Freshman Year Roommate Pt. 12

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Everyone is over 18 years of age

Wow, what a day! John and I made love, went sightseeing, walked our butts off and then fucked our butts off. Really, it was a wonderful day. It even had nice bonding between John and my family.

We woke up the next morning, cuddled up together and with no particular plan for the new day. We slipped on shorts and t-shirts and wandered across to the bathroom. Before heading back to the bedroom, we both used the Scope. Happily, we didn’t see anyone in the hall.

We got back to my room and got back in bed. We were on our sides, facing each other. I stroked his face, and he leaned it into my hand. John had brought me the best sex I’d ever experienced, but these moments mattered at least as much. I loved him, and this tenderness was wonderful beyond words.

I brought my lips to John’s, and we kissed tenderly. I rolled to my back and asked him to get on top of me. He smiled and said, “aren’t we overdressed?”

“Maybe, but I just want to feel you on top of me for now.”

He sat on me and peeled off his t-shirt. Wow, that was a view I’d never tire of. What a man! Not an overly muscled gym rat, but hardly skinny, either. His body looked like it was carved to be a perfect male specimen. Granted, I was far from an objective observer, but I’d felt this way even when he was “the straight guy I was sharing a room with.”

Then he looked down, went “hmmm,” and I guess he decided on a simpler route than wriggling around on the bed. He jumped off, stood next to the bed and pulled off his shorts and looked at me. “You’re very overdressed for top-quality cuddling.”

I loved his silliness. And his horniness. He still had on a pair of his black Jockey boxer-briefs that he’d slipped on with the shorts a little while ago. Not the most revealing, really, but that big dick was unmistakable in them, especially as he was partially hard already.

I stood up. “Help me, my hero!” And I might have stuck my tongue out at him.

He smiled and grabbed my shirt, pulling it up over my head. It’s funny how the act of stripping off a t-shirt felt so much more satisfying when he helped. Then I dropped my shorts. I wasn’t wearing underwear, so I’d passed him on the ready-for-“cuddling” scale.

“I think you’re now the overdressed one.”

He looked down at my hard dick. “I don’t know if I should go any further. You’re looking threatening with that thing pointing at me!”

“Just get those off, Big John!”

And I helped, slipping my thumbs into either side of his boxer-briefs and sliding them down, freeing that beautiful dick.

“Now come back to bed, big guy.”

I laid down on my back. “Let me feel that hot body on mine.” And John got on top of me. We both were pretty hard already, but that’s really not what I wanted, at least not at first. His body was on mine, the weight of him on me, every muscle of his chest pressed against my chest, his lips a fraction of an inch from mine.

Then he shook his head a little.

“What?” I asked.

“Sometimes I look into your eyes, and I just can’t believe it. That I found a man this sweet, smart and hot. And I think he even likes me back.”

I gave his hard ass a little spank with my right hand and said, “You’re a silly man. A stud of a man, but still silly. You’re amazing, and I have the same feelings. How did I get so lucky?”

Our arms wrapped around each other, and then my hands moved up to his head. Without another word, we were kissing. Our tongues snaked into each other’s mouths as our deep kisses continued, and both of our dicks were super-hard at this point.

We finally stopped kissing, and he looked at me, then looked down as if looking at our dicks, although our bodies were still firmly together, so they were hidden for that moment. He said, “what happened to your plan to just cuddle?” and I could feel him flex his dick so it pressed even harder against me.

I smiled. “Imagine if you had a man as hot as you in bed, and see if you could stick to cuddling!”

He said, “Imagine? I have one. In fact, mine is hotter!”

I shook my head. “Not possible. There’s no one hotter than the man I’m looking at. I’ve never seen one! You’re perfect!”

And we were kissing again and now into some seriously dry humping. His hands were all over my body, and we were getting very heated up. Then he broke our kiss and looked around.

“What?” I asked.

“Where’s the lube?”



“Is this what I am to you now? Stud service? Maybe I need some dick, big boy!”

He laughed. Have I mentioned how hot it is when this big, sexy stud laughs like a joyful kid?

I continued, “You’re my man, and I need you inside me!”

“Exactly what do you want?”

“How about you start moving up and let me kiss my way down until I find what I really want?”

