Fun in Blue Ch. 2

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“Thank God it is Friday,” I said as I climbed into my car and began to head home. I looked at the clock to determine which route to take home. I knew Ty was working tonight. We had to talk. We had been meeting almost everyday for six months straight. Even on days when he wasn’t working, one of his friends would do he signal, and lead me to him. Last night he had proposed that we began to see each other as a couple…Tonight; I was supposed to give my answer. I had other surprising news for him, too. We were going to have a baby. As I drove down the interstate, I began thinking about the last six months, and I recalled the night he called for back up…

***It had been raining that evening. When he turned his lights on and pulled around me, I followed as usual, and then noticed that there was another cruiser behind me. I recognized Ty’s cruiser number and continued to follow him. When Ty turned into the parking lot of a motel, I began to wonder what was going on…we always fucked outside. He already had the room paid for and when casino siteleri we parked our cars, the other cruiser just pulled up behind our cars and waited…

When we got inside the room, I asked him what was going on, he told me he had told one of his boys what we had been doing, and he wanted in on the action. I looked at Ty. A threesome with 2 black men…what the hell…it could be fun…So Ty motioned for his fellow officer to join us, and I was glad when he did…the second cop, identified as Deon, was almost as sexy as Ty. D wasn’t as tall, but was almost as dark and very muscular. He quickly pulled off his uniform and laid it across the chair. He walked over and stood by Ty, who was already naked and receiving head from me. I began to go back and forth between D and Ty, until Ty said, “Hey man, you enjoy that head…I’m gonna taste that sweet pussy first hand.” To that day he had never gone down on me, but that afternoon, he began to lick my pussy so hard I came before he even inserted a finger inside.

The more slot oyna he sucked, the more attention his hands gave me too. He had slid his thumb into my ass and the other four fingers were in my pussy while he licked my clit. The moment I looked down at him, I was hit by my 3rd orgasm of the evening…and it hadn’t even begum yet.

Ty decided he was ready to be fucked, and D was more than happy to go along. D sat down on the sofa, and I sat across him, and Ty stood behind me, fucking me doggy style. Then, he pulled out and D lowered me onto his cock that felt oh so good. Ty gave him a moment to fuck me, and then began to slide his cock deep into my waiting ass. Once he was in, I felt so full, and it was so wonderful. To feel the two beautiful black cocks inside me. The D began to suck on my nipples. First one, then the other…I was in ecstasy. With the two men fucking me at once, it was very tight for all of us…all of a sudden, after feeling the two men working in a rhythm, D couldn’t take it anymore and yelled, “Pull!” That was canlı casino siteleri Ty’s sign to lift me off of D’s cock because he was about to cum. Sure enough, he began to shoot cum onto his stomach and mine. Then, Ty carried me to the bed, laid me on my back and began to fuck my pussy so hard that we came together, Ty’s cum coating my pussy, and my cum coating his dick. When we had both finished, the climbed down on the bed, and pulled me to a sitting position, and looked me squarely in the eyes and said, “You have just fulfilled my deepest fantasy. I think you are a wonderful woman, and I love you very much, will you marry me?” And pulled out a ring…***

The flashing blue lights behind me pulled me out of my reverie. Then Ty pulled around me, and led me to a local restaurant to grab dinner. When he came over and opened my door for me, I gave him a huge hug. With my arms around his neck, I reached up, kissed him, and then placed his hand on my lower abdomen. “Yes I’ll marry you…” then quietly added, “…Daddy,” and watched a smile spread across his handsome face as he realized what I meant.

READERS: If you liked this, and Part I, which is in Erotic Couplings, I will write more about this couple’s fun. If I don’t get the votes or requests, I wont.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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