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Big Tits


She stepped out of the shower, water dripping from her tender skin, and took a towel off the rack wrapping it around her. Her mind raced with anxiety as it always did, and she stopped to look at herself in the mirror. Long brownish-blonde hair, green eyes, wrinkles beginning to form, but the echoes of genuine beauty still present in her body and face. Tits still perky and luscious, and an ass so tight that she got pleasure just wrapping the towel crisply around it.

She was beautiful, intelligent, and very naughty. With a Master’s Degree in Divinity, she wasn’t supposed to think the way she did, but she had always been that way. Her and her husband Joseph owned a large cabin on a mountain in Montana, and a music club in the small town closest to them. They often put up bands from out of town in their cabin, and Pamela had struggled to get to sleep many a night fantasizing about the muscular young musicians sleeping just several yards away. She had acted out a few times, but nothing severe.

She was beginning to need something though. The sex between her and Joseph had long since stopped being kinky enough for her, and had even grown mechanical. He was kind, humorous, and attractive, but after fifteen years of marriage her female hormones had started to cry out for something more. She found herself reminiscing about her semi-wild college days more and more, and dreaming about fantasies as yet unfulfilled.


He stepped up from the piano after another rehearsal and stared across the room at his fellow band members, all of them plain and unattractive, yet always willing to throw insults his way. His sensitive side found it’s way to the surface, and therefore opened him up to ridicule for numerous different reasons. He found no need to hide his true self, while others danced away from their own shadows. His Mom convinced him it was just jealously, and sometimes he believed that might be true, but he would never be able to understand the intense insecurity emanating from most males around him.

Twenty-two, tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders, chiseled features, a few tattoos, the exact image of male beauty. He was so open-minded and forward that he found himself scaring females away more often than not. For a long time during college he was convinced it was because he was unattractive, but after he received a modeling offer his confidence grew, and he began to embrace whom he really was. Kinky, forward, open minded, and just downright filthy in a lot of sexual ways.

His band was off on a road trip now to Montana, and he was looking forward to the time away.


The show in Montana went wonderfully. Pamela and her husband were incredible gracious hosts and club owners. The crowd was huge and jovial, and drank themselves silly dancing to the music into the early hours of the morning. Several times throughout the night Pamela and Justin met eyes, and even brushed against each other as they passed. Justin was very attracted to her, but he had been in trouble with his band many times before, and had promised to try to behave. It was against his nature though.

Pamela was consumed with lust; she hadn’t felt this rise of empires ottoman izle way in a long time. There was a moment in the evening when she had to pee and sitting on the toilet she almost had to get herself off because she was so wet, but she resisted, and tried to embrace the pleasure and lust she was feeling. She enjoyed watching his gorgeous face and arms in his tight black tank top as he sang onstage and walked around. When they made eye contact an electric shock ran through her that she had never felt even in the earliest days of her and Joseph’s courtship.


After the show the band talked to the two of them, and accepted the offer to stay at their place. Upon arriving at the house, they were shown the upstairs, downstairs, the large bathroom, the Jacuzzi and deck, the dogs, and many other elements of pride the couple had about their place.

As everybody wound down, Justin found a place of solitude in the small basement, with a large window behind him looking out to the Jacuzzi. He noticed everyone making their way out to the deck, and stripped down to his boxer briefs to join them. Stepping into the water felt so amazing after a long and stressful day. His thoughts were temporarily off of Pamela, as she seemed to be preoccupied with her husband and the house.

Slowly his fellow band members stepped out to make their way to bed and Justin was left in the Jacuzzi with Joseph. They had several fine conversations while drinking chardonnay, and after a period of time Pamela came out to join them, letting her towel drop to show her red bikini. Joseph seemed unphased by Justin’s preoccupation with her body, almost as if he didn’t notice. It’s as if after such a long marriage jealously could no longer be felt.

Justin himself couldn’t remember ever being so hard… her eyes were alive like those had had never seen, and her bikini was so beautiful clinging to her body, the back of the bikini bottom so tight it was almost riding up her perfectly formed ass cheeks. The conversations began again, and Justin found himself genuinely enjoying them as a couple. They were mature, and confident, and able to talk about themselves and others without a hint of resentment or jealousy. It was a wonderful change from those he was accustomed to.

After a time both of them got out to go to bed, and in what Justin hoped was an attempt to come back, Pamela asked him if he needed anything. He requested another glass of chardonnay and she nodded in agreement, Joseph unaware anything was being spoken between their eyes. It made Justin angry and empowered at the same time, to see a man so utterly uninterested in a woman he had married. He wondered if all relationships were this way. It made him want to fuck Pamela so hard that she would forget Joseph even existed.


He found his mind running away with him again and came to his senses, finding himself alone in the Jacuzzi, and remembering he had asked for another glass of wine…

He heard the door to the deck open and Pamela stepped out carrying two glasses of chardonnay. She had dried herself off a bit and put on a robe, her beauty romantic getaway izle still incredibly stunning even with her body covered.