We kissed and he slowly started moving up, his body hovering above me as I scooched down the bed little by little. We took our time. I kissed his neck and sucked hard. I might have left a bit of a mark istanbul travesti there, but his moans made it worth it. Then down to his chest. My god, what a work of art! I worked his nipples as I felt his dick starting to leak on me. Then we kept moving, and I got to kiss down his sexy abs. As many times as I’d now had this view, I still felt like pinching myself to make sure this was real. And finally, I was face-to-face with that big, beautiful dick, throbbing in front of me.

“Mmm, yes,” I said, “I love this view. Use me for your pleasure, my love. Be the super-stud you are and fuck my mouth as long as you want. I don’t want you to stop until you’ve pumped every swimmer in those big balls down my throat.”

I heard that growl that I loved, and he aimed his dick at my mouth. Without hesitation, since he knew by now I was a pro at handling that monster of his, he started long stroking that dick into my mouth. I took him deep, and his full balls were slapping my chin every time he bottomed out.

I caught air on his outstrokes, but I was happiest when every inch of him was in my mouth and throat. Yes, John, use me! Let me give you the pleasure you need!

I was holding his muscular ass in my hands, loving the feel of his cheeks clenching each time he’d thrust. That was so sexy, the sexiest man I’d ever known, showing his sexual prowess in every thrust!

After a lot of deep thrusts, he slid out and said, “your turn now” and made to move down to suck me. I said, “Oh no it’s not. As I recall, you already had your orders. I want my man in me and nothing else! Give me that dick and don’t take it out again until you’ve cum! Get to it, soldier!”

He laughed and said, “well, if you insist.”

With that, my mouth was stretched wide and stuffed full of his dick again. My hands went back to his ass and wandered along those thick thighs, loving every inch of him. Then, as he kept fucking my mouth with those long strokes, I moved my right hand down to my own dick and started stroking. After all our time together, I knew I’d make him cum soon, and I wanted us to reach orgasm at the same time.

He was alternating between long, hard strokes and occasionally stopping and holding himself deep in my mouth, so I’d just feel his throbbing dick on my tongue. Then some long, slow strokes, so I’d taste his precum leaking on my tongue and I could lick around the head as he was almost all the way out. Finally, he was building a steady rhythm again, his balls slapping my chin and that beautiful view of his abs filling my vision.

The moment I knew was approaching finally arrived. “Jess, I’m gonna cum.” If I could have talked with my mouth overflowing with dick, I would have told him I knew that already. Not that it would be a complaint. He gave last deep thrusts and held himself there. I looked up as I felt his dick start pulsating in my mouth. I saw pure joy on his face as the muscles of his neck were pulled tight. At that moment, I gave myself a last few strokes and groaned around his dick as my cum started to fly. The pulsations of his dick in my mouth and mine in my hand were like a symphony together, the beautiful rhythms of our love.

I swallowed every drop, and he started slowly sliding out of my mouth. Before the head had even passed my lips, he said, “well, someone isn’t going to need any help getting off.”

I was smiling as he finished taking himself from my mouth. We’d done this enough that I knew what he meant. I said, “I can’t help it if you turn me on more than anyone ever would have been able to.”

“Uh huh.” But he was smiling. He reached behind him, bending his arm so he could reach a spot on his midback. He brought his hand back around, and it was dripping with a pretty big shot of cum. Mine, of course. Then he made a sexy little moaning noise and brought his fingers to his mouth, darting his tongue out to lick some up. Another mmm noise, and he said, “the taste of my man. I love it!” With that, he put his fingers into his mouth to suck off every drop. Then he got his face very close to mine again and said, “want a taste?”

“Ooh, you’re such a dirty boy!” I smiled. “Come here, dirty boy, and you can taste yours, too!”

With that, we were kissing deeply again, our tongues wrestling and our loads mixing. We kissed deeply for a long time, and I thought we might have to get off again before we finally broke our kiss. John said, “your family is going to be wondering where we are.”

I said, “No, I don’t think they’re wondering. I think they have a pretty good idea!”

With that, I think I actually saw him blush. Which, of course, was adorable on him.

But he did have a point. “So let’s go shower, and then we can head down to start the less exciting parts of the day!”

We got dressed enough to get across the hall, in case we saw anyone else, and then we shared the bathroom, brushing our teeth and shaving. While John finished his shave, I reached into the shower stall to turn on the water and let it warm up. Then I turned back istanbul travestileri and watched him guide the razor along his chin. Along that strongly defined chin… fuck, there’s just no part of him that isn’t sexy.

