her sex again. There was that sound, the one he knew meant she was excited. The sound of her sigh grew louder as he once again suckled her essences.

His own excitement was now growing more urgent. He pulled the sweat pants off and held her down, covering her with his own body. He entered her in one swift hard thrust. She enveloped him, her body merging with his. The rain was falling hard in her face. He felt his manhood resting in the sweetest of places. His testicles hit her rump. Slowly he moved in and out of her. The woman met his pace, her body moving in rhythm with his. Her breath became faster. They could feel each others heart beating. Harder, faster, they moved in and out of each other in this sexual dance.

The man held her legs up. His arms curved at her knees. Both of them enveloped the other. Passion swept them like the rain, washing them with a mass of emotion. He moved in her faster throbbing with a desperate need. She absorbed his thrust, feeling each one with all her emotion.

He surged filling her with himself. She clung to him as if he was all that mattered. He fell exhausted into her arms, his head on her breast. Wet and exhausted they lay in the pouring rain.

Thunder roaring, lighting flashing across the sky, and a soft body for a pillow, who needs fishing? He smiled to himself. This was a good day for rain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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