Getting Naughty on the Phone

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Hair Pulling

It was a hot and humid night in the balmy island of Singapore. Bored, horny and alone, Sasha began to wonder how to fill up her remaining time with something more exciting. Absolutely nothing to do, she mused to herself as she flipped through magazines after magazines, through pages of the current fashion and quirky sex and relationship stories.

“How to make your man crave for more action? Same old tricks, these magazines are never creative…” she said to herself as she thought of her boyfriend, Kian, who was away for a business trip. He had been away for two weeks and only coming back next week, which meant no sex, no hanky panky for Sasha for three whole weeks. That was enough to drive her pretty mad with horny thoughts and loneliness whenever she thought of him.

Knowing that she could not wait that long for pleasure, she pushed her magazines aside and changed into her slinky red silk dress. If she was not going to get lucky with him, she would just get kinky with herself! What else could do it better than those practiced hands and fingers of hers?

Sasha wished Kian could watch her now, slipping her left hand underneath her dress. The smooth material was enough to send pleasure rippling down her spine. Her fingers fiddled with her wet slit, carefully massaging the sensitive area making it all wet and smooth. Her other hand was busy messing around with her well-endowed breasts, pinching gently at her nipples hungry for some attention and tongue.

“How I wish Kian could be here… he has no idea how much I want his fucking cock right now, ramming into my wet pussy…” she thought loudly, having dirty images of them fucking hard and wet. She fantasized about how Kian would kiss her so deeply with his experienced tongue, his hands grabbing her ass hard and smacking them at the point of ecstasy… how hungry she would be for him, kneeling down to lick and savor his sıcak kafa izle hard cock just like her favorite lollipop…

Her fingers continued to push in and out of her very wet pussy, letting gasps and moans escape her mouth. She breathed in and out so hard, letting waves after waves of pleasure run through her hot body like she was really fucking. Her pussy juice started staining her silk dress, making her even hotter inside, burning this desire for her to just scream.

Unable to control her need for attention, she grabbed her phone and dialed up the usual numbers. She knew it could either be great or awkward, but she wanted to take the chance.

“Hello… is this Kian…” Sasha enquired, stopping herself from panting and breathing too obviously, in case it was someone else who picked it up.

“Oh Sasha.. Yeah.. It’s me. What are you doing?” Kian’s deep voice came through her like a huge relief. Her love, the man of her desire, was right there listening to her, wanting him.

She began breathing in deeply again, before saying, “I… I am touching myself… oh god, Kian… I am sorry to disturb you from your work, but… I cannot help it… I want you to know… oh…”

From the sound of it, Sasha knew her boyfriend moved to somewhere more private, which made her so excited. She slowly stripped down to her naked self, throwing her dress to the floor. One hand holding the phone so closely to her ears, and the other, expertly teasing her clit like it was born to do it. She let out a few gasps along the way, unable to control the crazy, sexed up feeling kept inside of her.

“You naughty little girl… you always find ways to just… make me want to fuck you so hard.” Kian finally said, a little self-consciously, aware that his hard-on was becoming more evident and the dangerous environment he was in.

If any of his colleagues sketchbook izle caught him in this situation, it would be both funny and awkward. Yet, the element of being caught by others, and hearing his horny girlfriend moaning and gasping were exciting to him. He began to touch his growing cock through the rough material of his pants… intensively listening to Sasha, moaning even more loudly into his ears.

“I want your fucking cock… inside of me… give it to me… now…”

It was as though she was just right there in the quiet office with him, naked, ready to be fucked by his cock. That thought made him even hotter. God, she seemed to have such a great, sexy time by herself… He knew how she looked like when she got horny. Her long black hair would be so messy, covering her face… briefly he thought of her wanting eyes as she went down on his cock… giving him blowjobs after blowjobs… she would stare at him with those dark eyes of hers, as though she wanted him to look straight into her soul. Yes, she wanted him… she wanted him bad.

His cock was becoming harder… he could not resist unbuttoning his pants just to stroke himself. In between his deep breaths and sighs, he said, “Oh Sasha… what are you thinking of right now… tell me… tell me…”

“Oh Kian.. I.. I WANT YOU… BEHIND ME… FUCKING ME.. HARD.. OH… HARDER.. HARDER..!” she moaned, in between pure uncontrollable pleasure and ecstasy. I knew she was fingering herself harder… she was getting close… wetter… more hotter, so eager to get fucked by his cock. If only…

“Sasha… you’re turning me on… I am touching myself now, baby… You know I want to give it to you… so hard, so fast, make you cum all over my cock… all over the bed like you used to… Oh baby… yeah…” “Kian… I am getting closer now… AHH… GOD, GRAB MY ASS AND FUCK ME… PULL sometimes when we touch izle MY HAIR HARD… TELL ME YOU WANNA FUCK ME NOW… OH GODDDDD YESSS KIANNNN.”

Sasha moaned so loudly, she could have easily woken up her family anytime soon. But she didn’t care. All she wanted was to just let off her steam and listen to Kian’s voice… and imagining how hot it would be if he could see her now… naked, on the bed… by herself, touching herself while thinking about his huge, rock-hard dick.

“Sasha… fuck yourself with those fingers… I am there with you… fucking you from behind… god, I love you when you’re pleasuring yourself… it’s so sexy… god, I wish I could just come all over your body now… just come all over my cock baby…” Kian fantasized loudly, making Sasha fuck herself even harder, pushing herself to this intense ecstasy.

She gasped as she came loudly into the phone. Wet juice began to drench her fingers, causing her to shiver feverously. She grabbed the side of her bed, just trying to compose herself from this shaking, erotic sensation. From the phone, she could hear that Kian just came too. She could her him gasping so clearly even though her head was trying hard not to fall weakly into the soft pillows, feeling so crazy and relieved from the sexual release.

“Damn Kian… that was a great time… I was so… fucking… hot, just thinking of you.. Of us… I hope you don’t get into trouble for this…” Sasha finally spoke on the phone after moaning lightly for a while. She could feel herself blushing… did she just open herself up to him… in such a vulnerable way?

Kian smiled to himself. Trouble? She didn’t know what trouble is waiting for her soon when he sees her next week. As for him, he quickly cleaned up after himself, and cheekily said,

“Sasha, don’t worry about me getting into trouble… You WILL BE in trouble next week, and you know it.”


She said her goodbyes and quickly get dressed to sleep. In between her romantic thoughts and lonely space in her bed, she wished that time would go by faster so she could finally put her fantasies away and start making them true with the man of her desires.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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