As he finished, I stuck my arm in to check, and the water was now nice and warm. “Come on,” I said. “Let’s get cleaned up.” Wearing his naughty grin, he said, “I prefer getting dirty with you.”

“Well,” I replied, “maybe we can do both!”

We held hands as we got into the shower, and I closed the glass door. I kissed him, and then we started soaping each other up. Of course, there were more kisses, and we both were hard again in no time.

He smiled at me, picked up the conditioner and asked, “want to try fucking in the shower?”

“With that stuff? I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

Then he pouted. Playfully, but still. I said, “well, as it happens…” and I reached back out of the shower to grab a bottle off the sink. “I snuck this in when we came over” and handed him a bottle of lube.

He smiled again. “You dirty horndog!”

“Always for you, babe!”

He popped the cap and said, “let me work some into my hole to start.”

With that I snatched it out of his hand and said, “no, this morning is my day to be dominated and used–lovingly!–by my man. He started to object, “but I…” and I said, “Oh, come on! My man comes into my life, is a big, strapping, made-to-fuck stud, and he’s going to go 100% bottom on me now? I don’t think so!”

With that, I pushed the shower head to minimize the water running over us, grabbed his big, wide dick in my hand, and with the other hand, I poured lube onto it, starting to stroke its length. He groaned, and I thought his legs would buckle for a second.

He panted, “Whoa! Slow down there, sexy boy. But okay, maybe I can top. I mean, since you want it so much!” We kissed as I kept stroking him. I said, “Take me, you big stud! Fuck my guts out!”

I really needed him in me, and I stopped stroking him to turn around and bend forward, offering myself to him.

“Use lots of lube, hon. Even with the water turned away, it won’t all stay on.”

“Oh, have you brought other guys in here?”

“No, John, you big doofus, but I’ve jerked off in the shower plenty of times, and I don’t want to need paramedics after you’re done with me!”

He said, “fair enough!”

Then I said, “Well, on the other hand, if they’re cute paramedics…”

And the next thing I felt was a slap on my ass. Oww! But also kind of sexy.

I turned again and kissed him. My god, how did I fall in love with such a gorgeous man and get him to fall for me?

“Take me, my love! Put your babies in me!”

I again turned away, and he started rubbing the head of his dick on my hole as he worked in lube. I already was moaning and pushing my ass back. Even with the fun we’d had a short time ago, I was very horny and needed him in me.

We kept at it, as he continued to add lube and work more in. I’d had him in me lots of times by this point, but that still was a lot of dick to take. Fortunately, he was a very thoughtful lover and slowly worked it in, inch by inch, as his dick continued to spread me wide. As always, I felt so full even before he was completely in me, and it felt like this was the reason I existed!

Slowly, he kept working it into me, until finally his balls were against my ass. Then he started going back and forth with slow strokes. I loved when he did it this way, and this was an unusual position for us, so he was hitting spots he didn’t usually hit. As he moved in me, I think I was whimpering, it felt so good. Each stroke of that big, raw dick felt amazing.

“Oh, fuck, babe! So good!” I must have sounded like a porn bottom! John kept stroking in me but leaned in, kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, “hon, shh, someone will hear!” And I said, as I grunted each time he went deep into me, “sorry, but as this girl once said, ‘oh my god, this feels amazing!'”

I’d really confused him this time. He actually stopped, his dick deep inside me, and said, “Girl? You were with a girl? What?”

I said, “Eww, no! What kind of perv do you think I am?”

He laughed. “Then what are you talking about?”

“One time, I got to see live porn. This guy, who was the hottest man I’ve ever laid eyes on, brought a lucky girl back to the room we were sharing, and he fucked her right in front of me.” Then he got that I was talking about him.

He laughed and said, “your smartass side knows no limits, does it?”

I replied, “are you just going to stand there or make me your cumdump?”

He started moving again, and now he said, “I think maybe the time for long, slow strokes has ended. I’m gonna fuck your cute little ass off!”

“Go ahead and try your best!”

It may have sounded like a challenge, but of course, the idea turned me on more than I could say with mere words. With that, he turned my head to kiss me hard and fast, and then he stood up full and started to fuck travesti istanbul me hard. The slap-slap-slap of his groin on my ass was very audible. I semi-whispered, “I thought you were worried about someone hearing!”

He said, “they can get their own!”

