George and Linda – I Wish

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(I’ve been chatting here at Literotica for many years, and written a bunch of stories. But in 2019 I met a woman in the Horny Mom’s chat room… And the erotic has gone off the charts! I’m pretty sure we’ll never meet…so this fantasy story of a once-in-a-lifetime meeting will have to do! The names have been changed; but Babe…you KNOW who I mean!)


I pulled into the Radisson parking lot, turned off the ignition, and sat in the car to reflect for a few minutes. My heart was already beating like a trip-hammer in anticipation of meeting Linda for the first time at 5:00 that afternoon. That sexy, little Latina cutie had gotten my motor running in high gear, and now here I was 2,700 miles from home and waiting to hold her, kiss her, make love to her, and FUCK her! “Dang,” I thought to myself looking down at my crotch, “this feminine but oh-so hot bitch has me hard already and it’s only noon!”

Walking up to the hotel desk, a petite woman looked up at me and did a double-take. I just knew what was coming next! “Good day to you, sir!” She paused and continued, “Would you mind if I asked you a question?”

I smiled warmly but mentally checked it off on my internal counter… 1,375,839 times! Without even waiting for it, I answered her, “Six foot six…and thanks for noticing!”

After taking my key and heading for the elevator, I punched Linda’s number into my cell phone. “Hi, Babe! I just checked in.”

“Hi, George, that’s good; I just want you to know that I’m warming up for you; see you at 5:00!”

It had been a long day and after napping and showering (and still trying to control my raging libido,) I put on some shorts and a polo and headed across the street to the park to wait for Linda. It was a gorgeous day and a pretty spot, perfect for meeting for the first time. The linden trees were flowering and the scent of lilac hung on the breeze. Since I had to wait about an hour, it also didn’t hurt that the park was rife with people: joggers, cyclists, two couples throwing a frisbee… nice! The human form on display (particularly the female gender) would make the hour go quickly.

In between people watching, I spent some time fantasizing about this utterly hot Hispanic M.I.L.F. I was about to fall into bed with…I hoped! God, the trick was going to be trying not to move too fast because my body was on fire for her. She was so intriguing on a number of levels, but basically what fascinated me the most was that a seemingly dedicated wife and mother like her could turn into such an erotic seductress at the touch of the right button! I had to watch my thoughts here in the park; it wouldn’t do to have other people wondering what was going on with the guy on the park bench bulging like that. I laughed at the thought.

After some time a simply scrumptious woman jogged by, which didn’t help matters! It flashed in my brain, “Wow, now THAT’S a hottie!” as I scrutinized her body and outfit. She was blond (nothing wrong with that although I favor brunettes) but her skin was dazzling; and there was a lot of it showing! She had this belly shirt on with very skimpy shorts, and when she stopped about ten yards down from me to adjust her sneaker, I contemplated her perfect ass…trying hard not to stare!

“George! Are you looking at that woman’s butt?” There was a hint of a Hispanic accent behind me. Whipping around I looked right into Linda’s smiling brown eyes. They were crinkled with humor, and apparently, she knew me well enough by now to realize I couldn’t let a good visual go to waste! Speaking of visuals, hers was pretty good too with form-fitting black slacks and a beige sleeveless top!

“Uhh, welll…”

Stammering politely had never been my strong suit. I must have blushed properly though because Linda burst out laughing and said, “Caught you, right? Unfortunately…it wasn’t with your pants down!”

That got me to laughing! “So Linda,” I finally managed to say, “I guess we have to remedy that!”

I reached for my zipper in a mock sort of way; she squealed cutely and grabbed my hands. “Can’t you even wait five minutes? You’re sooo naughty, George!”

“Babe, I’ve never been able to keep my priorities straight; and come to think of it, I’m not even sure where ‘naughty’ fits on my priority list! Where does it fit on yours?”

“Oh, I’m adjusting mine,” she grinned, “naughty seems to be moving higher up the more we get to know each other!”

I chuckled and said, “C’mon sweet thing, let’s take a walk and you show me the park before we eat.” A small internal struggle ensued; I wanted to take her hand but thought better of it. It only takes one set of nosy eyes to make trouble.

We walked and talked for maybe thirty minutes which confirmed what I had suspected all along, this brunette was so fucking desirable; she laughed easily and teased me with her coy questions, just as she did so much of the time on-line! She had this way of looking at me which seemed to say, “I know you want to fuck me, George, and I’m going to let you; but you’re going to have to work for it!” shrinking izle My mind was panting for her like nuclear!

