Gibraltar Border Control

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A request for a friend – enjoy!

Do you have a fetish? There are many out there who do. Whether it be feet, stockings, spanking, underwear or inanimate objects, chances are you’ll know someone with some kind of fetish. I have a confession to make. I’ve always had a huge fetish for men in uniform and positions of authority. I can’t explain why this particular thing appeals to me. My mum thinks it may have something to do with growing up without a father figure in my life – my dad died when I was four years old. Whatever caused it, I have had this fetish since I hit puberty. Well to tell a bit more about myself, I’m a twenty-eight year old woman who’s currently single. I work as a holiday rep for a major British tour company and I’m based down on the Costa del Sol for this year’s holiday season. I’m going to tell you about a scandalous thing I did a few weeks ago.

One of the most popular day trips for tourists here in Marbella is Gibraltar, just under an hour away. I get plenty of bookings for these trips. Gibraltar has plenty to see and do for a day trip, the most popular is to go up, see the infamous Barbary apes at the top (via cable car or taxi) and then on the way back down to the siege tunnels and St. Michaels cave. The main draw for me though is none of the above – read on.

Of course, another major draw to this quaint British overseas territory is the duty free. I’ve found out from my many visits across the border that cigarette smuggling by Spanish locals is a rapidly growing problem. Given that Spain’s economy has crashed like most of the Eurozone and unemployment is sky-high, this isn’t really surprising.

A few weeks ago I entered Gibraltar yet again and as I always did, I paid close attention to the men working at the border and customs. Given my fondness for blokes in uniform, the ones working hard here in Gib really caught my eye. One in particular, a middle-aged guy, in peaked cap and white shirt complete with epaulettes. Had he been a regular guy in casuals walking down the street I doubt if I’d have given him a second glance. But in uniform, it’s a different story.

I had a coachload of passengers disembarking and like a flock of sheep, they were waiting patiently for me to lead them through border control. It never ceased to amaze me how dumb some of these tourists were; they really couldn’t do anything by themselves. Heaven help them if package tours didn’t exist, but that’s a long and boring rant I won’t bore you with. I don’t bother checking what they put on TripAdvisor any more either. I flashed my best bubbly holiday rep grin at the silver-haired customs officer as I walked past. He smiled and nodded. My face was familiar given the dozens of times I’d made this trip. I noticed there was a young Spanish woman sat next to him, head down, doing her best to shield her face. On the table next to her, another officer was special forces worlds toughest test izle inspecting some packets of cigarettes that she’d no doubt been caught smuggling.

For some unexplained reason I went strangely faint and flushed, the more I watched and quickly composed myself before anyone spotted my gawping at the scene. I imagined that I was the one that had been caught and was being interrogated by the customs officer and then doing my level best to get away with just a slap on the wrist by kneeling before this uniformed professional and performing oral sex on him. This is where it started really. I suppose any normal person would’ve just left it at that – a fantasy, in my mind where it belonged, or acted out as a role play with a partner. Except that I was single, and role play would never be able to measure up to the real thing…

A week later I’d made up my mind that I’d try and get away with the most shocking thing ever that would lead to me having a few minutes of pleasure with a man I knew only by sight, or it would lead to me getting arrested for bribery, losing my job and bringing shame upon the company I’d spent the past eight years working for with an unblemished record. I’ve always been what my gran used to call a “good girl” – I never partied hard or did anything outrageous. I’ve never even been drunk for God’s sake. I was painfully shy as a child and a teenager and it was only when I hit my twenties that I finally began to emerge from my shell. Being a rep has been the making of me. Even so, I’ve erred on the side of caution. Now there’s an inner wild-child screaming inside me, desperate to break free of my reserved exterior and urging me to be a little more daring.

It was another boiling hot day, with temperatures nudging the 90s. Not unusual given that it was the end of June and peak holiday season on the Costas was in full swing. Several of my work colleagues smoked so it hadn’t been too difficult to purloin a few packs of Benson and Hedges. For the first time, I’d travelled to Gibraltar alone. With no daytrippers to headcount and lead through customs, I had ample time to prepare myself for what I was about to do. I still had time to change my mind – come to my senses you might say and head back to Marbella.

No, I’d made up my mind. I was going to see if I could make the fantasy that had been growing in my mind come true. It wasn’t like I was trying to smuggle drugs through the border, just three packs of ciggies. Something that all kinds of people, young and old did every day here. Most of them were let off with a caution. As it would be my “first offence” I’m was sure I had nothing to fear with regards to the cigs, but as to the other thing I planned to do, well there was only one way to find out.

It was busier than before at the Gib squid game izle border and in true Brit fashion I queued patiently for what seemed like ages. I had three packs of cigarettes stuffed inside my panties and they were chafing a bit, to put it mildly. With a wildly beating heart, I kept awkwardly fiddling with my skirt. The uniform was uncomfortable in the baking heat and I couldn’t wait to get into the shade. At first it seemed I’d got away with it as I entered the border control. Surely not? They’d been really cracking down on the cig smugglers and…

“Excuse me,” a voice called out.