“John, behave! It’s still my family. Save this for when we’re back in the dorm!”

So he slowed down a little, reducing the noise, but wow, he was bending his hips up to get really deep penetration and pushing into me with great force. This was a good, hard fuck, and I was loving it.

“Fuck, John, she didn’t deserve you, but she was right. That does feel amazing!”

He laughed and said, “you’re so going to pay for this!” as he kept moving in me. I said, “Just no more of your walks today! My feet will fall off!” And he almost had to stop fucking from his laughter.

I loved how we could make love and joke around. He made everything great! But we kept going, of course, and soon I knew he was getting close. I always could tell. The thrusts from those hips changed and his breathing changed, and then he said, “oh, fuck, I love you so much, Jess!” and pushed deep as I felt the warmth of his load filling me. He leaned in and was panting as he kept shooting in me. The feeling is so amazing! He’s such an amazing lover.

I hadn’t cum this time, and I said, “Can you stay in me for now?” He said, “I can try.”

“Trust me, stud, this won’t take long!”

We stood up a little, with John’s length still wedged in my hole, as I started stroking my dick. As I did, and he’d gotten his breath back, he started moving in me again, stroking his big dick in my hole as I stroked. Yeah, this wouldn’t take long at all! Now he was able to start full-length strokes again as I was moaning and stroking myself. After maybe a minute or two… “Oh, John, fuck, here it comes!” and he slammed hard into me as shot after shot of my second load of the morning sprayed all over the side of the shower stall. Lines of cum were decorating it as I could feel the pulsating squeeze my hole was putting on his dick. He held me tight as I was cumming and said, “Jess, sex with you is incredible.”

We stayed like that until we decided to finish for now (although it seemed he could have gone again), and it’s just as well. The water was getting pretty cold, since we’d been in there so long. So we quickly cleaned up, sprayed down the side of the stall, to clean up my mess, and got out, each grabbing our towels. As we toweled off, we were face-to-face, both towels wrapping around our bodies and our wet skin touching in the front. John looked serious. “You do know I mean it, right? I’ve never experienced a sex life like this.”

“Is that what counts most?”

“No. I mean, in the beginning, when I was ‘experimenting,’ maybe you making it so good helped me break through some resistance, but I know who I am now. More importantly, I know I lucked out and found the right guy. What counts most is how much I love you. Some nights, when you’re asleep, I’ll lie there and look at you, marveling at my amazing luck. I still can’t believe I found such a wonderful soul to be mine.”

I almost cried. “That’s funny. I’ve done the same thing. Sometimes, I’ll wake up and just look at you lying there. Yeah, there’s the part of me that’s extremely attracted to you physically and can’t believe you’re with me, but more often, I just think of what a wonderful person you are and marvel at my luck. Most times, I try hard not to wake you. I might just lie there, run my fingers down the middle of your chest and then cuddle up tight with you. I love when you don’t even wake up, but return the cuddling in your sleep, draping your arm over to hold me. So yeah, the sex is amazing, but so are you. I love you more than I could put into words!”

With that, we kissed, dried off and slipped back over to my room. It was getting to be time for breakfast, and we should be getting downstairs. John got dressed and headed down, and I said I’d be down in a minute. Well, technically, I said, “I’ll be right down. Just need to rest my feet for a minute. Someone wore me out with an idiotic amount of walking yesterday.” He smiled, kissed me and walked out without a word.

When I got downstairs, everyone was just hanging out, some sipping coffee, but I didn’t see John. I asked, and mom said, “He said it was his turn to cook, and he asked to take over the kitchen. But he did say, ‘when my assistant gets his lazy butt down here, could you tell him to come help me?'”

I just shook my head. The way he was fitting in was a little scary. Of course, I did as asked. Walking into the kitchen, I said, “You cook? How did I not know this?”

He said, “well, the kitchen in our dorm room has been closed this whole time…” And he shrugged.

Then, “okay, so you can take over cracking the eggs.” I saw he had a bowl of eggs going with some uncracked ones waiting next to it. “When you have all of those cracked, use that whisk and whisk them gently.” Then I can get you started on batter for the pancakes.

The rest was a blur. He had that kitchen humming. What couldn’t he do?

By the time we were done, I’d managed to wear too much egg, flour and who-knows-what-else as I prepped things for the newly-revealed master chef. But really, it was fun doing this with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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