Eventually we sat down for dinner and I held her chair. I just couldn’t help leaning over and nuzzling her neck while pushing the chair in. Her hair tickled my cheek and she smelled so good and everything about her was so feminine! I whispered in her ear, “God, you look good; I want you for dessert!” and she giggled. I nibbled and kissed her neck just under the ear and she shivered; running my hands down her bare arms, I smiled; there were goose-bumps everywhere and I knew her nipples had gotten hard from that!

We had a marvelous time chatting over the food. I learned a lot more of her Hispanic background and she got the short version of my huge family. Eventually the conversation shifted back to us and her eyes sparkled, “So what do you want to do this evening, George?” From the time we met Linda had this way of “cute coy” that was irresistible.

My own eyes were pretty intense and they were locked on hers, “Oh, not much; just take you back to my hotel for a few hours. We can play Scrabble if you want.”

“What kind of Scrabble?”

“Any kind you want; but the stakes are gonna be extreme!” I grinned and my eyes flashed at her.

She giggled, “You want to play for money?”

I literally barked with laughter at that one, “Are you kidding? I have something more valuable in mind!”

“And what is that, George?”

I was beginning to understand this woman; she absolutely loved it when I spoke the answers to her coy questions! It was dawning on me that the words themselves were aphrodisiacs in her ears!

“Linda, if you win, you can have what you want; but if I win…” pausing for the dramatic effect, I finished, “I get to fuck you for hours!”

Yes, I was right because when I said it, a hard tremor wrenched her for a second. I think she moaned, and then she whispered, “Oh, George! Really?”

Reaching under the table, I surreptitiously slid my hand between her knees and then up the inner thigh. Her legs parted for me just a bit, and right through her slacks I gently started caressing her pussy.

Linda tried to look calm, but after ten seconds of that her eyes fluttered and she gasped, “Ohh…Oh my Godd!”

With that I stopped abruptly, “Yes, Beautiful,” I whispered, “Really!”

Linda seemed to be panting, but she tried to smile, “I ne..never r-really d-doubted y-y-youu.”

I stopped abruptly when the server appeared to take our plates and hand me the check. Linda’s eyes never left mine though, and we left in search of her car. As I got in on the passenger side, a small wall of inhibition fell, and we leaned into each other immediately! The first kiss was tentative and tender; my right hand was on her shoulder and her left was on my cheek. But what had been smoldering between us on-line for so many months was about to become full flame; I could tell it in the kiss. Her tongue was tracing the outline of my lips and mine was waiting patiently as all our pent up desire continued to build.

Just as our tongues started to swirl around together, I stopped! “Are you really ready, Linda? Are you ready for the fun to start?”

She simply smiled, “Point us to your hotel parking lot, George!”

I don’t think I even noticed her driving us the few short blocks to my hotel; we just seemed to arrive. The whole way my eyes were watching her: her hair, her neck, her ears, her eyes and her arms. My own eyes were flame as they burned down her body along the outline of her breasts pushing against her shirt. I bet she felt the warmth from that stare! I wondered if her nipples were still hard.

She parked the car and was about to get out when I pulled her to me, dragging her ass over the console and into my lap. Her back was against my chest and in this position I tipped her face to mine and kissed her over her left shoulder. It was beginning! Her tongue pushed gently into my mouth, and I sucked it deeper. She moaned and lifted both hands behind my head and pulled our faces harder together. My left hand slid down from her cheek to her right breast and when it closed on her tit, the heat in the car increased dramatically!

The kiss went from hot to torrid in seconds, and when she ground her ass backward, hoping to feel my hard dick pressing between her ass cheeks, I moaned into her mouth, “Ohhh, fuccckkk, Lindaaa!”

Linda was groaning herself! I was cupping her tit fully against her chest, but she pushed my hand away and then undid the buttons of her shirt. She pulled it open and I looked down at her cleavage. I could see her chest heaving in the fading, dusky light, and running my fingertips lightly over her curves, I whispered hoarsely into her ear, “Oh my God, Babyyy…you are sooo beautiful…Mmmm!”

Linda purred and nibbled at my neck just under the ear; then she shrugged the bra straps off her shoulders. My hand slipped into the cup of the loosened bra feeling for the straining, rigid nipple. She groaned low in her sihirli annem izle throat as I twisted the teat between my thumb and forefinger. She grabbed a handful of my hair on the back of my head then, pulling at it and gasping, “Ohhh Geoooorge!”