She set her glass down next to the Jacuzzi, and handed the other to him, then stepped back and let the towel drop from around her. Justin could barely keep his eyes from staring… she had removed the bikini and was stepping into the Jacuzzi completely naked. Her nipples were semi-erect and her ass was just begging to be smacked as she stepped over the side and let the water rise around her. As she leaned back they made eye contact and she smiled, he smiled back. They raised their glasses and toasted, acknowledging an unspoken sexual attraction that they both felt. Whether or not it would be nurtured was unknown to either of them, but the magic of the moment was something that one experiences only a few times in life.

They began a conversation about love, life, and everything in between. She opened up to Justin like she hadn’t to anyone in a long time. What seemed like twenty minutes was actually a couple hours. Every once in awhile he asked about Joseph, and she said he was asleep already, seeming unconcerned. Her eyes were filled with lust from the moment she had stepped into the Jacuzzi, but Justin was trying to remain professional. After a time though, the warmth of the chardonnay began to sink in and his words became more descriptive and animated.

She described college experiences… threesomes in public bathrooms, affairs with Professors, and none of it turned him off. In fact it turned him on. In school for divinity, and she was kinkier than most girls he had ever known.

He shared stories as well, and the conversation gradually grew still as the night overtook them. She asked him what he was thinking, and he knew if he was going to avoid trouble this was when he should speak up and leave, but he couldn’t. They shared so many of the same thoughts; he thought it couldn’t just be a coincidence. He responded by asking what she was thinking, and when she wouldn’t answer he walked through the water and slid his hand around her waist… she closed her eyes as his fingers touched her, opening her thighs allowing him to slide two fingers up her already wet and widening pussy. Finding her clit, he rubbed it soft at first, then harder, leaning over to kiss her neck hard, then moving up to her lips. Their tongues met, wrapping around each other violently as he pushed her head back, pushing his fingers up even more deeply inside her. She responded to his rough touches with her own, holding the back of his head hard and pulling him to her, their lips grinding on each other…

Finally stepping back, he licked his fingers and let her do the same. He leaned down to suck each of her nipples, both of them about ready to explode, and her body convulsing with each flick of his tongue… he used his arms to turn her around and she willingly conceded when she realized what he was doing.

Now bent over the side of the Jacuzzi, submissive, she pushed her ass out and up into the air allowing him to caress it with his hands and his tongue… she felt him lick around her ass cheeks and up and down the rüyanda görürsün izle edge of her ass crack, every so often his tongue flicking down to her pussy… finally, with a sudden burst of strength after such tender caresses, he smacked her tight ass as hard as he could, so hard the her head actually banged against the deck, bringing her such a rush of pain and pleasure that she almost came right there… she nodded signaling that she liked it, and he smacked her again, this time on the other cheek, following each spank with a caress to soothe the wound. Just when the pain began to die down he would spank her again…

She was so aroused the words just flowed out of her mouth…

“Spank me Justin, fuck yes, spank me… I’m your little fucking slut… spank my ass raw…”

Her words turned him on so much that he became even more visibly aroused and thus more forceful… asking if she liked it… when she responded yes he gave it to her again, hard spank after hard spank, until little glints of blood began to appear around her ass cheeks. He licked them click and then turned her head around to kiss her hard once again, now climbing up onto the side of the Jacuzzi on his knees…

His boxer briefs were already down a bit, and she leaned down to take his engorged cock deep in her mouth. She wanted to choke on his cum, and she pushed her head down as far as she could until her gag reflex kicked in. He held her head on it, shoving it down into her throat and then pulling it back again, every so often kissing her passionately and wiping the tears of pleasure and pain from her eyes…

She needed this so bad, every time she reached up to feel his beautiful chest and abs, she completely forget about the troubles of every day… the pain in her ass cheeks turned into pleasure as they grew numb, and she allowed herself to be taken away in the moment.

Swinging her legs back into the water, her pussy had never been more ready to get fucked… she put her head down onto the deck and closed her eyes as he spread her thighs apart and slid his massive dick inside her, his muscles clenched as he fucked her tight body again and again. The combination of wet skin and water caused for a loud slapping sound that screamed through the night as his dick penetrated her pussy over and over again, every once in awhile the sound of a hard spank ringing through the night like a gunshot… she came after about five minutes of unadulterated pounding…

He felt her gush all over his dick, and pulled out, now moving up to her ass… she saw where he was going and spread her ass apart, letting him slide his dick in her even tighter asshole, pushing it in deep, feeling it clench around his dick. It took him all of three thrusts before he came to orgasm as well, the flood of cum flowing out around his dick and into the hot water… the deck was a mess of cum, both his and hers, and they both kissed and stared at it in pleasure… then took turns licking it up and kissing, dirty kisses. He licked some of the cum out of her ass, and then ate her pussy with it still on his mouth, her responding by sucking his cock clean. They were both sweating and covered in cum and feeling more pleasure than they had in a long time.

They drank a bit more, and used a towel to clean up…

He made his way into the basement area and quietly tried to go to sleep, while she made her way upstairs to lie down next to Joseph, feeling more alive than she had in many, many years.

Her longings were silenced for the moment.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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