Girl’s Night Out Ch. 05

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She slid her hand down his chest and stomach, making lazy circles as she kissed him deeply. Her fingers slid down to tangle in his pubic hairs before stroking along the length of his erection, caressing the tip, then moving down to fondle and cup his balls. Her mouth and lips followed the trail of her hand, leaving a wet path of her hot kisses on his skin. She kissed the full length of his engorged cock and then took him completely into her mouth, licking and sucking him as she gently squeezed his balls, massaging them. She heard Ramone groan in delight and felt him begin to tremble.

She stopped her sucking and sat up. “I’m going to undress now, but you wont be allowed to watch me.” she said. She got off the bed and quickly undressed, tossing her damp panties onto his face and the other clothes onto a chair by the bed. “Take a deep breath through your nose, you naughty copper!” she ordered. He did and she heard him growl, “Ohhh, you very naughty hooker! You are in big trouble now!”

She just smiled and then got back on the bed and straddled his waist so her wet flesh was rubbing against his stomach and his cock was against her ass. She leaned down and touched her hard nipple to his lips, allowing him a small lick of her rosy peak. She did the same with the other breast, then slid forward a bit until his cock fell down enough for her to impale herself upon it very slowly. Ramone struggled slightly against the handcuffs, trying to bring his hands down to put on her hips as she rode him ever so slowly, drawing out the thrusts to her desire. She kept that pace for a few moments then suddenly began riding like there was no tomorrow, faster and harder, deeper and longer strokes, until she was convulsing with her orgasm, the walls of her pussy clenching tight around his hard cock, coaxing forth his own release with each squeeze. Within seconds of her orgasm, she felt him tense as star trek strange new worlds izle he shot his hot sticky cum deep inside her pussy, their juices mixing and leaking out, dripping off his balls onto the bed.

Penny reached up and removed the blindfold as she kissed him again. He looked at her lovingly and said with a chuckle, “Wow baby, you really are a very naughty hooker. I just wonder how I’m going to show you how naughty of a cop I can be. But I can’t show you if I’m still tied to the bed, you know.” She smiled seductively as she rolled off of him and got the keys from the top of the dresser to unlock his wrists and ankles. Ramone sat up slowly, rubbing his wrists and ankles where the handcuffs and shackles were. He got off the bed and walked to the dresser, poured champagne into the glasses and brought one to her. They had a drink, then he put the glasses back on the dresser. He looked at Penny then lifted the black linen napkins to reveal a bowl of strawberries and cherries, and a bowl of chocolate sauce. He smiled as he brought the two bowls to the bedside table and sat down.

He pressed her back onto the bed so she was laying flat on her back. He chose a large strawberry from the bowl and dipped it in the chocolate sauce, then held it over her left breast, allowing the chocolate to drip onto her nipple. He touched the berry to her skin and swirled it around, spreading the sauce around her breast. He bit the berry and chewed it, then let her eat the other piece of it. Then he dipped his head and licked the chocolate from her breast with long slow strokes across her nipple. He repeated it with a cherry and let her eat all of the cherry while he licked her clean again. He did the same thing with the other breast, another strawberry and another cherry, but he ate the cherry this time star wars andor izle and let her have the first bite of strawberry.

Ramone picked up the bowl of chocolate and dipped his finger into it, then let the chocolate drip from his finger onto her damp woman flesh. A large drop landed on her swollen clit and he dipped his head and licked it off, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body. Her hips arched up to meet the stroke of his tongue on her heated flesh as he continued to lick her. His fingers slid into her hot folds and began stroking her slowly as he licked and sucked on her flesh. She moaned loudly, her breathing increasing with her pleasure. After a few moments of licking and fingering her, he moved up over her and pressed his erection into her love nest. His mouth sought out her breasts as he thrust slowly within her in long steady strokes. She lifted her hips to meet each thrust, and soon, they were moving together faster and deeper, soaring to the heavens of pleasure as the orgasms hit them hard. He released his cum deep inside her at the same time her pussy clenched tight around him with her orgasm, her cum oozing out and coating his cock, mixing with his juices. He stayed buried deep within her for a few moments, then withdrew and collapsed beside her on the bed. “You are a very naughty hooker, Miss Penny, but I love you anyhow, baby!” he said with a yawn. Penny looked at him and said, “I love you too, Ramone. Good night, my love.” Then they fell asleep.

Back at the Naughty Bunny club, Carol and Mark were slow dancing to Kenny Chesney’s song, “You Save Me”. Mark had his arms around Carol and she had hers up on his shoulders, looking deep into his eyes. He tipped his head down and kissed her, then whispered in her ear, “Let’s go to my place, babe. I want you all to myself.” She nodded and they left the star wars visions izle dance floor. Carol went to the table and got her purse and said good bye to Meg, Walt, Brenda and Pete, who were sitting there drinking another round and resting from dancing. The ladies would all meet up for lunch tomorrow and talk about their night. Carol and Mark left the bar and got into his SUV, a big black Hummer.

They drove to Mark’s house, about three miles out of town on a quiet road lined with oak trees. He lived in a log cabin set back about a quarter of a mile back from the road. The cabin wasn’t very big. It had 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen & dining area, and a livingroom. His garage was only half built so far. The livingroom had a large fireplace with a furry black bear skin rug on the floor in front of it. There was a queen size bed in the larger bedroom, and the smaller bedroom was currently being used as an office for Mark’s fishing tours business. The room contained only a desk with his computer on it, a large cozy looking chair, and a table spread with maps of the area, the best fishing locations circled with red marker on the maps. The walls were bare except for 3 large framed maps. There were two tall floor lamps by the desk, one on each side.

Mark parked the Hummer by the garage and he opened the door for Carol so she could get out. Then he took her hand and they went to the door. His dog, Bruno, came running from around the back of the cabin where he had been lounging on the back porch. Bruno jumped up and put his paws on Mark, begging for some attention. Mark scratched Bruno behind the ears, then the dog jumped down and waited for Mark to open the door. He did and they all went inside. Mark turned on the lights, then went to the kitchen and fed Bruno while Carol took off her sweater and hung it on the hook on the wall with her purse. She went in the kitchen and he gave her a bottle of soda from the fridge. He took one for himself and they went to sit on the sofa in the livingroom, where he pulled her to him and kissed her. “I’m so glad we left the club, my love. I’d much rather have you all to myself tonight so I can make love to you, slowly and passionately.”

She sighed and snuggled closer to him and nodded her head, “I’m glad too, darling.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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