I inverted the cups of her bra and her tits plopped out with a quiver. I strummed her nipples a few times then leaned over and lifted the left tit into my sucking mouth! Linda’s head tilted up and back as an erotic jolt shot from her tit to her clit! She inhaled deeply and then gasped hard and long as my tongue flicked repeatedly over the taut teat. I leaned farther over and took the other nipple and tongued it feverishly. This time I rolled the first nipple between my fingers, and her breathing became absolutely ragged. When I tugged the nipple five or six times (pulling her tit away from her chest,) her ass lifted clean off my lap as the heat of the moment began to overwhelm her senses.

God, I was so turned-on turning her on! My hardened dick was throbbing relentlessly in my pants, but in this position, there was no way for her to get at it.

“George?” Linda’s voice was raspy with emotion.

I let go of her boob and looked into her eyes. It was almost dark but her eyes were flashing at me in the dim light. “What, Babe?”

She must have been reading my mind. “I need your cock, George! I need it in my wet pussy!”

My mouth closed on hers in a fiery kiss! It had that wild desperation in it that I crave so much. Everything about it was urgent, telling me to hurry up and fuck her; but I fought that. If this was only going to be one night together…then it had to last as long as possible.

Linda wasn’t helping the situation, “Take me…take me, George!” she kept saying when we could manage to breathe. We were both so shaken with desire, and she badly needed to cum. I slid my hand over her tummy and down the front of her pants. God, she felt so good! When my fingers touched her pussy lips, a shiver of pleasure rippled through her; and when I slipped my middle finger into her slit and gently rimmed her vaginal lips, she jerked and shuddered and purred into my mouth!

I hissed into her ear, “You like that; don’t you babyyy…Mmm…yeahhh, you like me playing with your girl pussy!” I pushed my finger deeper and fucked her with it, gauging her feelings and loving her responses. When my finger moved up to encircle her wet, slippery button; Linda squealed softly, grabbed my head, and pulled my face to hers for another kiss. Flicking her clit with just the tip of my left finger, I reached for her right breast with my other hand and cupped it fully, thumbing the nipple aggressively.

“Oh, my god, George…Mmmm…What are you doing to me; Ohhhh, myyy Godddd!” She stopped and looked into my face; her eyes were glazed and I rubbed her clit faster. “Ohhhh GODDDD…mmm…I…I’mm going to cumm if youuu k..keep doinggg thatttt!!”

“Yes Babe! Yesss…cum!” I was beside myself on fire! I plunged two fingers deeply into her pussy then quickly slid them out and spun them around her clit again! “Cum for me, Linda!”

“I…Oh God…I…” She froze. I could feel her pelvic area clench tight and knew she was going to explode. I flicked that slick button three more times and she yelped loudly, clapping a hand on top of mine and shuddering into one of the sweetest orgasms I could have imagined!

Her face was buried in my shoulder, and she shivered over and over…and over again. “God, Linda…so good…how did that feel?” I whispered in her ear.

She looked up; her eyes were wet and she clung to me, “Oh My…Georrrge…” was all she could say.

I slipped out from under her, got out of the car and helped her stand up. I chuckled because she felt a little wobbly leaning against me as I keyed the side door of the hotel and led her to my room. As we stepped inside I said, “Now comes the real fun babe!”

She laughed softly, “I know; I have been waiting months for this!”

I pulled her close and wrapped her up in my arms. Her smaller frame fit perfectly inside our embrace; she smelled so sexy and her breathing was pushing the swell of her breasts into my chest. I think I shivered; I definitely had chill bumps popping up all over me, and I kissed her forehead and worked my way down over her eyelids and nose to her lips. Oh my God! Our lips clung to each others as easily as our bodies did, and I felt the passion for her building again to a fever pitch. It took all I had to regain control of my senses and back off a bit.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Linda stepped between my legs and put her hands on my shoulders. I was holding the back of her thighs and inching my hands up toward her ass. Both of us were pulling the other closer, and in seconds, the kissing started again. Her ass cheeks filled my hands, and I pulled her tummy hard into my chest. As tall as I am, it was a little humorous…I was sitting, she was standing and our eyes were level with each others!

Our tongues were snaking together once more, and sizi dinliyorum izle she moved her hands up to my cheeks; God, the hunger in her kiss was incredible! Linda was making these little urgent moans, and she was sucking on my tongue one second and plunging hers deeper into my mouth the next! I almost forgot to breathe in all the excitement. All of a sudden she moaned a little differently; I realized that I had pulled her slacks and panties halfway down her butt, and my fingers were trailing through the top of her ass crack.