I froze and turned round. “Oh crap,” I muttered under my breath. A young man was motioning for me to head over to the staff area. I’d been rumbled, but not by the guy I wanted to see. I obediently did as instructed and was ordered to sit in exactly the same spot as I’d seen that Spanish girl a few weeks back.

The young officer regarded me with a suspicious glance. Before he could say anything the door to the office opened and the silver-haired officer who had been the object of many a lust-crazed dream of mine – emerged. I flushed and tried to remain calm. The younger officer muttered something to him. I couldn’t tell whether it was in Spanish or English. He turned to look in my direction and his eyes widened as he recognised me.

The officer waved his hand, indicating for his assistant to leave.

“I’ll handle this one,” he exclaimed. He looked at me again. “Well, this is a surprise, I must say. Do you know why you’ve been stopped?”

“Yes,” I mumbled, my cheeks burning.

“We take smuggling very seriously here in Gibraltar,” the officer continued, and shook his head as though he couldn’t believe a woman like me would stoop to do this. “Whether it be tobacco or drugs. Now would you care to remove the cigarettes that you’ve concealed?”

“How did you know?” I turned away as I slipped my hand up my skirt, and produced the offending items.

“Wasn’t born yesterday, love. I’ve been in this job long enough to spot the signs. In your case, you dropped one.”


He grinned and held up a packet of cigarettes. “Spotted it on the CCTV. Let me guess, this is your first time? Someone asked you to do them a favour?”


“I find it hard to believe that you’d be the sort of person to do such a thing,” the uniformed man continued. “But I have no choice but to formally caution you and…”

Sensing the window of opportunity, I grabbed his hand. “Please,” I said. “Let me off this one time and I’ll make it up to you.”

He shook his head. “I don’t do bribes miss.”

“That’s not what I have in mind,” I said, with a look that I hoped he found seductive. He raised an eyebrow and took the bait, just as I hoped he would.

“Okay, what then?”

“Not here. Is there somewhere more star trek picard izle private we could go?”

A grin spread across his face. I think he’d sensed where this was going by now. Whether he was going to keep on playing along or not I didn’t know, but there was no going back.

“In here,” the officer said, leading me into the office and shutting the door.

“Right, there’d better be a good explanation. I’m waiting.”

“What’s your name?”

He folded his arms. “Tony. You?”

“Alison.” I smiled, admiring the fine example of masculine authority stood before me. I licked my lips in anticipation.

“Well Alison, I’m still waiting.”

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this,” I whispered and pushed him against the door. “I had to meet you somehow.”

Tony blushed and let out a gasp as I kissed him with warm, inviting lips. It was soft and sensuous and made his cock harden and fight against his pants. I ran my hand under his peaked cap and through his steely hair and pulled it while we kissed, my tongue probing his mouth. It was warm and vaguely scented with smoke.

With my other hand I ran my nails across his epaulettes and down his crisp white shirt, loosening his tie.

“Mmm, what have we got here?” I whispered. I knelt down and reached for his belt. I unfastened it and slowly unzipped his black trousers. Slowly I rubbed his cock through his underwear.

“Oh God, I could get the sack for this,” he sighed as I continued my actions.

“Yes, so could I.” I smiled broadly and took his thick and heavy cock in my hand and stroked it gently. Tony’s eyes rolled back in pleasure as I worked my hand down the base and up the head. I started pumping the shaft while leaning forward and taking one of his balls in my mouth. I gently suckled on one and then the other before drawing my tongue up the underside of his shaft.

When I reached the head I flicked my tongue across it. Unable to speak any more, Tony leaned back, eyes closed, breathing heavily. As he stood there my lips parted around his cock and I took the length into my mouth.

My head bobbed down when my mouth was firmly around the customs officer’s cock. I went up and down it again and again, each time swallowing at the top.

“Oh…Alison…oh God, I am going to cum!”

He gripped the back of my head, my blonde hair catching in his fingers, and for a moment I wished I hadn’t got my hair tightly fastened in a bun.

My eager hand snaked up once more and squeezed the bottom of Tony’s shaft very tightly. This was enough and he cried out again as his cock throbbed. The orgasm burst from him like no other before it. The pleasure seemed to never end and a huge spurt of cum shot forth. I swallowed the whole delicious lot and didn’t let up sucking until his orgasm had subsided completely. Once he was done I gently licked the head of his member.

“Alison…” he gasped as he got his breath back and adjusted his cap. “That was bloody amazing. I will let you off on this occasion – on one condition, that you come to see me later this afternoon so that I may conduct a full cavity search,” he added with a wink.

“By the way, may I take this opportunity to welcome you to Gibraltar?”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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