“Ohh yesss, Mmmm…yes!” she whispered through the kiss.

When I started to lower her pants even further, she stopped kissing to quickly open up her shirt again. Pulling up her bra, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled it to her left nipple. My lips sucked at it greedily while my fingers slipped deeper between her ass cheeks.

“You fucking little hottie,” I groaned out with her tit in my mouth. “I wanted you for so long, Godddd!”

Her only response was to move my head to her other boob and say, “Now this one, George…suck it!” I did! I lavished her tits with sucks and nibbles and licks, gripping the flesh aggressively and tonguing her teats hard. Linda’s head was lolling back in pleasure, and she held onto my ears and head to maintain some balance.

“Is your pussy wet, Babe?” I teased, “Does it need a dick inside now?”

Her breathing was raspy from the tit attention; all she could do was nod her head and gurgle “Uh-huhhh!”

“Nope, this just has to slow down, Babe,” I said while getting to my feet again. “We haven’t even taken our shower yet!”

Linda stepped back and our eyes locked. “Oh, my god,” I thought, “this is surreal! This gorgeous woman is standing there with her clothes half off and her sexy, Latina eyes flashing at me. Yep, I’m gonna pleasure her out of her mind; she’s never gonna forget this!”

“C’mere you,” I grinned.

When she stepped toward me, I slowly pulled her blouse and bra off by pinning her arms behind her a little so that her breasts jutted out at an erotic angle. I ran my hands over them again for a moment and made her purr. Then kneeling down, I slipped her slacks off, and she stepped out of them, kicking them away.

“Your turn,” she said with a smile. “you have the advantage, George; I haven’t even seen your cock yet!” She pulled my shirt up over my head. After all our conversations, she knew how sensitive my own nipples were and when they appeared, she licked at the closest one. That got me groaning again, for sure!

“Oh yeah, Linda…yesss…do it, Baby…I love that!” Wow, she was good! “Yesss… suck it Babe! Suck em harder…just like I did to you!” Sucking my nipples just made my cock even harder!

After a few minutes of that, her hands started to roam, but I took one and led her to the bathroom. “Sweetie, it’s shower time; I’ve wanted to get you in here for months!”

Linda giggled that coy way of hers and stepped into the tub. “Get naked, George, c’mon…I want to see your hard dick sooo bad!”

I was so fucking turned on at this point I couldn’t see straight. My cock was pulsing in my boxers; I think I might have been able to cum without even touching it. I grabbed the shower gel off the vanity and stepped into the shower with just the shorts on; Linda whisked them off before I could blink, and my cock finally sprang free!

I’m not massive by any means, but when she saw it, Linda seemed more than satisfied, “Oohh, my God…” she purred, cupping my balls with one hand and gently slipping her hand around my shaft with the other, “this is so nice, George, Mmmm! I can’t wait to suck it!”

I chuckled and turned on the water without thinking. That first cold spray caught us off guard and made us yelp and then laugh. The only good thing about that was that it hardened her nipples again! I gallantly stepped into the cold water stream and tried to adjust the temperature. Linda was giggling, clutching at her tits, and doing a little girlie dance around behind me; and while I played with the faucet, she reached around and played with my dick!

“Okay,” I said after finally getting it right, “it’s time to play again!”

“What do you have in mind?” she asked. Her body was trembling with emotion and eagerness.

“You’ll see; let’s get you soaped up first. Turn around, Babe, and put your hands up on the wall.”

“Why?” she asked…but she did it, leaning over from the waist.

I didn’t want to answer that, I just wanted to make this love-making the most memorable she’d ever had by taking our time. “Spread your legs a bit more, Linda; a little more than shoulder width.”

She obeyed instantly and when I gelled up my hands and slid the right one between her legs from behind (grazing her pussy lips in the approach,) she literally trembled with pleasure. From that reaction, I knew it wouldn’t take much to get her off again. I ran one finger all the way along the inside of her slit (just inside the labia) and she shuddered again!

“Oh, my Goddd, George,” she gasped softly, looking at me over her shoulder. I didn’t know if she could see me grinning at her! I reached under her with my left hand and cupped her left breast in my palm. The nipple was pebble hard and when I started massaging the tit with a soapy hand, Linda squealed and I could visibly see her ass clench!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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